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Hunting for Food

by Vorartfan

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© Copyright 2015 - Vorartfan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; woods; outdoors; capture; strip; swallow; devour; eaten; whole; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

It was a sunny Sunday. Joe was in his bed, about to get up. He didn't really want to, but he had to. When he finally did he went straight to the bathroom. He watched himself in the mirror. 5 feet 9, well-defined abs and a slightly bulging chest: he was muscled, but not too much, just how he had always wanted to be. Brown hair and dark eyes. He was an ordinary 19-year-old boy.

Well, only his physique was. Indeed, inside him, it was very different: as a baby, doctors discovered that his stomach was three times as big as it should have been. Once, when he was 10, he had managed to swallow a mouse, full and alive. He had practised a lot since it, by eating frogs, rats and even a kitten he had found in the street. He was very cruel but he liked it. He had always admired that after swallowing each prey, his gut had never bulged, due to the size of his big stomach. But one day, a year before, he went to the forest, hunting chipmunks. However, his meal had not been what he had really thought: indeed, behind a rock, he had found a cave, and, in that cave, people. But, not the kind of people you always meet. No, these ones were really different: they were about 1 foot 11. He had caught one of them, a male, shorter, about 1 foot 7, ran, hid behind a tree, and had swallowed him headfirst, tasting each part of him.

When he had gone back there twice, he had never managed to find another one.

But on this sunny sunday, he wanted to try his luck. He was gonna go back over there. He absolutely wanted to swallow an adult, or at least, a bigger one. But it wasn't easy stuff. Even at 1 foot 11, they were quick, and very smart.

He parked his car close to the forest and headed to it. He wore a green T-shirt in order not to be visible. He had learned how to be quiet while hunting, and it helped him a lot. After finding the cave, he waited, hiding, but after 1 hour he started to realize that something was wrong. It looked like it was empty and they had moved to another place.

"Shit", he thought. "What can I do now ? The forest is too big and thre are so many places where they can hide ! I should have come back more often !"

So he walked, walked and walked, until being discouraged. He decided to go back home and eat what he would find in his fridge.

It was when he was totally desperate and hopeless that he heard a noise. He stopped, leaned on the floor and listened. He was very well camouflaged so he didn't risk much. But what he saw disappointed him very much: a dad and his son. The boy looked approximately the same age as Joe. And the dad was very young, about 36, too young to have a son this age. His son was smaller than Joe, about 5 feet 7, while the dad was taller, approximately 6 feet 2 and, unlike his son, well built for his age. Not built like a tank, but bigger than Joe was, and much bigger than his own son. They both were looking for mushrooms, and didn't see Joe.

They got farther, and Joe thought about something. He was very very hungry, and the only thing he could think of was to eat. And there was this young guy, smaller than him. He had never tried to eat someone or something as big as him though, and it was almost impossible. Almost... With Joe, nothing was impossible and he had to try his luck. After all, the little tribe was nowhere to be found and he couldn't wait anymore. But there was the dad. Joe had to separate them. But how ? He was very close to his car and could easily take the guy to it. He then threw a stone towards them. It scared the hell out of the boy, and the dad told him to stay there while he looked for the one who had done this. To Joe, that was perfect and exactly what he had hoped for.

The dad was now far from his son, whom didn't stop watching everywhere. Joe approached quietly, and, once he was close enough, he talked to him:

"Hi there."

"Oh, you scared me ! "

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to." Joe smiled at him, a ravenous look in his eyes. The guy saw it and stepped back.

"What are you doing here in the woods?" he asked

"Hunting" Jo replied.

"Oh that is great. What are you hunting ?"

"Something to eat obviously ! And I think I have found it right in front of me!" The guy ran and screamed, but Joe was faster and managed to knock him out. Shit, the guy had screamed and his dad may have heard it. He had to hurry up.

He caught his prey under his arms and dragged him to his car. That wasn't easy to do, fortunately it wasn't parked too far ! He unlocked the doors and put him on a seat. He couldn't wait to eat, but in the rear-view mirror, he saw the dad. So he left very quickly, driving unprecedently fast.

30 minutes later he arrived home and parked his car in the garage so that nobody would see him dragging the guy inside.

Once in his bedroom, he closed the blinds and the door. Now he could eat without being disturbed.

He didn't want the guy to be awake because he didn't even know if his mouth could stretch enough and his stomach hold the guy whole. He started by undressing him, and, when completely naked, he noticed that eating a guy whole was turning him on, he thought he was straight.

He then undressed himself because he didn't want his clothes to tear. He sat on his bed, his head against the wall and his legs outstretched on the bed. He grabbed the younger guy on him, his ass on his knees, also lying but not on the bed, on Joe's body.

The guy was starting to breath harder so Joe had to do it fast before he would wake up. So he caught the guy's arms, pulled him closer to his mouth, and opened it. He couldn't open very wide and his head didn't fit. "Oh no", he thought, panicking. He tried harder this time, and all he could do was hurt himself. He had had eyes too big. He will never eat this guy and won't be able to explain what he had done. "I have to try again" he thought, and after trying his best, he felt his jaw unhinge and it did a "pop". So he didn't waste any time and engulfed the smaller guy's head in his salivating mouth. He just couldn't realize he was doing it, eating a true human whole. That was incredible !

He pulled more of the guy and swallowed. he felt his neck expand with the head in it. He almost fell the guy's body move on his own body. His hair was touching his adam apple and his nose, the back of his throat. So he kept going and swallowed more of the guy. Now, his lips were sealed over his whole neck and he had to stretch his jaws further to take in the shoulders. He looked at them, they were not very large because the guy himself wasn't very muscled. But they remained shoulders and weren't easy to deal with. He used his arms to pull the guy and opened. He managed ! The shoulders were completely inside his mouth, which was stretching much more. He gulped hard this time, and the guy slipped inside Joe's body.

Now, the head was entering Joe's chest, which bulged out slighlty and the guy's arms were pinned to his small body. His ass was no longer on Joe's knees but on his navel. Joe was feeling incredibly well and was in heaven. Until the guy awoke. He was extremely panicked, "Normal, he's being swallowed by me" Joe thought, and he held him with a stronger grip. Unfortunately, his legs were free and he hit his pred where it is very painful.. Joe moaned and his eyes started to cry, due to the pain. With his legs, he locked the guy's ones and gulped harder to get rid off this violent meal. The shoulders were now inside Joe's chest, while the head entered the stomach. The prey's ass was now on Joe's nipples and he could hold the guy's legs with his arms.

He swallowed more and more, ignoring the violence of the guy, and his ass was now firmly in the throat. Only the legs were still out. As for Joe's gut, it was bulging slightly. He gulped again, without any pause, and the guy's knees were pinned inside his mouth. Then, after one more swallow, they were in his throat. His belly was bulging more after each swallow, and now he coudn't see his own legs anymore. The smaller teenager, firmly held by Joe's bigger body, couldn't move much anymore. Joe relaxed and swallowed the rest of him like noodles. His mouth was unharmed and it had come back to normal size.

Joe could feel the guy's legs descent his throat, which wasn't bulging either anymore. He had done it, the guy was inside his gut, which expanded not hugely, but enough to notice that he hadn't had a normal meal. The guy was totally unable to move, trapped there. He formed a round ball in Joe, whose abs were now invisible. His chest however was the only part of his upper body (with the head of course) which wasn't bulging out.

Joe laid on his bed, still amazed by what he had done. He patted his belly and everything he was thinking of was to stay here, waiting for his belly to get rid off the meal.

"Let's just hope the dad didn't see me..." He thought.

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