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How to swallow a man: Confessions of a Giantess

by Adeline

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© Copyright 2005 - Adeline - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; shrink; giantess; swallow; nc; XX

I wasn't born with the ability to shrink people, it was something I discovered quite by accident. My mother was into the occult at a time when it really wasn't trendy the way it seems to be now. There was this small store on the west end of town that sold books and talismans. My mom would go there occasionally and she used to take me along rather than pay a sitter. 

The store had a jewelry counter where I suppose they kept their more valuable pieces for display. On this particular day there was a necklace that caught my eye. It had a kind of opaline stone in a triangular silver setting. It was the stone though that I first noticed because it seemed to shimmer with an energy that appeared to emanate from within. The woman who ran the shop noticed my interest and removed the necklace from the display. She held it up. The woman told me that I needed to close my eyes and concentrate on whether or not the stone wanted to come with me. To my surprise, I had the feeling that it did want to come with me. 

I looked into the woman's eyes. I can still to this day remember those eyes. They were deep set and seemed to look through me, into me. I glanced away and she laughed. Then she handed me the necklace. I was aware that it felt heavier than its size would indicate and I felt something, though I can't explain what. "This necklace just came in yesterday," she said. "Part of an estate sale. It was meant for you." Then she smiled and asked my mother if she needed any help. 

I was just 11 then. From that moment on, I always wore the necklace or at least had it nearby. It was not until my 13th year that I discovered it's true power and purpose. I was developing into an attractive young girl, filled with the romantic stirrings of adolescence, save for one secret. From the time I had been a small child I had fantasized about swallowing live things. At first I fantasized that I was a cat and would capture some poor mouse and swallow it in one gulp. As I became older the fantasy changed and I would pretend that I was a woman swallowing tiny men. 

What happened next changed my life forever. I was in the school cafeteria eating lunch with my friends. There was a boy, Darrel Smithson, that I had a huge crush on. He was standing at the end of the table where I was sitting. Suddenly his clothes fell to the ground in a heap. My friend, Evelyn screamed and everybody was just looking at the pile of clothes on the floor. Pam Shoemaker picked the clothes up and shook them as if she expected something to happen. It was right after that, when I glanced down and noticed something on the floor near Evelyn's foot. At first I thought it was a strange bug then realized that it was Darrel. I pretended to drop my napkin and scooped him up. I didn't know what else to do so I dropped him into my purse. Then I realized that I had been thinking about what it would be like if he were a tiny man just before he had disappeared. 

It wasn't until I got home that I was able to take Darrel out of my purse and talk with him. He was terrified. I tried to visualize him as his normal size but nothing happened. I felt so guilty about shrinking him. At first I tried to make him comfortable and reassure him but I began to think about him less as a person and more as something to play with. He was so totally freaked out by the situation. I guess I couldn't blame him. The bra I was wearing had a stretchy triangular inset between the cups and I dropped Darrel inside so that he was supported by the band underneath and nestled between my breasts. He didn't seem to mind. I kept him there all evening until bed time. I had a small jewelry box and locked him inside during the night for safekeeping and to make sure he didn't escape. The next morning I woke knowing exactly what to do. 

When I was a girl in junior high, it was fairly common to wear a girdle under your dress or skirt. I had a couple of girdles that I sometimes wore. They were very utilitarian things, not at all sexy, but they would make a secure prison that my tiny classmate could not escape from. This particular one was black with cuffed leg openings encircled with a kind of rubber to help them grip and stay in place. I first put on my pantyhose then slid the girdle up to about my thighs. I scooped little Darrel from my jewelry box and dropped him into the girdle. I watched him slide into the filmy nylon crotch then tugged it the rest of the way on. When I looked down between my legs, I could see a slight lump where Darrel lay. At first he struggled, which felt kind of nice, but after a while I guess he must have gotten tired or realized that he couldn't get out. Anyway, I finished dressing and went to school. 

It was such a turn on to be sitting in class and know that he was trapped inside my girdle. Every so often I would feel him squirm a little, then the sensation would stop. At first I worried that something might happen to him, like he might get squished or suffocate. I tried to be careful when I crossed my legs, not to press them together too hard. I checked on him several times during the day, whenever I had to go to the bathroom. He was angry but seemed to be fine otherwise. 

When I got home that afternoon, I went straight to my room and took off the girdle. I was so turned on by then. From the time I had been a kid I had fantasized about swallowing a tiny boy and now I held a two and a half inch tall guy in the palm of my hand. The temptation was just too great. Darrel was shouting at me, wanting to know what I was going to do with him. I asked him if he had ever fantasized about being swallowed alive. He got very quiet which I took for a 'no'. 

