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Just Desserts

by RamsusXIII

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© Copyright 2009 - RamsusXIII - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; shrink; pill; F/m; caught; cake; eaten; cons/nc; X

“Yeah! It’s going to be awesome!” Tommy exclaimed, laughing loudly into his cellphone as he sat up on the edge of his bed. “Don’t worry man, it’s nothing to worry about,” he said as he took up a small bottle filled with pills and reading the directions on them, “Yeah, I take one and they last for three hours and they shrink me down to two inches.”

Tommy stood up as he listened to his friend’s response on the phone and looked at himself in the full body mirror. He was a young 16 years old with short, spiked blonde hair, with dark brown eyes. He wore a long white t-shirt with some blue shorts and gave a mischievous grin. He was a notorious prankster; playing jokes on almost everyone he knew. This time he was coming up with his best prank ever. Using a shrink pill, he had planned to freak his mother out. She was never fond of small things like bugs and mice, and he figured it would be the perfect prank.

“Yeah, she’s baking a cake or something, so now would be the perfect time to get her. I’ll call you back in a few hours to let you know how it went. What? Squish me or something worse? Nah, she wouldn’t do anything like that, it’ll all be fine. I’ll talk to you later, alright?” Tommy hung up the phone and placed it on the charger. He glanced over to the bottle of pills and snatch it up, snickering to himself, “This is gonna be AWESOME. I can’t wait to see the look on her face.”

Grinning mischievously, he took a pill out of a bottle and placed it down on his desk. He then rushed out of his room and quietly made his way downstairs. Once he reached the base of the stairs, he popped the pill into his mouth, grimacing from the bad taste and gulped it down. He shivered; the effects not taking long to kick in. It sent a chill down his spine as his body tingled and his world began to spin around him as it seemed to get bigger and bigger as he shrunk away. It was so disorienting, he almost passed out.

When it was finally over, he rubbed his forehead and looked around, marveling at how gigantic his home seemed. Even though he had shrunken himself before, he’d doubt he’d ever get used to this. After he was done getting used to his new state, he quickly ran over to the kitchen and peeked around the corner and gasped as he saw his gigantic mother mixing some ingredients together for her cake.

Maria, Tommy’s mother, was a gorgeous woman. She was 5’11”, with a great figure, long, slender well toned legs, and a great smile. She had long dark brown hair, flowing and shimmering with perfection, her brown eyes sparkling brightly. A well defined body with c-cup breasts packed nicely in a bright yellow summer dress with a white apron draped over it. You couldn’t tell she was 36; she looked at least 24, young and gorgeous.

Tommy grinned and shivered in excitement. The size of his mother was terrifying, but very idea of imagining her freaked out expression and reaction on this scale was too good to pass up. Wasting no time, he ran into the kitchen flailing his arms over to his mother, screaming out to her.

Maria, now pouring the mixture into the pan, heard the tiny wails and screams of her now tiny son and smiled, sliding a pretty, well kept foot toward him as he approached. The massive foot slammed into him and bowled him over, sending him tumbling head over heels. She smirked and placed her hands on her hips, staring down at him, “Now what are you up to this time, you little troublemaker?” She folded her arms underneath her bust and snickered.

Tommy rubbed his face with a small whimper and gazed up at his titanic mother, trapped in her shadow and her gaze. “M-Mom? Wh-Why aren’t you scared?”

Maria sighed, bending down and reaching out with two predatory fingers, gently seizing Tommy by his leg and lifting him up to eye level, letting him dangle upside down by one leg, “I’ve had it quite up to here with you and your tricks, Tom. You have a habit of telling your friends of all your schemes, so I did a little eavesdropping. Shrinking yourself to the size of a small mouse and planning on scaring me huh? I don’t think so small fry.”

Tommy squirmed and struggled, grunting with effort as he swung back and forth in his mother’s clutches, trying to fight his way free, “Aaaah! Mom put me down!” He cried, “I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

“Oh, I don’t think it’ll be that simple,” She smirked, standing back up to her full height, “I think you need to be punished,” she stated, flicking a middle finger against his rear, laughing as he cried out in pain and swung back and forth from the force of it.

