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Jacuzzi Gourmet Club

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2013 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; club; naked; jaccuzi; tease; sex; climax; swap; enclosed; boiled; cooked; eaten; hard; cons/nc; XXX

"Has everyone has been invited to the party?", asked Ellen, a lovely blond girl with a stunning figure and long legs.

"Not everyone my darling", replied Jeff, as he smiled at her. Jeff could not believe his luck that such a beautiful creature would even look at him, let alone agree to go out with him. Mind you Jeff was better looking then the average guy, dark curly hair slim figure and latent muscles.

Some new friends had told him about this really exclusive private party which only specially invited guests could attend. This party would be held in the grounds of a remote private house set in the hills of Colorado. The food Jeff was assured, would be to his own personal liking and if he could bring his new lovely girl friend, so much the better. There is one thing Jeff mentioned to Ellen, apart from being very rich their Hosts were sun worshippers and liked their guests to arrive nude.

"How do you feel about that?"

"I don’t mind", said Ellen, "as long as the weather is warm and all the other guests are naked".

Jeff now felt the bulge in his crotch grow and harden, as they drove up a long winding drive to a large house, set among trees and lawns. They drove through some open gates, following signs to the car park at the rear. There were only two vehicles in the car park. 'We must be early', thought Jeff. As he parked up Jeff saw a sign directing them to the reception block.

They locked up the car and walked into a cool lobby, behind a desk was a very pretty young girl, wearing nothing but a short apron.

"Hello", she said, "you must be Jeff and Ellen we have been expecting you, why don’t you take off your clothes and leave them on this desk, I will make sure that they are safely stored until you leave, any valuables or cell phones you may have I will place in our secure safe".

Jeff and Ellen looked at each other, "Ah well as this seems to be expected, why not comply".

Helping each other they both stripped completely naked. Jeff could not help but admire Ellen’s toned body and pert breasts and in spite of himself he found he was getting very aroused.

"Don’t worry big boy", said Ellen, "I am glad that I am having that effect on you".

"This way", said the young receptionist, as she stole admiring glances at Jeff’s body and obvious asset.

She led them out onto a large patio area, surrounding a swimming pool. A couple were swimming naked in the pool. At the sight of Jeff and Ellen they climbed, out of the pool, to greet them. They were in their late forty’s or early fifties. The man of was stocky build, quite handsome with dark hair, now greying at the sides. The woman was of Polynesian extraction, with long dark hair, a fuller figure than Ellen, but with enticing round and very firm breasts.

"Hello, you must be Jeff and Ellen. It is nice to see that you have come fully prepared. Why don’t you both sit on the patio with us, so that we can chat and get to know each other a little better. By the way my name is Graham and this is my lovely wife Naomi".

They all relaxed on the loungers, while the young receptionist who also acted as a maid, brought each of them a fresh cool drink.

"I see that we are the first arrivals", said Jeff, "when does this party get under way?"

"Let me explain", said Graham, "we get together once a month with a small group of my friends for a gourmet garden party to which we invite specially selected young couples such as yourself and Ellen. My friends will be arriving later in the afternoon so in the meanwhile why don’t you both relax and enjoy yourselves in our newly installed Jacuzzi".

Graham led them out to the far side of the pool, where set into the paved area was a fairly deep Hot Tub with enough room for at least four people. The water looked warm and inviting with a heady spicy aroma. Jeff helped Ellen into the water then dropped in beside her.

"Have fun!" said Graham, "we will join you later".

Jeff was now feeling very aroused at the closeness of Ellen’s very sexy nude body, he wrapped his arms around her, drew her close and gave Ellen a deep kiss, pulling their naked body’s tight together, with Jeff’s hard and solid cock pressing between Ellen’s shapely thighs. Ellen sighed and pressed down on Jeff’s erection allowing him to penetrate her vagina. They stood together in the Jacuzzi as Jeff fucked the beautiful Ellen, at the same time he kissed and sucked her breasts. Ellen let out a loud cry as she climaxed, gripping Jeff’s cock inside her, feeling it pulsate as his warm spunk filled her belly.

Still standing they clung to each other for a few moments, then Jeff, gently lowered Ellen into the hot tub. Settling down together Ellen noticed that some drinks had been left out for them at the side of the Jacuzzi, passing a glass to Jeff they sat back and relaxed in the warm water. Shortly after Graham and Naomi returned.

"How are you getting on nice people, you don’t mind if we join you, our special guests will not be arriving for another hour, so we can all relax and have fun together".

With that their hosts climbed in and set themselves down between Jeff and Ellen. Graham explained that this Jacuzzi had variable heat controls with the facility to add various salts and aromas to the water as required, also a special pump and filtration system that cleaned and drained the water very quickly.