I grabbed him by the ankles and held him upside down over my open mouth. I played with him a little, running my tongue over his body. He tasted a little salty. When he called me a 'stupid fucking bitch,' I got angry and dropped him into my mouth; snapping my jaws shut. He was putting up a tremendous struggle. I could feel him clawing at my gums and I could hear him screaming, begging me not to eat him. I don't know why but his struggling and pleading turned me on even more. I felt very seductive and feminine. 

I was real nervous. I had swallowed plenty of pills but never anything this big and never anything that fought back. I used my tongue to gently flatten Darrel against the roof of my mouth and sort of moved him around until I could feel that he was pointed head first toward my throat. It wasn't easy because he kept trying to squirm away. I held him like that for several seconds while I got up the nerve to go through with it. I was actually shaking with energy. I maneuvered him further back into my mouth as I tipped my head back. I felt him drop into my throat and swallowed. 

I could feel him moving down my throat, the way you feel a large lump of food when you swallow it all at once. Only, this lump was squirming, fighting not to go down. It seemed to take forever as the wriggling lump moved very slowly down. I could feel it descending inside my neck, then just past my collar bone the sensation abruptly stopped. I guessed he must be inside my stomach. I felt very satisfied and stretched out on my bed still extremely turned on. 

What happened next was a total surprise. As if the act of swallowing Darrel had not been totally incredible, I suddenly felt tickled. It startled me at first; so much that I actually jumped. The tickling was coming from inside me, right at the curve of my left breast. It took a minute to realize that I was feeling Darrel moving inside my stomach. It never occurred to me that I might actually be able to feel some sort of sensation inside me like that. I loved the way it felt and the fact that it was my classmate trying to fight his way out made it better still. It felt like there was a nerve connected from my stomach directly to my genitals and every time he moved I felt increasingly turned on. I wriggled out of my hose and began to rub myself as he struggled inside me. I had never had an orgasm before and was not sure what had happened to me. I just knew that my whole body erupted into these electric tickles that curled my toes and shot out through my fingertips. Every part of my body felt alive and sensitive. It felt, well. . . orgasmic! 

It took a while to come down from that. It didn't help that Darrel was still moving about inside me. I felt wonderfully delicious and utterly feminine. I'm not sure how long I had been lying there when I heard my mom calling. I slipped into sweat pants and a tee shirt and went to the kitchen to help her with dinner. My mother was very intuitive and I could tell that she knew something was up with me, but she never asked. There were a couple of times that I jumped when Darrel started really struggling. One time I noticed my mom looking at me with this funny smile on her face. I later found out that she knew exactly what I had done. 

I felt Darrel struggling inside me all through dinner. I wondered what it was like being inside my stomach as it filled with food and began mixing and digesting. It wasn't until a couple of hours later, while I was studying, that I realized I hadn't felt Darrel moving for a while and I guessed that he must have been digested with the rest of my meal. That was a pity, I enjoyed knowing he was there inside me. It gave me a since of satisfaction and comfort. 

After that incident, I tried to be much more careful about what I thought. I was actually kind of paranoid. The incident at school made the local newspaper but the police were mostly baffled by the disappearance and had no clue what had happened. Darrel had seemingly vanished without a trace. 

I managed to make it through most of the school year without further incident though I thought about it a lot. Then in the spring it happened again. I had been taking ballet lessons at the local college for several years. I enjoyed dancing, it made me feel graceful and feminine, and at the awkward age of 14 I needed to feel both those things. The dance studio was in a room in the old fieldhouse. I had gotten there early and was starting my warm ups. 

There was this guy standing over by what used to be a concession stand watching me in a way that made me feel very self conscious and uncomfortable. I remember thinking that if he were only an inch tall, I would teach him about staring at young girls. Then, just as before, his clothes were in a heap on the floor. I went over and began rooting around in them. I caught something out of the corner of my eye. It was the guy, who looked to be only an inch or two in size. He was trying to run. I scooped him up in my hand and quickly pushed his clothes behind the concession stand. I was studying him when one of the other girls walked up. I didn't know what to do with him so I pretended to adjust the neck of my leotard and dropped him inside. 

The leotard I was wearing had a low cut back so I wasn't wearing a bra. I felt him slip between my breasts and slide down my abdomen. I continued my stretching warm up as if nothing was wrong. As I continued, I felt him slipping further down until he became entangled in my pubic hair. He was squirming around quit a bit by now and as I continued my routine I tried to coax him the rest of the way down into my crotch where he would be less noticeable. The instructor arrived and we filed into the room to start class. It was difficult to concentrate with my tiny captive struggling directly against my vulva. Still, it would have been fine if he hadn't started hurting me. He was pinching me, or biting me, or something. Whatever it was, it hurt! The instructor was working with one of the girls, trying to position her, and everyone was looking her direction. I reached my hand between my legs and pulled the guy from my crotch. There was no place I could put him so I raised my hand to my mouth and forced him inside. He was fighting and I only had a moment. I pressed him hard against the roof of my mouth. As I felt him go limp, I swallowed and he went down without a struggle. 

