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Errant Errand

by Kaol

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Storycodes: Solo-F; plant/f; F/f; outdoors; forest; quicksand; carnivorous; entrap; stuck; drug; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

Leigh looked around, studying the environs. She knew she was in a situation that could go badly for her with little warning, but that did not scare her. No, the chance of displeasing Holly scared her. Holly had entrusted her with this task, and while she perhaps could not call it simple, Leigh had assured her she would do as she was asked, and she did not want to let down Holly.

Thus, Leigh found herself walking through this unfamiliar forest, looking for the rare Ocean Sunrise Orchid. Holly had assured her that it could be found in this stretch of the forest, indicating she had seen it on a trek through this same wood the week before. She felt it would be a wonderful addition to the garden which encircled the tree behind their house. Leigh had studied the picture of the flower in the book Holly proffered, and agreed it would look nice in their yard.

Leigh’s honey-blonde hair was done up in a ponytail, and she was glad she had arranged it so, as the heat in this locale was oppressive. She wore tight khaki shorts and a matching blouse, which was also half undone due to the heat. Well, at least partially due to the heat. Leigh had not been cheated when God was passing out breasts, and she was generally eager to show off her cleavage when the opportunity presented itself. And if the opportunity did not present itself, she was known to say, ‘screw opportunity’, and show it off anyway. Besides, she knew Holly fancied the view, much as Leigh was known to admire Holly’s own bounty.

Her almond brown eyes scanned the ground looking for the multi-hued flower, rightly named, as it did much resemble a sunrise over the ocean. The forest was largely quiet around her, which Leigh felt was a good thing. This Voran Forest was known to have been as amply blessed with predators as Leigh herself was blessed with cleavage. This knowledge did not frighten Leigh per se, as she knew that most would not actively seek out human prey, unless that human was extremely careless. Leigh did not intend to be careless.

As if to prove her point, at that moment a large, albino snake slithered across the trail in front of her. Its midsection was as thick as her waist, and it looked to be at least 25 feet long. Leigh pulled up short and watched in quiet fascination as it slithered across the path, a dry rustling sound accompanying its movements. Leigh knew this species of python from her travels, and knew it was more than capable of making a meal of a woman her size, and there was evidence that they had done so on multiple occasions. However, this snake did not even pause to look in her direction. Leigh was not sure if she was relieved or insulted. She looked down at her form and thought she looked like a good meal. Holly had certainly told her many times that she was delicious. Leigh giggled and blushed simultaneously, biting her lip. Just thinking of it got her going.

After a few minutes, the snake had left the path. Leigh waited a little while longer until she could no longer hear the serpent moving through the underbrush. She wanted to make sure it was long gone before she stepped across the path where it had traversed. No point in tempting fate.

She resumed her search for the flower. Perhaps she would have to leave the trail? Holly had said she had found it on the trail, but perhaps someone else had already picked the ones she had seen earlier. As Leigh recalled, the path emerged from the forest not much farther along, so it didn’t look like she was going to find any flowers on the trail. She could return home empty handed, and Holly wouldn’t be THAT upset. Oh, she might spank her perhaps, but that was hardly a punishment given how much the two of them would mutually enjoy that activity.

She wasn’t ready to give up that easily however. Holly didn’t ask for favors that often. She gave plenty of commands, yes, but to actually ask for something wasn’t her style. Leigh loved her and didn’t want to disappoint her. It wasn’t in her nature.

Leigh would have to be more careful in her quest when stepping off the trail. Large and carnivorous snakes were far from the most dangerous things she could encounter in the forest, and danger could be harder to spot in the woods. It was still daylight, and enough light filtered through the canopy of trees to allow her to navigate safely. By the same token, she would have to very keenly watch her step or risk becoming part of some predator’s menu.

Her natural confidence overrode any lingering doubts and qualms, and with a nod to herself, Leigh stepped off the path and into the forest proper. She pulled up short as she almost immediately walked into a large spider web stretched between two trees. It was not the kind of web where you would walk into it with your face, squeal, and brush it off in a hopping dance. This web was at least seven feet in diameter and looked solid enough to stop her progress and hold her. While part of her was certain she could have still torn through the web, this was the Voran Forest, and it was the repeat visitor who did not take such chances. It was rather lucky she had spotted it at all, actually, as it was nearly invisible to the eye. Leigh’s mind tried visualizing the size of the spider that could weave such a web, and then decided that might not be a good idea. She wanted to be able to sleep tonight. Walking around the trees supporting the web, her head swiveled about manically as she tried locating the spider that had created it. She didn’t want to accidentally step on it. Or have it accidentally step on her.

