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Horror of the White Worm

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2012 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; captive; strip; bond; hogtie; rope; coven; worm; tease; swallow; eaten; soft; cons/nc; X

A Halloween Special 2012 Tale


Sarah Laughton twisted on the sand at the bottom of the pit. She was in her bra and briefs and was hog-tied. Her mouth was taped and her brown, frizzed hair fell around her face and shoulders as she struggled.

She looked up to the top of the pit where the coven members were gathered round the edge. They stood out in their white robes and pointed hoods which reminded Sarah of the Ku Klux Klan. They were illuminated by lamps on stands around the pit. The lights blotted out the night sky but from the pit Sarah could see the tops of the columns supporting the beams of the Penitch Monument which enclosed the pit.

Sarah had come up to Penitch on a recce for her school. It was an idea she'd had for sometime as she'd heard the small market town was well known for it's legend of a giant White Worm that had terrorised the neighbourhood. It had lived deep in the cellars of the castle that had once stood on the hill overlooking the town and to placate the creature sacrifices were made to it by a local coven that called the Worm "The WRymm".

The castle had been destroyed during the English Civil War and in it's place stood the Penitch Monument: an imitation Greek temple built in the nineteen century by a local dignitary who wanted to commemorate his self-importance. Sarah had visited the Monument and had been intrigued by the large pit in it's centre. Now she was lying at the bottom of the pit. She'd been abducted by the coven who still existed in the town who, after bringing her back to the Monument, had stripped, bound and lowered her into the pit.

Sarah looked as one of the coven members raised a shield into the air which had a snake-like creature coiled round a staff. The coven member began to speak and Sarah heard a woman's voice: "WRymm: you who created the world through the coils of your body and the clouds from your breath, accept this offering. Absorb her into your own, and may her spirit understand that while you are strong you also succour the weak and accept them as your own."

"Greatness is the "WRymm" and the knowledge is ours," intoned the coven members.

Sarah screamed through the tape.

She heard a gentle sighing of sand and saw a mound appear. It grew higher. Sarah looked and saw it was all around her. She started struggling again and looked up at the coven members who stood unmoving.

The mound had become a tube: a huge, flexible tube that glistened and was milk white in colour. Sarah heard a throaty rattle and saw the tube had a flattened projection at one end. The sand twitched and shook around her. She felt felt her mouth go dry and whimpered into the tape.

A loud coughing hawk erupted close to her, and the huge, hooded head of the White Worm reared up. It's large eyes looked down on her and it's mouth opened to reveal it's curved fangs and an enormous, forked tongue which quivered. Sarah felt the Worm's warm breath on her body and recoiled as the head lunged down at her.


The giant Worm's tongue slapped against her clevage. It flicked up her neck and under her chin. Sarah shut her eyes and turned her head away, gasping as she felt the hot tongue on her skin. She opened her eyes and looked into the Worm's hard, unblinking gaze. Even if it was worshipped as a god it was still a creature wanting to eat soft, warm flesh.

The Worm's tongue was on her chest again. Now it was lapping round her breasts, forced forward by her hog-tied postion. Sarah moaned as the Worm's tongue slipped into one of the cups of her bra; sliding over the erect nipple and out the other side. Sarah felt her bra being tugged and then the Worm pulled back it's head; tearing away the bra and leaving her breasts exposed. Sarah fell back on to the sand, shocked by what it had done.

The Worm had not finished with it's toy. It bared it's fangs and lunged towards her loins. It bit into the fabric of her briefs and tore them away leaving Sarah naked. The Worm lowered it's head down and it's tongue played between her legs; entering her vagina. The Worm rasped and breathed in rattling tones and Sarah writhed and cried through her gag as the tongue penetrated her. Eventually the Worm withdrew it's tongue and Sarah saw it was moist with her semen. Sarah moaned and, rolling on to her side, started sobbing.

Then Sarah felt the tongue wrap round her bound legs. She turned her head and saw the Worm was pulling her towards it's mouth which was open. The jaws were tilted back so that they were vertical: big enough to swallow it's food whole.

Big enough to swallow her!

Sarah felt the Worm's mouth close over the lower half of her body up to her breasts. It sucked at her flesh and warm saliva juices ran down her body. The Worm pulled her further into it's mouth before raising it's head to swallow down it's victim. Sarah briefly saw the edge of the pit framed by a near rectangular blackness. Then it was dark.

Sarah felt her whole body was moist and sticky and that she was in a dark, warm cocoon. It was hot and stuffy and her whole body ached now that her bound legs were pressing down on her back but she felt safe and drifted off to sleep.


With it's meal digested the White Worm rose up so that it was level with the coven who kneeled before their god. The Worm felt nothing towards them. The morsels it was being fed with no longer satisfied it's appetite. Through the Monument columns the Worm saw the distant lights of their settlement. There were plenty more of the legged creatures it could feed on.



NOTE: This is a roundabout tribute to Bram Stoker, the author of "Dracula", as 2012 is the centenary of his death. His other works include "The Lair of the White Worm" first published in 1911 about a giant primeval worm that terrorises the Derbyshire countryside. Stoker based his novel on the legend of The Lambton Worm which is set in County Durham in the North East of England. The Lambton Worm lived at the bottom of a well, ate children and livestock, and grew to an enormous size so that it was able to wrap itself round a hill seven times. In some versions of the story the hill is Penshaw Hill overlooking the village of Penshaw near Durham. On top of the hill is the Penshaw Monument, a prominent landmark built in 1844, which is a half-scale replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens. There is an open walkway at the top of the Monument which was closed in 1926 after a boy fell to his death. It was not reopened until 2011. It seems an appropiate setting to base a story involving sacrifices to a legendary monster.

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