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Kaa's Feeding

by Hypnosnake

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© Copyright 2009 - Hypnosnake - Used by permission

Storycodes: Snake/ff; hypno; swallow; oral; nc; X

Kaa cursed his luck. That accursed Man-cub had escaped his coils once again. And he was so hungry, too!

Then he heard music. Someone was singing nearby.

Hadisha and Malia were washing clothes in the river. Hadisha was a girl just entering womanhood, and already she was developing a nicely formed body. Her sister, Malia, was three years older, and more curvaceous.

Kaa turned the corner and saw the two Man-village females. He licked his mouth hungrily. These two were larger, meatier meals than that scrawny Man-cub.

Hadisha turned and saw Kaa. She gave a squeal of surprise.

"What?" asked Malia. "What is it?" Then she saw Kaa as well, and inhaled sharply. Both women were too frightened too move.

Kaa coiled into a mound, then raised his head toward them. At first they thought he was a cobra; then they realized he was a python. But what a strange way for a python to behave! Unable to resist curiosity, they peered closer.

Kaa's eyes lit up. They cast forth rings of color, as his head swayed back and forth. Hadisha gave a moan of surprise at the pretty colors, and Malia stood still, her mouth falling open. Neither one could take their eyes off the swaying head.

Kaa stretched out his tail and wrapped it around Hadisha's body. Soon he was coiled fully around her. Pulling his head closer to the two charmed women, he hissed. They heard what sounded like "Sssleep," then their eyes closed and their heads nodded.

Hadisha was the first to be consumed. Kaa pulled her into his mouth feet first. As her legs entered, she gave a small moan of comfort from the warmth and tightness.

Then Kaa tried to swallow her hips. His forked tongue penetrated her virgin clit and butt. Hadisha gave another moan of pleasure. Her cleft became moist and wet as her ass thrust. Within moments she was having her first orgasm!

Malia slept through Hadisha's cries of pleasure, the noises only giving her erotic dreams.

Kaa skillfully maneuvered his tongue to give a more convenient swallowing. The warmth and tightness continued to caress Hadisha's young body, bringing her to multiple orgasms. When Kaa finished swallowing her, the asphyxiation enhanced the excitement so that her last orgasm was the most intense in her short life.

Kaa then continued with Malia. As his tongue caressed her mound she moaned and orgasmed. As he swallowed her belly her eyes flew open and she had the most intense orgasm ever, her entire body moving like the waves lapping on the shore.

Her opened eyes stared down at the snake swallowing her. But her hypnotized state, half-asleep mind, and orgasms combined with the surreality of the situation and she thought she was having another heavenly dream.

As her breasts pressed against Kaa's distended lower jaw, Malia felt another orgasm building, one so intense she thought she was going to die. She screamed with ecstasy and began to go insane from the pleasure. Her last coherent thought was of unending pleasure.

When Kaa swallowed her head, her lungs began to cry out for lack of oxygen. The added asphyxiation to her gasping heightened her ecstasy and she had the most wonderful orgasm of her life. Which also turned out to be her last.

Kaa smiled as he swallowed Malia's arms. Those two Man-village females would tide him over for a few days.

The two Man-village women were never found. Ironically, it was the same Man-village that Mowgli would one day come home to.



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