Luck was with her, as she did not encounter the spider that had created the web, and furthermore, mere minutes later her gaze fell upon the object of her quest. She had not taken ten more steps when she spotted a smattering of the prized orchids, about 7 or 8 huddled together at the base of a tree. In spite of herself, Leigh gave an incoherent exclamation of glee, and began moving quickly towards the tree. She would only take three of them, that would be enough to start a…

Her exclamation turned into a gasp of shock as she felt her left foot sink ankle deep into the forest floor. Quicksand! She recognized it at once and immediately diverted her momentum, knowing better than to continue forward and risk plunging in further. Leigh twisted her body, pivoting, and tossed herself to the side, towards another large plant at the edge of the bog.

“Oh noooooooo” her mind seemed to call out in a deep, slow motion voice as time appeared to defy logic and slow to a crawl. In her instinctive response to avoid the quicksand, Leigh had not really taken the time to make sure she was throwing herself away from danger. Yes, she had twisted away from the quicksand. But as she spun out of control, her mind was able to quickly identify that she had simply traded one threat for a worse one. Her eyes and mind took it in simultaneously, working so swiftly that it made time seem to downshift. She was falling towards a bivalved plant. Its two halves were open at a 45 degree angle, like a child’s hands eager to catch a ball. The valves were at least eight feet in length, four feet in width each, and appeared to have serrated edges. The plant was a light green at the edges, but slowly darkened and shifted color towards the center into a dark pink.

It was nothing more nor less than a jumbo sized Venus Fly Trap. This was not good. Because while Leigh was not a horticultural expert, she knew about Venus Fly Traps. She knew that, unlike most plants, they were carnivorous. She was not aware that they grew to these dimensions, and she wondered if they ate prey of her size? She swallowed anxiously as she had a certainty she was about to find out.

Leigh continued twisting as she recognized her peril and tried spinning away from it as well. However, while her foot had come free of the quicksand, she was no gymnast and her wild attempt at freeing herself from the mire did not give her time to recover her balance or stop herself. She winced as she felt her back come into contact with the open plant. It was soft, almost like landing on a mattress. A very wet mattress, she corrected herself, as she felt the plant’s juices soak through the fabric of her shirt almost instantly.

Almost just as quickly, the plant responded to the contact and the two valves of the plant began swiftly shutting like a door. Without thinking, her arms shot out perpendicular to her body, palms out. They pressed into the soft surface of the valves, slowing, and then stopping their shutting. Although she knew it was a plant, the material against her hands felt oddly flesh like. It was sticky, soft, and spongy. Truth to tell, it was pretty disgusting, and her initial reaction upon encountering something like this at any other time would have been to flinch back and quickly withdraw her hands. She couldn’t afford to be squeamish now, however, and locked her arms. She was in a half-reclining position, her back stuck to the inner wall of the plant, and she kicked out her legs to assist in keeping the ‘jaws’ of the plant from closing on her. Leigh wriggled her shoulders, but she was indeed stuck. The surface against her back was sticky, like flypaper, and she was the fly.

The plant, however, did not appear inclined to give up. She supposed it wouldn’t. It wasn’t as though it had a brain or a nervous system with which to reason out that she wasn’t worth the trouble. Leigh wasn’t sure how such things worked, but whatever mechanism alerted the plant that a food source was present triggered the closing of the valves, and that was that. They intended to close one way or another.

It was also stronger than it looked and the two valves were pressing hard against her feet and arms. Her arms were already trembling from the effort of keeping the plant from closing on her. She could not keep this up indefinitely, and she had an unhappy suspicion that she would tire before the plant did. Without assistance, the conclusion of this little drama was forgone.

“Help!” she screamed out. The problem was, even as she screamed it, she realized it was likely pointless to scream for help here. For one, given the reputation of these woods, they were rarely travelled, and so the likelihood of anyone coming by in the next few moments was as small as to be meaningless. For two, if someone did happen by and heard her screams, they would also be highly unlikely to venture off the path to come to her aid. Again, with the reputation of these woods, rushing to the aid of someone in peril merely increased the likelihood you would be the dessert to their current position as the main course.

