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Just Desserts

by Gimlet

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© Copyright 2007 - Gimlet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fairie; tease; insert; sex; oral; climax; swallow; reduction; tour; M/f; eaten; soft; reluct/nc; X

When he awoke he was startled by a face peering down at him. It was its size more than anything that shocked him fully awake, being less than an inch from brow to chin, connected to a lithe female form barely five inches tall. The apparition (he dare not use the word 'fairy') Hovered less than a foot from his face, hands on her drawn up knees, translucent wings spread wide behind her. Why weren't they flapping?

She seemed to look him up and down, then a normal female voice said. "Have a good nights sleep?" with a hint of sarcasm as if there was a joke that only she was privy to.

He stared open mouthed. He rubbed his eyes, peered at her tiny form then closed his eyes again and pinched himself.

"I'm still here" she said when he opened them once more. When he did nothing more she looked at him quizzically.

"Well don't you like me?" and at that she twirled around in mid air, slowly, displaying her shapely form.

She was beautiful and was naked (of course), He was already beginning to accept this as a dream, she seemed like one of his fantasies. He managed to get his voice back.

"Er... what's your name?" he said.

"Kseeni" she said simply, still smiling at him.

"Tell me ... Kseeni, why are you here?"

"Can't you guess?" she answered coyly. When he didn't reply she dived down and hovered right in front of his face and kissed him on the nose. She was quick and he only managed to react once she had darted back up six inches, to hover over him again. He jumped slightly but stayed on his back in the bed.

"How about now?" she said.

He didn't answer. He was thinking 'This is awfully realistic compared to most of my dreams'.

She seemed put out by his silence, humphed, crossed her arms, glanced at his bedcovers which promptly shot up three feet in the air and stayed there leaving him naked under her gaze.

He gulped and could feel himself hardening under her gaze.

She glanced back up at him, locking eyes with him. She drifted closer to him and said softly, "And now can you guess?" as she came to a stop less than an inch from his face.

"B... But that's not p... possible, I mean I'm too... Er you're too small for... I mean... " he said running out of words.

"Oh no, size is not a problem. Here, I'll show you." and with that she slid effortlessly through the air, down the bed to his waist, whilst pivoting upright till she was 'standing' upright, feet slightly apart.

He gaped as she slowly drifted down, her legs either side of the rigid pole beneath her. As she came closer she looked him straight in the eyes and smiled once again. He couldn't think of anything to say.

When she came to rest on the tip she spread her legs slightly and he could feel the moist cleft between her thighs pressing on him. She started twisting her hips to rotate back and forwards on him and he could feel her opening up! As he lay there he saw her begin to sink as his tool slid inside her.

The opening became larger and she fell down further on him till the head was enclosed completely and yet except for her aperture stretching to accommodate him her body stayed as slim and sexy as ever. It was as though his member disappeared upon entering her.

Inside he could feel her wetness close and grip him as she travelled further down the erect shaft using her thighs to grasp him and force him deeper into her. It felt warm and he knew the pressure was rising in him. She was kneeling in the brush now as her bottom slid down, gently coming to rest on his scrotum, with his length enfolded by her moist innards. His six inch rod had been completely swallowed by her two and a half inch torso and she looked as delectable as ever. Not a bulge in sight!

She squirmed around him, almost painfully, as she got more comfortable. Then, without moving, he felt her inner muscles clutch at him, squeezing and sliding over him rhythmically. As she continued he felt himself building higher and higher till finally he exploded, the feelings washing over him as she brought her legs together, gripping him till the torrent had subsided.

When he had recovered he opened his eyes, expecting to have awoken to find his sheets fowled from the dream. However there she was, lying on her front still enclosing his, now limp, member and still smiling at him.

"Believe me now?" she said, resting her chin on her hands, now grinning broadly.

"That's astounding" he replied "How do you fit... er, well something that big in... in..." again he ran out of words, and breath.

"Oh that's nothing" she said, floating up letting his tool flop free of her wet embrace "I can manage things far larger than that. Do you want another demonstration?"

"I... er, well, it would be... er... interesting." he said, cringing from the understatement and wondering what she had in mind.

