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Deanna and the Dragon

by Tiberius

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© Copyright 2019 - Tiberius - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; scifi; startrek; vr; holodeck; fantasy; dragon; strip naked; sacrifice; tongue; tease; swallow; saliva; stomach; tour; tendriles; multi-orgasm; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

It was the holographic dragon that did it.

It had lunged forward, massive mouth open wide, and the roar was deafening inside the cave. But even as Will leapt forward, brandishing his sword to protect Deanna from the holographic beast, she had been transfixed. The sight of the gaping hole of its maw, pink and wet but vanishing into dark black depths, the wetness of its tongue, the hotness of its breath, it gave her an almost overwhelming desire to throw herself forward into its mouth and let it consume her.  But she’d held herself back, and completed her night on the holodeck with Will, not letting on that she'd found the experience intensely arousing.

But over the next few days, the thought of it kept pushing into her mind, and she found that she was unable to concentrate on her work.  She knew that the thought would never give her peace until she had acted on it.

When she stepped into the Enterprise’s holographics lab almost a week after her first encounter, she opened up the holodeck files for the program.  She was dismayed to see that the dragon’s mouth was little more than an illusion; it was only a few meters deep, barely more than a pouch in its throat.  So she’d made a copy of the dragon and put it into a new file, and began work on giving it a complete digestive system. Not an accurate one, of course; her aim was to create a pleasurable experience for herself, not a realistically fatal trip through a digestive system.  She also gave it a somewhat random behavioural pattern, this ensuring that it would swallow her, but still leaving her unable to predict exactly what it would do. And she gave it lungs and a heart, so that while she was inside it, she’d hear the deep rushing sound of the dragon breathing, and also the pounding of its heart as it beat slowly.


A few days later, the work was complete, Deanna made her way to the holodeck.

“Computer,” she said, standing on the bare hologrid, “run program Troi 17.”

The grid disappeared, replaced with a forest.  Tall oak trees, bent with age, towered above her.  The ground underneath was soft, leaf litter and soil mixed together.  Deanna walked forwards, and before long she came into a clearing. In the middle of the clearing, a slab of rock rose at an angle, jutting up towards the sky.

She took her clothes off, leaving them on the grass, feeling exhilarated by her nudity out in the open, and she walked up the incline of the rock.  At the top, she stood, stretching out her arms.

A dark shadow passed over the clearing, and Deanna looked up. The massive dragon was circling overhead, and there was a deep whooshing sound with each beat of the giant wings. It came lower with each pass over the clearing before finally landing, its wings beating forward with a great rush of air before folding up to form the giant creature's front legs.

It was huge, almost sixty meters long, a mountain of reptilian flesh. The head was at least four meters long, a sharply pointed snout and eyes that glinted menacingly, and a swept back frill of spines that made it appear even longer. Behind the head, the neck was twice as long as the head, at least ten meters, serpentine and gracefully curved. Deanna imagined herself in the near future, swallowed while, forming a bulge that would slowly move down that neck, held tightly by the gullet she had ensured would be there. The body was deep chested but long, and she could see it expanding and contracting as the massive creature breathed. Even from here, she could hear its breath rushing in and out of its lungs. The front legs were slender, but strongly muscled, and the leathery wings were folded up against them. Each leg was as long as the dragon's head. The back legs had massive muscles and she could see them flex as the dragon moved.

For a long moment, the dragon looked at her naked form, then it let out a low rumble, a sound that Deanna felt more than heard, and so powerful that it seemed to resonate through her body.  The vibrations between her legs were so intense that the orgasmic pulse that went through her body almost buckled her knees. “Oh god,” she murmured.

The dragon let out a grunt, and it began walking towards her.  The ground shook with its steps. Deanna felt her heart pounding. She knew it was safe, that the holodeck safeties wouldn't let any real harm come to her, but the enormous power of the dragon was impossible to deny. It stopped, the massive head only a meter from her. The dragon growled, baring teeth that were rounded (one of the modifications Deanna had made for this program) and this time the intensity of the vibrations rippling through her belly made her orgasm almost instantly. She buckled, dropping to the stone as her legs became unable to support her.  As she came, she cried out in her ecstasy.

The dragon nuzzled against her belly. The massive snout came up to her shoulders, even though the mouth was at the level of her crotch.  It pushed her almost to the edge of the rock. Though the drop was only a few meters, she instinctively grabbed onto the dragon's roughly scaled skin and pulled herself close. She could see the dragon's nostrils, each large enough for her to put her entire head into, glistening wetly. There was a sound of rushing wind as the dragon inhaled deeply.

