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JD's version of 'The Blob'

by Jason Dance

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© Copyright 2011 - Jason Dance - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; blob; capture; envelop; dissolve; digest; vore; hard; nc; XX

Joanna switched off the CD player, wound the windows up and got out of the car. One of her neighbours passed by and yelled “Hey Joanna! Looking good as always!” She turned, laughed and said, “Thank you, Mike! But I’ve had better days!”

“Good day, today?”


“Ahh no, sorry to hear that. Maybe you should pop round my place for a bit and chill out. I’ve got a mountain of wine bottles at home!”

Joanna laughed and said, “Aww, that’s very nice of you. Perhaps later and I don’t fancy getting tipsy tonight. I rather get some rest.”

“Cool!” Mike said, with a noticeably elevated expression on his face.

“I’ll catch you later! Have a nice evening!”

“Adios!” Mike said.

As soon as Joanna entered the house, she noticed, immediately, that something was wrong. Her first feeling was fear as she thought that some crazy person had broken into her house. The front door and lock looked fine. No sign of tampering. Perhaps they came in through the back way. What lay in front of her was a thin coat of slime on the carpet, nearly several feet across, which formed a kind of meandering pathway directly from the front of the front door, across the hallway, into the kitchen, back out again and up the stairs. Joanna crouched down and examined the translucent, viscous slime. It had partially dissolved the carpet and looked like a thin layer of jam. Her heart began to pound as her fear increased. She had a great urge to leave and call for help, which she did. She shut the door and quickly ran next door to ask her friend Richard to go with her into the house. She knocked on the door and gazed back at her house.  She heard a moan and then footsteps towards the front door. Richard answered and said, “Oh Hello! How are ya doin’?”

“Sorry to bother ya, Rich, but I think someone or something’s in my house.”

“Ay?” Rich said

Joanna explained what she saw and without hesitation, Richard dropped his paperwork by the door and went to the garage to get a heavy iron bar.

“Don’t you think we should call the police?” Joanna asked.

“I’ll deal with it.” Richard replied. “C’mon, let’s go.” She was unsure about what they were doing, but she felt a lot safer knowing there was a tall, muscular guy with her. She also thought that if some lunatic were in her house doing who knows what, he would get what he deserved. Nothing too severe, but he would be taught a lesson and no cop would prosecute them for protecting her home.  They walked up to the house and Joanna quietly opened the front door.

“What the hell?” Richard whispered, as he gazed at the gelatinous mess on the floor. “What the heck is that?” The carpet seemed to have dissolved a little more, which meant that whoever was in the house spreading corrosive slime on the carpet must have only entered the house not long ago. Joanna’s fear increased again.

“Be careful not to touch any of that stuff!” Joanna exclaimed in a whisper.

Richard gazed around and looked as afraid as she did. “Let’s go in.” he whispered.

They both stepped over the slime into the hallway, taking great care not to tread in any of it and slowly walked over to the lounge and peered inside. There was no sound and nothing visible. Joanna looked into the dining room as they entered and saw there was no one in the dining room. No place for anyone to hide in there, she thought and she turned her attention to the lounge. They crept around looking behind the sofa and chairs and saw nothing. There was still no sound anywhere. Upon entering the kitchen, which led to the conservatory and the back yard, they both saw to their astonishment that the back door and conservatory door were locked from the inside.

“Perhaps someone had used a special key to get through the front door.” Joanna said.

“Maybe.” Richard said, “Let’s go upstairs.”

Not much untouched carpet was left to walk on as they slowly and carefully made their way up with their feet pushed up against the edges. Together, they examined the rooms and every possible hiding place that someone could be crouched in. Nothing was found, except more of the winding, meandering slimy pathway in the carpet. The “path” was strange. As if a giant slug had managed to somehow get into the house and crawl aimlessly around. In two of the bedrooms, including Joanna’s own, the pathway crossed itself so many times that there wasn’t much untouched carpet left to walk on. The path led up to Joanna’s window, the balcony door, the cupboards; almost everywhere. They both relaxed a bit, but fear turned to anger and bewilderment as Joanna gazed at the carpet. “Who, or WHAT, could have done this? It’s gonna cost me a fortune to get all this replaced!” Joanna said.

“Hell knows!” Richard said, frowning at the carpet.

