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by Mark Bryant

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© Copyright 2007 - Mark Bryant - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; giantess; tease; mast; climax; insert; swallow; digest; absorbed; reluct; soft; X

My roommate kicked me out of my apartment, I don't know why. I do know I have no place to stay. So I decided to take a long drive out in the country. I had been driving for a few hours when I saw someone on the side of the road. As I approached I noticed it was a beautiful young lady in her mid twenties and she was hitchhiking! Wow, maybe my luck was changing. I pulled off to the side of the road to pick her up. People say it is dangerous to pick up hitchhikers but they're not here to see this lady. What could she possibly do to me ?

Long reddish-blond hair cascaded down her back. She wore a short skirt, tie top exposing her flat belly. I stopped the car. She walked over and leaned in the window. Hypnotic green eyes consummed me.

"Could you give me a ride?" she asked.

I nodded and opened the door. As she stepped into the car I saw long perfectly shaped legs covered by a pair of black thigh high nylons who's tops peaked out from under her skirt bottom as she sat.

"Where to?" I asked.

"It really doesn't matter. I'm out exploring."

I shrugged my shoulders and began driving.

"My name is Mark. What's yours?"

"I am Kathy. Nice to meet you Mark."

"So what happened? Your car break down or something?"

"No just wandering around hoping to meet someone interresting to give me a ride. And why are you driving on this deserted road?"

"Well I have no where to go and no place to stay so I have been driving around trying to figure out what to do."

"If you would like to you can stay with me."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, of course I am. And you can stay forever if you would like." She smiled licking her sexy lips.

"O.K. then yes I'd like to stay with you."

I couldn't believe my luck. Not only do I now have a place to stay but I can stay as long as I'd like.

"While you were exploring did you happen to come across some place to eat ? I am real hungry and somewhat lost." I asked her.

Kathy's stomach growled in response. She reached into her handbag, pulled out a sandwich, unwrapped it and handed it to me.

"Thanks. Do you have another one in there for yourself or do you want to share this one?"

"Oh no, this sandwich is all yours."

"Thanks but what are you going to eat?"

"Don't worry about me. I'll catch something later." she said grinning.

"O.K. if you are sure."

"Yes quite sure."

I ate the sandwich and kept driving. Wow, the sandwich tasted great. Not only was she beautiful but she made a killer sandwich. She watched me and smiled.

After a half hour passed I started feeling strange.

"I'm not feeling that well. If you don't mind, I'm going to pull off to the side of the road for a few minutes."

"That's fine. I hope it wasn't the sandwich."

"No I'm sure it wasn't. That was the best sandwich I have ever eaten."

"That's good. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

I pulled off onto a side road and stopped the car. I got out of the car and stretched. Kathy also got out and walked around to where I was. She watched me smiled then slowly ran her tongue over her full moist sexy lips.

I smiled back at her and thought, "This lady wants me."

I had been so mesmerized by Kathy's eyes I hadn't noticed how tall she was. I reached only to her shoulder level. Funny she seemed shorter a while ago. She watched me and I her. Kathy was growing rapidly. Then I realized, Kathy is not growing, I'm shrinking!!! By time I reached this realization I was only two feet tall and still shrinking. I tried to move, to run, but I was paralyzed, maybe from fear or maybe design.

"What is happening to me," I asked Kathy.

She stood there watching in anticipation. Within only three minutes the shrinking process stopped. I was in darkness. At first I had thought that I had passed out and dreamt the whole experience. After all this type of thing only happens in science fiction or fantasy movies. A hot feeling came over me. I realized where I was and the reason for the darkness. I was in my own clothes which seemed like a large circus tent. Well at least I was alive. I worked my way through the massive pile of clothes to an exit. Fresh air, what a relief.

I looked around. Next to me was a giant tire of my car and something else that I could not immediately recognize. A giant leather thing which gave off a faint smell of feet. I shuttered as I started to look upward and realized that I was only two inches tall and the leather thing was Kathy's shoe. My eyes slowly moved up her now massive body. Her shoes were the closed kind with the strap across the top of her foot. Her shaply legs loomed above me as giant redwood trees of northern California. Her long blond hair slightly blowing in the breeze. Her beautiful face looking down on me. I then realized that this beautiful woman could do anything she wanted to me and I could do little to stop her. I made an attempt to run to safety. It started to get dark almost like a solar eclipse. I looked over my shoulder and saw Kathy squatting down and reaching for me. She caught me around my chest with her fingers. What I had feared had come to pass, I was totally at her mercy. She lifted me so rapidly that my ears popped due to the change of altitude. Soon I was looking into one of her giant green eyes which to me was like a giant green pond.

"Hello Mark. I guess you are wondering what will happen next?"

I slowly nodded, not sure I really wanted to know the answer.

"You remember I told you that you could stay with me? Well welcome to your new home."

