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I Am NOT Food

by Thrack

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© Copyright 2009 - Thrack - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; dragon; swallow; nc; X

Long ago, deep in a valley, there was a small village of people. A farming community of simple people with simple beliefs. Everyone knew everyone and there was no crime or problem of any kind within the town itself! Outside the town that is a much different story. Everything from trolls, ogres, dragons, and wizards crept around in neighboring forests, mountains, and fields. The only reason why the town was safe, was the fact that there was quite a bit of people there, and they always have power in numbers. This kept mostly everything away from them, and over time and generations it got to the point that everything dangerous was sooo distant from them, that no one had ever even seen a Dragon, wizard or etc.

This town was a small paradise for its inhabitancy, but every great now and then someone would travel off, never to be seen again. Leaving the town was inevitable, since food started to run low due to the over populating towns people. Scouts were sent out to find more nourishment so the town could survive. Amon these scouts was only one female, Eileen.

Eileen was a headstrong 19 year old with long blond hair and blue eyes. She was thin and considered on of the most beautiful woman in all the town. But, she was a girl who didn't like girlish activities, which lead her to volunteering to go on the next mission to search for food. This shocked the towns people since woman didn't normally do any of the physical work, that was for the Men. But since this town has no laws of any kind, there wasn't one to stop her from doing any of the Men's work. Eileen's family and friends (she has quite a bit of both) didn't like the idea and tried to persuade her to not do this foolish thing. But Eileen ignored them and decided to go anyway.

It was early morning on a winter day, and Eileen woke up rather startled from the hand shaking her. "Time to go young Lady", said the man who was also in the missions team,"there is no room for sleepers in this task"!

Eileen rubbed her eyes and nodded very obediently. She wanted to tell him off, but since it was so close to travel time, she didn't want to get in any trouble before the big trip. Eileen packed some bread, that's all she really had to bring, the food problem was much worse then anyone admitted, which is why this was so important. "If we didn't use up all the resources in this land like idiots, we would all be stuffing our mouths right now!", she though as she finished packing. She ran out the door to the group gathered in the town square, it seemed that everyone else was already there!

"How embarrassing", she thought.

The leader of this journey gave a quick speech about why they were doing this, and all that "for the good of the town stuff" she has hear a million times. Soon they were off, all of her family was waiting at the edge of the town to wish her well on her trip. Eileen waved to them and gave a fake smile. "This is even more embarrassing", she though. Only 'her' family was there, which made her stand out more then she already is.

It was foggy in the distance, but easy to see in-front of her. The group walked in a line, everyone following the person in front of them. She was in the back, to avoid conversation with the guys because she was afraid they would tease her. They all came to the entrance to the forest, and went in , slowing down a bit to be cautious. Hours past and she saw some slightly interesting things. The mouth of the forest was a sight she never saw before, but it was hardly worth this long walk. As they got further into the largest forest in the valley, she started to slow down a bit, being bored with this just as much as playing with her sisters (and other girlish activities).

"What am I to do.. this is not like I imagined it", she thought. "I thought I would at least get to see an ogre, or something exciting!", she muttered quietly.

Eventually she stopped! "This is silly", she said. "I'm going home and getting back to slumber land", she thought out loud.

With that, she broke formation and walked the opposite way from the group, but everyone else was to busy to notice her leaving. She went along the exact path they came her on.. or, at least she thought. It was foggy when they came here, and it still is. After an hour of walking back, she started to see and notice things she hadn't before, it was obvious she was going the wrong way! Eileen didn't like this one bit, she didn't want to get lost in here! Out of frustration she walked further and faster, wanting to find a way home, not knowing she was just getting more and more lost, deeper and deeper into the forest.

"Ouch!", she trips on a root of one of the trees and starts falling down a hill! It wasn't long before she stopped, hitting a big bolder in a clearing of some sort. She got up a bit dizzy from the tumble, rubbing her head where she hit the large rock.

"I don't think I am ever going to get out of here", she thought.

After her head felt better she sat down against the bolder and yawned, getting ready to take the nap she wanted a bit earlier. But as she laid back, the bolder shook rapidly. Eileen jerks back and gets to her feet, alert and ready for what ever she may have to encounter. But she finds she is everything but prepared for what she sees next.

