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Email from Betsy

by Arley

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© Copyright 2020 - Arley - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/m+f+; vore; soft; furry; shrink; kidnap; eaten; digestion; giantess; swallow; mast; climax; nc; reluct; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

David, an eighteen year old high school senior, was on winter vacation. He had been working hard to finish the semester with passing grades and was more than ready for the two week break.

Per his parents' suggestion, David spent the first day of his break relaxing while he filled out applications for various jobs.

He spent a long time searching the internet for online applications and filling out whatever he could find in his area. One job in particular looked of interest to him. The ad read "MALE UNDERWEAR MODEL NEEDED URGENTLY." The curious teen imagined himself posing in front of a camera wearing a sexy pair of boxers. He would slip his thumbs into the sides like male models did, pushing the front of the shorts down just low enough that it hinted at his crotch without exposing anything below. He imagined himself in the sexy pose and a smile slowly spread across his face.

The website did not say what company he would be modeling for, but David figured he would find that out later on if he got the job.

He entered his name, birthday, phone number and email, and then moved on to education and work history. The application was quick and easy, it didn't require much info. David grinned to himself as he finished the application and hit the 'submit' button.

He lay down on his tiny twin bed and sighed, thinking of the relaxing day he had. Tomorrow he would see if any of his friends wanted to chill. Maybe they could hit up that one bar that never IDs anyone and see if any girls were interested in hooking up. David smiled at the thought. He was eighteen and still hadn't lost his virginity yet.

He let his hand graze past the growing lump under his pants. These ideas were making him hard. David grabbed his phone and began looking for some nice quality porn to jerk off to.

But just then, his laptop dinged with a notification for an incoming email. Remembering the possible modeling job, David abandoned his pornographry hunt and jumped out of his bed.

The email was from a weird address... [email protected] was a teacher email address. The 'edu' at the end gave it away. 'Huh that's odd' David thought as he opened the email and began to read its contents.









David had never ready anything more confusing in his entire life.

But $45/hour? To be a male model? David had to at least try. The email appeared to be referring to a strip mall. He knew where Zimmerman's Bar was, but there were no strip malls over in that area. Just some rocky terrain, a construction site and a thick forest with a bunch of portapotties at the side.

The message said something about a 'back right and behind' so David figured he would go to that location and search around behind Zimmerman's. Maybe there was a hidden road he was forgetting about between the parking lot and the woods. Who knew? David would have to go find out. It was definitely worth $45/hour.

Zimmerman's Deluxe Bar and Grill was empty. The parking lot was dark, only dimly lit by the eerie silent glow of the restaurant's sign. The flashing text below their logo that said 'kids eat free every night' was dim and most of the letters weren't working. It was like the place was abandoned. David felt chills go down his spine. He was just here two weeks ago and nothing was like this. The place had been upbeat and busy as usual.

David slowly stepped around the cold white bricks of the vacant building, peering around the corner at the back parking lot, which was just as empty but darker.

The ground immediately went up into a hill of thick trees behind the back lot. No secret roads or hidden passageways. David's heart sank in his chest. He was about to call it a loss when he decided one more try couldn't hurt. He steadily climbed up the hill and gazed out into the shadows of the wicked-looking trees before him. He felt his heart rate pick up. The air was chilly. It was almost unnatural. Creeped out, David turned around to leave but stopped immediately when he saw the scenery behind him.

The restaurant was gone. The ground was flat and covered in thin dead grass. It was like a whole different place, as if David had teleported somehow when he climbed the hill.

He turned back toward the trees, giving them one last glance before he booked it. Something caught his eye. A glowing soft yellow light, seeming to come from a dark little cabin in between some trees. It wasn't too far out there, maybe that was where David was supposed to go. It certainly wasn't a strip mall, but with everything else weird that was going on, anything seemed to be possible.

He took a deep breath and started towards the little house. It wasn't long before he was standing at its door. The light was coming from the crack where the door was slightly ajar.

David's curiosity got the best of him. He had a feeling he shouldn't have been there but he couldn't help it. Everything was too strange to ignore. He carefully pushed the heavy door open, surprised that it didn't creak or anything.

David could hear soft humming from inside. It was a woman singing. Her voice was soft and sweet. Scared as he was, David felt his pants tighten as his cock grew hard. Another deep breath, and David was inside the glowing cabin.

A bright flash of white light caught David off guard. He became dizzy, tumbling over himself and falling onto the crusty wooden floor. The impact didn't hurt as much as David would've expected, nor was it very loud. David lay on the ground, breathing slowly to regain his grip on reality. The humming had stopped. David's heart was racing. His penis was fully erect now. The woman knew he was here.

He stayed perfectly still, hoping she would ignore whatever sound she'd just heard. Even his breathing stopped, all David could hear was the pounding rhythm of his heart speeding in his ears, drowning out any other sound.