Kathy tilted her head back, opened her cavernous mouth. Her hot breath washed over my body. She lowered me towards her mouth. I looked below me and saw that her mouth was salviating in anticipation of my arrival. I had no doubt what my future held. I thought if I could delay her somehow, maybe I could figure a way to escape. One thing was certain, if I couldn't delay her within seconds I would be digested alive in her stomach, providing she didn't chew me first. Either way I would have no hope for escape.

I yelled to Kathy as load as I could, "If you are going to devour me anyway, could I at least have a few last requests. Besides don't you want to savor the situation for awhile?"

Kathy only responded by tilting her head forward and placing me on her tongue with my head facing out ward. I felt her hot breath and warm saliva engulf me. She slowly pulled her tongue into her mouth. She then brought her arm up to her mouth, why I didn't know and it wasn't my main concern at the time. I however couldn't help noticing the hair on her arms glistening in the sunlight. As she slowly closed her mouth, I thought the sight of her arms would be the last thing that I would ever see. I felt my member grow hard as her lips sealed shut cutting off my only exit and leaving me alone in the moist darkness of her mouth. She rolled me around in her mouth like she was sucking on a piece of hard candy. This was too much for me to take, I errupted giving me the best orgasm I've ever had and given my situation, probably my last.

To my surprise, Kathy opened her mouth and gently slid me onto her arm. She brought me up to her face and licked her lips.

"God Mark, you tasted fantastic. I considered what you asked for and decided it would be entertaining for me to grant these last requests. So for now my belly will wait. But it won't wait for long, so tell me your requests are."

I took a deep breath and thought for a while. I assumed a woman such as her must shave her legs and for her to grow leg hair would take at least a few days. During this time I could figure out how to make my escape. I knew I couldn't allow her to suspect that I was buying time because if she did, well I didn't want to go there.

Finally I spoke," O.K. Kathy here are my requests. I want to smell your feet."

"Granted. Next."

"I want to feel the hair on your arms."


I was now ready to put my plan into action.

"I want to feel the hair on your calves."


That was not the answer I had expected but what the hell, the plan was working. I had out smarted her and I had my extra time.

"O.K. then let's get started, you are on my arms so feel."

I did and I must admit I enjoyed feeling the long fine hair that seemed to go on forever. I found myself getting hard again. Kathy saw my hardened member. She turned me over with her tongue and started to lick it gently. Several times she almost sucked me back into her mouth. It didn't take me long to come, wow it felt good. Then she gently spit on me covering my entire body in the hot foamy warmth of her saliva. She exhaled her hot breath on me. The combination of her breath and salvia created a pleasant odor. I raised my head above her salvia to breath. As I did I saw giant fingers reaching for me.

Kathy took me off her arm with her fingers. I looked down and saw the wet area on her arm, the only evidence of what I had just experienced. She moved me slowly down her body. With her other hand she pulled open the top of her nylon and place me inside. She then gently pulled on her nylon causing me to slid further down her leg. Slowly but steadily I was sliding past her knee to her lower leg. Hair! I was terribly wrong! She didn't shave her legs after all. I laughed to think how dumb my plan had been. The wise words of some unknown author "To assume makes an ass of you and me" rang in my head. I stopped laughing after it hit me, I would not have the few days I had planned on. Kathy sat down in the driver's side of the car with her legs hanging outside of the car. She crossed her left leg over me. I could feel the weight of her leg squeezing me into her other leg. I felt as if I was being engulfed by her legs. I could barely breath. Soon she uncrossed then recrossed her legs, right ontop of left. She bent over and looked at me trapped between her nylon and leg. She licked her lips and smiled.

"Not long now."

I knew she was right. I had only one more last request for her to grant then it would be over. I tried to develop another plan for escape. The last of my requests were about to be granted, the smelling of her feet. I reasoned that she would take off her nylon, being that would be the only way she could get to me, then place me in her shoe. When she did that I might have my chance for escape.

What Kathy did next shot to hell another one of my plans. She uncrossed her legs and took off her left shoe. Slowly she moved her smelly nylon clad foot towards me. As her foot got closer, the aroma got stronger. Soon her foot was upon me. It covered my entire body. It was not long before the strong fumes overwhelmed me and I started to sink into unconsciousness. Oh well, at least I will be unconscious when I slide down Kathy's throat to her waiting digestive acid. I fell into oblivion never expecting to wake up.

I awoke sometime later. I checked my surroundings. I was still on her hairy leg but the nylon was off. Obviously I had not been swallowed yet.

"I thought you'd never wake up. I know you couldn't feel my leg hair while my nylon was squeezing you against my leg. So go ahead and do it now."

I looked at the leg hair surrounding me. It was fine, soft and very blond. It was like being in a field of golden grain. I began to feel the hair and soon got aroused. This time I came before Kathy realizes that I was was hard.

"O.K., I satisfied my part of the agreement. Now it's your turn."

"Now it's my turn to have fun," Kathy said smiling.

She gently took me off her leg and laid across the front seat of the car. She pulled her skirt down to her ankles and placed me on her belly. I felt the rumbling from inside excited in anticipation of my arrival. She then pulled down her panties.