Yet Leigh was short on alternatives and so she called out again. Her cry was lacking in some strength, however, as she was quite winded from the effort expended in keeping the hungry plant from closing upon her. The outcome of this battle was becoming apparent and would be resolved much sooner than she had anticipated or desired. The muscles in her arms and thighs burned, and in spite of her efforts, inch by inch, the two halves of the plant were drawing closer to one another. Her little khaki outfit was now stained a dark brown from a combination of her sweat, as well as the fabric absorbing the digestive juices of the plant. From her point of view, the world that she could behold was narrowing into a thinner and thinner jagged strip as the valves drew together. Her breath rasped and echoed within the closing chamber of the plant. Tears began pouring out of the corners of her eyes as she realized that this was essentially going to be her coffin. “HOLLY!” she shrieked in desperation, as her muscles gave way and the valves of the plant closed rapidly upon her with their barriers removed. The two jagged edges meshed like fingers clasping one another, and Leigh felt swallowed by darkness, as only thin slivers of light found their way inside with her.

Sobbing, Leigh, began pounding at the plant with her fists, refusing to simply lie here and be digested. As she did so, she was startled to see the sleeves of her blouse slide off, the seams that held them together had already been dissolved by the juices of the plant. This surprised Leigh, as so far the enzymes had not felt caustic on her skin. Yet they clearly were powerful if they were already eating away at her wardrobe. She glanced down at her front and watched the clothing there appear to disappear, dissolving before her eyes, as if it were made of cotton candy and someone had poured water over her.

To the best of her ability, Leigh rocked back and forth within the enclosed plant. Now she could feel the skin of her back sticking to the plant. She tried pulling her head forward as well, but could feel her hair was glued to the back, and she could only move forward an inch before the pulling hurt her too much. She couldn’t look down readily, but she suspected her pants had been eaten away as well. It felt as though the back of her ass was now in contact with the sticky cushion of the plant’s insides.

From all around she had the sensation of something dripping on her, and she lifted her arms before her eyes in the dim light, and saw that it did appear they were being coated in a thick, viscous syrup. Was the plant drooling on her? It made sense. This was likely part of the process the plant used in breaking down its meal into the nutrients it could use. She looked down at her bare breasts and saw they were starting to get a coating of the glop as well. So far it still didn’t hurt in any way, but she suspected that was not something she could count on indefinitely. How could being digested alive NOT hurt?

Yet, it seemed pointless to keep struggling any further. The plant had won. Leigh was dinner, plain and simple. She wasn’t getting out of here and that was a truth that could not be avoided. Her tears continued flowing as she accepted this. Part of what made her so sad was knowing that Holly would never know what had happened to her. She imagined Holly would suspect some manner of foul play, but she might also irately suspect that Leigh had done something stupid and gotten herself killed. Leigh felt guilty that this latter was in fact the case, and that she would have disappointed Holly for the last time.

It wasn’t so bad, though, really. Leigh held her fingers before her eyes, and the sticky substance made tiny webs between her fingers as she spread them and manipulated them. It was much like taking a bath in honey, she suspected. Fingers spread wide, she placed her palms against her throat and began sliding them slowly down her body. She shivered as her fingertips ran across her breasts and she took a moment to lightly skim her middle fingers over each nipple. There was very little friction as both her nipples and fingertips were coated in the gelatinous substance. She tried pinching them between her fingers and thumbs and could not get a good grip. Instead, she simply took one breast in each hand and began gently kneading them, pressing them together, squeezing them the way Holly used to do. Leigh sighed dreamily and her mouth opened. Some of the goo slid into her mouth then, and she closed it immediately. Yet as the thick substance moved over her tongue, she was surprised to find it actually tasted quite good. It was sweet, but mildly so. It was actually…quite good. She opened her mouth wide, hoping to catch more of it and immediately another glob fell from above her and landed on her tongue.

Leigh’s inner thighs were sliding against each other as she slowly pistoned her hips up and down. She wasn’t even aware she was doing this at first, but abruptly became conscious of what she was doing as the substance encasing her began having a very noticeable effect on her female parts. It had started with a gentle tingling, but was building in intensity so that she was now very much aware of it. In fact, not only there, but all over her body she felt a slight tingling as if a very light electrical current was playing over her skin. It wasn’t at all painful, but was also unlike anything she had ever felt. It almost felt like she had an itch, but not in a totally unpleasant way.

“It’s the digestive juices eating away the outer layer of your skin,” a voice inside her head told her. Yet the voice was without emotion, and Leigh respond to the voice with equal equanimity. It was simply explaining a fact to her, and she was taking it as an interesting factoid. Leigh wondered how long it would take the plant to digest her completely. Would it be hours? Days? Weeks? It was an interesting feeling, being eaten alive like this. It really wasn’t half bad. She might do it again sometime. “Oooooh,” she moaned as she felt the tingling between her legs increase. No, she would definitely do it again sometime. This felt amazing. One hand slid down between her legs while the other played with her breast.

