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Fond Farewell

by Gimlet

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© Copyright 2009 - Gimlet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; oral; sex; force; M/f; swallow; birth; reluct/cons; X

Still smiling nervously, Michael opened the door to his apartment and showed Sandra in. She smiled in reply and went in with him following behind.

'OK,' he thought to himself 'this is it. My first real date. Now don't mess this up, get it right!' He always did things right, always succeeded at every thing, or so the talk was around the university. What ever he did, whether it was education, sports, or personal hobbies, he always tested, experimented before committing himself. He never went into anything he thought he couldn't follow through to completion. But girls? He had never been good around them.

All through school, and then through university, he had shied away from the opposite sex. He had one or two female 'friends', but his nervous always seemed to split up any link they had. Most of this was on purpose, because he couldn't work them out. How could he plan for a life time with someone else if he couldn't practise? If he went out with a girl who was only interested in a short fling, that wouldn't really represent a test of a fully committed relationship, and he couldn't start a full attempt and then call it off once the 'test' was complete. Or were his emotions clouding his judgement?

Now he was finished with university and was looking for a job he bumps into Sandra. Suddenly everything had changed. Glancing across at her as she looked out of the window he couldn't believe things had gone so quickly. He had only met her three days ago and now, she had proposed to him! Not only that but he had accepted.

It was all too quick, his head still felt light. Despite this his old habits were kicking in and he was now mentally working out what needed to be done. Larger home, decent work and pay for two, life insurance etc. ... He couldn't help himself, it was how he'd always lived his life.

"Er... Would you like a drink... or something?" he offered, moving towards the kitchen.

"Just a glass of water please." she said. He thought he caught an odd, faraway, look in her eyes. "I have to be... careful... just for tonight." she met his eyes and smiled "It's nothing to worry about, just a... phase."

He started to ask her what she meant, then he thought better of it and fetched her, her glass of water and himself a coke.

When he returned she was on the fold out sofa. He handed her the glass and sat beside her. Before he could speak she turned to him.

"I know this is all hurried," she said with a serious look "but I just want to be sure about what you intend." She glanced at the key-ring he had placed on her finger today (minus his keys and the plastic strip he'd taken off and placed in his pocket). "This is important, it means you really are responsible now. I mean, do you really feel ready to bring up children?"

As she looked expectantly at him his mind automatically started working out the necessaries: Larger house with kids rooms, cribs, possible medical costs, inoculations to be organised, ... The list stopped in his head as he realised what she'd just said.

"Ch... children?" he stammered.

"Oh!" she replied before he could continue "I see, look I know this is obviously too much." She stood up and started towards the door "I'll just..." she stopped as he grabbed her wrist.

"Yes yes and definitely yes!" he said marvelling that he was sure of it. He hadn't properly prepared or researched but he knew this was right. "I do want children, and I'm sure I would be a good father for them."

She looked into his eyes, searching for his sincerity, and finding it. A grin slowly spread across her face and then she hugged him. "Oh I was beginning to give up hope of ever finding anyone who would commit!" She pulled away from him gazed purposely at him "I guess there's only one thing left to do." and slowly she reached up behind her back. After the sound of a 'zip' her dress slid effortlessly to the floor revealing nothing else underneath.

He just stammered as she opened the sofa into a bed, stepped out of her shoes and turned to him. When she slipped the 'ring' off her finger he looked quizzically at her.

"Don't worry, we're still engaged with or without the ring, aren't we? Besides it might cause... difficulties." before he could ask what she meant she reached over and quickly pulled his up his shirt up and over his head, pinning his arms upright and blocking his view.

Slowly, whilst he was 'helpless', she pushed him down onto the bed and proceeded to remove his shoes and toss them across the room. She then slowly removed each sock, tickling his feet, then started unbuckling his belt. She got a bit impatient then, and practically ripped off his pants and shorts. As he struggled to remove his pullover and shirt prison, which was all that remained of his clothing he suddenly felt something touch his already growing manhood.

After a bit of squirming he could see down, out of the tangle, as Sandra traced her tongue around the tip of his member. She looked up at him and then swallowed him to the hilt in one gulp.

"Oh gawd!" he exclaimed as he felt her moist mouth close on him. She stroked her lips up and down on him sucking and massaging him with her tongue till he couldn't hold back and released down her throat.

