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Double Date

by The Wolf

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© Copyright 2010 - The Wolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mm; oral; climax; swallow; unbirth; majick; soft; cons/nc; X

Jeremy walked along the campus path with Daryl still trying to get him to agree to the date.

"C'mon man. This won't work unless I can get someone for her friend. I told her I would find someone to double. Everyone else is working. You're my last chance."

"Look, Jer, I feel for ya, honestly, but I said `No'."

"Why not?"

"I...I have my reasons."

"Name one good one."

"All right I didn't want to say it, but that Kali girl freaks me out."


"I'm telling you she's weird. She reads a lot of strange stuff, and I swear when we were dissecting the cats in Biology, she looked at hers for a bit and, honest to God, I saw one of its legs twitch."

"You're just paranoid. That happens with dead animals sometimes. I've talked to Kali and she is perfectly normal. She just likes to study ancient religions as a hobby. Look, from the moment I saw her, I've wanted her. This might be my only chance, and I need your help. I'd do the same for you."

Daryl sighed. Ever since he'd met Jeremy when they were placed in the same dorm two years ago it had been like this. Jeremy was a nice enough guy, but whenever he wanted something he would cling to you like a leech until you gave in.

"What does her friend look like?"

"You'll love her. Her name is Marcia. She has long blond hair and a great body."

"All right, I guess I'm in."

"Yes! Thank you my friend, you will not regret it. We'll meet them at their place at seven, have a nice quiet dinner and then see where we go from there. I'm gonna go let her know that we're on. I'll meet you around six thirty and we'll head over there."

And with that Jeremy was off running to tell Kali the good news. As Daryl watched him go, he mentally kicked himself for not being more assertive. He was always letting himself get pushed into these things. Still it might not be so bad. If this Marcia looked anything like Kali it could be pretty good. That was the one part of Jeremy's attraction he could understand. Kali had an amazing body. She was just under six feet tall with long, smooth, slender legs. Her breasts were perfectly round just the right size. She always wore these sweaters that showed them off, but did not make them the main focus of her body. Add to that her long brunette hair flowing over her shoulders and she was perfect. And if Marcia was a nice person and was anywhere near that good-looking he was sure he would enjoy himself. He headed to the dorm to finish up some work he had to do for class and then get ready for the evening.

As six forty-five rolled around, Kali was just putting the finishing touches on she and Marcia's house, a small two-room place that Kali had somehow acquired, by lighting a few candles to set the mood. It was lightly storming outside which was perfect. It meant they would have to stay inside, increasing the likelihood of getting close to the guys on this date instead of waiting for a few. As she lit the last candle, Marcia came out from her room.

"What time is it?" Marcia asked with some trepidation in her voice.

"Six fifty. They should be here in ten minutes."

"I have to tell you, Kali, I'm a little nervous about tonight. What if I say or do the wrong thing?"

"You'll be fine. Trust me, this night will be good for you."

Kali had met Marcia in an astrology club they were in about a year ago. At that time Marcia was a mousy little girl that most people would have thought unattractive, but Kali saw that with the right training she had potential. So she took Marcia into her house and under her wing. Now was the first test of the new Marcia as they both waited in black evening gowns that accentuated their bodies.

At a little after seven the doorbell rang and Kali opened it. The guys were both dressed in nice shirts and sport coats without ties. Jeremy was in an imposing dark red shirt and black jacket, while Daryl was in a more neutral blue and gray. As they entered Kali introduced Marcia, and Jeremy introduced Daryl. After the greetings were done, Marcia took their coats and hung them in the closet. When Marcia returned they sat down to eat.

Kali had prepared a steak dinner for the main course, and Marcia had baked some brownies for desert. It was an impressive spread, and the girls could certainly cook. During the meal, Daryl noticed that the girls ate hardly anything at all. He figured that, even though they didn't need to, they were probably watching their weight like most women.

After the meal they all went to the living room and had the usual pointless chit-chat. Finally, after ten minutes, Marcia voiced what she figured was on all their minds by leaning over to Daryl's ear and whispering, "Let's go to my room."

As Marcia took his hand to lead him back, Daryl shot Jeremy a quick Holy shit! look, and Jer in return shot him one that said, Now aren't you glad you came?, as they disappeared into the room.

When the other two were gone, Kali moved over to the couch that Jeremy was sitting on. She began to advance on him in a sultry, cat-like manner.

"Well," she said, "They'll be in there for a while..." she hit him with a deep, hard kiss, her tongue probing almost to his throat, and began to unbutton his shirt.

"Out here? I thought we would go back to your..." He was silenced with another kiss. She began to simply tear his shirt off instead of taking the time to unbutton it. He no longer cared about his shirt or being in the open of the living room or anything. He wanted her so badly he could think of nothing else but her body and the quickly growing bulge in his pants. He helped her out of her evening dress, leaving her in her bra and panties. As he undid her bra she began to work on his pants. He quickly kicked off his shoes and shortly after both of them were in only underwear.

