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Going Down

by Patrick Davis

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© Copyright 2008 - Patrick Davis - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; swallow; oral; outdoors; cons; X

It was one of those warmer than usual nights of early spring when the new guy came into town. He only planned on staying a week or two in the small town, make some money, and move on. Since it was only Thursday and hustlers make most of their money on Friday and Saturday's, he decided to get a room at the local Motel. When checking in at the office he found a pleasant surprise in the fact that it was a young man at the counter. (Lately it seemed all the clerks, at all the motels, in all the towns, on all the night shifts were little old ladies who had trouble seeing through their glasses, and this was a pleasant change.)

"Can I help you?" the boy said.

"Just need a room for a couple of weeks" he said.

"That'll be $75 per week, at the weekly rate, Sir."

"That's fine, I'll take the room." He gave the boy his name, "Patrick, Patrick Davis, but please just call me Pat." and handed him a $100 bill as a payment and deposit for the second week. While the conversation took place Pat had noticed, due to it being such an unseasonably warm day, the boy had his shirt unbuttoned about half way. And although it had been only two days since his last feeding the sight of the fresh meat made his stomach growl a bit.

After Patrick signed the guest book, the clerk leaned over the counter to hand him the keys to a room, room 13. As he did so, Patrick couldn't help but notice the smooth firm chest of the good looking college boy through the open front of his shirt. Not even realizing he was staring, he was slightly startled as he heard him say..."Here's your key, Mr Davis."

"I told you, please just call me Pat."

"Ok, sure thing, and I'm Sean. And if there is anything else I can do for you, Pat, please don't hesitate to ask."

Taking the key, and noticing the number on the key tag, Pat chuckled to himself, the number 13 always meant good luck for him.

"As a matter of fact, since I don't know my way around town, (and after all I needed to find someplace to find a meal this weekend) maybe you can suggest a place I might find some nite- life?"

"Oh, sure thing, in fact I'm off in about an hour, if you can wait I'll take you on a quick tour of the area."

"That would be great Sean, I'll just stowe my stuff in my room and I need to take a quick shower. Then when your ready just stop by my room."

"Great, then it's a done deal, see ya soon."

Pat got to his room, tossed his bag on the bed, stripped off his dusty clothes, and headed for the shower. When he opened the door he found it had a full length mirror on the back. He stepped back to look at himself with pride. For a guy of 36 he was definitely fit. He had only the slightest hair on his chest which made his muscular body easy to admire. He stroked his hands across his firm pecs, to his large dark brown nipples then down across his lightly rippled stomach and around to his tight butt cheeks. It is no wonder he is so able to pick up any guy he wanted for dinner, he looked just as delicious to them, as they to him. They just didn't know that they were the dinner Pat was looking for.

He went on into bathroom, closed the door, and took a shower. Drying off and tossing the towel over the towel bar to dry Pat opened the door and left the bathroom only to find Sean seated on the bed watching television. Without even taking his eyes off the television Sean said, "I hope you don't mind, but my Grandma arrived early and told me if I wanted to go it was ok" (see what I mean about the old ladies?)

Sean turned himself around, expecting an answer, but seeing the naked guy in front of him, He continued, saying, "Gee, you must work out, you gotta great body, man!" That is when Pat realized he was standing there stark naked in front of the kid. But before he could even move Sean, jumping up from the bed and peeling off his shirt showing Pat his chest, continued, "I work out some too, see I have some definition too." Maybe it was just that his last meal was smaller than usual, or the sight of a half naked college boy in front of him, but Pat's stomach was again growling.

It was going to be tough for him as Pat needed to walk past Sean to get a pair of pants. What he wanted to do was eat the boy up, he was getting hungry now and the shirtless Sean was very tempting indeed. As he did step past, Pat, felt the boy touch his leg. "What kind of nite-life are you looking for anyway, Pat? Maybe I can help you find exactly what you are looking for."

That was no subtle message, Pat got it loud and clear, and biting his lip replied, "Not you, at least not tonight Sean, maybe we can get together later. Can you still show me around town?"

"Sure." Sean said, with a bit of disappointment in his voice, "I'll take you to Cranberry Park, I'm sure you will find something there to interest you."

"I'm not sure you understand Sean, I don't mean to disappoint you, listen, maybe I'll have you for dinner before I leave town.

"Ok", said Sean, "let's go then."