Deanna felt a rush of hot moist air on her tummy, blowing against her pubic hair, and she realised that the dragon must have opened its mouth to exhale. A jolt of fear exploded inside her - the mouth was open, and she knew that the dragon meant to eat her - and she tried to push herself away, but she lost her footing and fell backwards onto the inclined rock. Her legs flew upwards into the air as she landed heavily. She wasn't injured thanks to the holodeck safety protocols, but the impact did leave her winded for a moment.

And it was just the moment the dragon needed. As Deanna watched through her splayed apart legs, the dragon's tongue came out over the blunt round teeth.  It was long enough to reach out of the mouth several meters, wide and fleshy, but narrow and pointed at the tip. It wiped itself slowly over her naked body, covering her bare skin with a thick coating of lubricating saliva. The instinctive part of Deanna's mind told her that she was in danger and she panicked, struggling to get to her feet. But she slipped in the slime of the saliva that had covered both her body and the stone, and the end of the dragon's tongue wrapped itself tightly around her left ankle. She kicked at it with her free foot, but the dragon didn't seem to feel it at all through its hard scaled hide. It pulled her foot inside its mouth, biting down just enough to make sure that she was pinned between its lips and couldn’t get away.

Deanna kept kicking at its snout with her right foot. The dragon opened its mouth again and pulled her closer.  Deanna could see the wide flat tongue inside the mouth, pressed against the roof of the mouth like a crocodile, and the arch inside the upper jaw, blocking the entrance to the throat.  She tried to kick once again, and the dragon's mouth closed, holding her other foot inside. She was caught by both feet now, and the dragon pulled back, dragging Deanna towards the top of the stone. The dragon's mouth opened a little, but she was still held by the tongue around her left ankle and she could not pull free.  The head darted forwards, and Deanna was now up to her knees inside its mouth, held in a grip she could not free herself from.

She felt something sliding tightly around her legs inside that mouth, and Deanna realised that the dragon had wrapped its tongue around her lower legs. When it opened its mouth again, she struggled, but the tongue held her far too tightly to break free. The mouth was vast, two full meters from the tip of the snout to the back, and the tongue pulled her further inside.  She felt the scaly lips rub across her bare bottom before the mouth closed again, a rounded tooth on each side of her. She was now half inside the dragon's mouth! The panicked thought came to her mind that she was about be eaten alive if she didn't tell the computer to end the program.

But this wasn't real, it was just a holodeck program, and she was not in any danger at all, even if she was swallowed.  In fact, she’d ensured that nothing but great sexual pleasure and orgasmic delight lay ahead of her if she allowed herself to be consumed. She took a deep breath, pushing the fear away, but allowing the thrill and exhilaration to remain, and then lifted herself up as much as she could. She rubbed her hands over the rough dry scales of the dragon's snout. “I don't want to escape from you,” she gasped. “I give myself to you, do with me what you wish.”

As if in response, the tongue around her legs loosened. Deanna spread her legs wide inside the cavernous mouth of the reptile, baring herself to it. The dragon growled again, and the vibrations, now more intense than ever, drove Deanna to another massive orgasm that left her entire body shivering. The dragon's tongue pushed itself up between her legs, the narrow pointed tip probing between her labia and rubbing over her clitoris before sliding up into her vagina.

Deanna screamed in ecstasy as another orgasm surged through her body and her body arched back over the stone, her arms spreading out wide in joy. Then the dragon pulled again, but this time it lifted her off the edge of the rock. Deanna gasped, reaching out to grab onto the dragon's scaly skin as she was lifted high into the air. She almost felt like she would fall. Her lower body was held securely in the dragon's mouth, but from the waist up, she was unsupported except for her grip on the creature that meant to consume her. She was lifted high, and when she looked down at the ground almost twenty meters beneath her, the height was dizzying.

But it did not last. The dragon, tilting its head back, opened its mouth again, and now with nothing holding her, Deanna slid down further onto the tongue. She screamed as she descended into the enormous maw, but then she stopped, her feet coming to rest on the tongue where it was pressed against the roof of the dragon’s mouth. The wet flesh was hot against her bare behind.  Instinctively, she moved her legs, spreading them sideways to find a more secure support, and her feet hit the blunt teeth. For a moment she felt amazed. The dragon was so big, she was almost entirely inside its mouth and she still hadn't reached the throat!