“No, you won’t do this again sometime, Leigh,” the voice corrected her. “Because you’ll have been digested, you see.”

The voice made an interesting point, and Leigh’s lips pursed in disappointment as she considered this. It seemed unfair that she couldn’t be food for the plant again and again, but as Holly had pointed out to her repeatedly, life isn’t fair.

At that, she thought of her lover once more, and imagined Holly peering in through the thin opening of the plant, watching Leigh pleasuring herself. It always thrilled Leigh when Holly would sit and watch her masturbating. She especially liked it when she had tied Holly up first, so that Holly had no choice but to helplessly watch, unable to join in. Leigh pictured Holly standing outside now, her long dark haired highlighted with pinks and greens, her Asian features fighting to remain inscrutable, but the desire still showing through her narrow eyes. Leigh imagined her tall form wearing a jungle girl’s costume, thin shreds of animal skin failing to restrain the breasts with which she had been so overabundantly blessed. Similarly, her hips would have a slight strand of cloth about them, but when a breeze blew it would lift and show off her peach to Leigh. Strands of hemp were wound tightly above and below those breasts, pinning Holly’s arms to her sides, leaving her unable to reach out and touch Leigh.

Leigh licked the plant juice off her lips as she thought of this image, and began working more seriously to bring herself to the point she so dearly needed to reach. She wished she could somehow share this experience with Holly, and absently hoped that perhaps when Holly came looking for her, she might stumble into this plant as well. This thought turned Leigh on even further, stoking her already burning flame. What a rush if Holly could end up being digested by the same plant that was eating her right now! Their body chemicals would end up mixing and joining within this creature's insides! It would be amazingly romantic, in a terminal kind of way.

“Oh, Holly,” Leigh moaned, almost at the point of no return.

“Oh, Leigh,” Holly responded, sounding bemused.

“Nearly there,” Leigh went on. “I wish you could see this. Ah, ah, ah AHHHHHH.”

The sound of muffled applause could be heard coming from outside the plant. “I have to be honest, I’m glad I was here to see it.”

Leigh murmured incoherently to herself as her body shuddered fitfully as she came down from her orgasm. Her imagination had been very focused this time, and she had even thought she could hear Holly as well as see her. She knew that somehow the plant was drugging her with its sap, but if it made her exit from this world pleasant and painless, she really couldn’t complain.

“I was going to rescue you,” the voice continued. “But from what I’m seeing, I’m not altogether certain that rescue is something you are after.”

That was strange, Leigh thought. Usually her imagination no longer was so persistent after she had taken care of business. She glanced up and saw Holly’s green eyes staring at her through an opening in the plant. Wow. This plant’s hallucinations were very lifelike.

“Hi, Holly,” Leigh burbled through a coating of thick sap.

“Hi, Leigh,” came the muffled reply. “It’s really up to you. I can leave you here to be digested if you like. All things considered, there are far worse ways to go, and you make it look fun enough that I’m half-tempted to find another plant and try it out for myself. But if you like, I suppose I could rescue you. Entirely your choice.”

Leigh’s eyebrows drew together. This was not a bit of dialogue she would typically create for Holly, even in the midst of a hallucination. An incredible thought came to her. “Holly, is that really you?”

“No, it’s my evil twin,” came Holly’s reply. “Duh.”

“Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m being eaten alive by this plant! Can you believe it! You wouldn’t believe what it does to your nerve endings. I feel like I’m a shrug away from having a second orgasm. It’s incredible.”

“Do tell.”

“Well, I just did,” Leigh went on.

There was silence for a moment, and then Holly spoke again. “You know, I just might be doing the world a favor if I left you in there.”

In spite of her earlier resignation to her fate, having Holly here led Leigh to work at fighting off the soporific effects of the leafy predator. “No!” she spoke sharply, shaking herself as if trying to awaken from a dream. “Please, Holly! Get me out of here!”

Although Leigh could only see Holly’s eyes, they seemed to crinkle in a manner suggesting humor. “And what will you do for me if I get you of there? It seems I am in a very good position to make demands at the moment.”

“Anything!” Leigh cried out, and she meant it. But she would have said the same thing even if she wasn’t slowly being dissolved in a giant plant.

“Really?” Holly went on. “Anything? You’d even let me feed you to a giant woman-eating plant?”

“Yes!” Leigh cried out. “Even that!” She thought to herself that it would rather defeat the purpose of rescuing her by granting that wish, but Leigh didn’t feel it would be prudent to point that out to Holly just now.