“For fuck’s sake!” Joanna said, and turned to face Richard. “Thank you for coming in with me.”

“Ahh, that’s all right. Would you like to spend the night over my place, tonight? Might make ya feel safer and sleep better.”

“I like the sound of that” Joanna said, “I will. After all, whoever the hell came in here and did this could come in here again, and who knows? Maybe I won’t survive the night.” She shuddered.  By now, the corrosive substance seemed have lost its effect and remaining parts of the partially dissolved carpet slowly dissolved no further. “I wanna get the police over here first. Maybe they can help to explain what the hell’s going on here.”

“Good idea.” Richard said.

They both went back downstairs and into the lounge. Joanna called the police and an officer turned up not three minutes after the call. The slightly overweight and stern looking officer came out the car, hitched up his belt and met the confused Joanna and Richard at the front door.

“Good day, Ma’am.” The officer said “I came as quick as I could. Traffic slows ya down something awful! What can I do for you?”

Joanna explained what had happened and showed the officer around the house. During the examination, the officer looked just as confused as they were.

“This is an awfully straaange situation we have here, people. I don’t know what to make of it, other than what you said about a guy breaking in and spreading this weird corrosive stuff on the floor. Anything taken?”

“No.” Joanna said

“Anything else broken or damaged?


The officer covered everything he could think of; asking questions almost constantly while he was examining every nook and cranny. He was obviously good at his job and seemed keen to get to the bottom of this, unlike a couple of other officers that Joanna knew in her time, when she reported the two times she was mugged in quiet alleyways in the city.

“I’ll speak to the neighbours in the area and see if they witnessed anything suspicious around here.” He said. “I’ll get forensics to have a look at this stuff in the morning. They’ll find out what it is.”

“Thank you. Thank you!” Joanna said, feeling better already.

“In the meantime, I suggest you stay with a friend, since you live alone.”

“She’s staying over at my place.” Richard said.

“That’s good. Better security for you, Ma’am, and Sir, I suggest you keep your doors and windows locked at all times and keep a close eye on what’s going on outside. Be extra observant yourself Ma’am, until we get to the bottom of this.”

“Thank you!” Joanna said

“Yes, thank you!” Richard added.

“I’ll be back with forensics first thing in the morning. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around here, tonight, give us a call and me or one of my colleagues will be right back here as soon as we can.”

“Superb!” Joanna said

“Goodnight, people and take care.”

Joanna and Richard said their Goodbyes and the officer walked over to the next door neighbour’s house, looking around as he did so. They watched him go and Joanna sighed.

“C’mon, let’s go.” Richard said, turning towards Joanna.

Gazing around, hoping one of the neighbours saw something and hoping that the cops would find the son of a bitch who wrecked her carpet, freaking her out and ruining her evening after a particularly long, hard and painful day at the office, she said, “Yeah. . . I’ll grab some of my things and will meet you at your place.” Joanna said. She turned to him, smiled and looked back at the officer.

“I’ve got some wine in the cellar!” Richard said, with a smile on his face.

“Sounds good.” Joanna replied, smiling back. “I had a wine offer from Mike earlier on!”

“Oooooh yeah? He fancies you, ya know!”

“Yeah I know. God knows why!”

“It’s because you’re a stunner.” He said grinning.

“Ooh please. . . I’ve had enough of that off Mike today! And almost every time he passes by.”

“Maybe you should start a relationship with him. I can see the two of you together!”

“He’s far too young for me!”

“Age is just a number.”

“I suppose if he was the last man on Earth, I might consider it.”

“Well, there we go.” Richard said, laughing. “I’ll cook you one of your favourite meals if you like or do you want a takeaway?”

“Ahh, that’s very kind of you. I’m up for one of my favourite meals. Thank you!”

“I’ll see you in a minute!”

“See ya!”

Joanna walked back into her house, closed the door behind her, without locking it and looked again at the sticky mess. She opened up her bureau near the front door and took out an old biro. She knelt down next to the slime, stuck the back of the biro into it and scooped up a small amount. A thin streak of viscous slime hung off the biro like bloody spit. “Eew!”  She said quietly and wiped the end of the biro onto a bit of untouched carpet next to the path. She leaned down and smelled it. It didn’t smell of anything, but it was still horribly gross. “Eew.” She said again, “Don’t want to get any of that on me, Uurgh!” She shuddered and got up. “I’d have to wash myself a dozen times to get myself clean again if I touched that stuff. Disgusting!”