The long slender tip of the tongue, hot and wet with saliva, reached around from underneath her and ran all over her body, coating her with thick, slippery saliva, lubricating her so that when the dragon swallowed, she would slide readily down its throat. The tongue moved across her face, and her hair was slimy with the dragon’s slobber.  The tongue slid over and between her breasts, the slightly rough texture sending almost electric jolts through her hard erect nipples. It slid underneath her as well, sliding between her buttocks and tickling her anus before returning to her vagina, where it pressed deep into her. As it moved inside her body, it rubbed against her clitoris, and Deanna’s body shook with another orgasm.

As the warmth of her orgasm began to fade, the dragon lifted its head higher, tilting it back almost vertical, and Deanna’s heart leapt.  It was time. The dragon was about to swallow her whole. She could feel gravity starting to pull her towards the back of the dragon’s mouth.  If the tongue had not been pressed against the rough roof of the pink mouth, she would have already slipped down into the throat. On each side of her body, Deanna could see the blunt teeth of the dragon.  She put her arms over them, so they were underneath her shoulders and she could use them to support her weight. Just in time, too, it seemed, for the dragon opened its enormous mouth, and the tongue dropped, revealing the dragon’s throat gaping wide and dark beneath her.

The excitement was almost too much for her.  She laughed with delight, then let out a little scream of fright as the dragon gently shook its head to loosen her grip.  She slipped off the teeth and fell a meter or so onto the tongue. Despite the size of the mouth, Deanna had given the dragon a relatively narrow throat, just wide enough for her to pass through.  She slipped down the salivating tongue, and her legs slid into the throat before the tongue lifted again, holding her legs against the roof of the mouth. She felt the dragon’s head shake a little again, as though it didn’t like having something stuck in its mouth.  She looked out to her left, and through the dragon’s round teeth she could see the tops of the oak trees in the forest setting the holodeck had provided. Cool slimy saliva dripped down on her from the dragon’s tongue, and she realised that it was about to swallow again.

The head tossed back again, the tongue dropped and the throat opened up once more.  Deanna slipped down further, until her bottom, too wide to slide down into the dragon’s gullet, caught in its throat.  From this point, the dragon would have to work to get her down. She reached out, but she could not reach the edge of the dragon’s mouth, nor even the teeth.  All was within her grasp was the smooth, slippery, salivating inside of the dragon’s hot mouth. Even if she wanted it, there was no escape.

The dragon swallowed a third time, and now, as the throat opened up, Deanna lifted her arms above her head and wriggled her waist in a circle, as though the dragon’s throat was a hula hoop.  The movement helped, her hips worked through into the warm slippery throat, and she slid further down until the throat closed again just beneath her breasts.

Deanna felt the dragon’s head dropping back down, and she was surrounded by darkness as the dragon closed its mouth around her.  She would not see the light again until this was over. The dragon swallowed once more, and she could feel the constricting muscles pulling at her legs as the throat opened up.  And when it did, she let herself be taken completely into the throat.

Now the movement was much easier.  The peristaltic waves of the throat as the dragon swallowed relentlessly pushed her further down each time, and as the waves slid over her, they pressed over her lower belly and the soft mound between her legs.  The pressure was intensely arousing, and Deanna wished that she could pull her arms down from above her head so she could masturbate as she was swallowed. But the throat was too tight for her to do anything other than let it take her downwards, towards the belly.  It was even a little difficult to breathe. But, a few seconds later, it seemed, her feet pressed against the end of the passage, and Deanna felt a small hole opening up. Another wave of peristaltic action, and she was pushed through into the dragon’s stomach, landing in its soft confines with a splash.

For a few seconds, Deanna lay there in the larger space.  It was, as she had designed it, filled with fresh air that would be replenished by the holodeck, and the fluids around her, though warm, were not acidic.  Instead, they created a soft tingling sensation. The space was still quite small, but compared to the tightness and squeezing of the dragon’s throat, it was quite roomy.  About the same size as a sonic shower, but warm and fleshy, with irregular walls that seemed to quiver at her touch. She could hear the distant thud-thud of the dragon’s heart beating slowly, every few seconds, and the rushing of air as the great lungs of the beast filled and emptied just above her fleshy prison.

And then, the fleshy walls of the dragon’s stomach began moving.  They formed folds, pushing in around Deanna’s naked, slippery body, making sure that every part of her skin was generously coated in the tingling liquid they secreted.  One fold formed underneath her, sliding up between her buttocks and her labia, giving her anus and clitoris a thorough coating of the wonderful liquid that made her tingle so much.  Gradually, the tingling in her skin increased and she began writhing in her ecstasy. She spread her legs and began rubbing her clitoris. Her body, already intensely aroused, orgasmed almost instantly, and she bucked wildly.  She squirted a gush of liquid from between her legs that mingled with the shallow pool of liquid already surrounding her. She could smell her own sexual excitement in the dragon’s belly. The folds of the stomach walls slid over her entire body, and Deanna moaned with the wonderful slipperiness.

