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The Kindness of Cannibals

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2010 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; capture; bond; prepare; oil; roast; spit; eaten; sex; nc; XX

Kristian lay on the large grill in the open. He was naked with his hands tied underneath his back and his legs were parted so that he could feel his genitals being roasted. A soft apple was clamped into his mouth. His heart pounded and his chest rose and fell as he breathed frantically through his nose. The smell of the charcoal and his own cooking flesh filled his nostrils and reminded him of his one and only time in a sauna when the intense heat had made it difficult to breath. His body glistened in the sunlight from the oil and sweat and Kristian felt the perspiration trickle down his temples from his forehead. His chest and the hollow of his neck felt wet and he felt the palms of his hands were moist. His erect nipples and penis itched painfully: the latter from the sliver of wood that had been inserted into the member to keep it hardened. He could also feel its tip was moist not just from the oil but also from the arousal it was getting.

"Oh my God," Kristian realised, "I'm actually enjoying being cooked!"

A stab of pain made him tense his body but he did not scream; digging his nails into the palms of his hands. He wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of gloating over his pain. He was going to die without screaming in agony or pleading for his life.

Kristian was in his gap year on the Najgow Islands in the Bay of Bengal off the Indian Coast. It had gained it's independence in 1947 and marketed itself as a holiday spot for tourists with it's unspolit beaches and high mountains. One of the local stories he'd heard had been about a group of mensahibs, their children and servants who'd fled into the mountains to escape the mutiny of 1857. Short of food they had apprantely turned to cannibalism to survive. Their descendants it was said, still lived there; occasionally coming down to kidnap men for food and breeding stock. Kristian hadn't taken the story too seriously until he'd been captured by two of them while walking along a track along the lower slopes of the mountains: ambushing him with a trip wire. They'd then tied him by his wrists and ankles to a pole and carried him between them up into the mountains and to a small clearing with a hut in it. Both were women. They were athletic and strong limbed and wore halter tops and loin-cloths. One was in her teens with a heart-shaped face, large brown eyes and a mane of brown hair that fell to her shoulders. The other was older. She had a strong, almost masculine face with green eyes, prominent cheekbones and a firm, sneering mouth . The older woman's name was Magda. The younger was Mary.

The two women carried Kristian into the hut which he saw was made out of wattle and daub and had wooden supports. They untied him and laid him out on a table. Mary raised his arms over his head and held them while Magda cut away his clothes leaving him naked. As he struggled, Kristian felt his penis swell and harden. Magda saw this. "Mmm...nice and meaty," she said and moved the foreskin up and down making him quiver. "Like to try it?" she asked Mary who came and gently licked his swollen ember. Kristian tensed and let out a deep sigh. "Like that did you boy?" Magda asked.

"Are you going to rape me?" Kristian asked.

"Oh yes," Magda smirked. She stripped off and mounted him. "And then we're going to cook you and eat you." As she thrust herself on him she added: "This gives us a good appetitie."

Kristian guessed it was another way of humiliating their victims.

Magda raped him twice while Mary looked on; holding onto to one of the supports. Kristian saw her watching intently but she also seemed to have a sympathetic look on her face too. Magda finished and said to her: "Your turn now."

Kristian watched her undress and tensed himself for her to mount him. Instead Mary said: "I want him on top of me. I want to find out what it's like to be held." Mary replied.

"Why?" Magda asked," You're going to be eating him anyway!" but she let Mary lie down on the table and Kristian climbed on top of her. He looked down on the girl: her hair splayed out, her mouth half-open to show perfect white teeth and her eyes looking deep into his own. He entered her, and after they climaxed he continued to move gently inside her; listening to her gentle breathing.

"That's enough," he heard Magda say, and he was pulled off her. Kristian was turned over on his back and yelped as Magda stuck a thin splinter into his penis. It stung and then urine began to spurt out of it into a pot that Magda pressed it into. He then was turned onto his stomach and his legs spread out as far as they would go. He felt a pipe pushed into his anus and his body jerked in time with a sucking motion and Kristian realised that his body waste was being pumped out and the smell filled his nostrils. When she'd finished, Kristian groaned and slumped against the table. His anus felt sore.

Magda came round and knelt so her face was level with his. "Your full of it aren't you, like all little boys."

"Well it's a dirty job isn't it?" Kristian smiled weakly. "But worth it when I chew your balls," Magda smirked. She went outside to empty out the pots leaving him with Mary. She started to shave off his body hair with a knife and Kristian grunted as the blade scratched his skin and winced. He felt her hold his penis while she scraped the hair away from his genitals. He raised his head and asked: "Do you always eat men?"

"Sometimes we eat women but it's always men like you," Mary answered. "Men have so much more meat on their thighs and backsides. You've also a lot of meat on your legs," She added and caressed them. "Your whole body is strong."

"I take a lot of exercise," Kristian replied. "I know" Mary replied softly. She leaned down so that her face was inches away from his. Kristian raised his head and kissed her on the lips. She stood up, smiling slightly for a moment then started to wash him down. Kristian writhed on the table as the girl carefully washed everywhere from his crotch to his armpits. Magda came back in with a pot of water and kneeling before Kristian washed his face and hair. "Has Mary been looking after you all right?" she asked. "Is there anything you want; apart from being set free?"

"If you're washing my hair can you put the waves in?" Kristian asked. Magda smiled and pressed them in. She then put a garland of flowers on his head. "For presentation," she told him.

Mary oiled Kristian down: slowly caressing the oil into his body. Between them Mary and Magda turned Kristian over and, after spreading out his legs, rubbed down his back. He took a deep breath as he felt the cool oil poured into the cleft of his buttocks. Then he felt something being slid into his anus. "Don't be gentle; push it in!" he heard Magda say, and then with a soft squelch he felt it being pushed firmly in causing him to cry out. He slumped head down and the table gasping: "God, oh God."