She threw the biro in the bin, staggered upstairs and started to quickly collect her things from her bedroom and bathroom, including a horror novel, which she’d read twice already and a collection of CD’s, which she liked to listen to while she was drifting off to sleep. She took long carefully placed steps as she went through her bedroom and leapt occasionally onto islands of untouched carpet, feeling like an idiot as she did so. Unable to pack in her bedroom, she collected what she needed bit by bit and left her clothes outside the room. As she took her suitcase out of her cupboard she nearly fell onto one of the slimy paths. Her heart began to pound as she just about managed to regain her balance. “That was close!” She said to herself. She walked back onto the upstairs landing, dropped the suitcase and went into the bathroom. Wonder what he’s gonna cook for me? Joanna thought to herself as she picked up her toiletries. She looked at herself in the mirror and ran her fingers through her hair in a quick attempt to tidy herself up.

“God, I look a state” She said and made a loud sigh.

She looked great already; great for a 55 year old woman and she looked a good fifteen years younger, too. She was slim with curves, which were good shapes and sizes. Very active, as well. More so than all of the other women around her age, who lived nearby. Her hair was long and silky soft, and her face was very pretty. She didn’t need makeup to look good, but she thought she did. It was no wonder Mike and so many others fancied her, but she still believed that she looked average. No highly attractive woman.

Barely seconds past after she left the bathroom with her things, when the blob appeared from the vent behind the extractor fan. It pushed itself up against the plastic grill, and started to ooze through, slowing a little because of its high viscosity. Within only a few seconds, it had seeped an inch of itself through and gradually built itself up around the outside of the extractor fan. Only drooping downwards slightly even when large portions of it had seeped through. It made frequent squelching noises, which many would consider to be some of the most annoying sounds. Like the sounds that are made when one stirs jelly or overly thick porridge and also like the annoying sounds that some people make when they’re eating their dinners loudly and with their mouths open.

She went back in her room to pick up a few more of her dresses for work in the morning. Long maxi dresses she loved the most and she was always wearing high heels. A girly girl she is, some would say.

She took her stuff, way more stuff than she needed, and dropped it onto the bed in the spare bedroom. Next door, the neighbour fired up his car and he left it ticking over. The loud engine sputtered and could probably be heard a mile away. As she neatly folded her dresses and packed, a large amorphous shape began to slowly creep round the door and into the bedroom. By now, the blob was nearly three feet in width and almost as high. Her back was facing the shapeless red gelatinous monster and it slowly headed straight for her, moving a bit like a leech, but rolling itself along, leaving its characteristic slimy signature behind it. More quiet squelching noises came from it as it moved. Like the other victims, it sensed her presence. Perhaps detecting her scent or sounds; walking, packing and talking to herself.

Unaware of the potential doom behind her, Joanna continued quickly folding her clothes and packing. Not hearing the quiet squelching sounds and thinking about the cost and when to arrange the replacing of the carpet. It crept slightly faster; the globs equivalent of a run. Four feet away from her, it began to reach up. Now, being so close to Joanna, she began to hear the squelching noises. She suddenly stopped what she was doing, looked straight ahead for not more than half a second and spun round in an instant. She saw the tall viscous glob half way through throwing itself at her. She shrieked loudly and tried to throw herself away from it; as far away from it as she could, but she barely moved back at all as it put itself on her.

“UURRGGGHH!” She screamed, and she threw her arms directly into the sticky, highly viscous glob. It stuck itself on her from just below her neck down to her upper thighs. She was pushed back a bit, but somehow managed to keep her balance and remain standing. She gave the blob a mighty shove to try to get it off her, but it already seemed to be stuck firmly on. The shove merely moved her hands and arms further into it and only stirred some of the living highly viscous gel around a bit. Only small parts of it were pushed back a little. She then quickly, and again with great effort, tried to pull her arms out of it, but it had such a firm grip on her, that she was only able to move her arms back four or five inches and portions of the blob that was in contact with her arms, were only dragged out a bit. It was no use.

