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Donna's Latest Meal

by Bnimrod

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© Copyright 2014 - Bnimrod - Used by permission

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She sat on the beach partially upright in her lounge chair looking at him.

“Well, I am a smoker, so eventually I will probably eat you.“ she calmly informed him.

He looked at her. It was his decision. She was a curvaceous blonde. Her bikini showed off her large breasts and slender waist to good effect. She knew this too. It was very tempting and that was the idea. He suspected many men might have gone the same route. He looked at her smile, those straight white teeth. How many victims passed that way into her rapacious female body, just food and a good meal. He swallowed hard. He might last a good long time and have lots of good sex with that body first. It was tempting.

She tilted her head. “ Well? You’ll probably live for years but you have to agree now.” She insisted.

He was sweating. He shouldn’t… but she was irresistible. “Okay. okay. I agree.”

She smiled. “Well I have to make sure you’re sincere.” She pulled out a device from behind her chair.

“How long had she had that there?” he wondered, feeling a bit nervous.

She calmly and efficiently unfolded the device next to her thigh and patted the blanket. “Lay your head in this.”

“I thought you were going to take me home to meet your mother and sisters” he said nervously.

“Yes I am,” she replied, “but I have to make sure you are sincere. You are sincere, aren’t you? I just need to prove it.”

“Well, okay.” He agreed.

“This way you can feel what it is like to become me.” She said with a beguiling smile.

He lay down on the blanket and put his head into the device. Donna clamped the sides of it on his head. She pressed a button on the side.

“Just a few more minutes and we can go to my house.” She assured him. “..You’ll probably be staying for dinner, if I know my mother. She’s an excellent cook.” She patted his ass as she assured him, reflecting on how it would taste.

Alan felt rather than heard a boring noise. There was no pain and he could feel some movement. He hoped he had made the right decision. Surely Donna would just take one cigarette and that would seal the bond between them. He would worry about future consequences later. Getting into that body would be worth it.

The device continued it’s work and Donna withdrew a cigarette from it. She let it continue with a second one. She put a finger to her lips as she considered whether to pull out a full pack right now from this male meat. No. Then he might be too stupid to walk himself to the car. Donna hated carrying her prey home. It was much more fun to have them walk into her kitchen, climb into her oven and then eat them.

Donna put the cigarette between her lips and lit it. She took a long drag and eyed her lover. Yes, he was going to be delicious she reflected, inhaling deeply. She could feel his essence entering her. He would be part of her full breasts. She liked the thought of that.

Donna sat and smoked, occasionally looking over at the supine male next to her. When she finished the first cigarette, she took the second and considered it for a moment. No she thought, I will wait for the drive home on this one.

“Ok,” she said, unhooking the device from Alan’s head. “Let’s go home and meet my mom.” Alan got up feeling a bit dizzy. He could feel some of himself already inside Donna, like she had absorbed him. It was an odd sensation. He felt a bit controlled, and was somewhat uncomfortable with the sensation.

“Carry this stuff to the car” Donna ordered.

Alan picked up the beach chair, cooler and towels and followed behind Donna. When they got to the car she ordered him to put the stuff in the back seat. He wondered at that. Why not use the trunk? He found out a minute later.

Donna opened the trunk and pointed. “Get in.”

“What?” Alan stammered.

“Get in, “ Donna repeated. “You have to be submissive when we get to the house.” She explained to her captive. “That way my mother knows how to treat you.”

This seemed odd to Alan, but something compelled him to obey. Was it that cigarette she sucked from his brain and absorbed he wondered. Alan climbed into the trunk. He had to fold himself up to fit.

Donna glanced over the folded male briefly; making sure nothing was sticking out, and slammed the trunk shut.

Donna got into the car, put it into gear and started home. She pushed in the cigarette lighter. Time for the second smoke and a more confused and cooperative male when we get home. She smiled.

Donna brought the lighter to the cigarette and lit it. She smoked, enjoying the sensation of Alan entering her lungs, becoming part of her body and more under her control. She liked this part, taking the male’s independence away, enslaving to her needs. She arrived at her mother’s house and backed into the garage. She got out of the car and walked to the back, opening the trunk.

“Ok. Alan. Out.” She ordered.

Alan slowly complied, stiff from the cramped ride. He felt even more lightheaded than when he had been at the beach. He wasn’t sure why—had she smoked him again? He was still in his bathing suit he noticed.

‘Um, Donna, I haven’t changed clothes.” He told her.

Donna looked at him with distain then, oddly, smiled. “That’s ok. It will make things easier for my mom.” She informed him.

“Easier? “ Alan asked, confused.

The door from the garage lead straight into the kitchen. Donna entered first and Alan slowly followed, unable to shake the woozy feeling.

