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Doctor Forever

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2005 - Anonymous - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; F/m; shrink; swallow; digest; absorbed; sci-fi; cons/nc; X

Conversation died down as Dr Rialdi began his speech. He slid out the folded piece of paper from his jacket pocket and placed it on the podium. He rested his reading glasses on his nose and unfolded the piece of paper which he had written his speech on. 

"Ladies and gentleman you are here today to witness the greatest invention of our century. It will revolutionise our lives as Automobiles and Televisions have in the past." 

Dr Rialdi resembled the late Albert Einstein with his white, bizarre hair style and brittle looking moustache. He revealed a slight smile as the audience became dead quiet awaiting the announcement of the break through invention. 

"I bring you... The Shrinker!" he announced. 

The white cloth was lifted off the mysterious object behind him to reveal a ray gun type object. It was like a giant, metallic pencil which was held in position by some small support beams. The room filled with hundreds of journalists, photographers and camera men stared at the machine which looked like something out of a bad science fiction movie. 

"This machine can take any object or living being and shrink it to any size you desire. Imagine the possibilities ladies and gentlemen, we can create anything as small as we want! Machinery parts can now be shrunk to save space, we can create microscopic tools, we could shrink ourselves and go places where we have never gone before... Allow me to demonstrate." 

Dr Rialdi stepped down and introduced Miss Cadims a middle aged woman, with shoulder length black hair which was slowly decaying to a grey color. She was slightly plump and had a few wrinkles but was still a fine looking woman. 

"Miss Cadims suffers from a stomach infection which until now could not be treated. Today thanks to my invention, she can be cured of her pain. Besides me are two doctors who have volunteered to shrink, enter Miss Cadims' body, go into her stomach and treat the infection. You'll notice that Miss Cadims is wearing a special suit which I call the 'lucent suit'. With this suit on you can actually see what the two doctors are doing inside Miss Cadims because the region the doctors are in will become transparent and you will be able to see into Miss Cadims' body." 

Standing besides Dr Rialdi was Miss Cadims who wore a "lucent suit", a white tight fitting, ankle to neck to wrist body suit. Next to her were the two doctors wearing helmets, air tanks and wet suit. They looked like they were about to go deep sea diving, but the special gear was worn so that they could survive their journey. One of the doctors was a man with an average build and average height while the other was clearly a woman because of the hour glass figure and the presence of breasts. No one could make out who they were because of the helmets they were wearing. 

The two doctors stood side by side as Dr Rialdi pointed the Shrinker at them. When he pushed the button a faint blue ray was shot at the doctors which shrunk them down to about half an inch. Dr Rialdi walked over to where the tiny doctors were, lowered his hands and the doctors stepped onto what must seem to them a size of a football field. He then handed the shrunken doctors to Miss Cadims who dropped them into her mouth and swallowed them as if they were tablets prescribed to her. The lucent suit Miss Cadims was wearing allowed the media crowd to see the doctors travelling down Miss Cadims' oesophagus, being pushed down further and further down by her peristalic muscle movement. Eventually the shrunken doctors ended up in her squishy stomach where they began treating the infection. 

Several minutes later, "I'm.... I'm.... cured!" shouted Miss Cadims, "It doesn't ache any more". 

"You see?" Dr Rialdi rhetorically questioned the audience. 

Miss Cadims with the two doctors still in her stomach walked off back stage. Getting the two doctors out of her stomach would be something done behind the public eye. A wave of applause filled the room as the audience finally believed what they had just witnessed. Cameras started flashing and questions were being asked so quickly that Dr Rialdi couldn't answer them all in his entire life time. Finally the journalists were moved out of the display room and into the conference room where the questions were asked in a more orderly manner. The conference room was so full that some journalists were squeezed out of it. 

As the last of the journalists exited the display room the security guards locked it up. Back stage Miss Cadims was lying down on her back so that the doctors could walk along her oesophagus which was now parallel to the ground. Eventually the two doctors arrived at her mouth and the assistants plucked the two shrunken doctors out of her mouth and pointed the shrinker at them. When the button was pressed they were back to their normal size. The assistants escorted Miss Cadims out through the back door and so the two doctors were the only ones left in the display room with the shrinker. 

The two took off their helmets, and took in a deep breath of fresh air. The male doctor, Dr Peter Smit, had short brown hair and blue eyes while the female doctor, Dr Lisa Garner, had waist long blonde hair. 

"That was some ride eh?" commented Dr Smit. 