The ground shook with the footsteps of a large person. The woman must've been heavily overweight. Not that David minded, big was sexy too. The wooden panels below him boomed with every step she took. She stopped when she was standing right above David.

Slowly he turned his head up to look at her. What David saw took his breath away, literally. His face must've been white as a ghost.

She wasn't a regular human, not a human at all. David gazed up at the largest fucking giraffe he'd ever seen. From his perspective on the floor, she looked like she must be at least a hundred feet tall. She was definitely a giraffe but she had a body the shape of a human. Her chest was very full, her generously sized breasts sloping downward into pointy exposed dark brown nipples. Her arms hung down at her sides, her hips stretched out like normal human female hips, extending into gorgeous long legs with sexy hooves for feet. Right between her legs was a little tuft of light yellow fur covering her lady bits. Her neck was as long as a normal giraffe's neck. It extended well above her shoulders, holding up her head with her beautiful giraffe face looking straight down at David.

He swallowed, feeling a knot work its way down his throat. The giraffe reached her arm down to David's level and hastily scooped him up in the palm of her fuzzy yellow hand. The journey back up was nauseating. David could see the cabin door and how big it was. Apparently he had shrunken when he came in. He felt another wave of fear shoot down his spine as he gulped again, his heart still booming in his ears.

The big giraffe brought David up to her face. Or rather, brought her face down to him. She inhaled deeply, sniffing his helpless little body.

"Mmm.." she let out a satisfied sigh. David sat still. "You must be David Revere! I've been expecting you." She said, her voice smooth and feminine. "Come on little guy, join us for supper."

She carried him to a tiny square table where she sat down in front of a large plate. Right beside her sat a medium sized tank with more tiny humans trapped inside.

David closed his eyes, afraid of what he was seeing. He felt himself being lowered down into what must've been that same cage.

He felt the giraffe release him from her grasp, and he slipped down into the little glass aquarium. He sat up, quickly glancing at the others who were also trapped. They were mostly men, but there were some women. There was a man holding what must've been his girlfriend or wife in his arms, softly stroking her back as she held him and cried.

Time passed quickly. It seemed a lot faster than regular time. Whatever, anything was possible. David just met a giant giraffe with sexy boobs. Clearly, this proved anything was possible.

Outside the tank, the giraffe had fixed a plate of greens. She leaned down and used her tongue to scoop some into her long mouth. Carefully, she chewed, and David could hear every crunch of her teeth smashing the leaves. He stared in horror and awe as she messily worked the food around between her jaws, biting down with her powerful teeth and slurping it with her wet tongue. Soon the leaves were nothing but slimy mush being pressed inside her cheeks.

She kept her head low to the table as she closed her mouth. There was a loud gushing noise from inside her jaws, and then the top of her neck bulged out as she swallowed her food. Her gulp was so loud it made David jump. He watched in utter fascination as her throat worked to push the food deeper inside her long neck. It arched up, the bulge traveling slowly through her tube and towards her stomach. David stared at the mass of slimy leaves as it disappeared behind her sternum and past her sexy breasts. His penis was still hard, even now as he watched this huge animal eating food as big as he was.

The giraffe sighed in pleasure as she rubbed her hand over her belly. David figured the food would just be arriving at its destination by now. Her stomach gurgled as it accepted the bite of chewed leaves.

Without warning, her other hand was suddenly inside the tank, grabbing at the people. David scurried away, ducking into a corner as the big giraffe giggled erotically. She snatched up a tiny petite young man, laughing as he screamed in her hand.

She wasted no time bringing him to her lips, where she bit down on his clothing and pulled it off. The man struggled to escape her grip but he was too weak. She forced his squirming body inside her mouth, closing her wet lips over him.

"Mmmm!" She sighed, letting a small strand of sticky drool ooze out of her mouth. David could hear the small man's strained cries from inside as he kicked at the giraffe's lips.

David suddenly noticed her hand on her boob. She was rubbing her fuzzy yellow fingers over the nub of her left nipple. The big giraffe leaned back in her chair, lifting her head up and away from the terrarium.

She tilted her head back, arching her back so that David got a nice view of her chest. He watched closely as she pinched her pointy nipple between her fingers. There was a short laugh and a long slurp, and in mere seconds David was staring at her bulging throat once again.

The man inside her was screaming in fear as her esophagus contracted around his body. David's heart dropped in his chest. He felt a thousand years pass in the place of three seconds.

David had always had good eyesight. He could vividly see each muscle in the giraffe's long neck squeezing around his writhing form, working his body down. The bulge in her throat was thrashing wildly as the man kicked at her from inside.

David gasped, his hand automatically grasping at his cock. He ran his fingers along his rock hard shaft, shivering as pleasure radiated through his body.

David was weak. He fell to his knees, panting as he worked his hand along his dick. The other captives were giving him questioning glares, but David did not care.