It was then that Pat decided as he got dressed he would tease Sean a bit too and instead of pulling on his pants, he first put on some socks and then slowly pulled on a t-shirt before taking a pair of jeans from the duffel bag and facing Sean pulled them up leaving his cock hang out through the fly, then pushed it into his jeans and zipped them up. On the way out of the room Pat put his arm around Sean's shoulder and pulled him close. That reassured Sean, and a smile came over his cute boyish face.

When they got to the park, which was actually only a ten minute walk from the motel, Pat thanked Sean for showing him where to go, and politely asked him to go on home. Sean shurgged his shoulders as he turned and began walking back to the motel. As Pat continued into the park he noticed that there seemed to be a more than just a few guys around. With all these good looking boys around he he was begining to think there must be a college nearby, and was surprised that Sean had not mentioned it. This made him think with such great picking for a small town, maybe he'd stay longer than a couple of weeks.

Going still further into the park, it wasn't long before Pat spotted a guy who looked like he would satify his hunger. He approached the guy, a yummy looking college boy, and again his stomach began to growl. The well built guy introduced himself as Billy, said he was a swimmer, had been on his HS wrestling team, worked out twice a week, liked pizza and beer, and was really horny.

"Let me see just how horny you are," said Pat.

With that, Billy unzipped his pants, and pulled out a nicely shaped boner. Reaching out and taking the boys cock in his hand Pat squeezed gently and asked,"Is this all I get to see? Or can I see the whole package?"

"You mean right here? You want me to get naked? In the park?"

"Sure," said Pat looking around, "we can go over there in the shadows by that big tree."

Securely holding onto the boys now swelling cock, Pat pulled Billy in the direction of the tree. Once they arrived Billy leaned back against the rough bark of the large tree and kicked off his shoes. Then he unbuttoned the waist of his pants, revealing that he was not wearing any underwear, and let them slide down to his ankles. As he bent down to remove them, Pat reached down past Billy's waist to his ass, where he gave a gentle squeeze and the very slowly slid his hands up Billy's torso taking hold of the boy's shirt. He continued pulling it up over his back to his neck and then off.

Billy stood back up and faced Pat, he was now totally naked and what a sight he was. This boy was the definition of 'stud' He was well built from his workouts, from the hairless muscular chest with its two nice sized dark brown nipples to the rippling abs just above the thin line of hair that led down to his cock and shaved balls, that hung down and rested against his muscular legs. Then there was his large hands which were at the end of arms with biceps as big as softballs. He should be playing football instead of swimming.

He stood there staring at Pat, just waiting, willing and ready for something to happen. But the something he wanted and what Pat wanted were not quite the same thing. Pat was getting hungrier but could not resist playing with his food. He began by caressing Bill's chest and pinching his nipples, following his hands with his tongue. He was enjoying the taste of the young man. Standing back up and staring into Billy's eyes he reached down to his low hanging smooth balls, and could tell from the readiness of the half hard cock sticking out above them that Billy was aroused.

Billy looked into Pat's eyes and asked "Well, what do you think?"

"Very nice", said Pat, "would you like it if I went down on you?"

"Sure thing man, that's what I'm here for."

"Ok, but then I want you to go down too Billy." Down into my insides, where I can digest you and stop my stomach from growling, Pat thought with a smile.

"Sounds good to me," said Billy, licking his lips.

With that said Pat leaned over to Billy and began licking his neck, yumm, he thought to himself, this boy's young flesh had a peticularly sweet taste. He worked his way down, again licking his way across Billy's smooth chest and paying peticular attention while nibbling on both of Billy's nipples, getting them both fully erect. He then moved down to Billy's navel and finally got where he wanted to be. As much as he had been working on Billy, it just a couple more licks to get his cock fully hard.

"I think I'm gonna use your dick like a straw, Billy, you taste so good I wanna just eat you up."

Billy just moaned with pleasure, got a smile on his face, closed his eyes and let his head fall backwards to the trunk of the tree, which he wraped his arms back around to help hold himself up. Pat knelt down in front of Billy, took the wonderfully shaped dick into his mouth and began sucking on on the head. Then he wrapped his tongue around Billy's dick, it felt as long as a snake, which took Billy by surprise, nobody ever did that before. The feeling was oh so wonderful and Pat knew he had Billy right where he wanted him. There was no turning back now and Pat began sucking a bit harder, Billy could feel his balls being pulled into Pats mouth along with his cock. Then Billy had the feeling of Pat's wet mouth sliding up towards his stomach, that can't be he thought, nobody has a mouth that big.

