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Storycodes: M/f; snake/f; swallow; eaten; digested; public; cons; X

In many ways this was the most interesting execution of all. It was scheduled for four o'clock and was to be the last one for the day. Heather had a cell which was isolated from the others so she didn't know whether they had been come for or not. Heather was as confused as Susan was as to why she was here. She just knew that one day she and her husband had been arrested and taken to jail. She hadn't participated in her trial, in fact she wasn't even aware a trial had taken place until she had been informed of the results. Which were that she and her husband were guilty and had both been sentenced to death. Her husband had been given a lethal injection, she was told and was already dead. After that, she didn't hear the rest of her sentence; she felt already dead herself.

She had on the standard robe and nothing else. Heather was probably the best looking woman of the three. She had strawberry blond hair, beautiful green eyes, and was about five foot eight inches tall with just about a perfect figure. Her breasts were large and stood out like a goddess's. Personally she kind of wished she didn't have breasts as large as hers were, but she knew men liked them and they had yet to sag at all. She was wasp-waisted and flared out from there to hips that were frankly feminine. Her ass was firm and just begged to be squeezed. She paced her cell in a desultory daze, unable to think, unable to rest.

At four o'clock the chief executioner himself came to her cell. Heather expected to be taken to the arena. Instead the burly man unpacked a kit of small implements. He approached the girl and assured her that he was not there to hurt her. If she would cooperate, it would not be painful, her death, even if it was bizarre. Heather thought about asking about her sentence, but her apathy was almost total. The man removed her robe and gently forced the girl to lay spread out on the bench. He shaved her pussy gently but thoroughly. She had never had her cunt shaved before and watched the effect with amazement. Her husband had asked her to do that once, but she had refused, scandalized. Now she wish she had done it, had done anything and everything he had wanted. She had been afraid the neighbors would find out somehow and turn them in to the SS. What irony!

The dark-haired man stroked her newly bald vaginal lips, satisfied with the job. He then removed all the hair from her head so that she was bald as well, using a cool gel that tingled, after cropping her hair. The only hair she had left was the fair short hairs on her arms and legs. After washing her off he stood her up and began covering her with a mixture of vaseline and some other agents. He inserted a special salve into her cunt, as far as he could reach with his hand. Heather gasped at the intimate pain. He explained that this would guarantee her pleasure during her execution. He then deftly flipped her over and forcibly entered her ass with two fingers, smearing the inside of the canal with some gel. After he was done smearing her entire body, he gave her a drink. "In the drink," he explained, "are drugs which will heighten the sensations you will feel and a drug which will just about paralyze your voluntary muscles. You won't be able to escape, but don't worry, you won't feel any pain at all. It will feel strange but pleasurable. Then you won't feel anything at all, in the end. Please believe me; I wouldn't lie to you."

The girl looked up at the man, startled. He actually sounded sorry and anxious about her. A cold knot of fear spasmed her abdomen and tears leaked down her face. "What's going to happen to me out there?" she stammered. The man paled and said "If you don't remember what they said your sentence is, it's better. You're going to die, but there will be no pain. Accept it." Knowing he could force her if she refused, she took the glass he was still holding out to her and drank the liquid. It burned somewhat on the way down. Almost immediately Heather noticed the aroma of the gel coating her body. Then she heard some faint conversation from down the corridor. They exited the cell and he led her, nude, down the stairs to the arena. The girl concentrated on the textures of the various surfaces under her bare feet. She had never felt anything like this. Suddenly a vast wave of sound beat upon her and she staggered. The man supported her and led her on into the arena, where the noises of the crowd seemed like a vast ocean roar. The late afternoon sun was so dazzling she blinked like an owl caught in a spotlight.

Heather had never attended any executions before so this was all new to her. Once she saw the crowd, she was amazed. She had not expected such a large turn-out, it appeared to be standing room only, which it probably was. The executioner led her out to the center of the arena and motioned for her to turn around so that everyone could get a good look at her. While doing so, she realized that the drink was beginning to take effect. Her skin was becoming quite warm and tingly and she felt herself losing control of her muscles. After her display Heather was held gently in place by the executioner. All went relatively quiet and Heather wondered what was happening. Then she heard a rumble to her right and she slowly turned her head to see, fighting against her loss of muscle control. A large platform was being wheeled into the arena. On it, was a structure of some sort, draped in black cloth. It advanced slowly, pushed by attendants, until it reached the center of the old playing field. TV monitors were placed around it to cover all angles and lights were focused. A mobile three-step staircase was positioned at one end, the end nearest the two humans standing there.