Kristian looked up as Magda came round. "All right little boy,?" she asked: cupping his head in her hand. "What...what...did you...?" he panted.

"Just an avocado up your pretty bottom to stop you from popping," Magda said smiling. "Stops any nasty accidents as well as making it very tasty." She patted him on the cheek and said to Mary: "Rub him down now."

Kristian winced as the seasoning was rubbed into him. He shut his eyes and rolled his head from side to side; moaning softly. He felt as though he was being rubbed down with sandpaper. His hands were tied behind him then he was turned over onto his back again: looking up at the two cannibals as they seasoned his front. Mary bent down and took hold of his penis while Magda forced open it's tip and then slid a long sliver of wood into it. Kristian let out a long cry as it scrapped the inner skin and muscle. His head fell back and he panted feeling his penis sting as though it wanted to pass water.

He looked up to see the two girls standing over him. Magda had something in her hand and smiled showing off her strong teeth. Kristian wondered how many times she torn and chewed flesh in her mouth. He saw the object was a soft, almost pulpy apple which she squeezed gently. She and Mary bent over him. "Like apples boy?" she asked. Then Mary pinched Kristian's nose and twisted it hard so that he was forced to open his mouth so that Magda could stuff the apple in. His teeth closed round the soft fruit and his penis twitched again. He panted but it came as soft moans and his chest rose and fell in panic.

"It's a shame a man can't chew his own balls," Magda smirked at Mary, "But that's the nearest thing."

Magda took his shoulders and Mary his legs and they carried him outside to a smoldering charcoal pit where a large grill was set over it. They stood next to the grill and Kristian felt the heat on his skin. He heard Magda say: "May it please the almighty Father to accept this sacrifice at your hands for the praise and glory of his name. It will become for us the food of life. Amen." Kristian was wondering whether this was a variation of the Communion Rite when he was laid on the grill.

The heat immediately penetrated him. The charcoal filled his nostrils and he tried to let out a scream that was choked by the apple. He felt flushed and hot and his heart started to race. The grill dug into his back and singhed the back of his head and when he turned from side to side the hot bars stung his cheeks. He opened his eyes and saw Mary and Magda standing over him. Both shimmering as he saw them through the smoke and the heat haze before it and the tears forced him to close his eyes. He felt himself being carefully turned over onto his stomach so that he was facing downwards. Cautiously, Kristian opened his eyes and saw the glowing coals and the flames reaching up for him. He heard Magda ask: "Is it hanging down?" After a moment he heard Mary answer: "No." Then a pair of hands lifted his head so that his chin rested on the grill. Kristian opened his eyes again and saw faintly the edge of the grill and the forest beyond.

He lay on the grill and fell asleep. His body turned red and then slowly browned. When Kristian awoke he felt his back being stroked with what felt like a wet brush. It was very gentle and Kristian thought of Mary's soft, full lips and gentle smile and her body moving against his as they'd had sex. Although his penis was pressed against the grill he felt it throb again. He started panting again through the apple and thought: "I want you. I want you!"

Kristian's body was turned over again so that he lay on his back. He wondered what his body was like now. Was it crisp and blacked; ready to be eaten. Or had he longer to go. He weakly raised his head but let it fall back. His front was a soft pinkish, brown with lines along it from the grill bars. His penis, still erect, was a dark redish brown. He felt the brush stroking his chest and the hollow of his stomach. He opened his eyes again and saw it was Mary basting him down. Against her the sky was was a deep Prussian blue; like the acryllic paint. Just a nice day for a walk he'd thought when he'd set out this morning.

His head felt heavy and though he'd shut his eyes again he felt the world was swirling round. "I wonder how they'll eat me," he thought. "They'll cut off my hands and feet. Maybe my head too. Magda will chew my balls in her mouth and between them they'll carve the flesh off my arse and thighs."

"I'll wonder who'll eat my penis."

His thoughts began to whirl around; disorganised and rambling from the heat. "Soon I'll be dead and eaten and no one will know what happened to me. I just walked off and disappeared. Disappeared to be eaten by two cannibal girls. Oh come on: have me now. Eat me - want me! It's nearly time. Please just a little longer so I can savour being cooked. You've raped me and turned me into a piece of meat and soon I'll feel you swallowing me down your throats. You'll have me completely I'll be yours forever. I'll be dead and only you'll know what happened to me. I'm nothing now. Come on, have me!"

Both Magda and Mary were hot from the cooking. Magda took a pronged fork and checked his nipples were erect. She liked their firm, rubbery taste. Between them they would share his penis: cutting it off and slicing it horizontally. "He's the loveliest we've had," she said to Mary.

"Yes," Mary nodded. "I'm sorry we couldn't have kept him."

"Don't get too attached. It was men who chased our great, great grandmothers up into the hills and forced us to eat their flesh. We eat men for vengenge." She added smiling: "And also because they taste good."

They looked at Kristian's body for a minute then Magda asked: "Do you think he's ready?"

Mary bent over the grill and saw Kristian's chest rise and fall faintly. "Not yet, but I don't think he's got long to go now."

She turned back to Magda and saw her thinking. She knelt beside Mary who started basting Kristian's breast again but Magda stopped her.

Kristian's eyes opened. He saw the two cannibals watching him and saw that Magda's hard, mocking look had softened. She eventually asked: "Can you hear me boy?"

She went on "If you'd been of our sex then you would have made a good warrior. Usually your kind are terrified, but you are the bravest we've had." She took the basting brush and used it to stroke Kristian's cheek. "When we've eaten you I will preserve your head as a reminder of your courage," she added.

Kristian's last thought as he died was: "I hope you enjoy eating me as I enjoyed you cooking me."



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