While she was fighting with the blob, it slowly oozed itself around her and started to engulf her. The quiet squelching noises became louder and more frequent as she struggled with it and they continued just as loud throughout the fight. She continued her frenzied pushes and pulls until she realised that there was no way to get it off her. She started to scream for help. “Richard! RICHAARRRD! Somebody! HEELLLLLP! HEELLLLLLP! Someone get it off meeeeee! HEEELLLLLLP!”

Her cries were unheard, but she continued to scream in case someone would come to rescue her. By now, the blob had absorbed the front part of her leopard skin maxi dress and had started to digest the upper layers of her skin. She thought that this would not cause her any pain, but when it digested more of her, she thought that the digestion would be as painful as being dissolved by highly concentrated acid; like being burnt to death. She struggled as hard as she could to try to get it off, but its grip on her seemed to be even firmer and her shoves and pulls were more useless than before. She tried to stagger out of the bedroom and out the house, but the blob had almost completely enveloped her legs by now, which caused her to lose her balance and fall helplessly onto the bed.

The absorption slowly continued below her skin by now and the blob was now down to the upper muscle tissue. Bizarrely, Joanna felt no pain, whatsoever. The blob seemed to have a kind of an anaesthetic effect on her, which numbed any burning pain. Also, instead of her flesh dissolving as if it was put in acid, her flesh instead seemed to gradually melt into a fleshy viscous liquid slowly deeper and deeper into her body. Halfway between human flesh and blob. As it continued to engulf her; now at the stage where it had wrapped itself right round her torso, almost up to her chin and her legs were totally engulfed. Only 4 or 5 inches of her elbows stuck out and her head remained untouched.

For a short while, as if to save energy and give her additional strength, enough hopefully to free herself from its disgusting sticky grip, Joanna’s screams subsided to mere short sighs and quiet sharp straining sounds as she continued her fatal dance with the blob. A strange thought went through her head at this point. If I am killed, at least my death isn’t a horribly painful one and at least it hasn’t enveloped my head, suffocating me to death. I would prefer to just get weaker, until I faint. The blob slowly crept up her neck and she hoped that it would go no further. She was shocked when, after a mighty pull of the right arm, she left a sizable portion of her melted skin and upper muscle tissue behind. A long thick string of beige and red viscous gel connected her hand and lower arm to the left behind molten flesh. She could actually see her flesh through the reddish semi-transparent material gradually disappearing, dissolving and becoming more of the blob.

Out of sheer hysteria, she frantically, and with great force, thrust her right arm back into the half-digested fleshy mess as if she was trying to reattach her flesh back onto her arm. Another portion of her flesh was again left behind and, of course such a hysterical attempt to reattach her flesh back onto her body was in vain. The absorption continued deeper down into her muscle; her thrashing about did no more than actually help the blob absorb her better and quicker as more and more of her melted flesh was liquefied, detached and stirred around inside it. She must have lost 2 pints of blood by now; she could noticeably see the slightly increasing redness inside the blob and she began to grow weaker.

Again, she cried out hysterically. Yelling for help and screaming. The top of the duvet itself had already partially dissolved where the corrosive stickiness was in contact with it and large parts were pulled up with it she frantically writhed around on the bed. The blob slowly moved up her face, her screams continued, her weakness increased and her pushes grew weaker. She took a large deep breath as it slowly crawled up her face covering her now closed mouth and continuing up her face. She tried to scream as loud as she could. Very loud and muffled MMMMMMMMMMM sounds came from her, still hell bent and hopeful that she could either get out of it or perhaps it might finish feasting on her and let her go. Leaving her like a severe burns victim, but at least alive.

It did no such thing. As with its other victims, as soon as it stuck itself on people, it wouldn’t stop until they were completely absorbed. Despite the hopelessness of what was happening to her, and now completely covered, she continued writhing around on the bed, like a giant sticky worm that’s been pulled out of the earth onto the surface. The blob finished the envelopment with the formation of a uniform thick layer around Joanna. Just over half a foot of blob surrounded her in every direction. Her writhes became thrashes as she ran out of air. Her constant screams of “MMMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” grew louder. The stirring jelly like squelches from the blob became louder than ever. Laying on her right side, slightly bent, she quickly and violently threw her upper body skyward and threw herself with great force back onto the top of the bed, repeatedly, violently bashing herself against it. She began to feel great pain as the suffocation continued.

