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Storycodes: M/m; swallow; stomach; escape; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

When I got back to the van, the Enigma was busy; there were a pair of legs, from about the knees down, hanging out of his mouth. I stopped to watch for a minute. Nice legs, too; in good shape, tan, covered with dark hair. I look around for some clues, and find a t-shirt, some sandals, and a pair of shorts that don't belong to either of us. Dig out and open the wallet. John Marcinkus; nope, no one I know. Not bad looking, if you can trust a driver's license photo, kind of swarthy and Italian looking.

The Enigma was naked, and it looked like this guy took his clothes off by himself, so they were probably having sex. Not that I'm jealous, I just want to know if I've got to cover any tracks. If he showed up on his own power, he probably hadn't told anyone where he was going; most people don't brag that they're screwing a circus geek. I'm also wondering what sort of mood the Enigma will be in, cause watching this guy vanish into the Enigma's mouth is really making me horny. I decide, what the hell, a big meal usually leaves him in a good mood, and I start to undress.

By the time I get onto the futon, the Enigma is halfway down the guy's calves, sort of crouched on his knees for leverage. I give his a kiss on the cheek on the way by, and lay down on my side, facing him so I can watch. I put a hand on the Enigma's thigh, rub it. He's got a bit of a hard-on, not as much as I do, and I give it a couple friendly strokes. I don't want to distract him. Dinner doesn't seem to be struggling much any more. Once in a while, one of the feet twitches a little, but that's all. An inch at a time, he disappears into the geek's mouth. There go his ankles, then his heels. Insteps, the balls of his feet all get gulped down, and then his toes. I rub the Enigma's bulgy belly while he finishes swallowing. I have no idea how this works; he never even gets stretch marks. With all those tattoos, they would show up, too.

"Good one?" I ask. He grunts agreement and belches a little. The Enigma isn't really stupid, but he spends so much time playing the crazy, half-beast geek that he gets out of the habit of talking. "A fan?"

"No, a gate crasher. I was going to throw him out when he started talking dirty. So I brought him back here." He throws an arm around me. "How about a kiss?"

So, not taking my hand off his cock, I lean up to kiss him. I can taste this Marcinkus guy on his breath, which is a real turn-on. We sit there and neck for a while, while he gets longer and harder in my hand. I move my attention down his chest and chew on his nipples for a while, until he starts to moan, then I move down his belly (do I feel a little struggling?) and finally down to his cock. Now it's hard as a rock, and the Enigma moans some more as I take it into my mouth. It becomes clear Marcinkus didn't do him before dinner, because Enigma is all set to go off, and even though I try to go slow for he, he comes with a shout after only a few minutes. I swallow the huge wad (no one tastes like the Enigma. No one. It must be the diet...) and lick him clean while he catches his breath. Then he grabs me under the armpits and heaves me up to his face. He gives me a huge kiss, sticking his tongue deep into my mouth and cleaning out the last drops of come. He lays me down, crouching over my hips, and starts to go down by body with his mouth and hands. By the time he gets to my crotch I'm so hard that my dick is hurting.

He rears back and takes my cock into his mouth. All of it. This is the second-best part about sleeping with the Enigma. I've got a good eight inch cock and he can take it all into his mouth, including the balls, and stick his tongue up into my asshole. I can feel his tongue on my head and on the shaft and the nuts, moving back and forth, and he never takes me out of his mouth. He keeps this up until I can't hold it any more, and when I come I can't help screaming myself.

We manage to find the covers and cuddle up. I tend to sleep on my belly, while the Enigma curls up next to me with a hand on my back, the other by his mouth; he tends to suck his thumb in his sleep. He looks so vulnerable and childish like that, a very strange thought when you know him like I do.

I wake up feeling a breeze across my shoulders. I figure that the Enigma has stolen all the blankets again. I reach over to snag them back, but he's not there; also, I realize that my feet are all nice and warm. Then I wake up some more and realize what's going on. He's started in on me.