"Now you will do something for me. Make me come!"

"But that's impossible at my size," I explained.

"Don't make me angry. Be creative."

I walked down her belly to her pussy. Her blond pubic hairs were like a jungle which I made my way through. Kathy had been playing with herself and I could smell her sex fluid. I approached her clitoris and began rubbing my entire body against it, she began moaning. The opening to her vagina was swelling as I continued rubbing myself against her. Kathy gave off a load moan and arched her body upward. I was knocked off my feet. I tried to get up but I couldn't, something was holding me tight from my waist down. I looked down and wished that I hadn't. I had sunk up to my waist into Kathy's vagina. She was too excited to notice my dilemma. Then she came and with each ripple I was sucked deeper into her. When I had been consumed up to my neck I mused at the thought, she couldn't swallow me alive now because her pussy had beat her to it. One last groan and with a load slurp I was completely swallowed by her pussy. It was hot, moist and dark. Here I may be crushed or suffocated but I would be spared the horror of being digested alive. Just as the lack of air was starting to effect me, Kathy's pussy opened and I was lifted out.

"Not so fast. I have other plans for you."

Kathy set me on her arm again and brought me up to her face. She placed a pair of those flashlight glasses on her arm next to me.

"What are the glasses for?"

"It is dark were you will be going and I don't want you to miss anything. Put them on."

I didn't see much harm in it other then I would look like a geek and that didn't matter now. I put the glasses on.

She then layed a piece of thread next to me. To me it was like a thick rope.

"Grab onto the rope," she commanded.


"I want to give you a little ride."

"And what if I don't want a ride?"

Kathy shrugged her shoulders and slowly raised her arm to her mouth, tilted her head back and rotated her arm causing me to side toward her mouth. I grabbed onto one of her arm hairs and hung there dangling over her gaping maw. I could feel her hot breath engulfing my body. I looked down and could see her salivating. I could see down her thoat, dark and wet.

"What parts of my body do you want to norish?"

I was surprized by the question.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"What parts of my body do you want to become part of?"

"How could you control something like that?"

"Well, while I am digesting you I will exercise the parts of my body that you select. After I have compleatly digested you, you will norish those parts of my body. So what parts!"

I figured if I was to become part of her any way why not select what I was to be absorbed by.

"Your arms, legs, feet and body hair."

"O.K., but I don't know about my body hair, but I guess if you become part of my arms and legs, you will probably grow on me."

She laughed. I didn't.

"Well, when are you going to let go?"

"I'm not. I'm going to hang here for as long as I can."

"Why, we both know that you are only prolonging the inevitable. Here let me help."

She spat on me and I could feel her salvia causing me to slowly slide down the hair shaft. I looked down to figure out what I could grab onto to stop my decent to Kathy's belly.

I saw Kathy's uvula. If I could reach it and hold on to it I would be safe, for a while at least. I soon slid to the end of the hair shaft and fell into her mouth. I grabbed her uvula and hung on for dear life. She closed her mouth and swallowed. I felt her salvia rushing below me and down her throat with the force of Niagra Falls. I was safe for now but for how long? I got my answer all too soon. Kathy realized that I was still in her mouth and coughed. The force tugged me from my perch and I fell onto her tongue. I tried to get my footing but couldn't. She sucked on me, getting as much flavor as she could from my body. Her mouth opened which suprised me. She brought her foot close to her mouth who's odor I could smell over that of her salvia. She then put her arm by her mouth then finally her leg. She kept her mouth wide opened. I could feel my member getting hard again. Kathy's tongue ungulated below me and I felt myself being raised to the roof of her mouth. I reached my climax just as Kathy's throat muscles grabbed me and pulled me helplessly down towards her stomach.

With the lit headband Kathy gave me, I watched as the group of her throat muscles below me relaxed and the muscle group above me contracted tugging me down her throat. After what seamed like forever I saw the giant cavern that was Kathy's stomach. The last group of her throat muscles relaxed and I was in her belly. The sound I made when I hit was not unlike that of a fish flopping in a boat after being caught. My body still quivering from the force of my orgasm which lasted all the way down to Kathy's stomach. I looked around and saw that I had missed the pool of acid that had been made ready for me. I had been spared for now. Maybe I would just suffocate. Then Kathy's stomach lurched and started churning which caused me to be hurled into the digestive acid. I realized that Kathy was exercising like she told me she would. I was amidst the churning stomach acid and could see my body start to dissolve. To my surprise there was little pain only ecstasy.

Kathy rumbled, "Mark, how are you doing down there in my belly ? Don't worry you won't be there long. I have very strong stomach acids but I guess you found that out by now."

I couldn't answer her as darkness overcame me. Over the next four hours Kathy completely digested me. Her arms, legs and feet absorbed me and I became part of them.

I regained consciousness. How was this possible. I am part of Kathy now but I am still aware. I am totally helpless to do anything but oh God I am still conscious and aware!!! Then the true terror hit Kathy not only absorbed my body but my SOUL as well!!!



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