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Jeff Stew

by Nightwatch

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© Copyright 2010 - Nightwatch - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; drink; pot; bond; insert; cook; outdoors; cons/nc; X

Jeff laughed, it looked like something out of a Tarzan movie. He walked around the oversized soup pot. Well, to him it looked like the soup pot his grandma used only this one looked like it could hold… hold maybe forty-gallons of water. What a great outdoor bathtub it would make.

Just like his grandma's pot it was made out of heavy iron, black on the outside yet coated on the inside with a protective surface. All that was missing was the water, ingredients and fire.

After he arrived at the starting point Jeff looked up to see Jessica's uncle setting a bamboo palette off to one side of the pot. It felt smooth to the touch, then he noticed that there was a rod about eighteen inches high rose vertically a short distance from the center of the palette.“

You like it?”

“It's… it's… what is it?”

“It's to help keep the meat in the stew pot .”

Jeff then notice that the palette had been designed to fit nicely into the pot and rest just above its bottom. He wondered how a small rod could kept a piece of meat from floating to the surface.

Jessica's uncle looked up and Jeff turned to see Jessica walked out of the kitchen carrying a bottle. As she passed him he saw that the bottle was virgin olive oil and some paper towels.

Jessica stopped at the palette, opening the bottle of olive oil she poured some onto onto a paper towel. She then bent over the rod and applied the oil along its length.

“I wish you wouldn't do that.”

“Do what Jess?”

“Look at my ass when I am bending over. You know I don't like to be treated as a sex toy that you can fuck anytime you want.”

He laughed, “Sorry Jess but all of you looks good enough to eat.”

She stood not facing him, her uncle was the only one to see her smile. “Jeff you know you're not sorry but thanks for the compliment.”

“What type of meal you are going to cook?”

“I named it Jeff Stew after you.”

“I'm honored what are the ingredients?”

“Besides the meat, I'm using beer, carrots, onions, potatoes and of course water. The beer is special it's uncle's home brewed herbal beer.”

His mouth watered, “I've heard of your uncle home brew,” he laughed again. “ Do you think that the main ingredient to the stew can get stewed.”

“Why of course I will get an ice cold mug of beer for you.”

Her uncle walked down into the basement and five minutes later brought the said mug. Jeff tasted it and smiled it was the best beer he had ever tasted.

“Sir, if you ever need a taster I'm you man.”

“I'll keep in in mind.”

Jeff saw that the mug Jessica's uncle was holding had the initials H. L. in a calligraphy script he didn't know. Jessica's mug had the same script on it.

“Sir what does H. L. stand for?”

He looked at the mug. “Just a nickname that my friends call me when I do the BBQ. Nothing important.”

As Jeff and Jessica talked her uncle started the water boiling and got more beer. Jeff never notice that his mug was always kept full.

After several drinks he didn't know he had drunk Jeff started to feel odd. He had trouble focusing in on Jessica's ass and tits and when he tried to walk he tripped over nothing.

“Here my boy let me help you sit. I'm afraid that the beer was a different, I ran out of a herb I had and had to go buy an herb from an herbalist I know. He warned me that to much of the herb would cause sleepiness.”

“I'm… I'm just fiiine. I just, just need to sleep it off. Wake me when you start cooking the meat.”

“Don't worry, you'll be awake when it's time.”

When Jeff awoke he was disoriented. Also, he found that his arms were behind his back and he couldn't bring them around front. He felt cold and found that his clothes were gone.

He heard movement and looked up. Jessica and her uncle were standing at the doorway smiling at him.

“It's about time I thought we were going to have to carry you.”

“Carry me, what do you mean and why am I tied and where are my clothes? I mean Jessica I knew you where into light bondage but at least you could have warned me that we were going to do it before dinner.”

“It would spoil the surprise.”

“Surprise?! What surprise?!”

They helped him to his feet and guided him out to the yard.­ Before doing so they walked him over to a full length mirror. He saw himself naked of everything including hair.

Once in the yard he saw everything was as it, the pot, bamboo palette with the oiled rod everything. Jeff noticed that he was being guided to where there was his mug with the herbal beer in it.

“Have a drink my boy you must be thirsty.”

“No! I don't want anymore beer!

Her uncle smiled “But I insist.”

Jessica held his nose and the beer was poured down his throat .

After the third Jeff wasn't resisting. They helped him onto the palette, turned him and slowly lowered him onto the oiled rod.

Jeff gasped as it entered his anus. He NEVER had anything enter THAT hole before!

They tied his ankles together so he couldn't stand. Jeff barely fought as they put a potato in his mouth.

By the time they were done the guests had arrived. The men helped loft the bamboo palette into the pot.

The herbal beer was in effect Jeff just watched the her uncle lit the fire. Soon the effect of the beer was disappearing and he was feeling the water getting hot.

As the water was beginning to boil Jessica's uncle walked to the pot. He ladled some of the liquid onto Jeff and then he tasted the liquid.

“That is good. Just about an hour more.” Jeff didn't like his hungry smile at all. “Jeff you asked me earlier about the initials on my mug, remember?

“Yes and you said that it was nothing important just a nickname that your friends call you when you a BBQ.”

“Well I think I'll tell you. I was named after the main character in Silence of the Lame. Hannibal Lecter.”



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