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Storycodes: F/m; tease; captive; bond; web; bikini; hypno; strip; swallow; whole; digest; voy; soft; cons/reluct; X

He was sitting across from her watching her and she lit a cigarette. Jenna was wearing a tight dress cut above the knees which showed her shapely legs to good effect. She inhaled the smoke and looked at him. She held it for a moment, her full breasts rising as she did so and then blew smoke ceilingward.

"I saw a repair truck outside." Bill commented.

"Yes I need to have a repairman."

"Oh," said Bill, "what was broken?" Jenna waved her cigarette looking at him, "Nothing."

"Well then where's the repairman?" Bill queried, swallowing hard. Jenna took another long pull on her cigarette and looked at Bill.

She waved her hand indicating the back of the kitchen. "He is tied up in back. I'm having him for lunch."

Bill swallowed hard, getting nervous sweating and watching Jenna taking a long drag on a cigarette. She had a fantastic body with full breasts, tight waist, long silky thighs with brown eyes and brown hair. She was mesmerizing. He looked at those white teeth and wondered what it would be like to have them clamp down on him. He shuddered at the thought, pulling himself out of his reverie.

"" he stammered. "I guess I should be going then."

Jenna looked at him and laughed. "It’s no problem." she said. "You can stay and watch me have lunch."

'I just don't want to be your lunch!' Bill reflected, looking at Jenna's teeth, thinking this female might consume me without even a second thought. Just like the poor slob repair man tied up out back he suspected.

"Don't you think the repair company might get suspicious?" he asked Jenna

"Nope," she said quickly, "I have a service that disposes of the truck and I'll just call and say he never came." She took another pull on her cigarette, blew smoke at the ceiling and smiled. Her tongue ran over her thick red lips.

"A girl's got to eat after all," she said. "I never turn down male meat when it shows up at my door."

"But you called them over." Bill countered.

"Well that's true," Jenna reflected putting a finger on her chin, "But that's what males are for. They’re just meat. No offense Bill."

Jenna got up from her stool by the bar in the kitchen and pulled her tight dress down just slightly. Her legs look great from this angle Bill observed.

Jenna walked into the kitchen and turned toward Bill asking, "Sure you don't want to stay for lunch? Kind of interesting to watch actually."

Bill swallowed hard. He actually did want to watch this. It would be a little bit risky however. He was intrigued and hoped it would stop with just one male. One should make her too full to do anything to him. He wondered if she had to get naked to eat.

She went to the back of the kitchen, out of sight. Bill did hear some moaning and noises as though someone was struggling. A moment later Jenna reappeared, pulling a bound and gagged male along behind her.

She plopped him on the floor looked over at Bill and looked back at the helpless repairman. "Bill," she said, "meet lunch. Lunch meet Bill." she smiled at her prey.

Bill felt a swelling hardness and began to sweat. He was getting excited despite himself. He had a hard on that was pushing through his pants, his mouth was dry, his heart beating faster. He watched those wonderful large breasts and curvaceous thighs in that tight dress and he wanted desperately to put his dick in her.

Jenna smiled coyly at Bill. "Well I think I'll have lunch outside by the pool." She turned down to examine her prey. It was still struggling and moaning.

"Would you like that?" she asked him, not expecting a reply. "I'll just meet you by the pool." She said to Bill and turned her attention back to her lunch to be. "You can relax while Ieat you and sit in the sun. How about that?" she turned her head as though she was asking him a question.

The repairman struggled even more but it was useless. He was completely tied up and gagged. Jenna easily picked up some of the bindings and dragged the helpless male by the collar out the back into the patio area by the pool.

Jenna reappeared a moment later. "Well Bill are you going to watch?" she tilted her head looking at him. Bill thought hard. He really shouldn't he knew but he couldn't help himself. He nodded his assent.

Jenna said, "Okay I just have to slip into my bathing suit. I'll be right back." Jenna disappeared down the hallway to the bedroom. Bill looked out to the pool area and saw the male struggling in his bindings. He reflected distantly that the bindings seemed odd and not like a rope, more like some kind of spider web type material. This gave him the shivers. He realized that if he was a decent human being should probably try to untie him and let him go.

But something kept him from doing that. He realized that he was actually afraid of what Jenna my do to him if he did that. He walked out towards the pool area and looked down at the struggling repairman. A moment later Jenna reappeared in a bikini. She was gorgeous. Long brunette hair, deep brown eyes, large full breasts tightly packed into a string bikini, barely covering any of this delicious body of hers. This repairman was about to join it, he reflected. That repairman was lucky to be part of that delicious female body.

Jenna could see that Bill was appreciating her feminine curves. She smiled. Bill was already sweating she knew. His mouth would be dry. He wasn't going anywhere. He was going to watch the whole thing. She enjoyed it.