“Owww!” He whimpered, reaching back and clutching his ass, “That really hurt!” He sniffled and looked up at her house sized face and gulped, “Wh-what are you going to do with me?”

“I’m going to fix your little butt once and for all,” She responded, flipping him up into her hand, “I think I’ll make you a special ingredient for my cake.” With that, she skill fully slipped a finger nail into his shirt and ripped it off him, and then forced off his shirt and boxers, leaving the teen helpless and naked in her palm.

Tommy quickly tried to cover himself, blushing deeply as he started up at his mother in fear, “What…what are you doing?”

“Well do you expect me to put clothes in my recipe? That’ll ruin it!” She boomed with laugher to herself, much to the dismay of Tommy’s tiny ears. She looked at him for a brief moment and brought him to her lips, poking her tongue out and dragging it along his body; from his toes to his chin and back down, smacking her lips afterwards. “Not bad, not bad at all.”

Tommy cried out and tried to push back against his mother’s warm, wet, overpowering tongue, “Aah! Stop it, that’s gross!” He yelled, soaked with her saliva.

“Oh you know I love to sample my ingredients,” She whispered, slowly bringing him over to the pan she poured her mix in, and began to tilt her hand to drop him in it.

“You’re not serious about this are you?” He tried to hold onto his hand the best he could, but gravity was against him, “Mom! Wait! I’m really sorry! I’ll do anything you want, just don’t do this!” But his pleas were ignored and he fell from her hand, landing into the gooey mix with a soft plop. “Aaaah!” He continued to cry out, “It’s cold!!”

Maria dipped a gigantic finger into the mix and swirled it around him and began to push him under it, giggling to herself, “Just shut up and relax. Don’t you dare try and get out of there or else you’ll burn to a crisp, and we wouldn’t want that, not only will you die, you’ll ruin my cake.” She laughed some more and began to put the pan into the pre-heated oven and closed it, and went over to watch some TV as the mixture was baked with little Tommy inside.

The heat was almost unbearable for him; he really thought he would die as he was trapped in the cake mixture. Time passed and the mix hardened all around him, becoming soft and fluffy. A bit of the flavor sunk into him as well, darkening his skin, baked along with the cake.

The timer dinged, and the oven shut off; upon hearing it, Maria got up from the couch and retrieved the now fully baked cake loaf from the oven and placed it on the counter to cool. Tommy could feel the movement from the hot and humid oven to the cooler kitchen, still unable to move. He really hoped this nightmare would end and that his mother didn’t forget him, or worse; accidentally eat him.

After giving it time to cool, Maria began to eat at the cake, forking up pieces of it into her mouth, chewing and moaning from the delicious taste. She giggled to herself, wondering how long it would take to find Tommy in there and what he might taste like. She kept eating one piece after another and then noticed a hand sticking out in the cake with shaking fingers and smirked. “Mmm, there’s my special ingredient!” She exclaimed, sticking a fork into a piece that contained her son and pulled away a piece so she could see his face.

“M-Mom!” Tommy cried, trying to squirm free, “I learned my lesson! Please! Let me go now, I can’t take much more of this.”

Maria, caught up in the moment, ignored his pleas and brought him toward her mouth. Tommy began to scream, crying out for his mom over and over, but to no avail as he was brought into the warm, damp, darkness of her mouth.

She began to chew, but quite lightly, as to not crunch him, but savor his flavor a bit. He felt the tightness of her molars squeezing against him over and over; his skin had become soft and chewy, which made it all the more exciting for her. Tommy thrashed and squirmed about in her maw, unable to fend off her tongue and teeth. Finally, his nightmare had come true as he found himself forcefully pushed back towards her throat, being squeezed by the muscles as he sailed down her gullet.

Down and down he went until he landed in her stomach. He couldn’t believe it, he was baked in a cake and swallowed alive, by his own mother.

Maria sighed and grinned brightly, patting her stomach, “Hope you learned your lesson. If you think that was bad, it’ll be even worse when you get out of there.”

She laughed to herself and continued to eat the rest of the cake.



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