“Hey mom,” Donna said to a woman Alan could not yet see. “I brought some one home for dinner.”

Then Alan saw Donna’s mother.

She was late middle aged but still shapely with brown eyes, brown hair an attractive face with full breasts, a bit thick at the hips and thighs but still not unattractive.

She smiled at Donna and looked past her to Alan. She eyed him up and down; licking her lips just slightly and looked back at Donna, inquiring.

Donna nodded subtly to her mother and turned to Alan, extending her arm to him. “Here he is, mom. I told him you’re the best chef there is and he’s staying for dinner. Right Alan?”

Alan took all this in slowly and nodded.

“I’m Alan.” He said.

Donna’s mother walked past Donna, saying “I’m Clarisse.” She extended her hand and shook Alan’s. She eyed him up and down again, like appraising meat.

“Hmmm, Donna, you really out did yourself this time” Clarisse commented, approvingly. She turned to Donna, “How many did you smoke?”

“Just two.” Donna replied.

Clarisse smiled. “Well there’s plenty more to come then. But we will need some salve,” she said as she walked back to a cabinet, pulling out a pint sized jar. She nodded her head to Donna who walked behind Alan. Clarisse put on gloves and dipped her hand into the salve. Rubbing together in her gloved hands. She turned to Alan. Donna had gotten behind Alan who stood there wondering what was happening.

Donna, in a swift motion, pulled the drawstring on Alan’s bathing suit and pulled it down. Alan reflexively bent down to pull them up, embarrassed to be naked in front of his girl friend’s mother. But Clarisse also moved quickly and clamped the gloved hand on his balls. Alan continued bending forward for a moment and then stopped. Clarisse was inches away from his face, leaning into him. She eyed him closely, watching the effect as she continued on to massaging his cock. “You’re going to be just delicious,” she murmured.

Alan stood dazed, staring ahead blankly. Donna bent forward and looked at him from behind. “Yes he certainly is, mom.” She agreed. Donna put one foot on the dropped swimsuit and pushed Alan forward. He stumbled as he stepped forward, leaving the suit on the floor, entirely naked. Clarisse stepped back deftly, not releasing her grip on his cock, continuing to massage the salve into him. Donna waited until Clarisse finished her massaging. Clarisse stepped back admiring her work and pulled off her gloves.

“First we need to remove more of your brain so we can smoke you” she told Alan. They lead him forward to another room where a device similar to the one on the beach was already set up. Alan was pushed to his knees and bent forward with his head laying in the device. Clarisse flipped the device into place and turned it on.

“This is the first stop for you Alan. We’ll just suck out more of your brains for a few packs of cigarettes which we can enjoy while we’re eating you. Oh I guess Donna didn’t tell you that…oh well.” Clarisse laughed and patted his naked ass.

Alan was too numb to protest, feeling the buzzing sound in his head as the machine worked.

The women talked while it worked, discussed Alan as a future meal. Donna took one of the new cigarettes and lit it. Clarisse followed with one of her own. Both stood, smoking and discussing dinner options.

“We’ll have to remove your skin Alan.” Donna informed him, taking a drag on her cigarette. “ It will make some nice leather goods, and you don’t need it where you’re going.” She laughed.

Alan tried to protest but could only grunt.

“There, there,” Clarisse said, patting him reassuredly, “Donna brought you home for dinner and we will be eating you tonight, don’t worry.”

“She said we would be together’ Alan protested.

“And you will, Alan,” Donna told him, pressing up her full breasts. “You’ll be part of these before the night is out. And your leather goods will make a nice smooth bra.”

The machine stopped and Alan vaguely noticed that 3 packs were by the machine, already wrapped for the female’s convenience. He found himself unable to resist. The two women helped him up.

They helped him over to a metal table and laid him face down on it. Clarisse came over and placed a hand on the back of Alan’s neck.

“We could let you experience the pain of skinning..” Clarisse observed.

A muffled no came from Alan.

“Umm. Good little pork chop.” Clarisse commented pressing something on his neck. “This will numb you up.”

Donna meanwhile had pulled out some knives and was laying them to the side.

“You might feel a bit of a chill…without your skin and all, Alan…but you’ll be warming up soon enough, “ Donna told him.

Alan felt a pulling as the women worked his skin. They made quick slices followed by pulling and then flipped him over to continue on the other side. Alan was looking up but could not move. He watched as the women worked on him like a piece of meat. He was no longer Alan, Donna’s boyfriend, he was tonight’s dinner and these women were going to be digesting him, wearing his skin and dumping the scraps in the garbage.

Donna held up the skin they had removed. “There.” She said triumphantly. She touched Alan with one finger. “Wait right here, honey. I just have to hang this up and mom and I will be right back.”