"Get my cigarettes, would you Bill?" she said. "I like to smoke after I have a large meal, and relax by the pool." She looked down at the repairman struggling uselessly. "It'll take a while to digest this meat."

Bill went into the kitchen grabbed the pack and a lighter came back out. He didn't want to miss any of this he realized. What was wrong with him? He didn't know. Jenna took the pack and put it on the small table by a lounge chair.

"Thanks Bill." she said quietly. "Do you mind getting that bottle of wine in the kitchen? I think I'll have some wine with my lunch." As she said lunch the tied man started sweating and moaning again.

Bill went back into the kitchen found the one on the counter. He leaned out the doorway and asked. "Jenna do you want me to open it?"

Jenna replied, "Sure."

Bill quickly worked open the wine with a corkscrew, got a glass and thought about bringing a second one for himself. He stopped. That seemed somehow wrong. He carried it out to Jenna. She smiled at him again. It was tantalizing, he thought, looking at those teeth so white and perfect he could imagine her chewing on him. He swallowed hard. He was about to witness this anyway. He saw Jenna bend forward with the wine glass down on the small table and looked at a perfect ass. Wow, he thought, what a body. Jenna put her hands on her hips. "Well," she said, "I guess it's time to have a little bit of lunch. I'm famished." She was looking at the repairman who was staring back in horror at Jenna.

Jenna picked up the helpless male with a strength Bill could not imagine. She holding him by the shoulders examining him up and down like a piece of meat. She obviously was trying to decide which end to start with. She looked over and smiled.

"I guess we want to make this last," she said looking at Bill.

Jenna flicked her index finger out like a knife blade. Her finger ran the length of her helpless prey cutting the binding. The binding he could not release by himself flew off of his body. Bill was stunned watching this.

Jenna turned to Bill. "Spider web comes in handy. A little attribute of mine," she said, and started licking the repairman's face.

"Tasty," she said out loud, "but I think I'll start with the other end so you can enjoy it longer." Jenna put her finger to her chin. "No, on second thought, I think I'll eat you headfirst." The repairman started saying "No, no help!" staring at Bill staring back at Jenna looking at Jenna’s white teeth and mouth. Meanwhile Jenna’s mouth opened wide and impossibly wide, Bill reflected. Wide enough to swallow that man whole he thought. Bill gulped and swallowed hard. Jenna started caressing the repairman and with her lips in a pout.

"Just relax. This will be over after little while and you'll be part of this delicious body of mine. It's a perfect ending for you males," she said staring at him.

Something appeared in Jenna’s eyes and the repairman tried to look away but couldn't. He continued staring at her eyes and started to relax. He became visibly limp like he was hypnotized. Now he was hanging limply, awaiting his fate not struggling anymore. Jenna licked his face some more, tasting him, smacking her lips, looking up at the sky as though deciding what type of flavor he was. Bill couldn't look away. This was both awful and sexy in a way he couldn't describe. He was about to watch a woman completely consume a man. All of him and then absorb his meat into her body

Jenna enjoyed the fact that he was watching her as she slowly wrapped her lips around the repairman's head.

It was impossible but his head was in her mouth and her tongue moved around him, over his head, tasting him. She was obviously sucking on it, savoring the flavor.

Jenna pulled the repairman back out of her mouth and smacked her lips like she just tasted a lollipop. She looked back over her male prey. "You males are really tasty. I have to tell you males are the perfect meal."

She was still holding the helpless victim by the shoulders and moved over and sat down on the lounge chair. "Will you pour me some wine Bill? There's nothing like good wine with a large piece of meat" she said looking back at the helpless prey she was holding.

She wrapped her mouth around the prey’s head again. It shivered reflexively, almost trying to defend itself, but unable. She began sucking harder. Bill stood there stunned and remembered Jenna had ordered him to pour some wine. He felt compelled to do this but couldn't take his eyes away from what he was seeing Jenna do. She continued to suck however. Now the head no longer stayed in her mouth and he watched as her throat swelled with the repairman's head as it descended into Jenna. His shoulders went into her mouth but she seemed to be able to accommodate this. She looked over at Bill as she sucked in this male and then looked at the empty wine glass, indicating with her head she wanted him to pour the wine. He did so mesmerized.

He realized while he was pouring that his hands were shaking. He could hardly control himself and almost spilled the wine. He caught himself and stopped just in time. Jenna appeared slightly annoyed with a mouthful of male prey. She couldn't talk very well and she leaned back in the lounge chair continuing to swallow her prey. She was halfway down his torso and her throat was quite distended now and her belly had just begun to bulge out just a little. She looked over at Bill, her eyes resembled those of snake swallowing prey but he was mesmerized.

