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The Jurassic Man

by Rodrigo

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© Copyright 2016 - Rodrigo - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; explorers; ice; melt; discovery; fossil; creature; giant; awaken; embrace; swallow; digest; absorbed; soft; cons/nc; X

An explorer couple found a frozen humanoid man that has been frozen at the Antarctica for at least a million years, and still alive! He was 3 meters tall and all his body was incredibly firm. No one had ever heard of this humanoid species or found any fossil that might match to it (which is because they have no own skeleton, their bodies assimilate the bones of their prey that they swallow whole). They gave the creature the name Rodrigo, because... it's a sexy name and he was a hella hot bear.

The couple, Jeremy and Lena, came back to unfreeze the creature. So they melted the ice with a flamethrower until Rodrigo was warmed up an laid there with closed eyes, wearing nothing but some wool around his waist. A few minutes later, he started breathing, immensely stretching his already vast chest. It looked like he was just sleeping. As they went closer to examine his body, they felt his mighty breath that sucked them closer and blew them off, making them slip on the ice multiple times.

Jeremy: "Ouch, I fell again. Just look at his chest, there must be a ton of air fitting in there!"

Lena: "Yes, he might easily become the world's absolute super model. Even scaled to our size, that's still an awful lot of muscles. Haha, I can already see him on top of magazines. Can you touch him and tell what his skin feels like?"

Jeremy: "I rather wouldn't, he might wake up and believe us to be aggressors."

Suddenly, Rodrigo began to twist in his sleep and hit Jeremy with his forearm. Jeremy slipped again, and accidentally slided on the flamethrower that turned on and set Jeremy's coat on fire. Lena ran to help him, and her coat caught fire too. Both managed to get out of their clothes and put out the blaze without getting hurt, but all that was left of their clothes was their underwear.

Lena: "We must call for help, or we will freeze to death. Is your phone still working?"

Jeremy: "No, mine broke too. Come closer, we need to keep warm each other. I love you, honey."

Lena: "Oh, Jeremy, I love you too. ...Well, that might not be the first impression we wanted to make on Rodrigo."

Jeremy: "Probably he doesn't know other clothes than underwear anyways. Hehe... Oh, look! He is stretching!"

Lena: "His eyes are opening slowly. This is a historical moment for mankind!"

Rodrigo slowly lifted his gigantic upper part of the body and eyeballed Jeremy and Lena curiously. Both whispered:

Jeremy: "Don't move or get too close to him. We don't want to seem like a threat."

Lena: "And let's not watch directly in his eyes, that might be a provocation."

So both watched into other directions standing still (and froze), but Rodrigo held eye contact. He slowly moved towards them and reached out his hand, until holding it shortly before Lena. His hand was a little broader than Lena's body.

Lena: "It looks like he is offering to touch me, should I try?"

Jeremy: "Yes!"

So Lena carefully reached out to touch his finger. When she looked back into Rodrigo's eyes, there was a friendly smile on his face. Then he moved his hand to Jeremy, and they touched too.

Jeremy: "He seems friendly, apparently he knows our species isn't all too different from his."

Rodrigo moved his friendly and curious gaze between, Lena and Jeremy, then opened his mouth and spoke in a language that consisted mostly of grunts and vocals. His voice was incredibly deep and massive.

Note: What you read here is the English translation of what Rodrigo says with his native name replaced by Rodrigo, of course Rodrigo and the explorer couple don't understand each other.

Rodrigo: "It was you who unfroze Rodrigo, my little friends? Thank you. But you look cold, Rodrigo has a warm place for you." And by that, Rodrigo grasped each of the surprised explorers softly in one hand and moved them closer to his body. They wouldn't complain, it was warm in his hand. Still wondering what he was doing, they found themselves each lying on one half of his chest, and covered with his massive arms. In lovely warmth, they felt Rodrigo's heart beat and his lung pump huge amounts of air, moving the chest under them up and down.

Lena: "Oh, he saw we were freezing and is helping us. I like him."

Jeremy: "Yeah, I too. Listen, buddy, we owe you something for this. The cold was hurting so much, I thought we would die."

Lena: "He is so warm and soft, this feels good."

Jeremy: "Hey, don't get too comfortable, you are still my wife."

Lena: "We don't want to ruin the first contact with that, we must show we are grateful."

Jeremy: "Yes, you're right. I'm enjoying this too."

Lena: "Because you are bisexual."

Jeremy: "How do you know? I never told you."

Lena: "Well, I am your wife. Love you, dear."

And their hands touched in the middle of Rodrigo's chest. Rodrigo smiled down on them.