He's already got my feet and ankles down his throat, and is working his way up. He's doing most of the work with his mouth, but is hanging on to my thighs with his hands to brace me and hold me still. I start to complain a little, "Enigma, this is not the time," but it feels so nice and I'm still in that dozy, half-awake frame of mind where it's easier to let things happen. I can't say he's hurting me; just the opposite. It's warm and soft in his mouth and throat and when his teeth touch down, it's like a little love nibble. So I relax and let it happen, while he sucks me in up my calves and up to my knees.

I start to squirm a little when he get up to my thighs. By now he's holding on to me up at the hips, stroking my butt as much as holding on, and I'm getting a real boner. He manages to grab one of my hands, then the other, and pins them at my sides. He's swallowing me a little slower, having to stretch more. When he opens wider to start to swallow my butt, my balls slip into his mouth and rest on his tongue.

This is the best part about sleeping with the enigma. When he's just sucking your cock, he gives some of the best head around, but when he gets you all into is mouth, it's like he's sucking you all, like your whole body is a cock. I squirm against his tongue some more, while he stuffs my butt in and soon, my whole cock is inside his mouth.

Be swallowed is wonderful. When you're in his throat, these great muscular pulses come from all around you and move down past you, pulling you further in. I love the way they feel against my cock, the way they press at my balls, and I'm grinding my hips in time. The Enigma has gotten past my belly and is working on my chest; his tongue is rubbing across my nipples and his teeth are scraping across my back. I'm still squirming, but not really trying to get away. I'm feeling myself pulled in with those hot contractions as my shoulders and then my neck, and then the bottom of my face are sucked into the Enigma's mouth, and I finally come just as his lips close over my head.

It takes me a little bit to catch my breath, as it were, while he finishes swallowing me and my head slides down into his gut. There doesn't seem to be any sign of that Marcinkus guy down here, (I told you, I don't know how it works) but I'm not worried. It's not for no reason I'm billed as one of the worlds greatest living escape artists.

First, I need to free my hands; they're pressed against my sides. Though the Enigma's belly is strong, there's some flex, and I don't have to do any painful dislocating to turn them around and get them up over my head. Then I can reach them up his throat, and pull them a little apart. That gets me some air for the next part. I stretch up to get my hands inside his mouth, and clench them into fists to hold me there; if I were to grab something, he could just bite my fingers or lick me off.

Now that I have some leverage, most of the rest is just work. pulling myself up and out inch by inch. The swallowing has a rhythm it's not hard to avoid, and when I get my head up there I use my hair to tickle his gag reflex (you don't really suppress it, you just learn how to avoid it, and it's easy to start again if you know how). When my elbows are out of his mouth I can use his own body for leverage to pull myself out further.

I have a bad moment when he closes his teeth around my middle. The Enigma doesn't always just swallow his victims; sometimes he likes to crunch them down, and a few times he's bitten off a hand or a foot so I could have some while he finished the rest of the guy. (So? You thought I was innocent, living with a cannibal geek? The pieces were really good, though I like them better cooked up than raw) But this time he's just playing, and I manage to drag myself out all the way. When I've got everything out except my right foot, he clamps down on it nibbles playfully, but I plant the other one on his chest and push, and he falls over, and I get clear.

We both lay there for a minute, catching our breath, then the Enigma rolls over and pats my ass. "That was nice. You taste so good." He leans over and we kiss, and he draws back and chuckles. "You should take a shower." He's right, the sun's coming up and I want to get to the shower before anyone else shows up and I have to explain why I'm covered in spit. I get up and find a towel while the Enigma watches me with a smile on his face. One of these days, he's going to decide he likes me better inside his belly than outside, and I just won't get out. I suppose I should be worried about it, but I think I'm actually looking forward to it. I wonder for the hundredth time whether I could could work this into a stage act. Probably wouldn't be a good idea.



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