The women walked away talking. Alan lay there paralyzed, trying to see into the next room. He had noticed the oversized oven but never got a chance to ask about it. Donna returned with a large towel over one shoulder. “Ok Alan, here comes the hard part,” she said as she knelt partially down by the table and hefted him on to her shoulder. “ooff,” she grunted as she lifted him off and carried him over her shoulder out the back door.

Alan was dumped on a large grate over a barbeque with a spit just above him.

“Ok, meat,” Clarisse said in a stern tone, “ Let’s get you into position.”

“no no” Alan protested weakly.

Clarisse put her hand on her hip impatiently, “Listen, meat. You can either slowly roast on a spit or we can just dismember you here for the meat locker. Now assume the position.”

Alan knew what she meant and slowly managed to get into a kneeling position.

Donna put her leather booted foot on his neck and pushed him to the ground.

“Like these?“ she asked Alan turning her leg in front of his vision. “Last month’s male provided them. I think you’ll make a nice leather purse, to hold your cigarettes in.”

Clarisse meanwhile had gotten the spit off the pole. She positioned herself behind the bowed male and began pushing the spit into Alan's ass.

Alan began to struggle but Donna pushed his head down again with her boot, while Clarisse pushed. Finally Donna jerked Alan’s head up by the hair and the spit slid out through his mouth.

“Perfect.” Donna commented.

The women slid the skewered male over and placed the spit on two supports. With a push of a button the supports lifted Alan off the ground. He now was spitted and over the grate, ready for cooking.

“You’ll be warming up now Alan,” Donna told him. And he began to feel the heat rising from below the grate. Donna pushed another button and the spit gradually began to rotate.

The women stood to the side and began brushing his naked, skinned body with barbeque sauce. They used large brushes to cover all his skin. His dick was hanging down and Alan noticed it was getting hotter than the rest of him. He moaned.

The women noticed as well.

“Don’t worry honey, “ Donna cooed. “We’ll eat THAT first, right mom.?”

“We sure will.” Clarisse replied eagerly, “In fact, I’ll go get the carving knife and bowl. We can fry it up as an appetizer.”

Alan moaned again, and tried to struggle on the spit, juices fell off and sizzled below him.

Clarisse came back after a minute, carrying a metal bowl and knife. Donna reached off to the side and pushed a stop button when Alan was in a convenient position.

“This will just take a second, sweetie,” Donna informed Alan. “Then your meat can get back to roasting to deliciousness…ummm” Donna put on hand on Alan’s thigh to steady his leg.

“Ouch.” She cried, “You’re already hot.” She put on a glove and began removing his cock and balls with the knife.

Alan could feel a sawing sensation and then out of the corner of his eye, saw the two women step away. Donna pushed the button to the side again and he began to slowly rotate.

Clarisse was holding the now full metal bowl. She hefted it up and down. “Ummm. Good sized man oysters here, Donna. I hope we aren’t too full for the main course.” Clarisse remarked.

The two women went into the kitchen with Alan’s meat. Clarisse got out a pan and poured oil into it, while Donna rinsed them off in the sink.

“So did you promise to marry him this time? “Clarisse asked.

“Nah,” Donna said, holding the contents in the bowl while shaking out excess water. “I just told him he could enter me… and now he is.” Donna replied laughing.

Alan could see the two women chatting happily through the kitchen bay window as they prepared their meal. He watched as Clarisse heated up a pan of oil on the stove. Donna slid the contents of the metal bowl into the pan. Clarisse leaned over it inhaling the aroma and smiled. The two of them looked out the window to the rotating male and waved. Donna was adding various ingredients and stirring while Clarisse brought out plates and walked outside to be nearer the barbequing male. She put them down on the table and smiled at Alan. She smiled at him again and made a biting motion.

Donna followed shortly after with a steaming plate of Alan. She put the plate on the table and carefully sliced his cock lengthwise, steam pouring from the hot meat. Then she separated the two balls, one for each and placed the divided meat on the plates. The two women sat down to eat.

Alan watched as Donna and her mother consumed him. They cut off portions of his cock and put the still hot meat into their mouths and chewed thoroughly. Donna closed her eyes as she enjoyed the flavor. Clarisse poured some wine which she sipped in between bites. Donna finished the cock and used her fork to cut sideways into one of Alan’s balls. It split open, spilling juices on the plate. Donna quickly ate this up and was soon wiping the plate with the side of her fork getting the leftover juices.

“Oh my god mom.” Donna exclaimed. “That was great.”

“Sure was,” Clarisse agreed, swallowing the last bite of Alan’s ball.