Suddenly Billy felt as if he was losing his balance. Pat was pulling him away from, and he was loosing his grip on the tree that was supporting him. Billy opened his eyes as his body was being pulled forward but still falling backwards, backwards into the support of Pat's arms. He was being folded in half. It was a strange feeling, but there was no pain, it fact it felt quite comforting. By now he was so lost in this strange sexual fantasy that he hardly noticed as Pat took a large swallow and his lips moved up further, now his ass was fully inside of Pat. He could feel that his stomach was being covered too. With another swallow Pat was able to take Billy in as far as his chest and down to his knees. Pat swallowed again and Billy went in further, now only his head and arms were hanging out of his mouth. One last gulp and Billy was gone, he was on his way down to Pat's stomach to be digested. Pat could not believe he ate the boy so fast, he liked to enjoy his meals not just gulp them down and he liked playing with them too, he always wanted them to share the same pleasure that he got while getting them readied.

Pat patted himself on his stomach as he stood back up. Although distended a bit, he was surprised how little his stomach stuck out after eating such a good sized meal. Then he remembered why, maybe, his stomach had been growling so much, and why he had eaten Billy so fast. It had been almost seven days since his last meal and he needs to feed about every four days. Looking around the park, it seemed much more deserted now than before and Pat was getting tired. Needing to rest so he could digest his meal he decided that anything more to eat was going to have to wait until tomorrow. That combined with the fact that he had driven a long distance today getting to this small town, contributed to his being tired. He bent down and picked up the clothing that once belonged to Billy. One blue shirt, a pair of tan pants and a pair of well worn tennis shoes, not much left of the boy that had made such a tasty dinner. The hustler part of him took the money from the rear pocket of the pants, (after all he needed to pay for his room somehow) then he wadded the clothes into a ball and tossed them into a dumpster behind the motel before returning to his room.

Once he got back to his room and opened the door, Pat was in for another surprise, there on the bed was Sean, wearing nothing but a pair of royal blue bikini underwear, laying on his stomach watching the television. Quite casually Sean asked, "So, did you find what you were looking for?" and as before spoke without even taking his eyes from the t.v.

With slight hunger still on his mind and the nearly naked Sean sprawled out on the bed looking like a great meal, Pat's thoughts turned from sleeping back to eating. Pat sat down on the edge of the bed, grabbed Sean's ass and said, "Yeah, I found what I wanted, but it was not as filling as I thought it might have been, and you look pretty good laying here."

Rolling over with and sporting a huge grin on his face Sean asked, "Then maybe you want some dinner?"

Pat was wondering if Sean realized that to him it seemed as if Sean was offering himself as dinner, but how could he possibly know what was on Pat's mind? "I have a friend bringing over some pizza and some beers." Just then there was a knock at the door. "That must be him now."

Sean jumped up from the bed, crossed over to the door and opening it let in his friend. He had a large pizza box in one hand and a 12-pack in the other. The sight was awesome to Pat, here was another muscular college kid, he was wearing gym shorts and a basketball jersey that showed off his build nicely. Looking over to Sean, Pat said, "There must be a college nearby, Sean, you both look like students to me. And when I was walking through the park there seemed to be a lot of young men enjoying the evening there."

"Oh, there is, it's Cranberry College, a boys boarding school named after the founder of the town, Martin Cranberry."

Hummm, Pat thought, Cranberry College, Cranberry Park, this guy must have been pretty important in his day.

Just then the new guy spoke up, "Hi, my name's Jimmy and from the way Sean described you, you must be Pat."

"Yep, that's me. By the way what are you two doing in my room?"

"Didn't think you'd mind," said Sean, "with grandma back at the office is seemed like a good place to get away."

"Well, I guess not, (after all who would complain about having two great looking young lads to look at) but I am used to people asking before they enter my room." Pat looked back over to Jimmy, staring at him as if he was sizing him up for a hot night of sex, or so Sean thought. It made him a bit jealous as he wanted Pat himself.

"Well thanks for the pizza Jimmy, but since Pat got back early maybe you should get home yourself." said Sean.

That off the wall comment puzzled Jimmy who answered "Well, if Pat don't mind I'll stay for dinner, wadda you say, huh?"

Dinner, ah sure, Pat thought, he was still tired but, being still a bit hungry he figured that Jimmy looks good enough to eat......"Uh, sure you can stay, after all it looks like you brought plenty enough for three."

Looking over and noding toward Sean, who was laying on the bed, Jimmy asked, "Mind if I get comfortable too?"

"Sure" said Pat, "I don't mind at all."