She then proceeded to drift further down the bed, forcing him rest up on his elbows to look down at her. She stopped at his feet and swivelled backwards so she was hovering on her back with her feet pointed up at him. She floated down, parting her legs as she did so. She landed gently on the bed with his feet positioned between her thighs.

For a moment she just stared at him. He gulped.

"You're not serious? Surely that's impossible, I mean it's way too..."

She interrupted him "As I said, size is not a problem." and still grinning she took hold of his big toes, one in each hand, and guided his feet towards her opening.

This was ridiculous. Her legs were spread wide, bent at the knees, and the width of his two feet together was bigger than this. He started to object when one of his big toes nudged at her bottom.

From this angle he could see everything, and gaped as she pushed herself down over his right toe. She seemed to be made of elastic as she stretched over first the big toe of his right foot then the left. Her hips seemed to come apart to accommodate him yet above the waist she was normal. She pushed his feet together so that the soles were against each other and then pushed some more. More toes disappeared into the chasm between her legs and her pelvis stretched in all directions. Soon both heels slipped inside her and she started twisting, taking more into her.

Again he could feel her wetness enfolding him although it felt different this time. Tighter, slicker, and softer somehow. He closed his eyes, lay back and let her proceed. More of him entered her and soon his feet, ankles and lower legs had been swallowed. Over the next minute he felt her moistness creep up and take his knees in and then made headway towards his pelvis. The sensations were glorious.

He looked down at her body, stretched unimaginably at her hips but normal otherwise (if you consider a six inch tall fairy normal). He lay back again as he reached down to her. She had gained enough ground so he could hold her as she progressed without him getting up. She was soft, smooth, warm and slick. She was sweating and panting and obviously enjoying herself immensely and although from here he couldn't see her face he could imagine the grin that was bound to be across it.

She looked back up at him, her eyes peeking above the bulge at her waist, and took hold of his hands, grasping each index finger with her whole hand. She stroked his fingers then grasped them again and pulled them up to the opening where she laid them along side his thighs ahead of her.

His fingers touched and probed her as she rippled over his hands. Her tightness folded over him and he stroked her some more. What ever he'd done she obviously liked it.

"Aaah!" she cried and her internal muscles clutched at him, drawing herself up almost a foot upwards in less than a second!

She paused here for a bit and managed to sit up right some how. His legs inside her hinged upwards along with her but stayed straight up right as she bent over his, once again, rigid tool. Smirking she grasped the shaft with both hands. Then she opened her mouth wide and, deliberately slowly, pulled the enormous cannon towards her tiny mouth.

Once she arrived at her objective her lips touched and enfolded the tip, just over the aperture. He felt her tiny tongue flick briefly inside him. Then she took firm hold, bent over further and pushed down.

Her mouth opened like putty around him. He could feel that moist cave wrapping him and her tongue licking at the underside as it travelled down her slender throat. In a matter of seconds the entire length had disappeared and her face was buried between his balls. Then slowly she lifted back up, disgorging her meal right to the tip before wolfing it down once more. Her rhythm built up and she gained speed, slicking her widening mouth back and forth on his tool.

Eventually he couldn't hold back and the volcano irrupted down her gullet. With her face flat against his thighs, she gripped him strongly with her lips and she gulped it down.

He felt utterly exhausted after she relinquished her, now floppy, meal, and offered no protest as she lay back down and proceeded to engulf his hips with hers and he could feel that glorious feeling, like an all over massage, as her internal muscles rippled over him.

Soon she had slicked up along his rod's length, tickling it considerably, and continued upwards. He began to wonder when she would stop. When he caught his breath (and could raise the courage) he looked down at her shapely form as it writhed up, swallowing him.

"All right you've proved you're point Kseeni, you could probably take an elephant in there and not even flinch. Now please let me out would you?"

Kseeni glanced up at him still smirking as she proceeded up his chest. "Now why would I want to do that, hmm?" she said whilst rippling her innards most pleasurably around him "I mean aren't you having fun?"

By now her legs were folding over his shoulders and soon her thighs would be over his neck.

"Please, enough is enough" he said "I might get trapped in there!" as he said this he tried to get a grip inside to push his way out, without success.

"Weeeeell... that was the general idea" she replied and when he looked suitably shocked she continued "Did you think this was for your benefit?... AAaahh!" as her thighs slopped over his shoulders and her wet passage closed around his neck "I thought of eating you but I don't think this method of... absorption... has been tried before, and I'm always willing to try anything once."