Now he knew what happened to the repairman. He was helpless that's why he couldn't resist. He watched her continue to swallow this male and realized it could easily be him. Jenna continued to swallow peeling back the clothing that oddly came quickly apart. Something about her nails cut right through material. It was a little scary.

The repairman (what was left of him) was naked now from the waist down. Bill could see his cock had gotten hard awaiting it's fate. Jenna started rubbing it and the partially swallowed male body reflexively jerked in response. Bill could see creases of smiles on the sides of her mouth while she swallowed the repairman and pleasured him at the same time. Jenna liked to give them a little send off before the male entered her completely, Bill observed.

The prey’s cock was rock hard now and started pulsing on its own and then Jenna grabbed it hard and kept it from coming. She was actually enjoying this Bill realized. She wanted all of it inside of her. Once the cock got hard, Jenna pulled it into her waiting maw along with his pelvis. It was jerking reflexively and continued for a few minutes with his entire pelvis in her mouth and then stopped after a shutter. Amazingly Jenna’s tongue lapped around the pelvis licking up the juices. She was moaning in pleasure and started to pleasure herself. She swallowed some more male. She’s really enjoying this Bill observed. Jenna came in the lounge chair with a squeal of pleasure as she finished swallowing his ass and started in on his legs.

Jenna lay there for a few minutes only slowly swallowing the male’s legs and rested after her efforts. Several minutes went by and the legs only very slowly were beginning to disappear as Jenna had slowed down her eating frenzy. Bill saw that her stomach had gotten markedly distended. She was rubbing it slowly. Jenna became more active and grabbed the remaining part of the male by the feet and pushed them into her mouth. She began chewing slightly and then with a smack her lips closed and she licked off her fingers. Bill watched the lump proceed down Jenna’s slender throat--the lump just getting thinner and then disappearing entirely.

Jenna’s stomach distended even more and Jenna looked over at Bill. Now the eyes looked more sinister to him. She smiled but he was nervous and sweating, mouth dry. She could eat him anytime she wanted he realized. He swallowed hard. He would be as helpless as the repairman. Jenna’s tongue ran over her welcoming lips and she smiled with those perfect white teeth. "Bill, want to sit near me?" she patted the chair next to the lounge chair. She leaned forward and took a sip of wine swallow. Bill slowly, reluctantly walked over and sat down.

"That wine is perfect with the flavor of fresh meat," she commented. She was still rubbing her stomach. She looked over at Bill. "You males are so delicious," she said, tongue running over her lips. "I can't resist eating you from time to time." She picked up a toothpick from the side table and began cleaning some of the repairman’s meat off of her teeth. She looked over Bill.

"So how do you like the pool?" she asked. He stared at her. He couldn't believe he was having a casual conversation with Jenna just after he watched her consume an entire human being. Jenna seemed to know what he was thinking. She looked back over and smiled, "it’s not cannibalism, Bill. That was a male and I'm a female." She smiled.

Bill watched as she sipped her wine, rubbing her stomach. He could hear the gurgling sound of her prey digesting inside of her. After a little she took one of the cigarettes and put one between her full red lips, lit it and inhaled deeply. She looked at Bill and laid back and smoked, rubbing her stomach. It was already slightly smaller than before.

Jenna finished her cigarette and napped for a short period of time while Bill watched her. He watched her breast rising and falling slowly as she digested the repairman. He kept looking over at that bulging stomach thinking that could easily be him becoming part of her breasts and thighs.

After a short nap Jenna rose and looked over at Bill. She picked up another toothpick and started to pick her teeth again.

"Sometimes you males are so sticky," she said, "And get stuck in my teeth." she smiled at him with a broad smile and said, "Is there’s still male meat left between my teeth?"

Bill shook his head no and couldn't believe what he was doing. He swallowed hard. He should leave now, he thought but something compelled him to stay. He watched Jenna leaning back in the lounge chair sighing and smiling still rubbing her stomach which was much less distended.

"I'll have to clean up all his messy clothes," Jenna said out loud and then looked over at Bill. "Would you help me with that Bill?" she queried.

Bill nodded while not believing he was going to help her finish covering up the evidence of what she had done.

Jenna swung her feet out over the side of the lounge chair and sat up. "Sigh. Well," she said putting her hands on her thighs, "I guess it's cleanup time."

Bill stood up to help her but Jenna stood up on her own. Standing right next to Jenna the height difference was more apparent. She was a good head taller than Bill --a voluptuous tall female.

Jenna pointed to the shreds of clothing that she had clawed off the repairman still laying around by the pool. "Could you pick those up Bill?" she said sweetly.

Bill scooped up to the remains of the clothing, balled them up and followed Jenna into the house.

"Just put that in there." Jen indicated a trash disposal in the wall. Bill complied opening the drawer dumping in the contents and shutting it.