Jeremy watched as Kali's exquisite breasts came free of the bra. They were truly perfect. He gawked for only a split second then quickly moved in to suckle at them. He had dreamed of this moment from the first time he saw Kali and as soon as her erect nipple was past his lips, his cock was instantly fully erect itself. He devoured them for several minutes, all the while Kali lightly moaning in pleasure, until she finally pulled away.

"Now it's my turn," she said with a smirk.

Jeremy was currently sprawled across the couch, and quickly realized what she meant as Kali began to plant light kisses on his neck working her way down. As she passed his chest she lightly teased his nipples with her tongue and used her hands to remove his boxers. Continuing further down his torso with her mouth she cupped his balls with her hand and began to lightly play with them. Finally her mouth reached his groin and she devoured his erection to the root.

Jeremy was amazed at some of the things Kali was doing with her mouth. He was not a "small" guy, and she was taking him deeper than any woman ever had. She would slide up and down then stop for a while and suck while her tongue snaked out and lapped at his balls. All the while she moaned in ecstasy.

Kali was enjoying herself immensely as she did this. She loved the feeling of a large cock filling her mouth and this one was delicious. She could not wait any longer for what she craved and began to work even harder, feeling that Jeremy was about to come.

Jeremy felt Kali quicken her pace and sucked harder. He knew he would not last much longer with this treatment. He finally exploded into her mouth in an incredibly powerful orgasm. Kali gulped what she could then licked and sucked for any that spilled out on to his dick and balls. She was so eager for his cum that it smeared her face and as the last bits of his orgasm faded she pulled back and licked what was left off her lips. "Mmmm...yummy..." she cooed.

Jeremy fell back on the couch as the orgasm subsided. It had been so powerful that now he almost felt completely limp. He started to get up to reciprocate... and realized that he WAS completely limp. Somehow he couldn't move. Only his eyes would, and he focused them on Kali who was now sitting at his feet looking him over. He tried to say something but found he was also mute.

"Wondering what's happening, aren't you?" she said, her tongue playing idly over her lips. "It's quite simple really. I sucked all the energy out of you. It won't last long, but it will last long enough for me to get started." She saw him trying to speak. "You don't have to talk, since you can't. I can hear your thoughts."

'Get started with what?' he thought to her.

"I thought you'd be curious. I'm going to eat you tonight, my succulent little morsel. It's how I stay this beautiful. Feeding on the youthful bodies of boys like you. A goddess in human form has to keep her figure."

'A goddess?'

"Yes. Originally worshipped by the Hindus, then the Thugee. The Hindus are good people and I watch over them still. The Thugee were exterminated by Westerners, which upset me. They were the first to offer sacrifices to me, and I found that you humans taste delicious. And there was really nothing wrong with it, because those that were sacrificed to me were not destroyed, but merely reborn later. Which is only natural since I am the goddess of death and rebirth."

'Why did you need two?'

"Ah. Well tonight I am training Marcia. She will be my human connection for times when I must be away and out of human form. In return I taught her the secret of eternal beauty, and tonight she is going take her first man; your friend. Well enough talk..."

Kali bent down to Jeremy's feet and opened her mouth to an incredible width. She grabbed the feet and shoved them inside. Immediately she began to take Jeremy in, gulping and slurping, closing her eyes and savoring his flavor as she worked her way up his calves. She moaned in pleasure as she tasted the wonderful male meat.

Jeremy could feel his energy starting to come back as his legs disappeared into her huge mouth. The feeling of her warm, moist mouth surrounding his legs was strangely erotic, but he was too terrified and still too paralyzed to react. He could only watch as she quickly worked him into her. She was already almost up to his waist, and he could actually feel his toes at the opening to her stomach.

As Kali reached the boy's pelvis, she stretched her mouth wider and slurped it in very slowly, delighting in the delicious flavor of Jeremy's tender ass. She ran her tongue over the smooth surface and in between his cheeks, all the while groaning in ecstasy around her mouthful. Finally she swallowed again working Jeremy's pelvis into her throat and beginning to work up his muscular abdomen. As she did this, she grabbed his arms and forced the hands into her mouth, pinning his arms to his side. She could feel his legs beginning to enter her stomach and was immensely pleased in the knowledge that soon he would be filling her stomach.

As Jeremy's energy returned, he became more lively and began to struggle, but by this time it only served to make Kali's feeding more enjoyable. She was already up to his chest and was still working quickly. His legs were now curled up in her stomach and more of his body kept heading that way. She slurped and sucked and swallowed vigorously, until her mouth bulged unbelievably with his shoulders, her lips were around his neck, and only his head was left outside. As Kali slowly and sensually sucked in his head, Jeremy thought he heard the door of Marcia's room open. He was then plunged into darkness. He felt himself squeezed downward for a short time, and was soon curled into a tight ball inside her stomach. He struggled and writhed even though he knew it was to no avail.

As Kali gulped hard and sent Jeremy to her stomach, she heard Marcia coming out of her room. She collapsed onto the couch and rubbed her wriggling, distended belly in delight, and licked her lips.

"Mmmmm.... Delicious. I love it when they squirm," she said as Marcia sat down on the other couch across from her. Marcia's belly was also huge thanks to Daryl. "So Marcia, my dear, how was your first time?"

"Mmmmm, well..."