As the class continued I thought I felt him inside me a few times but I think I must have hurt him pretty bad pressing him so hard with my tongue. None of that would have happened if he had just behaved himself in my crotch. 

I continued to swallow guys all through high school, though I had to be careful and I usually tried to pick strangers rather than classmates. I accidentally shrank the man next door. I felt really bad about that. He and his wife had only been married a short time. He was real cute though and he used to kind of flirt with me. I was in my room fantasizing about him. I didn't realize that the power could work from a distance. I didn't even know anything had happened until the police came a few days later asking if we had seen him. He had been in the bedroom alone and when his wife came to get him, he was gone except for the clothes he had been wearing. I don't know what might have happened to him after he shrank. I suspect his wife swallowed him but then I am biased. 

During college it was easier because there was more anonymity. It was easy for someone to get lost in the shuffle and disappear. I discovered that the shrinking effect was not random. For it to work there had to be an energy exchange. By that I mean, the guy had to notice me and feel an attraction toward me. Fortunately I had grown into a very attractive woman, so it didn't take much to attract a man's attention. 

My routine was fairly consistent. I would catch someone and play with him for a while, keep him trapped in my bra or panties. Then, usually on a nearly empty stomach, I would swallow him. I found the sensations were much more intense if my stomach was empty. They also seemed to live much longer. There have been several times that I have swallowed a man in the evening and felt him still moving inside me the next afternoon. 

Every so often I get the urge to give them a sporting chance. I remember one time I came home with a sack of those little hamburgers that are about 2 inches square. After I fished the guy out of my bra, I sat him on the table and let him watch as I ate the hamburgers. I only had four of them. I had just finished the third one and pulled the top off the forth. I told him to climb onto the hamburger and said that once he was on I would put the top of the bun back on and give him a minute to position himself. Then I would take a bite. If, after one bite he was still alive, I would not eat him and instead let him live. He was not too wild about this game until I told him the other option was for me to swallow him right then. So, he climbed onto the hamburger and I put the top on the sandwich then counted to twenty so that he would have time to get into whatever position he thought best to survive. I picked up the hamburger and slowly pushed the entire thing into my mouth. I mashed it around more than actually chewing it and swallowed it in one long gulp. I never did feel him inside me and I suspect that he was probably crushed as I mashed the sandwich into a swallowable lump. 

I have also had some weird experiences. One of the strangest had to be this guy I had dated a couple of times. He was getting more serious about the relationship and I was getting bored. We had made love that afternoon at his apartment. Afterward, I shrank him and dropped him into my panties as I dressed. As I was driving home, he began squirming in my crotch and I felt him doing something at the mouth of my vagina. I don't know if it was his intention, but he got stuck inside me and suffocated. When I got home I pulled his limp remains from my vagina. I was going to flush him but became concerned that someone might somehow find what was left of him so I swallowed him instead. It was no fun at all but I knew that there would be nothing for anyone to find. 

What was most interesting though was to discover that my mother knew about my shrinking activities all along. She knew what the necklace was and had talked with the woman who ran the shop about giving it to me. Apparently there are a number of these necklaces around and there is a sisterhood of women who enjoy shrinking people and swallowing them. My mother and I had always been close and it bothered me that I had this power that I had kept secret from her. So, one afternoon while I was on a break from graduate school, we talked about it. 

I told her about my experiences and what it felt like to swallow someone alive. She wanted to know what it was like so the next day we went out together and I shrank each of us a little man to eat. I must say that it was very arousing to watch as someone else did the swallowing. My mother is a very sensuous, erotic woman and watching her as she dropped her tiny captive onto her tongue and slowly pulled him into her mouth excited me no end. Her neck muscles undulated as she swallowed and he was gone. She sat smiling at me like the cat that just ate the canary. Later over dinner, she told me that she could still feel him struggling to escape. We sipped our wine and both laughed at the thought of a three inch tall guy thinking he could somehow escape the inside of our stomachs. 

I am now in my early 40s and I have lost count of the number of men that have passed through my lips into digestive oblivion. I tried a few times to quit but I enjoy the feeling of power and control too much to give it up. Not to mention the intense sexual gratification that comes with having a tiny man fighting to survive inside me. What is the most exciting is to wake the next morning and have him still alive. I have never had anyone last more than a day though. I'm not sure if they suffocate or succumb to stomach acid and digestive enzymes. 

I have a young daughter and in a few years, after she reaches puberty, I will pass the necklace on to her. I think family traditions and lineage are important. I don't know if her father would approve, he disappeared shortly after I became pregnant. One of the many missing persons cases the police still have open on their books.


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