She now thought that there was no way out and hoped that she would be absorbed to death before being asphyxiated. Now, large amounts of flesh dissolved from her body. Her skin almost completely absorbed, her upper muscle tissue now a melted mess, her blood slowly leaving her body, much of it being kept in her body by the viscous melted flesh. Her thrashes turned to quickly and violently curling up and stretching back out again. Even though she couldn’t get out of it, her reflex actions, her natural reactions, thrashing about, screaming and trying to get out of it, continued.

Now almost entirely out of air, exhausted and weakened because of the continuing absorption and loss of blood, her screams began to quieten and her thrusts became less forceful until she was barely moving at all and the only sound that could be heard were the frequent quiet squelching noises that came from the blob. Finally, she ceased moving and fainted. The only movement came from the blob. Still in the same position, and squelching as frequently as before, but more quietly by now, it moved 5 or 6 inches up and down, mostly slowly, but occasionally it made a much quicker up or down movement, as if it was stirring up its insides, it’s almost entirely liquefied victim, which made the absorption of its victim easier.

The absorption continued for a further 15 minutes on the bed until Joanna was completely absorbed; completely transformed into more of the blob. A few seconds after that, the blob rolled off the bed leaving a disgusting, half-digested crater in the duvet. It slowly rolled out the bedroom, down the hallway to another bedroom and then back into the bathroom, where it could perhaps sense the outside world through the vent. And because, it sensed no more potential victims in the house, it crept up the wall and slowly seeped through the extractor fan.

Richard didn’t take long to cook dinner. He had cooked five pork loin steaks, three for him and two for Joanna, boiled up some mixed vegetables, he had boiled the chopped up potatoes to perfection, and added some extra thick gravy to top it off. Expecting Joanna to come round sooner, he had wondered what she was up to or whether she was all right. She was only alone for a short time and it was still daylight, and, of course the police officer was searching the area looking for witnesses to anything suspicious. He felt quite secure, with that in mind, but still worried about his friend Joanna, hoping that she was ok. He was going to drop the dinner for a minute and pop round to see if she was ok. Then he thought, I know what some women are like. They take ages to collect their stuff, probably more clothes and shit that they actually need, make themselves look pretty, not that Joanna needs to do that, etcetera. 

Richard finished cooking the dinners and dished them up. An extra large dinner , Richard made for himself and just over a third of what he cooked went to Joanna. He knew just how much she wanted. He’d known her for years and besides, she was always going on about her weight and physique, trying to keep herself as good looking as possible, or, in her opinion, as average as possible. As soon as he’d finished, he covered the steaming hot dinners with large bowls and  jogged back to Joanna’s place.  He knocked. No answer, so he knocked again. Still, there was no answer.  He pushed the door open, finding that it was unlocked and yelled, “Hello? Joanna? Dinner’s ready!”

Still, there was no answer. Hesitantly, and thinking she might be in her bedroom, or something, changing, he walked into the hallway, again being careful of where he trod. He yelled out again, this time louder, “JOANNE!?  Are you in!? Dinner’s ready for ya! Are you ok!?”

Now, thinking that something had happened to Joanna, since after his loud call for her remained unheard, he staggered at a fast pace up the stairs to see if she was around. Nothing, not a trace of her anywhere. Only more partially digested carpet and a partly digested duvet was found instead. Now, almost in a panic, Richard cried out. “JOANNA?! JOANNA! JOANNA WHERE ARE YOU?!”

He ran all over the house, and checked every room twice but found nothing. The cop might still be looking for witnesses to anything suspicious he thought to himself and he left the house. The officer was now several doors down on the opposite side of the road, in mid conversation with an elderly lady who had lived there for over 50 years. Richard ran over to the officer and said, “Officer sorry to interrupt  you, but I think something’s happened to Joanna”

“Ooh no!” Said the 83 year old lady.

“OK, Sir! What seems to be the problem?” the officer said, with an elevated look of worry on his face. Richard explained what he saw and what had happened in a tone of voice akin to panic and the officer replied, “Don’t worry, Sir, I’ll get right on it. I’ll call for backup and we’ll run a thorough search through the area. I’m sure she’s all right.  Did she go out to pick up a few things from the local shop, down the road?”

“No.” Richard replied “She was just going to collect a few things from her room and come right over my place! Half an hour past and I got worried, so I thought I’d go round her place to see if she was all right! I didn’t see anything except more of that fucking slime on the carpet!”