Holly’s throaty chuckle was her only response. Leigh saw Holly’s eyes disappear from their vantage point and a sliver of light from outside replaced them. She trembled as she worried for a moment that Holly might have wandered off to leave her here. A moment later, however, there was a thick, chopping sound that could be heard through the plant, and both Leigh and the carnivorous flower shuddered with each thudding sound. Leigh could feel the angle of her body shifting as the plant also appear to shift in response to whatever was going on out there. Soon the ruckus outside ceased and Leigh found herself staring straight up and noticed that she was able to see more of the canopy of trees above her. The two halves of the plant had apparently relaxed somewhat.

Holly’s grinning face appeared in the crack as she looked down on Leigh. “You still okay in there?”

Leigh nodded. She was. She was very okay, in fact, now that Holly was here.

Holly wedged a large wooden handle in the opening and worked it back and forth, prying the plant open further. The now deceased carnivore did not seem to be putting up much resistance, and within a few minutes, the two valves of the plant were wide enough for Holly to squeeze through. Leigh watched, somehow exhausted, as Holly began lowering herself, feet first, into the plant. Leigh was amazed at how tired she was. Who knew that having sex with a plant that was breaking you down into your component nutrients could be so exhausting?

Leigh grinned as she saw Holly’s bare legs slide into the plant, and then her exposed posterior following them. She giggled slightly as she realized that Holly was wearing exactly what she had imagined her wearing, one of her jungle girl bikinis. The two of them were wont to role-play now and then, and this was a favorite costume of Holly’s. It seemed fitting somehow, that she wore it to rescue her today.

Holly had to hunch over inside the plant, and she wiped off some of the plant goo that had stuck to her as she climbed in. Her face wrinkled in disgust. “This is gross,” she said, trying to flick some of it off her fingers with limited success. “How could you be enjoying this?” Holly asked.

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” Leigh murmured dreamily. The chemicals of the plant were still firmly in her bloodstream, and all that was happening still had somewhat of an unreal quality to it.

Holly raised a thin eyebrow and shook her head. “I’ll take a rain check on that.” She bent over and slid her hands under Leigh’s armpits. “Come on, sit up my little compost cutie.”

To her surprise, Leigh was able to do so, and whatever glue the plant had used to hold her there was no longer working. “You killed it, didn’t you?” Leigh said, unable to keep the tone of accusation completely out of voice.

Holly nodded, her expression showing not the slightest bit of remorse. “All things considered, when it came down to a choice between a hungry plant on steroids and my favorite living sex toy, the plant didn’t stand a chance.”

“Aw, you say the nicest things,” Leigh giggled, as she draped her arms around Holly’s neck as her lover lifted her up. Leigh’s legs buckled when she tried standing, and Holly quickly caught her and hefted her in her arms. Holly was bigger than Leigh, and strong too. Leigh laid her head against Holly’s shoulder and looked up at her lovingly. “You’re the best,” she sighed.

Holly side stepped out of the plant and into the forest. Leigh blinked as she looked around her. The sun was going down, though there was still enough light to see. Holly strode forward purposefully, heading towards the path.

“How did you find me?” Leigh asked, nuzzling Holly’s neck with the tip of her nose.

Holly glanced down at her and gave a small grin. “You weren’t gone for ten minutes when I came out looking for you. After you left I thought about what I had done. I had asked you, Leigh, to go into the Voran forest, alone, to find a flower. Yes, I know, a simple enough task on the surface, but let me repeat the key elements: Leigh, Voran Forest, alone. It took me only a moment’s reflection to predict the outcome. I wasn’t sure exactly what type of trouble you would find, but I was willing to bet the farm that you would find some kind or another. So I quickly changed my attire, grabbed an axe, and set off after you. I heard you cry out for help, and was eventually able to locate the source. Simple enough, right?”

Leigh nodded, happily, and looked down from Holly’s face to her breasts. She began sliding her palm across them, enjoying the feeling of her slime-coated palm against Holly’s flesh, watching her fleshy mounds jiggle as she caressed them.

“Do you mind?” Holly asked, looking down at her with feigned disapproval.

“No,” Leigh replied. “I don’t mind. I can do this all da----“ her last word cutting off into a startled shriek as Holly abruptly released her hold on her, dropping her on her ass unceremoniously as they reached the path

With an expression of revulsion, Holly wiped at the goo now streaked across her cleavage. “Gross,” she murmured, and turned and walked down the path away from Leigh.

“Wait!” Leigh cried out in dismay. “Don’t leave me here! I can’t hardly walk yet! Holly! Come on, I was only playing! Holly!”

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