He himself didn't even ask why he was so aroused by watching this animal eat a man. There was a loud scraping sound as the giraffe dragged her nails hungrily across the bottom of the terrarium. David closed his eyes, letting the vibrations of her fingers on the glass guide his pleasure.

He heard screams from the others as more of them were lifted up and out of the cage. He heard the big giraffe's hungry moan as she devoured the tiny people.

David gazed up at her, watching as she rolled two people around on her tongue, soaking them in saliva. She dangled one man's pants between her fingers, holding them up for him to see. The guy in her mouth reached for them, crying in surprise as she flipped her tongue back, preventing him from grabbing his clothes.

The giraffe giggled, allowing the other person, a woman, to slide backward. David could see pretty easily from his angle as her huge tongue forced the woman into the waiting chasm behind her.

There was a soft gulp sound as the giraffe swallowed the woman down. Carefully she placed the man's pants on her tongue and rolled them around so that the guy couldn't reach them.

"Mm." She moaned quietly, rubbing her hand against the bulge of the woman as it disappeared into her belly. The giraffe sucked the pants backward, letting them fall against her tonsils.

David was panting heavily now, vigorously stroking his erection as he kneeled on the bottom of the tank. His shorts and boxers were dangling at his ankles.

David could hear her throat contract again as she swallowed the pants, and then again as she gulped down the man who was struggling in her jaws. He seemed to have some difficulty slipping into her esophagus, causing her to cough a little. She swallowed again, to no avail.

David grunted as he felt his pleasure increasing. He felt the warm pull of a powerful orgasm welling up inside him. He watched the huge giraffe as she swallowed hard, letting the strong gulp push the man down her throat. The lump he made in her long neck was twisting and turning the entire way down. David could even hear him screaming as he reached the bottom of her neck.

The giraffe's stomach churned and groaned as the tiny human slipped inside. David heard the sound of the man's muffled cries from inside her belly, and it put him over the edge. Hearing the splash of her stomach accepting its meal and the scream of the man entering it sent David into a wild frenzy of pure bliss.

None of this made sense to him, but it didn't matter. He came hard, multiple waves of cum shooting out and covering the floor of the terrarium. He moaned loudly, unable to contain his pleasure cries. The euphoric sensation of his orgasm was so overwhelming that David didn't even notice his body being lifted into the air.

His breaths were heavy and deep. He rolled over in the giraffe's palm, startled by the soft furry hand beneath him.

"Mmm. Looks like somebody got a little too happy here." She giggled, gazing longingly at David's helpless body. He heard the loud groan of her stomach gurgling.

David's body went stiff as he felt her giant wet tongue press against his legs, slowly working its way up his calves and thighs, finally dancing around his groin. David felt the excitement of his erection reappearing as she licked him in his most sensitive region. He smiled and murmured inaudible gibberish as she fondled him.

The huge giraffe had another person in her other hand. She gently tossed the little lady into a big white mug with the name 'BETSY' painted on the side. Her name must've been Betsy.

David squirmed as she continued to lick him. Betsy probed at his cock, sliding her tongue around it and sucking gently. David moaned involuntarily.

Betsy lifted the mug containing the tiny woman up to her face and opened her mouth wide. David's heart was pounding with the strangest satisfaction he'd ever felt as he watched Betsy the beautiful big giraffe tilt the cup towards her face and dump the woman into her mouth.

Betsy swiftly brought David up to her neck just below her chin, where she pressed him against her soft fur. The woman inside her mouth began to scream as Betsy quickly twisted her into position.

David felt Betsy's throat contract against his body. Underneath her fur, he could feel the muscles in her esophagus working to quickly transport the little woman from the outside world into Betsy's stomach to be digested.

Betsy moaned as she swallowed again, letting David experience her bulging neck rubbing against his body. The powerful gulp quickly forced the lady's little body through Betsy's esophagus.

David looked down and saw that the big giraffe was masturbating. Her neck was long enough that she could reach down and lick her own nipples. David watched her slimy tongue caress her tits, feeling the warm sensation of pleasure between his legs again.

Before he knew it, David was being lowered down to Betsy's legs. He could see Betsy reaching into the cage and pulling out the rest of the tiny people. She spread her long giraffe legs apart, revealing her moist vulva.

With her fingers, she spread her labia wide open so David could get a nice view of her clit and vagina.

David swallowed, his heart racing and his dick throbbing. She pressed him against her clit, rubbing his tiny body up and down against it. He squirmed at the impact, but soon found comfort in the warmth of Betsy's flesh.

"Ohh!" She gasped as David touched her. She slowly inserted him into her pussy. Betsy's vagina was warm and wet. The strong walls were slimy and squishy against David's naked legs. His erection rubbed against her flesh as she began rubbing him in and out.