Jenna picked up her kitchen phone hit a couple of speed dial buttons and waited for a moment. She was leaning back against the counter top and Bill looked at her body in the string bikini. It was fantastic. Jenna’s stomach was even smaller than before, her breasts gorgeous, thighs were silky and smooth and he wanted her really badly despite what she had just done.

Jenna was talking now. "Yes the usual," she said into the phone. She nodded and then said, "I know the usual fee. It's out front." then she hung up the phone and put her finger to her chin looking up at the ceiling. "Now what other loose ends are there?" and looked over at Bill. Bill swallowed hard. He felt like a mouse when caught by a cat.

Jenna crooked her finger at Bill.

"Bill," she said.

Bill felt helpless, her eyes were mesmerizing. He should run he thought but he couldn't help himself. He was shivering with fear and anticipation both, sweating. He slowly stepped forward toward her.

Jenna ran her tongue over her slick red lips, her eyes staring into Bill.

She ran her index finger down one of Bill’s cheeks

"You know what happens to males who betray me Bill?"

Bill was sweating and he could barely respond.

"I.." he stammered

Jenna’s tongue came out of her mouth and licked the sweat off Bill's forehead. He tried to pull back but only managed to move slightly.

"You saw what happened to the repairman Bill," Jenna said tilting her head and pouting her lips. Bill nodded vigorously, heart pounding in his chest.

"Well," Jenna’s continued slowly running her index finger down his torso. The nail not quite cutting his skin.

"Did… did the repairman betray you?" Bill forced out.

Jenna leaned back and laughed, "No. He was just lunch."

"But you don't have to be lunch Bill," she said, those eyes staring into him. "It will be our little secret. You, me and what's his name..." she said waving at where the remains had been deposited into the trash. "Don't you want to know what it feels like?" Jenna asked him.

"What what feels like?" Bill stammered.

Jenna giggled. "You know. What it feels like to be swallowed into me."

Bill looked up at her hypnotic eyes, her full red lips and those white waiting teeth and couldn't reply.

He wanted to say yes but he was afraid of what might happen wanted to say no but he wanted to be near her.

Jenna ran her tongue around her lips again. They were glistening with saliva. Her head poised over Bill ‘s head. He was looking up at her and her mouth started to open.

"Oh God." He whispered as Jenna descended on him. His head was in her mouth and her tongue was running over his face. She was sucking on him. He could feel her saliva covering him. He was helpless food for her. She could have him anytime she wanted. Jenna sucked on him some more and then slowly pulled her lips off of him. She smiled at him but he felt like a mouse played with by a cat. She could have swallowed him but not quite. He was dripping with her saliva.

"I could have you anytime I want Bill. You would be digesting meat."

Bill nodded. He wasn't sure whether he wanted that to happen or not but he knew it would be a final trip if he did. Jenna smiled at him, lit a cigarette looking him over.

"Well I guess you’d better be getting back to my sister now and keeping our secret right?" she said tilting her head and pulling on the cigarette.

Bill nodded, started to back away, looking at this delicious female with the silky long thighs, large soft breasts casually smoking a cigarette in her kitchen after finishing off a male. He started to turn.

"Wait a minute." She said. Bill turned back, nervous that Jenna changed her mind was just going to eat him in the kitchen. Jenna smiled knowing what he was thinking.

"That's a good boy," she said, "Keep that in mind" She licked her lips and tossed a towel over to him.

"You're covered in my saliva Bill." He caught the towel and sheepishly wiped his head and his face.

"What took you so long?" Bill's wife asked him, impatiently tapping her foot, hands on her hips.

"I got stuck at your sisters house," he stammered. "She was having lunch."

"So you ate lunch there?" she asked.

"No but I watched her eat…" he swallowed hard thinking about what happened. "… and it was too awkward to leave."

"Did you at least get the paint I told you to get from her?" she asked. Bill nodded.

His wife came over to him, sniffed the air and looked at him. She stared hard into his eyes.

"I know her secret you know." she said to him.

"You… you do?" he asked surprised. "How long has this been going on?" he asked her.

His wife waved her hand in the air. "Since high school. I grew up with her. We were in the same house. Can’t keep a thing like that from me in that kind of close quarters."

"Do you do you do that too?" he asked.

Shirley stared at him, hands on hips again, angry, "Of course not. Have you seen me do that?"

"Well," he stammered, "I hadn't seen Jenna do that until today."

"Oh come on you must've seen that previously. The evidence is all over the house." she said.

"What.." Bill asked clearly puzzled, "What's all over the house?

"Cigarettes. She hides them in the drawer. I know she smokes."

"Yeah." Bill said almost laughing. "Yeah that's Jenna’s big secret." he turned and rolled his eyes.

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