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Endless Spiral

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2010 - Anonymous - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; oral; swallow; digest; absorb; cons; X

Jerry drew in a breath and stepped through the hole in the air that the strange god had divined for him. Beyond was the fate the strange god promised him, the endless spiral down into his world beyond. His clothing burned on the strange god's fire, his few other possessions already sacrificed for passage.

Beyond the hole in the air was darkness. The floor felt like smooth glass to his feet, and he could see no walls or ceiling. Only endless ebony and his own body, illuminated by soft light with no source. Behind him, the passage to the world vanished, leaving him alone... almost.

"Hello," said a familiar voice to his right. Jerry turned to see the man he had missed before, there but shrouded in black. He was lit now, as Jerry was, his pale skin almost luminous. At 6'4", he was an imposing feature, made less threatening by the soft look of his flesh and his lack of body hair below the neck. Above the neck, his hair was short and brown, contrasting with his knowing green-blue eyes. His nose was larger than average but not unpleasant, and his mouth quirked in a soft smile when he saw Jerry's open appraisal.

Jerry found it difficult to speak. He had never encountered an identical duplicate of himself before. Identical? He looked down the man's chest, down past his stomach to his fully erect eight-inch cock. Despite his surprise, Jerry felt his own shaft hardening.

The man approached, and was soon standing a breath away from Jerry. Had the other not been moving of his own volition, Jerry would have sworn he was looking at a mirror image of himself. The man raised his hands and placed them on Jerry's shoulders. Slowly, yielding to the gentle pressure, Jerry sank to his knees and found himself staring directly at the tip of the man's penis.

Jerry had often wondered what it would be like to suck his own cock. As he did not possess the flexibility of a gymnast, he had never attempted it upon himself before. But the one before him was identical in every respect, and Jerry unhesitatingly leaned forward to lick the tip. The man moaned slightly as Jerry's tongue slid around the spongy head.

The shaft was delicious to his tongue, and Jerry lovingly drew his mouth down its length to the man's balls. He took one into his mouth and savored its feeling of fullness, its promise of sticky sweetness. He gave the other testicle an identical washing before licking back up to the cock tip.

He opened his mouth and pressed his face down, humming slightly as the hardness slid past his lips and, by the time he reached the base, down his throat. The penis pulsed warmly in his mouth, and Jerry enjoyed the sensation for a moment before drawing his lips back to the tip. Slowly, at first, he began to bob on the man's prick, sensing that it would not be long before he received the drink he craved.

Jerry's sense proved true. He sped up his rhythm and was rewarded when the cock expanded in his mouth, so much that his jaw was forced down hard and the sides of his mouth were pushed out to an extreme degree. Strangely, it did not hurt at all, but he had little time to think about that as the first blast of jism rocketed into his mouth and down his throat. It was so thick he thought he would choke, or at the very least end up spilling sperm down his chin, but the fit was too tight to allow anything out. He felt his throat bulge as the first load washed down... then the second... then the third.... Jerry felt delirious with the creamy, salty taste and the sheer volume he was consuming, far more than he thought any man could produce.

Finally, the last spurts dribbled out, and the shaft contracted enough that Jerry could pull his mouth off. A large dollop of cum dangled from the tip and Jerry languidly leaned forward and swallowed that as well. Then he sat back on his heels and rubbed his belly. It sloshed pleasantly, filled with warm jism. He licked the last of it from his lips and looked up at the man.

"Thank you," Jerry managed to say.

"That was only the start," the man said. He knelt so that he was facing Jerry eye to eye again. "Something to make my stay more pleasant."

"Your... stay?"

"Yes, Jerry," the man said. "You're going to swallow the rest of me now." He pressed his index finger against Jerry's lips, sliding the tip in. "Do not worry. You recall how your mouth stretched to accept my cock, and your throat stretched to accept the volume I pumped into you? That's the strange god's magic. You will be able to swallow me fully without the slightest discomfort."

"You'll die," Jerry pointed out.

"What is death," the man asked, "on the eternal spiral?" He worked two more fingers into Jerry's mouth, and rubbed his tongue with the tips. "Take me in. You want to, more than anything else."