A long serpenty neck slides out from the unraveling ball that was the boulder? No, it wasn't a bolder, it was a Dragon curled up and sleeping, well 'was' sleeping! Eileen looked up to the towering figure above her, and the Dragon completely came to his senses and flapped his wing briefly. Some of the fog cleared from that motion, and they both got a better look at one another. It was dead silent for about 5 minutes.. both just looking the other over in curiosity. It was apparent neither one had ever seen the species of the other, which made this encounter quite awkward.

Eileen didn't say anything just yet, she just stared in amazement at the large reptile. Before this day the largest reptile she had ever seen was a lizard the size of her finger run across the ground in front of her house.. it is quite a different experience for her to be the tiny one! The creature before her had to be at least 50 feet tall, and she could not even guess how long he was with that tail coming out of his rear. He had eyes resembling any reptiles, and a medium sized snout. His hide was a dark red color, and his underbelly was a bright yellow.. just as she imagined a Dragon would look.

Another 5 minutes passed, and the Dragon lowered his head toward her and sniffed. Eileen slightly stepped back, liking that she got to finally see a Dragon, but still being very cautious. She knew she could not run, the brut looked like he could catch her even if she had a mile head start. And hiding was now out of the question, since she is in his sights. Eileen wasn't sure what to do, but it was immediately clear to her why everyone else in her village was glad they have never encountered one of these creatures before. Just being in the presence of him was enough for her to feel things she has never felt before... a fear she could not place, but she knew it was some kind of natural fear, as though her body was telling her to get out of there right now!

The Dragon finished his smelling of her, and licked his chops just two feet away from her face. Eileen did NOT like the looks of that and wanted to make it clear that she wasn't some animal he could just gobble up. Eileen smacked the Dragon one the nose one time, but still very hard (as if disciplining him like a dog). The Dragon jerked back in shock! "Ouch", he said as he rubbed his nose. "There was no need for that", he said as if correcting her.

"You can speak?", Eileen said with intrigued in her eyes.

"Of course I can, i'm a Dragon", he said in the same tone as before. "Why did you hit me?", he said curiously.

"Weren't you planing on eating me?" Eileen said in a unsure voice.

"Yes, I was.. but you didn't have to hit me! That wouldn't have saved you, ya know?", said the Dragon.

Eileen looked a bit shocked. "I didn't know a Dragon could be hurt by such a small blow, and what did you expect me to do, just stand there and let you have your way?" Eileen said with disgust.

The Dragon finished rubbing his nose," You didn't really hurt me, just surprised me. Yes I did expect you to just stand there, or run, either one, but not wack my nose like that!", said the Dragon.

"I won't just let you eat me up, because I am not food!".

The Dragon looked amused, "Not food?".

The Dragon sounded confused and interested in her words, but never took the hungry stair out of his eyes.

"Yes, human beings are not to be eaten by the likes of you!", Eileen said with a somewhat proud tone. The Dragon didn't know what to make of this, but did listen to her words to be fair.

After a brief explanation of what she believed was the course of nature (all animals being mans slaves to do has he wished) the Dragon got a doubtful look in his eye. "I am sure you believe what you are saying, but I want to see if you are edible for myself!" the Dragon demanded!

Eileen started to get scared again, and took another step back. The Dragon grabbed at her without warning and effortlessly lifted her off the ground. It was as though she where nothing but a doll to him, and like a doll, he started to undress her??

"STOP THAT, HOW DARE YOU!", Eileen yelled!

But the Dragon paid no attention to her. Soon she was unclothed but still not naked. The Dragon just wanted to get enough off to see more of her, and succeeded. Eileen now only had on a cloth around her breasts and one guarding her crotch area. The Dragon was amused again. "You must think yourself to be quite hideous and ugly to hide so much of yourself with this material", he said in a teasing voice. Eileen didn't know how to respond to that, anything she could have said back about what he just said, could have been easily countered by him. This made Eileen feel embarrassed.

The Dragon sniffed again, this time his snout touched her. Just the tip, but that was enough to poke her whole abdomen area with a single motion. The Dragon was surprised how clean and smooth her skin was, not furry and dirty like the other animals. "Your so clean and hairless", the Dragon said in an interested tone.

