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Storycodes: F/m; swallow; absorbed; nc; XX

Jerry shoved the books in his locker. He was exhausted by his school work, so he talked to his friend,Sam, over at Jerry's house. 

"I get a boner when I look at her...." 

"Who?" Sam said as he looked at Jerry. 


"Oh yeah," Sam said. "I'd bet you'd love to get her up the ass." 

"Yeah," said Jerry. " In fact, since I'm going to be 23 in tomorrow, she invited me over for dinner tomorrow night." 

"Really? Kickass!" Sam said. 

"She's really pretty..." 

"You know what? She even told me personally that she likes you!" Jerry smiled. 

"Oh Gosh," 

"She is even horny for you..." 

"Are you kidding?" 

"No... she really likes you. You'll probably have a good time tomorrow, and... oh it's late! I gotta go. See you Jerry." 

"Bye Sam," Sam left. 


Jerry rang the doorbell. The door opened. 

"Happy birthday!" Erica screamed. Jerry looked at her. God, was she beautiful. Her face was the prettiest face Jerry would ever see. In the first hour, they talked and had a glass of wine. But in the next hour, she got horny, and they headed up for the bed. Jerry took his clothes off, as did Erica. Jerry took a glance at her body. It was perfect! Jerry laid on the bed and Erica got on top of Jerry. 

Jerry stuck his cock into her cunt and she went wild. 

"More! More!" She screamed. Jerry had never seen another woman this much wanting sex.Erica looked down at Jerry. 

"I want you to be inside me," she said. 

"Yes!" said Jerry. " I want to be inside you!" He didn't know that she really meant this. Erica grabbed his feet and shoved it in her mouth. 

"What are you doing? Stop!" 

"I want you to slide down my throat and live inside my sexy stomach where I will digest you inside this wonderful body of mine. You will become a part of me, and you will never have to leave me again. Down the hatch with you.." 

"No!" Jerry screamed. Erica put Jerry in her mouth head-first, and closed her mouth. Then she quickly swallowed. Jerry slid down a dark tube, like a waterslide. He fell inside the stomach and was covered with stomach juices and fluids. He was dragged into the end part of the stomach. He was kicking and screaming, and beautiful Erica could feel it. She loved the feeling of a man kicking and screaming inside her body. As Jerry approached the end part of the stomach, and there was a brief pinch, and he went into the digestive system. Erica rubbed her abdomen in delight. 


Jerry started to become the cunt area. His body gave Erica power, and the rest of Jerry became the cunt's fluids. She rubbed her abdomen once more, loving the way she digested men. She got out of bed and took a piss, and realized she had become a little bit fatter. 


"Erica! Erica! I was looking for you, I can't find Jerry!" 

"Oh," she said. "I took him into bed and slept with him, but he was gone the next morning." 

"Ok, thanks for your help Erica." Sam said. 

Erica stomach began to gurgle. "MMM.." Erica said. "That meal was just too good." 


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