She now leaned forwards holding his chin with both hands till she had forced herself over the edge allowing his head to begin to enter.

"But... but... WHY?" he managed once she had let go of his chin.

"Oh you humans!" she laughed, transmitting the giggles through him like glorious lightning "I had almost forgotten how much fun you were to torture. You're so naive and easy to control. It should be quite a painful death as you get absorbed into my body, I only wish I could watch!"

She, still grinning down at him, forced herself over his mouth, effectively halting any further comments he may have. Gradually he watched in terror as her thighs crept upwards, their moistness swallowing his lips and nose and finally travelling over his eyes.

When her legs came together past his head he managed to lean back far enough to get his mouth near the opening to breath. It was a struggle though and soon he found himself lacking breath as he was drawn further inside her. Eventually he succumbed to unconsciousness.

Some time later he awoke, groggily, with aches and itches all over but seemingly still alive. She seemed to have relaxed a little and grip on his body was lax enough for him to move his arms and legs more or less freely. His skin felt somehow tingly all over, he noticed, and he kept shivering despite the warmth in here.

Now his hands were free he tried to reach up to the opening, back the way he had come, and force it open. At this the world around him shook violently, gripped him tightly for a second before relaxing again, and then everything tipped over on its side. He hadn't managed to open the passageway.

He tried again, but more slowly. Still it barely moved. To get more leverage he pushed and twisted, slowly manoeuvring himself until he was doubled over with both his feet and his hands at the entrance. He managed to lodge his feet in the opening (with some more slight ripples around him for his troubles) and then leant forwards further pushing his hands out. After a few tries he managed to open it wide enough to push his arms and lower legs out, eventually squeezing his head back out into the open.

He was now facing upwards (Kseeni was apparently lying on her back) with his shoulders, head and legs poking out between her thighs and resting on her legs that were in a kneeling position with her upper body bending over backwards to rest on the floor. Her thighs were distorted over his chest as before but not as much as he remembered. In fact from this angle, overall she looked smaller, maybe a foot and a half tall.

She seemed to be lying on a bed of leaves and bracken in a rough, wooden chamber, nearly spherical in shape. Although it seemed light in here he couldn't see any opening or any light source. He couldn't worry about that now though. She seemed to be asleep and he intended to be out of her before she awoke. Although he wondered where he would go then.

With one glance at her sleeping face, still smiling, he renewed his efforts to wriggle free from her innards. He reached behind him and gently, so as not to wake her, took hold of her tiny legs. parting them, and moving them slowly out from underneath him he opened the passage. As he forced her legs wider apart he drew his legs and chest further out from her until a particularly vigorous jerk on his part caused her to cry out, then he was staring into her awake, and rather surprised, face.

"WHAT!... You should be dead." she cried out, her face turning angry. Then her features softened. "Oh well. It looks like that method didn't work after all," and with a faint smirk "despite being pleasurable."

"We'll just have to do it the old fashioned way" she said, leaning over and opening her mouth. Then she stopped and looked at him.

"Weren't you larger on the way in?" she said

He didn't answer, he was still vainly trying to prize his hips from inside her, without success. Her vaginal muscles had clamped back down on him pinning him. She pondered for a moment and then shrugged

"Probably just a side effect of the ... unsuccessful... new method of feeding." and she smiled whilst leaning forward again "Right, let's get you down the old cake-hole eh?" and so saying she opened her mouth wide and reached up to him.

This time his hands were free. "Oh no you don't.... What!" he exclaimed as he grabbed her arms and completely failed to stop them despite pushing with all his strength. Still with open mouth the sides of it turned up in a sort of grin as she 'crawled' up him, bending him over helplessly until she had hold of his head.

Even with him struggling she pulled him to her without even straining visibly! Thus curled over he felt her open lips press against the crown of his head and part wider sliding over his hair. In a matter of seconds her mouth had spread wide covering the top of his head and moving down around him.

Soon he could see her lower lip slip tightly over his eyebrows and start to stretch over his eyes. She then paused letting him once last glimpse of the world then she gulped strongly swallowing most of his head in one gulp. Her lips were over his now and travelled down till they slicked tightly around his neck.