David was being used as a dildo for a gigantic beautiful carnivorous giraffe. He never would have expected it to feel so erotic. He found it difficult to breathe inside her pussy, but it was cozy all the same.

Slowly, Betsy pumped David's body in and out. She moaned loudly as her vagina quivered around him. Suddenly David could hear her moans become muffled as she shoved more tiny people into her mouth. David didn't know how many she had left.

"Mmmmm..." Betsy sighed, beginning to increase the speed of David's movement. His heart was racing again as Betsy's big vagina enveloped him and covered him with warmth.

He found each painful gasp to be sexier than the last, and soon his cock was throbbing against the walls of her soft pussy.

Her moans grew higher in pitch. They were fast, her breath was fast. Her vagina was flowing with more and more fluids as she held David firmly by the feet and jammed him in and out rapidly. He felt her body quake around him as she swallowed hard. He imagined the little people sliding down her throat.

Betsy cried out in ecstasy as she climaxed. Her vaginal walls pulsed, liquid spilling out around David. He was squeezed tightly inside her, and it was impossible to breathe.

After a few moments of pure pleasure, David felt his body being pulled out of Betsy's hole. The air hit him like a hurricane as he gasped for sweet oxygen. Betsy's cum dripped off his naked body, his erection still glowing.

David was panting now, on the verge of passing out. Betsy lifted him to her face, opening her mouth so he could see the last remaining person inside. It was a tall bald man sitting in the center of her giant tongue, covered in saliva.

Although upside down, David could see perfectly as she tilted her tongue back and let the man slide backward. His toes slipped down first, touching against the back of her throat. David could feel Betsy's warm breath wash over him as she moved him closer inside.

Betsy moaned a little, letting the bald guy fall into her esophagus. He yelped, the beginning of a scream but was cut off by the powerful muscles of the big giraffe's throat.

Betsy's tiny moan was interrupted by her throat contracting. The gulp was loud and echoed all around David. He watched as the bald man disappeared into her neck. After he was down, Betsy moaned again. She sighed in satisfaction, placing David on her tongue. The sticky warmth startled him, waking him from his trance. Betsy's erotic breathing was rhythmic and ominous.

David suddenly realized what was happening. He wondered why he hadn't questioned the legitimacy of everything before, as this abnormal creature was eating small humans. Somehow this strange dream was still happening. He wondered if it was real.

Betsy caressed David's trembling body with her slimy tongue. She moaned again, closing her mouth over him. Saliva swarmed around him, washing over his legs and penis. The big muscle below him rippled, causing immense pleasure. David gasped, feeling his strong boner throb against her.

She sucked some spit back into her throat and quietly swallowed it, letting David rest another moment in the sweet embrace of her tongue. Her throat closed and clicked back open swiftly. She tilted her head back, letting David slide all the way back now.

He was afraid. He knew what was next. His heart was pounding so loud he thought Betsy could probably hear it from out there. She was probably aroused by his fear. Despite his shaking and trembling, David was still hard.

Betsy breathed slowly, rubbing her tongue across David's groin. He felt his body twitch with anticipation. He felt the familiar warmth of pleasure riding up his body. Cum squirted out his penis and coated the giraffe's tongue. She stopped breathing for a brief second and focused on sucking all the saliva away from him.

All his cum swirled with Betsy's spit and slid down her throat. Immediately after that, Betsy leaned back again, her throat open and ready.

David struggled to stay out but gravity was against him. The slippery surface of Betsy's tongue provided him no friction. Despite his struggles, David slipped right in. Her neck stretched to accommodate his body. Saliva sloshed around him as he pressed against the slimy walls of Betsy's esophagus.

She gulped with such intensity that it made David shudder. It was loud and hard and he was right in the middle of it!

Her throat squeezed around him tightly. David could feel the vibrations of Betsy's moans as he traveled down her throat. He tried to move but he found himself paralyzed by her strong muscles. Each ripple of flesh pushed him down with a strong wave of motion.

It was a long journey, but eventually David made it to the end of the tunnel. He could hear the loud thumping of Betsy's heart as he moved past it. He shivered as the tight hole below him opened up and forced him inside. He fell down onto her fleshy stomach walls, sliding into the mucky acid below.

David could hardly breathe. He felt the bodies of the others splashing helplessly beside him. There were screams and kicks of terror and anger. But the tight space was all they had.

They just became lunch for a giant giraffe. As depressing as it was, David was at least happy he would be a part of something so beautiful as Betsy the giraffe.

Her stomach churned viciously as it received more food. Chewed leaves slipped through her sphincter and joined the mix of nutrients that would soon be digested by Betsy.

David did not struggle anymore. He sat in silence and peace inside her belly. The soft groaning and sloshing of her warm fleshy stomach walls was soothing, and the slow waves of gastric acid splashing around him rocked him to sleep.


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