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The Girl Next Door

by Eater

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© Copyright 2007 - Eater - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; swallow; digest; nc; XX

"What to ya know? New next door neighbors movin' in." Jack said to his girlfriend, Jamie.

"Really?" She said looking around Jack's house. "You live in a nice neighborhood, Jack."

" Yeah." Jack said. "If you want to move in today, that would be fine. College dorms suck ass."

"Ok. I'll think about it." She said walking out the door. " I'll call you."



"Bye Bye"

Jack lept on his bed and watched a wet porno that afternoon. He was tired. All he was doing was living in the countryside, hunting,and going to school. He lied back on the bed not knowing it was midnight already. He closed his eyes.....

Jack was awakened by the noise coming outside. It was morning. Construction was going on the house next door. Out of curiousity, he went next door to see what was going on. Jack walked up to the door and knocked. An averaged sized 21 year old woman answered the door.

"Hi." She said.

"Hi, I'm Jack Brown. I'm your next door neighbor. I was wondering If I could come in."

"Oh, Right now is kind of a bad time. Construction and all... My name Karen. Come back tonight, ok?"

"Great. Bye"


A Man knocked on Karen's front door.

"Hello? Pizza! Hello?"

Karen opened the door.

"Hi Ma'm. That'll be 7.55"

She takes the pizza.

"Come inside. I'll get the money for you."

"Yes Ma'am." He said. He walks into the dining room and waits.

Karen walks into the kitchen an grabs a butcher knife. She runs into the dining room and stabs the delivery boy in the back of the neck.

"Help!" Screamed the innocent boy, but nothing came out.

"Nothing can save you now, you're my new meal." She opens her huge mouth and fits his entire body inside his mouth and quickly cocks her head back and swallows.

"MMMMM" Karen says.


The doorbell rings. Karen answers it. At the front door is Jack and Jamie.

"Hi." Says Karen. "Come in."

"Oh Jack." says Karen. " I got you a gift. Come upstairs"

"I'll stay down here" Says Jamie.

Jack and Karen walk upstairs. She gives him a pistol.

"Wha?" says Jack.

"I heard you like to hunt."

"I don't hunt with pistols, I hunt with rifles."

"Give it a try. I"m sure you'll like it."

He walks outside. "Woods back here. Perfect place to hunt."

Karen closes the door.

"Hi, I'm Jamie. Jack has told me you're new here." Jamie said.

"Shut the Fuck up."


"I'm cutting right to the shit." Karen throws Jamie on the table.

"What are you doing?" Jamie says.

"You'll see." She opens her mouth wide.

Jack has just shot a deer.

"Man this fucking piece of shit really works!" Jack walks in to see Karen.

"Where's Jamie?"

"In the bathroom. Come upstairs."


"A Surprise."

They both walk upstairs, and Karen pushes Jack on the bed. "Oh" She says. She takes off her shirt and she's unstrapping her bra. "Fuck me!" She screams.

"No!" Jack gets off her. "I love Jamie, and Jamie loves me. I wouldn't do anything to cheat on her."

"I ate her." Karen says.

"Karen, you are one drunk whore. I'm leaving." Jack walks to the door, but Karen rushes and gets there first.

"You are not leaving here alive!" Karen screams.

Jack punches her. She falls to the floor. As Jack is about to open the door, she stands up and throws him on the floor. She open her mouth wide and fits Jack inside her entire mouth. Jack grabbed his pistol out of his pocket just as she is about to swallow, and sticks the gun to the roof of her mouth and fires a bullet into her brain. She falls to the ground.

Despite being dead, he slides down the throat and into her stomach. He falls into a bunch of goo. (Stomach juices.) The pizza delivery boy has already been digested, but Jamie was floating unconciously in the stomach juices. Jack grabbed her lifeless body. As he did, with his pistol he fired a few bullets into the padding of the stomach and punched a hole to climb out of Karen's dead body. Jack dropped Jamie on the bed and performed CPR on her. It wasn't working. An ambulance came by and picked up Jamie and Jack.




Jack gives Jamie a big hug.

"It was terrible."

"I know."



"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Jack... I love you." She kisses him.

"I love you too."

" I'll be moving in, Just as long as that bitch is gone."

"She wasn't even human."


"She was bleeding green blood. Scientists have no fucking clue what she was."

"Oh, well Jack, thanks for stopping by."

"I'll see you in school."



The scientist/doctor was waiting.

"Where's the other doctor? He should've been here an hour ago. Well I'll have to perform the autopsy by myself."

The doctor lifts up the sheet. There is no body.

"Where did the body go?" The doctor hears footsteps.

"I'm leaving. This is freaky." He pushes the double doors, but they are locked. The footsteps come even closer.

"Hello? Who is that?" The doctor looks behind him.

On the wall written in human blood reads "Karen."




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