Then she stopped, and reached down to her waist and drew his buttocks free from her moist cleft which promptly squished back to it's appropriate proportions. She then proceeded to stuff her face with his.

As her mouth spread wide around his shoulders he could feel his head being forced further down her neck. When his arms were pinned to his sides by her lips' tight grip, she stopped her consumption and shifted herself. She stood up, pushing him into a kneeling position and then continued her meal. Once her mouth had reach more than half way down his chest she stopped once again and reached for his shaft. Despite himself he had become hard with her treatment. It was hard to resist the wash of feelings her rippling throat caused him and now she was massaging his tool most expertly. He was fit to burst.

She then walked forwards between his legs and positioned her self above the pole once again, and gulped. As his chest shot further into her, his legs were jerked off the floor and, as his hips rose, his member entered her carefully positioned thighs in one quick movement, and was buried to the hilt.

The sudden pressure around his shaft was almost unbearable and then her mouth rippled on his chest momentarily, and he found himself being disgorged from her lips and thus her thighs rode up and off his tool. When it was almost free from her she gulped quickly and swallowed both again. She repeated this again and again and he couldn't help it and released into her. She ignored him however and continued the swallowing / regugitating and he found his ardour unabashed and soon waves of pleasure built once more.

After the third time he came she joined him and the muscular contractions jammed him down her throat and her thighs simultaneously and she bent over gulping him suddenly down to the waist in one go. He could feel his head squeezed down her neck and plop out into a small chamber. The stomach!

He suddenly started to struggle again but still to no avail. She slurped him down, his rapidly flopping member popping out of the chasm between her legs and disappearing down her throat instead. He froze as his head was pushed into the liquid filled chamber, expecting his head to dissolve. However, when his head was completely submerged in the stuff and he was still alive and not affected he opened his eyes.

The stomach was barely larger than his head. The Light he could see by was red, being filtered through her body, and was very faint. Then he realised he hadn't breathed for the last few minutes.

He panicked and started vigorously jerking around trying to escape, and managed to swallow a good amount of the liquid in the process. Still apparently unharmed, he continued the journey down. As his shoulders forced their way into the enlarging stomach, his legs felt the embrace of her lips as they finished off their meal. Her tongue played over them as they disappeared inside her and her mouth closed to it's normal shape and she lay back. She was once again smiling broadly and feeling very satisfied but still looked as like a model despite having gorged herself on a fully grown man many times her own size. She lay back as she felt his still struggling form squeeze into her stomach and drifted off into a contented sleep.

Her meal was not as happy however. He had finally convinced himself that he would not suffocate. Apparently he no longer needed to breath and her stomach didn't affect him although his skin was tingling again.

'Lucky I don't suffer from claustrophobia.' he thought as the stomach pressed in on him.

He was crushed into a foetal position and was now 'playing dead'. He hoped Kseeni would presume he was eaten (which he supposed he was) and would relax. Once she was asleep he intended to force his way back up her gullet.

As he waited the walls started to pulse slightly. He twisted around a bit but still could barely move. Then the stomach suddenly squeezed him, hard. It pushed and shoved and got much smaller until he felt himself 'extruded' into an adjoining chamber. This seemed even smaller than the stomach and his ribs were beginning to ache from the pressure of his knees being crushed into them. After a while he managed to relax and, just about, get his legs comfortable, sort of. He noticed the chamber was actually a tube which was pinched in front of him and behind him and the pinches were moving forward, keeping the chamber's size constant but moving it forwards and him along with it.

He realised this was her intestine and he must be travelling down her digestive tract. Not a pleasant thought.

He still couldn't force his way back wards and eventually resigned himself to the slow journey. It seemed to take forever and he gradually drifted off to sleep with her slow, pulsing heart beat playing in his ears.

When he awoke the chamber he was in had apparently grown but by far more than he remembered from his anatomy books from school. 'She really was different, all the way through!' he thought. he could now stretch a bit and felt quite relaxed. The tingling had subsided once more, although he could feel the remains of a kind of glow dying down inside of him. He felt great!

Considering his options he figured the journey up was probably longer than the journey down so he opted for this, attempting to open the way ahead of him rather than back the way he had come. Now it seemed the larger chambers weren't as strong and he could force himself through into the next one, and the next, and the next. Eventually he pushed his hands into one opening only to find light shining in between them. He was at the end of his journey!