Alan watched as a lump went down Clarisse’s throat. Now his manhood was digesting in Donna and her mom’s body. He wanted to be in Donna and would be shortly, in her stomach being digested in stomach acid.

The two women sat back, Donna picking a bit of Alan from her teeth. Clarisse took a cigarette out of the pack they just made from Alan and offered one to Donna. She took one and lit it. They sat smoking, watching Alan turn on the barbeque, sipping their wine.

Alan continued rotating on the spit watching the women as they relaxed and digested him. He was going to be part of their bodies before the night was over and maybe some leftovers in the freezer. He watched Donna as she smoked, inhaling his brain into her body. Her breasts rose up when she sucked him in.

The women left Alan to cook and went into the house. Occasionally Alan could see them setting a large table in the dining room. They were putting several place settings on the table.

Later he could hear the pair greeting new guests. From the voices, it sounded like other females. Eventually some of the guests wandered out into the backyard. Two women walked up to Alan as he turned over the fire. Both were middle aged and attractive, brunettes with narrow waists, full breasts and long smooth legs. They were both holding glasses of wine and eyeing him hungrily.

“Donna really did a good job hunting this time, “ the taller of the two commented. The other woman took a sip of wine, while considering the roasting Alan and said, “ I told you, Karen, that Donna has the best barbeque. And her mom’s cooking is to die for.”

“Well, Joan, he did.” Karen commented tilting her wine glass at the rotating male meat.

Joan leaned forward looking closely at Alan’s face. “Nope,” she said. “He’s still with us. I think we are going to have raw male tonight… umm.”

Alan panicked but could barely summon enough strength to even wiggle on the spit. He did not expect to be alive when these women devoured him. Joan and Karen didn’t notice his reaction and wandered off, lighting cigarettes and chatting to each other.

Some time passed by and Donna and Clarisse came out with a metal cart. Donna stopped the rotation and slid the cart under Alan. Donna pressed another button, lowering the supports so that Alan gradually settled down on the cart.

“Remove the spit?” Donna asked her mother.

“At the table,” Clarisse replied, “It’s more traditional”

Alan was wheeled into the house and into the dining room. Women were standing around the room dressed in formal attire. They clapped as he was wheeled in. Alan was slid off the cart and on to the center of the table. He was face down but with the spit through his mouth he could view half the room. His hands were tied below his chest and his feet were bound together.

“Okay.” Clarisse announced, “remove the spit”

Donna stood behind Alan and pulled from one end of the table. At first it was tough and she grunted a little (causing some tittering from the watching women) then it came out smoothly.

“Everyone be seated,” Clarisse ordered. The women took their places as Donna left and then returned from the kitchen with a large carving knife and a meat fork.

“Ok girls,” donna said, holding up the fork and knife, “who’s first?’ Some women responded and Donna began cutting meat off Alan’s thigh.

Alan was vaguely aware of rubbing motions as his meat was cut away for the hungry women. He could see large pieces of himself on various plates. Women were chatting happily and stuffing his meat into their mouths, chewing and swallowing. He would watch the lumps go down their feminine throats into their hungry bodies. He was becoming part of their bodies.

This went on for some time and Alan could not believe he was still alive through it all. Women were beginning to sit back, patting full stomachs, some lighting cigarettes. Donna smiled at him as if reading his thoughts. She leaned close to his face. “I know how to keep my males alive. After these guests leave, and part of you with them, I’ll slice up the rest of you for the freezer but you won’t be here for that.”

She leaned in a bit closer. “You see mom and I are going to eat your brain for dessert.”

Donna moved back and watched Alan’s horrified expression as he lay there, mostly bone but still alive and the women around him digesting his body into theirs.

The guests gradually got up and said their good byes along with complements on the excellent “catch”. When they were gone, Donna went into the kitchen and returned with a bone saw. She clicked the button and Alan heard a buzzing sound. Donna made a perfect circle around Alan’s head and then pulled off the skull cap. Meanwhile Clarisse had procured two bowls, a whipped cream spray can and two small forks.

“Well, Alan,” Donna said, holding up her fork. “Your brain will be eaten and the rest of you will be table scraps. You’ll be in me just like you wanted.” She smiled and plunged her fork into her dessert.

Clarisse and Donna devoured the helpless male’s brain, fighting over the last delicious bits with their forks, laughing.

“Doesn’t look like too much for leftovers” Clarisse remarked looking over the carcass.

Dona shrugged. “there’s plenty more where that came from” she patted her stomach. “He’s in a better place” she commented laughing. “ Let’s just wheel this out to the trash.”

The women easily slid Alan’s remains on the cart and outside where they unceremoniously dumped it into a large bin.

Then they walked back into the house, sat down at the table and lit some cigarettes.

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