She lay there for a little while in the pitch dark, enjoying the warm close embrace as the stomach moved, letting the sensations lull her into a state of extreme relaxation.  This really wasn’t so bad, she thought. She might modify the program so that next time she could stay for as long as she liked. This time, the program would only leave her in the stomach for about ten minutes.  But in the meantime, she would enjoy the sensual massage while it lasted.

It seemed too short a time before Deanna felt the stomach walls moving in a more deliberate way, aligning her with a sphincter in the lower part of the stomach.  And then it opened, and the stomach muscles contracted, lifting her into the hole that was opening at her feet. The liquid around her flowed downwards, and she slipped with it, sliding through the hole which opened barely wide enough for her, so it lightly brushed her entire body, from toes to head to the fingers on her outstretched arms.

As she entered the intestines of the dragon, she felt countless fingers reaching out from the walls to move her along.  If this were real, they would have been tiny villi, but she’d programed her dragon to have larger projections so that she would be pushed through a fleshy tube of tendrils between five and six inches long and an inch wide.  This passage was wider than the throat was, so she could move her arms fairly freely, but as she lowered her hands, the passage constricted around her.

The tendrils began probing at her body, slapping wetly against her skin, trying to work their way into any crevice in her naked body that they could find.  A fairly large one quickly found her vagina, and pushed inside it, thrusting deeply into her. Another somewhat more slender one found her anus.

Another rather long one pressed against her lips and worked its way into her mouth.  The taste of it was delicious, earthy but sweet at the same time, an aphrodisiac that absorbed through the mucus membranes in her mouth and sent her arousal higher than it had yet been.  The tendril’s secretions overcame her gag reflex, and it slid down her throat and into her stomach, where it gave her a delightfully full sensation before pulling back for a moment so she could breathe.  She took a deep breath, and the tendril slid down her throat once more. Deanna delighted at the taste of it as it penetrated her.

The tendril that had slid into her rectum moved, gyrating against the cheeks of her bum as she moved in her pleasure.  But it was the tendril buried deep within her vagina that gave Deanna the most intense delight. The base of it swelled up inside her, larger than an apple, and her world exploded in ecstasy as it found her G-spot.  Deanna’s body bucked wildly, and her body’s movements stimulated another change. The tip of the tendril inside her grew longer, but the new growth was very thin, and it moved around against her cervix. Then, finding the hole it was seeking, it slipped through, and entered her womb.  It gushed the warm liquid into the depths of her body, filling Deanna with a warmth that pushed her into another incredibly intense orgasm.

Her body finally spent, the tendrils withdrew from her body, and Deanna felt a somewhat forlorn emptiness.  But she knew she couldn’t take anymore. The sensations, as wonderful as they had been, had been almost too much for her.  The tendrils once again began moving Deanna along the intestines of the dragon.

Gradually, she felt the tendrils grow smaller, and she knew she was almost at the end of her experience.  The passageway turned downwards, and Deanna found herself in an almost upright position in a chamber with walls that felt like they were covered in suction cups, and her feet came to rest on what felt like a fleshy floor.  The walls constricted gently around her, and she felt warmth as the suckers seemed to kiss every part of her body secreting a pleasantly scented lubricant over her flesh.

And then the fleshy floor beneath her feet opened, and she began slipping out.  From the end of the intestines, she slid into the wider passage of the cloaca, but then she was through that, and the dragon, squatting low, deposited her gently onto the ground.

Deanna lay there, her slime-covered body quivering from the intensity of the pleasure she had experienced.  How long had it been? She’d designed the program to last for about half an hour, with the dragon taking ten minutes to swallow her, then another ten minutes in the stomach and ten minutes being penetrated by the tendrils in the intestine.  But honestly, she had lost all track of time, and she would not have been surprised if it had been an hour or even longer.

Deanna stood, her legs still feeling weak.  Nearby was a pool of water, a hot spring, with warm water that looked tremendously inviting.  Deanna walked over and let herself sink down into it, leaning back against the rocks around the edge.  She sighed heavily as she watched the dragon settle down, curling up as though to sleep. She looked at it, imagining the bulge she had made as she had travelled down its neck.  The thought was arousing, but her body was now far too sensitive for her to pleasure herself. Instead, she kicked her legs gently so they rose to the surface and she floated there, basking in the memory of her experience in the belly of the beast as the slipperiness washed off her.  She sighed again. “Oh yes,” she murmured softly. “I’m definitely running this program again.”


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