“OK, Sir, I’ll bring some of my guys down here and see if they can help. We’ll get to the bottom of this, Sir, you mark what I say.”

The elderly lady looked at both of them with wide eyes, confusion and worry and didn’t know how to respond. The officer called another two cop cars over, which appeared in less than 5 minutes, and without a moment’s hesitation, they got right to work. One of the officers, an inspector appeared, sent his colleagues around the area and bombarded Richard with the same questions, he’d already heard before and Richard, in super-fast speed answered as quickly as he could.

Turning to to officer who was with Richard, he said, “Have you spoken to all of the neighbours around here?”

“Not all!” The officer replied. “The lady two doors down from Joanna wasn’t around to answer the door. Her car’s not in the driveway, so she must be out. I know her quite well, nice lady, 42 years old, single, lives alone.”

“OK.” Said the inspector, “Let’s give this place a thorough check.”

Two of the officers went into Joanna’s house examining every part of the house, and the others wandered around the neighbourhood, looking for anything suspicious. A couple of people in the estate came out their houses to see what all the fuss was about, to which the officers responded with questions about anything they might have seen and, having got nothing out of them, finished with, “OK, if you do happen to see anything suspicious, let us know immediately and we’ll deal with it. In the meantime, please take as many precautions as you can and make sure your doors and windows remain locked at all times, during our investigation.

Little did they know, the blob by now had already crept two doors down, out into Joanna’s back yard, over the fence to the back of the next door neighbour’s house, where it tried to find somewhere to get in, but there was no open door or crack to seep through. It continued, somewhat aimlessly, on to the 47 year old lady’s house where she had left one of her conservatory windows open. Pushing itself up, it slowly seeped through the slightly cracked open window and into the house.

The lady inside, Rachael, never answered the door to the officer as she had her iPod stuffed into her ears and was doing her housework in her floor length and full sweep bright red Olga bodysilk nightgown and matching 3 inch high heel red patent court shoes, vacuuming and dusting the upstairs bedrooms, listening to old 60’s rock music and modern Pop. The officer saw that her car wasn’t there and merely assumed that she was out shopping or visiting a friend. What had really happened was her car had broken down only two days ago and she had it sent in for repairs. A beautiful car it was. A light blue Volkswagon Golf that had been good to her for years and never had a problem up until two days ago.

The officers searched all over, checking out back yards, sheds, houses and everything else in the neighbourhood. Another neighbour, 5 doors down from Joanna, came out of his house and said with his characteristic John Wayne accent. “What seems to be the problem here, officers?” while he was chewing a lump of tobacco. A tall, skinny, but hard as nails, officer told the overweight American what was going on, to which the American merely said, “Sheeeiit!” and spat on the floor. In the background a loud high pitched moaning could be heard, probably all-round the neibourhood. Before the officer could ask another question, the American interrupted, “Ahh, don’t mind her! That’s ma wife! Been complaining and squealing ever since she cud crawl, hahaa! I laugh, but it ain’t nothin’ to laugh about when you’ve lived with it so long!” The officer continued his questions, which, like the others yielded no results.

Rachael, oblivious to what was going on around her, was quietly singing along to “Monday I have Friday on my mind” and dusting the large chest of drawers in her large bedroom, when the blob crawled and rolled into her bedroom. She was looking forward to finishing the washing, dusting and the rest of the housework and settling down to a quiet evening staring at the TV, or YouTube videos on the net. She was a tall and slim lady, 5 foot 7 and a fairly wealthy worker who worked in finance. Mike from down the road fancied her as much as Joanna, which is why she tried to avoid him as much as she could. Not out of any ill will or feeling, but the constant bugging about how good she looked got irksome to her, eventually.

The blob crept up to her closer and closer and still, the oblivious woman sensed no presence. Like with Joanna, barely a few feet away, it stopped crawling towards her and began to rise itself up, to the point where two thirds of it were well above the floor, spreading itself widely as it did so. The sixties song that Rachael loved so much, and never got tired of listening to ended, and she fast forwarded a couple of songs to get to The Rolling Stone’s Not Fade Away. During the very brief moment of silence, while she was fast forwarding, she heard the quiet squelching noises, paused for less than a second and quickly spun round. The blob had stretched itself to almost her height and threw itself at her with great speed. She screamed a sharp, UURRRGH, sound and threw her arms into it. That itself, slowed its thrust, but it had already enveloped her hands, about four inches of her upper arms and it managed to put a part of itself on her chest. She was pushed back, but, like Joanna, she managed to remain standing, despite its rapid thrust and weight. Rachael pushed the blob as hard as she could and quickly tried to pull her arms out of it, repeatedly.