Once she was sure he had finished she sat up, back on her knees astride him. He had managed to, finally, free his arms and was naked at last. As he watched her she leaned back with her eyes closed and gulped the last of his seed down with a positive glow on her face. In fact as he watched this spread all over her entire body. He blinked. Naw... just a trick of the light. For a moment it had looked as if her entire skin 'flowed' with a sheen. It had looked as she was a lake into which a stone had fallen with ripples spreading down from her head. Weird!

She opened her eyes and gazed at him once more. "Still up for some more?" She asked.

"Weeelll..." he replied, looking at his shrinking tool.

"Oh, I can fix that." and she grasped it with both hands and started a curious massage.

"Aaaaahh!" he just lay back and enjoyed it. Soon enough he was standing tall again and she shimmied up the bed until she was kneeling astride his waist. Then she slowly lowered herself onto him.

He felt his rod touch her and push it's way inside her. Sandra's internal muscles rippled over him as she descended, taking more into her.

Once she was properly seated she spoke up.

"Remember this always. Our... first, time together." It had seemed she was going to say something other than 'first', but his speculation was cut off as she started to move.

Suddenly he was lost as the waves of pleasure swept over him and built up with each stroke. She slid over him, up and down with a glorious rhythm. But as he threatened to release her vagina clamped down on him oddly and she slowed. He slackened slightly as his 'pressure' slowed to her grip. She then picked up the pace once again.

Four times she used this trick to forestall his rush. From the look on her face she almost seemed afraid of it. Each 'squeeze' lengthened the time till the next, seemingly building his staying power. By the fifth time, after ten minutes, he couldn't hold back, besides, he was exhausted!

The release when it came was violent. She clamped hard on him as he bucked beneath her, pouring his fluid into her. Curiously he saw a repeat performance as she threw her head back and a sheen spread over her. This time it rippled up, from her waist, over her. As he watched he was sure he wasn't imagining it as her body seemed to flow like water for a few seconds. He could feel her moving around his tool and her legs rippling alongside him.

He was way to tired to say anything though and just collapsed backwards.

"Oh... that WAS worth it!" she said "A good note to end on!" She looked down at him, seeming to have made up her mind on something "How long do you think you can hold your breath?"

He was caught short at the odd question. As he paused she stood up, still on the bed, and walked up level with his head. A beautiful view! She crouched over his head, her legs on either side of his head, and traced a finger around his face. Then she slid her finger in between his lips and played with his tongue.

"I know you're tired love but could you just take a big, deep breath, hold it there and close your eyes? Just for me?" she gazed down at him with those wonderful brown eyes and he just smiled back, her finger still in his mouth, and took as deep a breath as possible and closed his eyes.

"Good" she said, and he could feel her trace the index finger of her other hand around his face and poke it into his mouth whilst she sat down on his chest "Just hold your breath, OK?" He nodded.

Slowly, what felt like more fingers entered his mouth, spreading it wide open. 'She must have both hands in my mouth,' he thought 'must be both horizontal, alongside each other. I didn't think that was possible!' Then even more 'fingers' entered his mouth.

'That's too many, surely, and her hands aren't small enough to fit are they?' but as he thought this some fingers, those at either side of his mouth, removed themselves and shortly afterwards her rump lifted off his chest. The 'fingers' still in his mouth tipped over pushing his head backwards slightly and then started to gently squeeze themselves further in.

'Those definitely aren't hands. In fact they feel more like...' but he didn't finish the thought as suddenly a hand grasped the outside of his throat, squeezing him in an odd pulsing fashion. At the same time whatever was in his mouth pushed down hard. Both together gave him an overwhelming compulsion to swallow, and he did.

The shapes in his mouth squished back and down his gullet as if they were made of Jell-O. He opened his eyes expecting to see Sandra feeding him a long mass of Jell-O from a bowl. Instead he saw her leaning over him, one hand supporting her on the bed above his head, as she force fed him her own feet!

Now that her feet were already in his throat she released her grip on his neck and used that hand to further support herself, and pushed. He stared in shock as her heels slid into his mouth and pushed on down!

"Ah!... I'm sorry about this" she said, wriggling one foot against the other to quicken it's descent. "but don't worry, you're not in any danger." this was not the main thought he was entertaining at the moment.

"After our... coupling... I'll squeeze up comfortably into your stomach. It might be a bit tight but it shouldn't be too bad. You see 'It' loosens my people up, kind of a preparation you see... Aaah!" the last remark was as, getting her angle right, her legs slipped down, squelching noisily as her knees pressed up against his lips. "Believe me this is just as enjoyable for me as it will be for you, I promise." Somehow this did not console him much.