He breathed again for the first time in hours as the fresh air streamed in. Boy did it felt good.

With a bit of wriggling and pushing he parted the opening with his hands and shoved his head out into the light. At least it seemed easier to get out this time. 'Maybe she was tired?' he thought.

He had pretty much guessed where he would be ending up after his travels but it still seemed weird to be squeezing his way out from between a fairy's buttocks.

Then he stopped. He twisted his head around to look up at Kseeni. He was right, her legs, torso, in fact her entire body had grown again. Then he remembered what she had said when she ate him. It wasn't her growing, he was shrinking!

Looking over his shoulders at her form lying face down on the floor she looked slightly larger than him now. This would explain why her 'chambers' inside had been larger. They hadn't they merely seemed that way after he had shrunk! As he thought about it though he wondered why if he was smaller and weaker he was still able to force his way out of her easier than before.

He mentally shrugged his shoulders and continued to extricate himself from her anal passage. He drew his chest free slowly and then proceeded to squeeze his thighs out of her. After that his legs' passage seemed easy.

Before he had finished, however, Kseeni cried out and she flipped herself (and him) over onto her back, sat up, and stared at him in something akin to panic.

"I... Im...possible!" she stammered "Not even a fairy can stand being digested. And your skin, it's blue. What the hell is happening?"

He looked down at himself and, sure enough, his skin was blue. She then reached up and grabbed his shoulders, staring in disbelief at him.

"What are you, some sort of mage? You've shrunk again as well how... Oh!" she gasped as he struggled, and easily shook free of her grip. She had weakened, no he had become stronger! Incredible.

In return he grasped her shoulders and steadied himself. With one hand he lifted her legs up against her chest and pushed against her, sliding himself out of her rear. She cried out as he was squeezed slowly out till his feet popped clear of her and her cheeks slapped together as her hips resumed their previous shape.

"So," he said, holding her arms with one hand and stretching her out by her legs with the other "not even fairies can stand being digested eh? Well I think that can be arranged."

So saying he flipped her over onto her front again holding her hands together behind her back with one hand. He then lifted her feet up with his other hand and placed them in his mouth.

It stretched and, as he had suspected, he seemed to be built similarly to her and her feet slid in past his lips. Now she would get a taste of her own medicine, or rather he would.

Slowly her legs squished down his tight throat. He found it most enjoyable, and she tasted delicious!

"Oh... stop please... I, Oh... I didn't mean it... Ah!... Ooh,... No..."She said struggling as he lifted her waist clear of the floor. He then lifted her upright, tilting his head back, and forced her hands in along side her legs into his mouth. He proceeded to greedily slurp her in-between his lips and felt her hips press in letting his mouth close slightly around her waist leaving her thighs resting gently inside.

"Oh... look I... I'll give you... Oh!... anything... Please just don't, Oooohhh!!" she exclaimed and he felt her entire body go rigid as he slid his tongue into her moist cleft. Slowly he explored with his tongue as she flexed this way and that, crying out repeatedly. It felt wonderful with her legs thrashing around inside him and her hips squirming within his mouth.

"Oh!... Oh... Oh god!... Sto... op... ple... EASE!... Oh,N...n...No, oh!... YEEESSSS!" her comments stopped for a moment as she came, pulsing in his throat, her vagina squeezing his tongue most pleasantly. Once she had finished and had relaxed somewhat he continued his meal, just relaxing his muscles and letting gravity take its course. She slowly slid down inside him.

His lips soon bumped into her breasts and he had to squeeze them in to force his mouth over them. After a few tries they sloshed past his teeth and were greeted by his tongues caresses as her weight started to move her, now unimpeded, form down his gullet. As his mouth closed over her shoulders she recovered enough to speak.

"P..Please... Ah!... I can, oh!... do magic,... ungh!...Grant wishes ... Ah, oh!..Anything, just please don't swa..GLUP!" was her last comment as his mouth snapped back to shape over hers and he felt her squeezed down into his waiting stomach.

"Boy what a satisfying meal" he said to himself, then looked again around the round wooden room he was in. "But now how am I going to get out of here, where ever here is?"

That was a very good question.


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