After a dozen more short and sharp cries of “UURRRGHH! Urrgggh! Yeeuuucchh!” her cries became short and sharp sighs, as if she was merely trying to move a heavy bit of furniture. Already, it began to engulf her chest, waist and arms and it slowly began to absorb her, squelching more frequently, and louder, now that it had stuck itself on a victim, who was desperately struggling with it. The sounds it made and its disgusting jelly-like ickiness alone were enough to make her reel back in revulsion, but having it on her and not being able to get it off was even more disgusting and horrifying. On top of that, it was liquefying and absorbing her. Like Joanna, she felt no pain up until the asphyxiation, but she couldn't think of a more disgusting death and her heart was pounding violently with fear. She was stuck in it and her fate was sealed. Who would’ve thought that I would end up with this disgusting thing sticking on me, she thought in shock and disbelief.

She became almost totally silent for over two minutes, as if to save energy and to concentrate all her strength on trying her best to get it off her, while she continued her fatal dance with the blob. The only sounds being the frequent, quiet squelching, noises and the occasional clop clop of her sexy high heels on the uncarpeted floor. Twisting and turning her upper body. Moving back and forth and from side to side, pushing and pulling her slowly disintegrating arms as hard as she could, all the time, but it was no use. She still couldn’t get it off and it continued to engulf her further and absorb her during the quiet struggle. Perhaps the struggling may have slowed the engulfing, prolonging her life only a very little, or perhaps not. The undulations of the skirt of her full sweep nightgown moved and twirled around gracefully, as if she was dancing, and the hem occasionally caressed her legs and gently stroked the upper parts of her feet.

There was nothing really to get a firm grip of to push it off, as her arms merely moved about between a couple and a half a dozen inches inside it, effectively doing nothing more than stirring it up a little and pushing small parts of it about a couple of inches outwards. Only seconds after, the blob quickly settled back to its original shape around her. The blob started to cover much of her face and began to envelope her head, cutting off her air supply. The upper layers of her skin, which were in contact with it, were already absorbed. Rachael felt a hard object inside the blob, while she was fighting it. It was one of Joanna’s ear rings, something that the blob was unable to absorb, when it attacked Joanna.

Now covering her entire upper body, it pulled her down to a bent over position, pulling her down to the part of itself which was in contact with the floor. Out of sheer hysteria and frustration, she began to scream repeated “MMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMM!” sounds and she began to kick her right leg up and stamp the floor hard, repeatedly, kicking up the back part of her silky soft Olga nightgown, which almost settled, draped back down to its original position again after each kick. It achieved nothing, of course, but it was a combination of hysteria, running out of air and reflex action, which caused her to stamp the floor in a fit of raging panic.

Her arms, by now, had almost been absorbed down to the bones. Only disembodied thick strings and large portions of her half-digested flesh remained and she no longer had the strength, or ability, to even move her arms. Her face began to melt and become more of the blob. Her frantic pulls to get herself out of it were still in vain, and merely helped the blob absorb her more efficiently, as more and more of her face became detached from her head. Some of her hair was detached from her head and began to dissolve, the rest was slowly being absorbed on her head, without being detached.

Several pints of blood had now gone into the blob, causing it to redden more and weakening her to the point of exhaustion and fainting. However, it was the asphyxiation that killed this victim and as she ran out of air, again violently stamping the floor in pain and frustration, her frantic and strong pulls to get what remained of her upper body out of it became weaker, her stomps became weaker and her screaming “MMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMM!” gradually diminished as she slowly began to sink onto her knees and onto her left side. Her skirt settled on her legs covering her down to her ankles. Her legs jerked slightly a few times and then, she was still.

Now, the blob moved over her, covering her hips and upper thighs, but at the same time, pulled her into itself. Her flesh, nightgown and even her court shoes were absorbed in four minutes, the bones took a lot longer to digest.  Just over nine minutes later, she was completely absorbed and the blob left the room in search of another victim.



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