As soon as Marcia and Daryl entered the bedroom they began to undress themselves. In a matter of moments they were both nude and Daryl took a few moments to admire Marcia's body. It seemed to him almost perfect. Soon the admiring gave way to a desire to touch and he moved over to her. He embraced her and they kissed deeply. As they did he ran his hands all over her body. He kneaded her buttocks enjoying their firm, tender feeling, moved his hands around and up to fondle her breasts, then moved down again to the area between her legs and felt there that she was already moist.

Marcia was enjoying Daryl's manual appraisal of her body, when he suddenly picked her up and laid her down on the bed. He stood at the edge of the bed and picked up her right foot. Daryl had always had mild foot fetish and began to indulge himself by suckling on her toes. He could never tell why this thought turned him on but it never failed, and he could feel his erection, which had begun with his first look at Marcia and continued during the fondling, reach a peak. This was obviously a highly erotic sensation for Marcia as well, because she was throwing her back and breathing much more quickly than before.

Finally Daryl finished with her feet and began to slowly work down her leg in a series of kisses and licks that only heightened her stimulation. He finally reached his goal and began to devour her sex. Marcia gasped as Daryl was going at this task with more vigor than any man she had ever known before. Daryl loved to go down on a woman. He had always found it highly pleasurable and was enjoying Marcia even more than most; she was very sweet. His tongue eagerly probed her cavity and occasionally lapped up some of her fluids. He alternated between sucking, and rubbing his tongue over the nub of her clit, all the while running his hands along her ass and thighs. The moans of pleasure he could hear escaping her made him work even harder and turned him on more. He could not resist reaching one hand down and beginning to jerk himself off as his whole face was practically in her sex. He quickly began to orgasm as she started to reach her peak.

Marcia was in heaven with his work and was suddenly aware of an all-consuming desire to have him inside her that instant. She remembered something Kali had taught her and decided to try it. She focused as much as she could through her orgasm on the magic she had learned and began changing her inner body slightly to reconnect certain tubes and nerve impulses.

As they both began to climax, Daryl felt his face going a bit deeper into her cavity. Unaware of the pulling sensation he thought it was something he was doing in excitement. Then without warning, Marcia stretched her legs much wider, and somehow his whole head was slowly enveloped by her vagina. He began to panic and tried to pull himself out to no avail.

Marcia took in his head and felt a sudden rush of sensations. She had switched the nerve impulses for taste somehow through the magic and she was experiencing Daryl's delicious taste and the orgasmic rush of taking his whole head all in the same place. This was an unexpected overload of pleasure as she opened herself infinitely wider to get his shoulders in. There was some pain involved since it was the first time she had taken a whole body in, but that was overrun by the pleasure she felt.

Daryl felt her sex actually pulling in his shoulders and began to flail his arms and legs in fear and confusion. This only served to delight Marcia and enhance her orgasmic sensations. She began to take him in faster as her cavity was already widened to accept him, and his arms were quickly pinned to his sides. He was quickly pulled up through the warm moist opening as Marcia's pussy sucked in his chest and found his head coming to the new opening to her stomach that she had created with the magic. His head entered her stomach and he could feel her moving faster and faster.

Marcia moaned loudly in delight as she felt Daryl beginning to enter her stomach. Her sex was now to his waist and she could still taste every inch of him somehow. She didn't know exactly how this magic could do such a thing, but she loved it. She slowly enveloped his pelvis and could taste everything at once; his ass, his cock, even the remnants of the seed he had spilled earlier. Within her Daryl could feel the muscles working all around and began to become aroused again. Marcia used the muscles of her sex in order to milk his erection and his hips began to buck in instinct. Soon she was rewarded with his orgasm, the taste of his fresh seed only heightening her own sensations and giving her another climax.

As his orgasm subsided, so did Daryl's struggles. Marcia continued her inverted swallowing once again and quickly moved his body into her stomach, leaving only his calves hanging outside her sex. She quickly sucked them in and in a moment he was completely curled up in her now distended belly. She used the magic to set her internal tubes and nerves in their rightful position and simply laid back for a moment, enjoying her full stomach. Daryl did not squirm much as he was in a state of shock, unable to understand what had happened up to the time he passed out. After lying on the for a few moments resting from the sensation overload she had experienced, Marcia decided to go see Kali. She opened the door and stepped out just to in time to see Kali slurp in Jeremy's head and gulp him down...

Now the two women sat naked in the living across from each other, both stroking their massive midsections. Marcia had just finished telling Kali all the details of her first time.

"Well," said Kali, "I'm impressed. Although I would have suggested saving that technique for some special occasion, I am amazed that you were able to do it on your first meal."

Marcia blushed, "Thank you. That was the best experience of my life."

"Didn't I tell you this night would be good for you?"

"Oh yes, thank you my goddess. I think next time though I want one that's a little more plump."

"Ah yes just a bit more filling. I can agree. Well there will be time to try various different types. As long as you stay faithful to me, you now have all the time in the world."

Marcia licked her lips at the thought and began thinking about the nice plump guy in her Chemistry class that had been eyeing her lately. Maybe she would invite him over for dinner sometime soon...



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