When the technicians were satisfied with the arrangement, the cloth was slowly removed. The crowd stared, stultified at first. Several fainted. Then the announcer was explaining over the broadcast system that this was the first use of this implement of execution. He explained to the crowd what was going to happen, but Heather was staring befuddled and appeared not to hear.

The cage upon the platform was glass, or a clear plastic. There were two compartments actually, separated by a grill of clear material. One, the one nearest Heather, was empty, and had a doorway facing the stairs up. The other appeared to be empty also, at first, except for a multicolored rug. It was a larger compartment. The announcer detailed the great accomplishments of the state's genetic engineering programs; the large beef cattle, the improved poultry. This, he announced, was the first success with the reptile species. The rug stirred and slowly uncoiled itself. It was a python, the announcer explained, that had been altered genetically. Not only was it huge, but it's outer surface was transparent. The crowd could see internal organs pulsating and rippling, as the snake unwound. It appeared to be all stomach cavity, with pink tendrils lining the internal cavern. A stripe of opaque color ran the length of its body from between the eyes to the end of the torso. The eyes gleamed black and the tongue was a brilliant red, flicking in and out. After the stomach cavity, the internal organs were a somber black. The snake began to restlessly test the limits of its captivity, expanding its thirty-five foot length. Several more people fainted.

The pale man tightened his grip on the girl's arm and led her towards the stairs. "Remember, there will be no pain. The snake will use an anesthetic on you. First you will feel intense pleasure; then it will be like falling asleep. I'm sorry." The girl tried to smile reassuringly at him, but failed miserably. She was carried up the stairs and placed in the smaller chamber, while the announcer droned on about the necessity of purging the community of criminals. The technicians cleared away. Somewhere, someone pushed a button and the grill between the two compartments began to sink into the floor of the platform. The girl, no longer able to stand, was viewable on the monitors as a mass of pale flesh in the far corner of the smaller chamber.

Within seconds the python started to move, his extraordinarily long, forked tongue flicking out and sampling the air. The attractant that was one component of the gel coating the girl was effective. He rapidly located his prey and started to move toward her. Once he was a few feet from her he stopped and seemed to just look at her for awhile. Then he shot out his tongue and wrapped it around her legs and began to pull her toward him. The tongue was smooth and not slimy at all, to Heather's surprise . It felt cool on her over-heated skin. One end of the fork, either deliberately or by chance landed directly on her pussy. It started to insinuate itself between the folds of her cunt and then to gradually penetrate her vagina, seeking the source of the special unguent used in the girl's cunt.

Heather was both frightened and surprisingly eroticized by what was happening. She could feel herself being dragged across the floor toward the python's mouth, which terrified her. At the same time the part of the tongue in her vagina, which was by now worming around quite vigorously, was exciting and she felt her pussy juices begin to flow in copious amounts. Within a minute she had a powerful orgasm which, due to the paralyzing drug, was only externally detectable by her increased rate of breathing. But, internally she was on fire. Slowly, but surely, she was drawn closer and closer to the python's mouth. He seemed to be in no hurry to consummate their relationship. Finally, after what felt like ages, but was really only about ten minutes, her feet reached what passed for lips.

During this time, his tongue had continued its exploration of her insides. The very tip of it had even penetrated her womb which, to her amazement, was nearly as sensitive as the rest of her. As it twisted around in there, another orgasm ensued. Then, she felt the other fork beginning an ingress of her ass. It slipped in very easily and gradually propelled its way deeper and deeper into her bowels. As the python's tongue continued its maneuvers Heather felt she would die of pleasure long before she was eaten. She thought, "If it feels this good on the outside, I wonder what the inside is going to feel like." And, if the truth had been known, she began looking forward to finding out.