Jerry realized what the man said was true. He wanted to swallow the man, if such a thing were actually possible. As talking was prevented by the fingers in his mouth, he communicated his acquiescence by lifting the other man's hand to join his first. The man smiled and slid both hands into Jerry's mouth and down his throat. Instinctively, Jerry swallowed, pulling in the man's forearms. His mouth was stretched wider than before, yet what the man said was true. There was no pain. He felt the man's hands, more than halfway to his stomach, and imagined he could feel each individual finger as it flexed. He considered the man's body, his round head, thick neck and broad shoulders, and forced his jaws to open farther than he ever imagined possible. Another swallow drew the man in farther. The man inclined his head until it was even with his arms and directly between Jerry's upper and lower teeth.

Jerry drew him in further, and felt the man's hair tickle his throat. His shoulders seemed insurmountable for a moment, but a forceful swallow drew them in as well. With every ripple of his throat muscles, stronger than he had ever known them to be, more of the man sank past his lips, which were tight as elastic over the man's warm, delicious skin. Jerry's chest was bulged to twice its normal size, and he could feel the man's head entering his stomach, where his arms were already curled. His belly expanded with each passing moment, and the sensation was pure bliss.

Eventually, he had the man in, up to his waist, and his cock, hard again, was poking Jerry's chin. Somehow, Jerry managed to open a little wider, admitting the head, then the shaft, then the much lighter ball sac. The man's hips slid in at the same time, leaving only his long legs sticking out of Jerry's distended mouth. Jerry closed his eyes, imaging what the man partially inside him was going through. He was moving, but not struggling, the sensations partially muted by the considerable amount of cum that was cushioning him.

Jerry gripped the man's knees and pushed him further down his throat. The thighs slid in smoothly, slowly, and Jerry delighted in every moment of the consumption. Once the knees were past, Jerry slid his fingers down the man's calves to his ankles. With three gulps, Jerry reached the feet. The heels were pressed against the roof of his mouth, the toes twitching languidly. Jerry's belly now was sprawled upon the darkness ground, almost as big alone as his entire body had been before.

With a final gulp, the man's feet slid down Jerry's throat. He tracked them in his mind, smiling as he felt them slide into his stomach, as he felt the man curl into a fetal ball, cushioned by a white, milky sea. Jerry rubbed his belly lovingly, with both hands, adrift in the warmth and peace that radiated within. He could feel the man's heart beating, in time with his own.

He felt the man grow still inside him. The man's heart grew fainter and fainter, until Jerry could not feel it at all.

Jerry closed his eyes, suddenly feeling very drowsy, very peaceful. Too heavy to lean back, he fell asleep where he was, and dreamed of the strange god.

When he woke, he knew exactly what he wanted, and how he would get it. The truth of the place was suddenly clear, and Jerry knew he would not have long to wait.

His belly had reduced to its previous size, though it still felt full. He reached down to cup his balls, and was amazed to feel how heavy they were. Much heavier than they had ever been.

As he slept, he realized, his body, through the magic of the strange god, had absorbed the man into itself, converting most of him into energy that took him a little farther down the endless spiral. The rest had been converted into jism, which now loaded his balls with far more than their size suggested. His cock was rock hard, and he stroked it gently.

Before him, a hole in the air opened, and a man stepped through. Jerry rose to his feet, silently, not wishing to frighten him.

"Hello," he said. The man turned, and regarded him with surprise. Now that he was on the other side, Jerry understood the nature of the place he was in much better. The man before him was his past self, who had made a deal with the strange god to attain his destined fate. Jerry watched the man's penis harden, and suppressed a smile. Instead, he moved forward, until he stood a breath away. He placed his hands on his past self's shoulders, and pressed him gently down, until his cock was directly before the other's lips.

Jerry moaned slightly as the man licked the tip, and watched as he moved on to suck on his testicles. They seemed to grow even heavier, and Jerry looked forward to what would happen next.

His past self deep throated him, holding him in his mouth for a moment before pulling back and beginning to suck in earnest. The heat of the mouth was dreamlike to Jerry, and he longed to crawl inside. But first things first. He had to make the approach as smooth as possible.