With that Jimmy handed him the pizza and beer, steped over to a chair and stripped out of his clothes, leaving only a pair of black and yellow striped underwear, revealing a nicely defined body, he was not quite as large as Billy but looking as if he did belong on the swim team, he then he joined Sean on the bed. Delighted at the sight of the two boys on the bed, Pat stood staring, as if trying to decide who he might like to eat first. Speaking together the two of them asked, "You gonna join us or just stand there staring?"

Laughing at the two of them he asked if they liked talking like twins, they chuckled as he handed them the food. Moving across the room, toward the dresser he took off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and pulled off his socks. He then removed his pants, and standing there naked he began rifeling through his duffel bag and pulled out a pair of red underwear, all the while looking in the mirror he could see the two boys watching as pulled them on. Then turning back to face the boys he saw that they noticed the very impressive bulge in his red speedo's. "Wow" rang out from both of the boys, blushing a bit Pat simply asked "ready for dinner?" They all grabbed for pizza and began eating.

Pat made sure the boys ate and drank more than him. He knew that this food would satifying his appitite more later, when he digested the boys. They finished the pizza and then drank the last of the beer. Pat could see the effect the alcohol was having on the boys. His stomach growled a bit and he admitted he was still a bit hungry.

Jimmy said, "yha, you dint eat as much ues us" then rolled over onto his back, reached down scratched his balls, and said, "Maybe I got sometn ta fill ya up."

You have no idea, thought Pat, just how right you are. Sean was sitting behind him and Pat noticed a devilish, almost jealous look in Sean's eyes. Pat turned toward him and offered him a better view of his dick as he grabbed himself through his underwear. "And maybe you would like this Sean? You take me and I'll eat Jimmy here, that's if you don't mind."

"Not a bit," they again spoke in unison.

Pat asked, "Are you guys twins or something, you keep talking the same?"

"Naw, jes good fiends," even drunk they said it together and both doubled over laughing.

Pat began laughing with them and the three of them pulled off their underwear. Pat, getting really hungry, made the first move. He headed straight for Jimmy's now slightly hard cock, opening his mouth he stuck out his tongue and slowly licked it. He just licked once, from balls all the way up to the head, then he watched it get harder. Then without any hesitation leaned over the top of the boy, placed on hand on his chest and the other just above his knees. Opening his mouth he took the firm cock as well as his balls into his mouth with the utmost ease.

"Fukin shet," he cried, "dats fantasdec."

Jimmy felt his cock stiffen inside the warm moist place and fell back on the bed from the pure pleasure he was feeling. Sean watched in amazement as Pat continued to suck on Jimmy's cock and could actually see it growing down Pat's throat, towards his adams apple. Jimmy began moaning and wildly grabbing around the bed feeling for Sean. Once he found it, he pulled Sean's cock closer and began sucking on him, taking that as a clue, Sean leaned down to Pat's dick and began working on it for all it's worth, but being so large, he could barely get the head in his mouth.

Pat pulled up and let Jimmy's cock fall out of his mouth with a loud 'pop' then he moved up and started licking his chest and gently biting each of his nipples, all the while watching him sucking on Sean's cock, between licks he was telling him how tasty he was, and just how much he wanted him. Pat moved again and began sucking on Jimmy's toes it tickled and it made him begin to squirm. Since Jimmy was busy sucking on Sean who was just as busy sucking on Pat, neither of the boys realized that Pat had finished with Jimmy toes and was now beginning to eat him. Pat had swallowed up to Jim's knees and the strange warm feeling had him squirming even more. That caused Jimmy, who was really wasted, loose his hold on Sean's dick.

He looked down to see just what it was Pat was doing that felt so great, and "Hoey Fucin Shet!" was the only thing he could think of. "Ceck thes out Sean, thes guy is fucin kazy."

This caused Sean to let loose from Pat and see just what it was Jimmy was trying to cuss about. "Hoey Fucin Shet!" repeated Sean, as he could see Pat had now eaten nearly all of Jim's legs. "Does it hurt?" asked Sean. Jimmy said, "No, in fac it feels abslutly fanasic, hows comes he can he do dat Sean?"

"I donno Jim," he replied "but'ts makin my dick ven hornier than b'fore."

That made Pat chuckle which caused Jimmy to wiggle on the bed. "Oh jeez, that ticlls, don't make em laf Sean."