"Well I have always been hairless, but as for clean, I took a bath last night." Eileen said in a confused and scared tone.

"Which just makes you look all that much delicious!", the Dragon smiled.

Eileen shivered in fear. "Please don't eat me, I told you I'm not food, i'm a person", Eileen pleaded.

The Dragon did another test of edibility on her, one which Eileen did not care for to much. The large reptile opened his mouth just enough to run his long serpenty tongue up her crotch, belly, chest and face all at once! Eileen pushed the tongue away in disgust and fear. The dragons smile widened.

"You taste even better then you look!", he almost applauded her.

Eileen could not stop shaking, especially now that she was all wet and the cold air was making the saliva on her also cold. Eileen looked up at him with innocent eyes,"oh please let me go, i'll do anything for you, anything to repay you".

The Dragon laughed, "Sorry my dear, but you're the most precious thing I have ever had in my possession. Eating you would be heaven itself, nothing could convince me to do otherwise, because nothing could be better then you on my tastebuds!" he said very determined.

Eileen went quiet, and then said in a loud but stuttering tone,"But i'm not... people are not.. fo..". She was running out of words and pleas, and the Dragon was getting hungrier every second.

Eileen got on her knees while still in the palm of the dragons claw. She pleaded for her life, acting more desperate then she has ever remembered being. The Dragon showed no concern to her pleas or well-being, which he showed when he licked his chops again. Then the Dragon decided (for no apparent reason) to try and make her understand just a little bit. "You taste like food, you smell like food, you look better then any prey I have ever seen, so your food!", the Dragon explained. Eileen sighed in sadness, starting to get depressed about this. The Dragon looked like he had more to say, and all she could really do was sit and listen.

"Better make the most of the time I have left", she thought to herself....

"How could you tell me your not food, your practically made for consumption. I not only think your food, I think your supposed to be my natural prey.. or so I hope", he said as if planing on hunting down more people later. "You seem to have this idea your above nature and the circle of life, but that's all it is, an idea. It must have been very comforting for you to live with such a belief, I see now that's why your kind deludes themselves into thinking it to be true. Only to find out they are wrong when they actually are eaten by something", the Dragon said in a philosophical voice. This caused Eileen to break out in tears.

A low bellow came from the Dragon, but it was not from his mouth, it was from his stomach. The Dragon was tiring of this conversation and just wanted to subdue his hunger. "I may be wrong in my assumption, you may not be food. But, like you and every other animal on this planet, I am a slave to my instincts. When I am sleepy, I must sleep, when I must mate, I mate, when I am hungry, I must feed!. I am not always right (after all) and if it is true I am not supposed to eat you, I apologize for what Im about to do!", he said, hoping that would end the talking right then and there. Eileen looked up at him, sniffling with tears in her eyes. The Dragon raised his claw toward his muzzle, and Eileen started looking around frantically, as if seeing the world for the last time.. an eerie sight it is. Eileen then looked forward to see a most terrifying sight!

The dragons mouth was wide open and thick streams of drool were oozing downward from almost every spot and angle. A horribly hot air blew past her from the back of the dragons mouth, and she was frozen in absolute terror! The coloring was not like she expected it to be. The fleshy walls where a light pink, so light it was almost the color of her skin. The tongue was a darker pink and everything looked as soft as jelly, and even more slimy then she imagined it would be. The flesh in the back was in constant motion as he breathed and swallowed his saliva... That moving flesh in the back was very disturbing looking to her, she was glad she was going to be dead before traveling down it. It was the only part that was the color she was expecting to see, bright pink with dark red veins barley visible. The Dragon slowly placed her in his mouth, and she was forced off his claw onto the same tongue that licked her earlier.

The dragons maw slowly shut, and it was clear by his slow movements that he wanted to savor this meal. Eileen immediately looked up and did see what she expected. Hiding behind the dragons lips where huge razor sharp looking teeth! Eileen knew those where going to be the instruments of her death, and quickly got to the middle of the tongue in fear of being shredded and grinded up. The dragons teeth clamped down just as she moved, missing her by inches. The tongue of the Dragon wiggled with frustration, and Eileen held on as much as she could. It was almost impossible, like holding onto a giant, soft, slimy snake, and she was losing her grip rapidly. Through the whole time she kept thinking, "I don't want to die, oh god I don't want to die in here, like this". Even though the mouth stayed shut, the teeth kept rising and falling as the Dragon chewed at nothing, moving his tongue toward his teeth, trying to get her to them.