The orgasm overtook him with lightning intensity. Jerry's cock swelled, expanding to four times its normal thickness as the first huge gush of cum surged through. He watched his past self's mouth expand, watched his throat bulge with every huge gulp of the warm, sticky meal Jerry was giving him. Jerry rode the bliss wave, knowing it had to end eventually. When it did, the shaft contracted, and the man pulled his mouth away. A large dollop of cum dangled from Jerry's tip, and the man leaned forward and swallowed that at well, before sitting back on his heels and rubbing his now well-rounded belly. He licked his lips and looked up at Jerry.

"Thank you," his past self said.

"That was only the start," Jerry replied. He knelt so that he was facing the man eye to eye again. "Something to make my stay more pleasant."

"Your... stay?"

"Yes, Jerry," Jerry said. "You're going to swallow the rest of me now." He pressed his index finger against his past self's lips, sliding the tip in. "Do not worry. You recall how your mouth stretched to accept my cock, and your throat stretched to accept the volume I pumped into you? That's the strange god's magic. You were able to swallow me fully without the slightest discomfort."

"You'll die," the man said.

"What is death," Jerry asked, "on the eternal spiral?" It was all very clear now. So very clear. He worked two more fingers into the man's mouth, and rubbed his tongue with the tips. "Take me in. You want to, more than anything else."

The man thought for a moment, then took Jerry's hand and lifted it to his mouth. Jerry smiled and slid both hands into his past self's mouth and down his throat. The man swallowed, pulling in Jerry's forearms. He watched them disappear with fascination, and enjoyment at the warm wetness that surrounded them. He flexed his fingers gently, while watching the man open his jaws to impossible widths. A large gulp drew Jerry in further, and he inclined his head just in time to get between the man's upper and lower teeth.

Another gulp sent him down the man's throat, his hair forced back by the constriction. He did not need to breathe anymore, he realized. The incredible warmth surrounding his head and neck was all he needed, all he wanted. He felt the muscles of the man's throat ripple, drawing his shoulders down. From there, Jerry slowly descended, finally emerging into the stomach, and the thick sea of jism he had just filled it with. As his torso slid in, he pulled his arms to his chest.

From somewhere far above, he felt the tip of his cock poke his past self's chin. It wasn't hard to understand why -- the delirious, delicious sensation of being swallowed was even more erotic than the sensation of swallowing. The man soon opened his jaw a little further, and Jerry felt his penis, testicles and hips slide past the man's wet tongue.

Jerry felt hands grip his knees, pushing his thighs inside. He twisted around so that when they were all the way in, he could easily pull them into a fetal ball, the position that would be most comfortable and pleasurable for them both. Soon the hands moved to his ankles, and his calves slid down into the incredible warmth. Jerry could feel the man's legs, could feel the ground through the stomach walls. Only his feet were still on the outside. Absently, Jerry wiggled his toes.

With a final gulp, Jerry's feet slid down the man's throat. Soon they slid into the stomach, and Jerry curled up in the white sea, adrift in his own warm, sticky cum, surrounded by stomach walls that would soon digest both the jism and him. The cum was the medium the strange god worked through, the means of transforming mass into transcendental energy, while leaving enough of the medium to perform the rite again. The cycle would repeat endlessly, looping through the same moment in time. The man who had swallowed him would be swallowed by the man who was to follow, and so on and so on and so on... and endless spiral, creating endless energy.

Jerry felt his past self's hands rub him through the flesh of his belly. Thought drifted away, replaced by nothingness, peace, and tranquility. He felt his consciousness fade, felt his life fade, felt his heart grow silent.

While his body digested inside his body, Jerry was far away, dreaming of the strange god and endless spirals in a dark room.

The strange god watched Jerry step through the hole in the air. As soon as he was through, the hole collapsed into the strange god's hand, becoming a luminous globe, about the size of a baseball. It radiated the peace and heat of enlightenment, achieved instantaneously from the small god's perception within the timestream, even though he knew the spiral was endless for Jerry.

The strange god lifted the globe to his mouth, distended his jaw, and slid it in. It created a visible bulge in the god's throat as it slid down to his divine stomach, to be digested and transformed into divine energy that would open a hole in the air for the next one who desired satori.

He patted his stomach, closed his eyes, and drifted to sleep. He was the strange god, and so, did not dream.



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