Rodrigo: "Rodrigo sees, you two love each other. And by nature's law, Rodrigo is your master now and must take care of you. Yes, he knows how to, Rodrigo took care of countless cute creatures." He patted his round but strong stomach. "You two will be united forever inside Rodrigo."

Lena: "I wonder if that meant something."

Jeremy: "He is patting his stomach, I guess he is hungry. We will share the food we brought with him."

Lena: "If he releases us. I can barely move."

Jeremy: "We must find a way to communicate with him and tell him we will bring him food of he lets us go."

Lena: "I can reach his belly with my foot, if I stroke it and point on us, he might understand." And she did it.

Jeremy: "Um... he might misunderstand that..."

Rodrigo: "Are you saying, You two will willingly join Rodrigo's stomach? Well, seems things have changed a lot, but you know nature's law. Rodrigo welcomes you inside your new master."

Rodrigo took both in one hand and lifted them.

Lena: "It worked, he is setting us down."

Jeremy: "Then why are we moving up???"

Rodrigo held Jeremy and Lena in front of his face and eyed them strangely. The couple was looking at each other and back to Rodrigo. Then he slowly began lowering his jaw, holding eye contact firmly.

Lena: "Ok, this is awkward. I'm scared!"

Jeremy: "Don't be scared, I'm here to protect you whatever will happen!"

Lena: "He is going to eat us!"

Jeremy: "I don't think so, he seemed very friendly. Perhaps he uses to lick friends, like a dog."

That's what it seemed like. A huge tongue came out of the cavernous mouth and playfully wiped over the cramped couple, which settled them both down. But then, Rodrigo moved his hand closer and closer to his mouth. Jeremy and Lena doubted his intentions and started shaking in fear and embracing each other. With all his force, Jeremy could not move one finger of the giant's grasp. Both were directly in front of the giant's wide opened mouth, staring in fear into the huge abyss.

Lena, shaking and with tears in her eyes: "He... is ... going to... eat... us!"

Jeremy thought of something to say to consolidate her, but he too was scared as never before. So he just held her in his arms. They were both dropped onto Rodrigo's jaw, landing on his tongue that pulled back and led them into his mouth. Jeremy held his wife with one arm and tried to hold somewhere to reach back and escape, but too late. They saw the outside world for the last time as Rodrigo's mouth closed behind them. There was nothing left to do but embrace each other and cry. Suddenly, a big force pulled everything inside the mouth downwards. The saliva flew down like a waterfall. Lena went down Rodrigo's throat screaming, but Jeremy was able to hold on the huge tongue and Lena grabbed his foot.

Lena: "Jeremy!"

Jeremy: "Hold as firm as you can, I'm getting us out of here!"

But Jeremy knew he couldn't. The pressure became stronger, and Lena couldn't hold anymore and dropped down the gullet. Jeremy quickly decided to be with his wife in his last moments, since there was no way to escape, and jumped down too.

In the meantime, Rodrigo was lying there, enjoying his meal and felt them slide down his chest with some distance from another. But Rodrigo wanted them to be together, and he stopped swallowing for a moment so Jeremy could go after his wife. Rodrigo felt the couple embracing in his gullet, somewhere in the upper part of his belly. He gave them a minute together and enjoyed the feeling of power, then continued sucking them down. The deeper they flew, the more masses of muscular flesh they felt pressing on them from all sides, and the last hope of escape faded.

Jeremy and Lena stopped sinking, and they knew they had reached Rodrigo's stomach.

Lena: "Oh, Jeremy, this is all my fault. I gave him the wrong signal."

Jeremy: "No, Lena, it's not your fault. It has happened, and we can't change it."

Lena: "If only you had escaped from his mouth, and let me down here alone. I would have happily died knowing you are safe!"

Jeremy: "I would rather be with you in a giant's stomach for a minute than out there without you for a lifetime!"

And the two fell into each other's arms and cried. Rodrigo heard every word they said. Although he didn't understand their language, he could feel what they meant, and he was proud to make such a loving couple a part of him, somewhere deep in there in the huge depth of his stomach, where millions of years ago he had shoved in countless creatures.

Rodrigo's voice resounded again, more massive than ever and coming from all directions, like you would imagine the voice of a god.

Rodrigo: "That's how Rodrigo thanks you for freeing him. You are now safe inside Rodrigo. Tons of muscular flesh protect you from all sides, and you will become a proud part of his dominant beefy body. Now, feel Rodrigo's power!" Rodrigo was repeatedly contracting and stretching his belly. Inside, Jeremy and Lena felt the huge masses of his belly press on them, almost squashing them. Time passed by as the walls of Rodrigo's stomach tightened and slowly absorbed their prey. Rodrigo felt alive again and got up, stretched his enormous body and went on to discover this new world.

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