Heather's feet were pulled into the entrance of the python's mouth. As the tongue pulled her, she felt her legs slipping effortlessly inside. To her wonderment, the python's mouth was warm and soft. To get her further inside, the tongue withdrew itself from inside of her. She nearly cried when that happened, but before she could respond at all, the tongue had wrapped itself around her torso and continued the slow, inexorable drawing of her body to its doom. When her waist had passed the entrance to the mouth, the python's tongue released its hold as the mouth closed around her. Her legs were already in the python's throat and the inside of the python seemed to be sucking at her. She would move out a bit, then in, each time a bit deeper.

Ultimately she had been drawn in to her neck and there the snake stopped for a second. He seemed to take a deep breath and with another effort, sucked her in completely. Heather saw the mouth close and realized she was entirely inside. She felt the insides of the python tugging at her and she rapidly slid past the throat and into the stomach. It was warm and wet and when the stomach began a rhythmic rolling up and down her body, coating it with a mucous-like material, her sensitized skin responded and she felt herself getting turned-on again. To her astonishment, she did not have any trouble breathing. After a short stay in the stomach, Heather continued to be drawn further into the python. By now, the crowd could see on the close up monitors a cylinder of flesh within a cylinder of flesh. The girl's bald head glistened with gel and mucous. One of her arms was raised over her head and her breasts were clearly visible. Her lower body was slowly being drawn further into the digestive system. The sensations of warmth and tingling and rippling musculature was intensifying and the girl reached orgasm over and over again as the drugs liberated her mind from reality. Her last coherent thought was that she was entirely made up of nerve endings, reaching outward into infinity.

Her feet slid into the entrance to the intestine and it began a kind of massaging movement which felt both extremely erotic and continued to draw her into the intestine. After her waist passed the entrance, she felt a couple penis-like extensions nudge at her cunt and anus. As she slid in further, so did the appendages. One slithered past her pussy lips and into her vagina and slowly penetrated it completely. It didn't stop upon encountering her cervix, but pushed on into her womb. None of this hurt, in fact, Heather throbbed with sexual delight and had another couple of orgasms. The probe at her asshole also wormed its way in and she felt it travel through her bowels and on into her lower intestine, it seemed as if it would never stop. Once she was completely in the intestine, her movement stopped. The massaging continued and digestive fluid was applied to the interior of her body, but she no longer moved further into the python. A third probe insinuated itself into her mouth. As it thrust itself at her lips she found herself willingly allowing entrance. It slid past her tongue and into her throat, where it halted. Heather felt it ejecting some liquid which ran down her throat and into her stomach. The digestion had begun.

After Heather had been entirely swallowed, the audience was invited to come down into the arena for a closer look. Some, afraid of snakes stayed where they were, but most accepted the invitation and in a short time quite a crowd had gathered around the python. Because of the python's translucence, they could follow events pretty well. They saw her progress through the stomach and partially into the intestine. They saw her stopped and the ones who were able to continue watching saw her gradually shrink as she was being digested. The covering of gel seemed to glow over her flesh. Most watched and when questioned said they had never seen anything quite so fascinating.

Back inside the python Heather's ordeal continued. Although she could not feel it, the probes in her womb and intestine were also ejaculating digestive fluid. She was gradually dissolving, both from the juices applied by the intestinal walls and by the liquid injected into her insides. She could tell it was happening, but she had accepted her fate and was as much a participant as victim at this stage. Surprisingly enough, even as her abdomen disintegrated, she experienced another, strong orgasm from the movements within her.

As more fluid was pumped down her throat, she found herself readily swallowing it and even sucking on the penis-like appendage. She had lost sight by this time and didn't remember breathing for a long time. She felt her eardrums giving way and shortly thereafter, she thought she felt liquid seeping into her skull. She was right, there was very little left of her body and the time had come for the denouement. The fluid, which was ravishing her brain, had a side effect of stimulating her pleasure center and although there wasn't enough left of her to have a physical orgasm, she couldn't tell. She felt sensations she had never felt before and experienced the best orgasm of her life. She felt less and less connected to the universe and then she was dead.

Most of the spectators left right after Heather's death, but some stayed around until she had been completely liquified. Then they too left. The python was returned to its enclosure and the arena was cleaned up in preparation for the next day's executions. There was no need to remove Heather as there was nothing left to remove, not even bones.


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