"Incredible!" added Dr Garner and the two just sat there for a while looking into each other's eyes. Dr Garner then slowly walked over to the shrinker, and Dr Smit followed her. 

"So how does this thing work Peter?" asked Dr Garner. 

"Well you control the shrinking power with this dial here and then you point it at the object you want to shrink and push this button," he replied wrapping his arms around Dr Garner. 

The two had been going out for about a month now on a steady relationship. Dr Smit was behind Dr Garner and was kissing her on the cheek, but she wasn't paying much attention to him, she was curious about the Shrinker. Suddenly, Dr Garner elbowed Dr Smit in the gut and he doubled over. She quickly pointed the shrinker at him and pressed the button. The dim blue ray hit him and he quickly started shrinking. The idea of shrinking him, or any other man had crossed her mind when she was first introduced to the project. 

Dr Smit didn't know what had happened yet, he was still recovering from the elbow. However it wasn't long until he saw his giantess girl friend towering over him, staring with her deep, blue, beautiful eyes. She wrapped her fingers around him and picked him up off the ground. She then placed him on the palm of her hand so that she could admire her power that she possessed over him. He was shouting something at her but he was too small for her to make out what it was. She'd imagine that he would be scared rather than angry but this was better she thought. She brought him up to her ear which was several times taller than him so that she could hear what he was saying. 

"What the hell are you doing Lisa? Make me back to what I was!" 

Dr Garner just giggled. She placed his little man on a nearby table so that the only way he could escape would be to take a fatal leap off it. Then she went into the next room and grabbed a lucent suit and immediately came back to where the inch high Dr Smit was. She unzipped her wet suit to reveal a pair of royal blue coloured bikinis right in front of him. She removed the top half of the bikini which were holding her more than ample breasts in place and then she slowly slid the lower half down her perfectly formed long legs and kicked it off. 

At this point, Dr Smit was no longer angry. He was just sitting on the table rubbing his hard dick, admiring his giantess girl friend who was now completely naked. Dr Garner then picked up the lucent suit off the ground and put it on. The white lucent suit complimented her perfect body, it appeared to be one size too small and so the impressions of her nipples were emphasised. 

She then began to rub her stomach and asked her miniature boy friend: "Do you think I have a sexy tummy?". Dr Smit nodded, and he was telling the truth. 

"That's nice, how would you like to visit it?" she asked. 

"What do you mean?" he asked back. She couldn't hear him but could understand him by his body language. 

She gently picked him up around his waist with her thumb and index finger and with her other hand carefully removed the wet suit that he was still wearing and also his bathers underneath which unveiled his erection. She smiled when she found out he was enjoying this experience. He was then resting the palm of her hand and was heated by the warmth of her palm in contact with his naked body. With Dr Smit still in her palm she walked over to a near by mirror. 

"This invention IS revolutionary, it now brings to life my fantasy which I once thought was impossible," she said in a soft tone to herself and repositioned her boyfriend so that he was lying down on his back in her palm. She then began licking his dick over and over. He enjoyed it so much that his hard stick erupted. She could slightly taste his cream on the tip of her massive tongue, "Mmmmm, that's nice," she whispered. "I want more," and as she said this she sucked him into her mouth. 

She kept her mouth open and looked into the mirror so that she could see what her now very frightened boy friend was doing inside her mouth. He was trying to get out but each time he did she would just flick him back with her tongue. He then started running around her mouth trying to dodge her tongue by hiding behind her teeth when it came around but she easily scooped him out, he didn't stand a chance. She then became bored with this game and could no longer resist. 

"Take a deep breath now," she suggested and she positioned his feet so that they were facing towards the back of her throat. She slowly swallowed him, savouring the sensation of him sliding down her throat. She looked in the mirror as the lucent suit allowed her to see Dr Smit sliding down her oesophagus struggling to get out of the tube which would lead him to the absolute centre of her body. As he went further and further down she had multiple orgasms and almost fell down. 

Eventually he was pulled down into her dark, wet stomach. Inside her, he was banging his fists on her stomach walls attempting to get out. She saw his pathetic attempts of escape in the mirror through the suit and could even feel his struggles. Soon, inevitably her stomach walls crushed him and her stomach acids absorbed him. She was more than fulfilled with her super sexual experience. 

She was about to walk away from the mirror but then she noticed that she could see Dr Peter Smit who was now a pulp, being distributed to the various parts of her body. Eventually the particles were dispersed incredibly finely and Dr Smit was now a part of his girl friend... 



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