After about 10 minutes of quick maneuvers by Eileen, the Dragon's stomach growled again and he was getting angry now. The tongue swished back and forth rapidly, even faster then before. Eileen held on for dear life, then slipped a bit. She was squatting (that was as much as she could stand in there) and only using her feet to stand as she slowly fell backwards. She turned her head and saw all that moving flesh suddenly slide open involuntarily as the dragons gullet was going to swallow her, even without the Dragon planing on it. As the flesh separated, it was clear there was an opening there, but it was covered with much mucus, making a thick membrane of slime guarding the entrance. Though she knew it was all made out of merely saliva, and all she would have to do is touch it to fall through. Eileen screamed out and grabbed the dragons back molars just as she fell.

The Dragon widens his eyes in shock, feeling all of the aerobics going on in his mouth. His stomach growled again, this was getting tiresome. Eileen pulled herself forward, and got away from the back of the mouth as fast as she could. Being away from the back of the tongue caused the Dragon's gullet to close again. She almost sighed a relief, before realizing she was now even closer to the teeth, the front teeth! The Dragon curved the middle of his tongue up, trying to make her slide toward them. But Eileen (seeing the tongue was rising) jumped back over the slope going backwards. Unfortunately for her the slope was going downward on the other side and she slid down too fast to grab anything this time. Before she even started to slide she knew what has going to happened, and screamed out again.

Eileen was able to get on her rump (sit up) again, but that did not help her at all. She slid toward the gullet entrance, and tried to grab the flesh surrounding it just before it opened by itself, as if welcoming her in. Success, she had a grip on the neighboring flesh surrounding the entrance, a nice tight one. But this would still not be enough. Even though she had the best grip she could possibly get, the walls where too soft and slimy. It was like holding onto the inside of a marshmallow covered with maple syrup, she could not hold on for long.

She screamed again in more terror then she ever has, "WAIT!!!! IM NOT DEAD YET, IM NOT DEAD YET, DON'T SWALLOW!!!!!!!!!".

The Dragon heard her pleas, but she did this to herself. If she would have let him chew her up, she would have met her end fast and a long time ago, but she insisted on making it hard. She wanted to live longer, unfortunately for her that wish will come true. She is going to have a bit more time of life, but it is not going to be at all pleasant the Dragon thought. Oh well....

As Eileen sunk down further and further she repeated her yelling and cries, but the Dragon ignored her. A gust of uncomfortably hot air blew up her undies and that caused her to loose most of the grip she had. The second the Dragon felt that, he swallowed! She yelled out her plea about being alive one last time, as the gooey, slimy tunnel grabbed hold of her and sucked her down. She looked out at the mouth one last time and regretted dodging the teeth. The Dragon lifted his head and her form started to materialize along the bottom of his throat. Still thrashing and struggling she slid down giving off muffled scream of being alive. The dragons gullet contracted back to a closed position and he licked his chops. Eileen's form was last visible to the world through the dragons gullet and throat flesh, everything from her chest to face poked through his yellow scales, right before it disappeared into his rib cage. No one would ever see her face again...

The Dragon closed his eyes and stood still for a couple of minutes, then opened them and let out a loud belch that slightly moved the leaves in the trees, confirming his meal has reached its destination and settled. His hunger is gone and his stomach is full. As he began to walk off with his slightly sagging gut, he heard her muffled plea again along with weird noises, he rolled his eyes and sighed. She was still struggling, which caused his body to contract and move in funny places.

To make matters worse she was still yelling too. "Her digestion would be a noisy process indeed, but she did that to herself, normally his food wouldn't have to suffer by living through the processing stage, but she insisted by being so defiant about her fate" he muttered. Off into the distance he walked, ignoring the sound coming from his innards.. and looking for a place to resume his nap and digest his stomach's occupant (hopefully quickly).



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