She pushed some more and he felt her feet enter his stomach, seemingly filling it already. Despite what he expected it was enjoyable. The feeling of having his mouth, throat, and now his stomach filled with her liquid form was very satisfying, and getting him turned on again. Still, this was ridiculous! He tried to reach up to stop her. She quickly batted his hands away, then pushed them back onto the bed.

"You're way too exhausted to fight me, Michael, so just lay back and enjoy it. Besides, this is for the best. We Illugani don't live much beyond twenty. I was beginning to get desperate. Oooohh!" she squirmed with a broad smile on her face as more of her legs disappeared. Her knees slid down his throat and filled his stomach enormously. However, she seemed to compress more than his stomach was expanding. It had grown surprisingly little considering what had entered it so far.

As her hips pressed against his face she continued.

"You see we've lived alongside humans for ages... Mmmmm... but we are all what you would call female. At least we all look like human females. We're kind of... Ah!... symbiotic you see. When I'm full inside you I'll finish dissolving. Don't worry it's painless... Ooooohhh!" she cried out as her hips, after a lot of jockeying, finally squashed into his comparatively tiny mouth. "Ah yes, that's good. This is how we reproduce, you see. And I suppose evolution makes any reproductive act enjoyable to an intelligent species, otherwise they'd die out!... Mmmmmmnnnn!" she quietened now as she lifted herself upright above him.

She reached down and held onto the outer rim of his mouth with both hands, and then pulled, first one side, then the other. Gazing up at her, rapidly vanishing, form he thought she looks like she was trying on some particularly tight jeans. If he could he would have laughed out loud.

Her waist followed the rest of her and soon his lips were pressing up against the underside of her breasts. The large spheres pressed in on either side of his face. He couldn't see how she was going to get them inside. But she reached up, pressed them together and kneaded them down. Soon they too were eased in between his lips. When they had finally slipped fully inside him his lips were just under her shoulders. Sandra leant over him.

"I know this is hard, and I can't take much longer as you'll run out of breath soon." he was beginning to feel tight in his chest. "Just remember, I do love you, and remember too your promise. Look after your kids."

With this she kissed him on the nose and then, bending like a contortionist, kissed him again on his upper lip, her tongue winding inside. She held this for a few seconds then, with a tear in one eye, she straightened up, brought her arms up and placed her hands in his mouth alongside her chest.

"Good bye" she practically whispered as she forced her arms down his throat. She wriggled her shoulders and they squashed fantastically and slipped in. His lips closed around her throat.

"It's up to you now. Think of me, won't you?"

He paused. The pain in his lungs was growing but he just couldn't do what she asked. He looked at her face, smiling down at him, and traced a line with his fingers around her eyes, nose and lips. He thought 'I could pull her out, she couldn't stop me and I am a bit less tired now.' but she interrupted his thoughts.

"Please, finish it now Michael. I'll die soon of old age anyway. You have to." and she gave him an emploring look.

He gazed into her eyes and couldn't refuse. If he hadn't already, he would certainly have a lump in his throat now, but for different reasons.

Taking one last look at Sandra's beautiful face, he gulped down hard on the mass already in his mouth. She smiled as her head squashed completely out of shape and slid into his mouth. He could feel her slide down his throat, into his stomach with an audible 'plop' and he could suddenly breath again.

After he had got his breath back he looked down at his enlarged belly. If didn't look as big as he had expected it too. When he tried to move however he could feel the weight of her inside him and he collapsed backwards on the bed. Now the strain told and he succumbed to physical and mental exhaustion and drifted off to sleep. His last thoughts were her face as he burned her visage into his memory so he would never forget her.


He awoke with a start. He felt sick, no not sick exactly. What was it.

Then it hit him again. It was a pressure in his stomach, something trying to get out! Jubilations! She'd changed her mind and wanted back out. He opened his mouth wide, took a deep breath and tried to relax. With the next push the entrance to his stomach opened.

It seemed a lot easier this time. The mass coursed up his gullet and into his mouth. Soon two pink fists pushed out between his lips.

It was indeed quicker this time. Soon the arms and then the head filled his mouth. But something was wrong. The arms, when they emerged were too small. Then, as the head emerged, it released a cry. The cry of a baby.

To his astonishment, over the next minute or two he disgorged three baby girls into his waiting arms.

"So this was what you meant Sandra." he said after he had extracted the last baby's legs from his mouth.

"'Look after your kids' eh? Of course I will love. And I will remember you, always."


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