Just then Pat's swallowed again and took the rest of Jimmy's legs into his mouth, this left his rock hard cock and soft full balls perched just above Pat's lip. That is when Pat reached up and took hold of Jim nipples and began pinching them. This made his dick get even harder, Pat pinched more and Jim began to moan in extacy. Sean was mesmerized at what he was watching so he moved a bit closer to get a better view, and what a view it was. Pat had slid his tongue out of his mouth and was stroking up and down on Jim's cock while he continued using his hands to pinch his nipples even harder. Jimmy was really squirming now and the show was making Sean really horny, he began jacking himself off, as he continued watching the show. Suddenly Jimmy arched his back and began sending loads of hot cum all over his chest and up onto his face as his body uncontrollably began contracting. It was too much for Sean and he to began to cum, squirting his jism into the air and down it fell, right onto his friend Jim's chest and face joining with Jim's own loads. Pat managed a smile and a chuckle as the two boys came in unison; much like they spoke earlier. It pleased him that the boys could share in the pleasure of his meal.

Expecting to be released, Jim was taken by surprise as Pat began swallowing more of him, Pat moved up further taking the boys ass, balls, and cock in the next swallow, and with another, he was up to Jim's waist. He was hell bent on taking his time, enjoying this meal much more than when he eaten Billy in the park earlier. Jim could feel Pat's tongue licking off all the boy juice that he and Sean had gotten on his body as he was slowly being swallowed by Jim. Sean watched in silence as his buddy Jim was slowly disappearing. Another swallow and Jim was now swallowed up above his navel.

It was then that Pat reached up and took Jimmy's hands and, as if they were just spaghetti, slid them past his lips and on into his mouth. It was a most awsome feeling, the warm moistness of Pat's mouth along with the throat muscles masagging his lean body felt so great to Jim that he made no attempt to get away and he instinctively grabbed onto his cock and held on tight. Pat reached up to Jim's shoulders and with another swallow and slight push down with his hands Jim slid down to his chest. Pat again used his tongue, this time allowing it to slide out of his mouth and tease both of Jim's golden brown nipples that were tender from all the pinching. Pat continued tongueing his young meal as he began swallowing again, but swallowing oh so slowly, enjoying every tasty morsel of his meal, slowly, slowly, ever so slowly until Jim's head was all that was remaining outside of Pat's mouth. Sean, who was in a kinda shock mode or something, sat there frozen and just watched as his friend was being eaten alive.

Then something startled Sean, he felt something warm on his cock, he looked down to see it was Pat's hand. Fear came over him as Pat began pulling him across the bed. He pulled him right over in front of Jim's face. Jim got a great big simile on his face and opened his mouth, Pat then reached around to Sean's ass and pulling him still closer slid Sean's cock into the now almost totally eaten Jim's mouth. Without any encouragement, Jimmy began sucking on the soft boy meat, it felt so great that Sean lost all his fear and closed his eyes, his cock began to get hard and he started pushing his cock in and out of Jimmy's mouth. As his dick got even harder, he began face fucking Jim's hot mouth. It didn't take long before he felt a churning in his balls and knew he was about to shoot another load of hot, thick, creamy cum. He grabbed Jimmy's head from behind and thrust one last time before he began jerking and shooting wad after wad of tasty college boy sperm.

He was exhausted, and as he fell backwards onto the bed he opened his eyes to see his hands were no longer on Jim's head but on Pat's. Pat had swallowed Jim all the way down and was himself sucking on Sean's now softening dick. Jimmy was gone! Eaten alive and on his way to being digested in Pat's stomach. Sean was again beginning to panic, and thinking he might be Pat's next meal, as he pulled his now soft cock out of Pat's mouth and sliding backwards to the headboard he began to stammer, something about needing to get back to the office and check on his grandmother.

Pat quickly put him at ease...... He moved up so he was in front of him on the bed, kissed him on the forehead, and said, "Do you really think I would eat you, Sean? Not so. I'm quite full now, after eating Billy in the park and now your friend Jimmy, I've had enough to satisfy me for four or five days. Look at my stomach, it is plenty full. And to keep me from eating you, I'm going to use you for getting my meals, I won't need to eat you as long as you get food whenever I get hungry. I'll just have you bring it home for me and save me the trouble of shopping the parks. In fact, I think I'll even stay for more than just the couple of weeks I had originally planed. Whenever I get hungry I'll just send you out to find some tender college boy to bring home, after a while of watching the two of you enjoy great sex, and when you are busy with him going down on your cock, I'll be able to enjoy them too, first by me going down on their cocks and then them going down into my stomach."

Pat then moved around next to him on the bed, wrapped his arms around the young man and pulled him down onto the bed next to him. And there, curled up together they drifted off to sleep.



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