Jeff began to feel very horny it could have been the drink or Naomi’s naked body pressed close against the side of his own nude body, that turned him on again. Suddenly he felt a hand rubbing his growing cock, Naomi looked at him and smiled, her full breasts within an inch of his face, Jeff leaned over and started sucking and kissing her lovely orbs. Naomi pulled his head back and gave Jeff a deep kiss pushing her tongue deep into Jeff’s mouth. He looked across at Ellen who was sighing and moaning as Graham’s hands caressed her breasts and belly.

Suddenly Naomi moved on top of Jeff, at the same time she began guiding his now erect cock into her surprisingly tight pussy. Taken by surprise Jeff felt helpless as Naomi pressed down on his body, working herself up and down on his hard manhood. Waves of pleasure swept through Jeff, he loved the feeling he was getting from fucking this very sexy woman. Graham meanwhile had lifted Ellen out of the tub and was pushing his large erection deep into her vagina. Ellen just lay there, seemingly enjoying this very rough, fuck treatment.

Naomi gave out sighs of pleasure, as she rode Jeff’s manhood, before screaming out as she orgasmed over Jeff’s cock. Jeff responded allowing his sperm to fill Naomi’s womb. Graham meanwhile was still deep inside Ellen, although now she had wrapped her long legs around him. Shortly after, with cries and moans they both climaxed together. Naomi reluctantly moved off Jeff while Graham helped Ellen back into the hot tub.

"Just stay there for a while you young people", said Graham, "while we go and make the final preparations for our guests, who will be arriving shortly". Ellen and Jeff settled back into the hot tub.

A few moments later Graham and Naomi returned with a large clear Perspex cover and before the young couple realised what was happening, they quickly placed the Cover over the top of the Jacuzzi securing it with metal clamps, trapping Jeff and Ellen inside.

Jeff called out, "What is going on, what are you doing?"

"Ah!" Graham replied, "you will now give special pleasure to my friends and guest’s, who have travelled many miles to be here tonight. They will enjoy watching you both boil alive and feasting on your young delicious bodies. I am now going to drain the Jacuzzi and refill with fresh water, which will quickly heat up and when you are boiling nicely I will add aromatic spices and vegetable seasoning, then leave you both to simmer for an hour, this will give your cooked flesh, that extra flavour".

"No, No, you can’t do this. It must be some kind of joke, please let us out!" Jeff pleaded.

"Sorry this is no joke and I am afraid you will both die. Your suffering will add to my guest’s enjoyment as they watch you boil, so that they will get full value for the large sums of money they have paid to be here".

As Graham was speaking the Jacuzzi began to drain out, Jeff and Ellen clung close together on the floor of the hot tub. Around the outside of the Jacuzzi a number of middle aged couples had gathered, most were in the nude and some of the males were already getting aroused at the sight of the young naked victims crouching in the Jacuzzi.. The hot tub began to fill with fresh warm water, rising up above the couple’s shoulders almost to neck level.

Ellen began to sob and cry, "Please, Please let us out, don’t do this".

But everyone just stood around and watched. Jeff felt the water getting hotter, but he could see no way out, he tried pushing up at the Perspex lid, but it was well secured, it was then he noticed open vents around the side, to let out the steam so that their death struggles in the boiling water could be clearly seen by the sadistic audience.

Now the water temperature had really began to rise, Jeff could feel a painful stinging sensation on his bare skin as the heat increased, Ellen ,was gasping and trying to move out of the water, but there was nowhere to go. Bubbles had started to rise through the water. The pain on their exposed bodies become really intense as the water approached boiling point. There was no relief from the agony. Jeff and Ellen began to scream and cry out as their bare flesh began to scald in the extreme heat.

As the water bubbled and boiled around them Jeff made one last effort to get out, but his strength had left him, as he sank back into the boiling cauldron. Ellen was only able to sob and cry out in agony, as her swollen tongue prevented any speech, her head slipped below the water, Jeff tried to hold her up, but to no avail, after many minutes the pain now was really unbearable, everything had became a red mist. Jeff finally succumbed and sank into the depths.

Graham waited for a few minutes, but he could see no sign of life from the victims, having turned the temperature down to just below boiling he added spices and vegetables to the mix. After one hour, the Jacuzzi was emptied, two chefs approached and very carefully lifted the two steaming bodies out, placing each one on a separate metal trolley. The vegetables were scooped out and arranged around both bodies. Jeff’s and Ellen’s cooked bodies were then wheeled across the patio and placed on long tables ready for the waiting guests.

"They look absolutely delicious!" Graham said, "now Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated. The chefs will look after you just ask for your preference. Let the Ladies choose the best cuts from Jeff’s body while we the Gentleman take our pick from Ellen’s firm flesh. As regards her lovely breasts, I would like to suggest that we run a small auction for charity. The highest bidder will be able to slice and enjoy them at his leisure. Now who will open the bidding?"

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