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Lillith's Tails Part 5: The Birth of Lillith

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; FF; blackmail; labratory; genetics; entrap; encase; susp; drug; bodymod; oral; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Lillith’s Tails Part 5: The Birth of Lillith

Eve Smith was the sort of quiet intelligent young woman that is usually quietly ignored by the rest of society. At twenty nine years old Eve's tall thin good looking form would make her the object of man men's fantasies but her natural shyness led her to wearing loose fitting clothes and her glasses did their best to hide her face. Added to this Eve had been a lesbian her entire life and found most of the men around her trying at best. She found it a sad fact that men mostly sought women for their looks not their intelligence and almost comical that as a woman blessed with both she found them depressingly predictable in their advances.

For the past three years she had risen steadily through the ranks at GenTec a small medical research company that had just changed hands after their former parent company went under. For the past six months she had been the senior scientist of one of the larger labs under the direction of her oppressive administrator Adam Hart one of those bigoted men that hated her for refusing his advances and feared her for her intellect.

"Evelyn may I have a word." Her supervisor’s voice interrupted her train of thought and she looked up from her microscope trying to hide her irritation.

 A stick thin balding man in his fifties Adam had a perpetually hunched posture made him look like some bizarre form of vulture that was enhanced by his ill-fitting lab coat. At this precise moment he was stood by the entrance to her lab a sly smile plastered across his normally dour face.

"Yes sir what can I do for you" she replied attempting to keep her distaste for him out of her tone.

"As you know my dear our change of ownership has caused something of a shake-up in all the departments” he shrugged his shoulders as if to say such problems were to be expected before continuing in his usual dull monotone “people are being reassigned, promoted and even let go it’s unfortunate but this disruption is one of the problems we have to work through."

Hart's oily condescending smile just seemed to ooze self satisfied triumph, his dislike of Evelyn's rapid rise and disruption of his routine was well known and his gloating attitude wasn’t reassuring.

"Am I being reassigned sir" she asked carefully.

"Now, now my dear don’t be so fast to jump the gun, you have simply been requested to meet our new owner” Adam oozed “I'm sure he will simply want to talk to you on some other matter."

Some other matter Eve thought, the new owner Mr Black had only been in possession of the company for two weeks and so far everyone called to see him had been fired or 'reassigned'. If he wanted to see her it was no wonder her resentful boss would be so happy about it.

"When does he want to see me?" she asked.

"Immediately my dear” he replied “it seems Mr Black likes to get things sorted straightaway don’t worry about your experiment i'll have Collins keep an eye on it."

Collins was an ass kissing no talent toady that would love nothing more than to step into her shoes, resisting the urge to give in to temptation and tell her boss exactly what she thought of him she held on to her composure and smiled back politely.

"Very well sir, I assume he is in the administration block?" she asked keeping her tone carefully pleasant.

"You are to report to the company directors office that’s all I was told my dear” Adam replied looking positively gleeful, “well come on no sense dawdling Mr Black is a busy man I would hate to take up his valuable time waiting for you."

Getting to her feet Eve left her cubicle and headed down the hall, Collins sat smirking at the next workstation having obviously listened in on their conversation.

"Don’t worry Darren no need to get up my work can wait till I get back” she snapped in passing but Collins just sat their smirking like some obese frog as she walked past and out of the door.

Once out of the lab Eve removed her white coat and hat freeing her long golden blonde ponytail and smoothed the lines of her plain black skirt and matching blouse. Hart would probably dislike her if she were a plain woman for the simple reason her rise through the company ladder made her a threat. The fact that she was a tall imposing natural blond with the good looks to catch any mans eye and the bust to keep them looking didn’t help matters. It was her total disinterest in men in general and him in particular however that probably turned mere dislike into that quite uniquely British quiet hatred.

Eve found his oily attempts at seduction ridiculous and his oh so polite attempts to damage her career when they failed pathetic, but having no interest in men all her life she had long become used to the rather infantile behaviour when they found she wasn’t interested. The men in the company openly called her the Nitrogen Queen and most of the women disliked her for fear her looks were a threat to them.

Collecting her thoughts she made her way out of the department building, across the central courtyard and into the administrative complex. Stopping only to ask directions of the brainless bimbo operating the reception desk she made her way through the sprawling building. Taking a second to tidy herself and smooth her hair she gathered herself for the inevitable and putting on a mask of detached superiority knocked once loudly on the imposing oak door.

Opening the door Eve expected to see her new employer and whatever committee of toadies was required to dismiss her, what she found instead was a room stripped to its oak panelled walls. Gone was the heavy oak Directors desk replaced with a glass and black metal minimalist construction that carried no more than a tiny mobile phone. The previous directors heavy office chair had vanished in its place the back of a huge black leather recliner dominated the emptied room.

"Miss Smith I presume its pleasure to meet you." The chair revolved on some hidden mechanical swivel revealing its inhabitant enthroned like some James Bond super-villain… well perhaps if reality had better quality to work with.

Her new employer looked forty trying desperately to appear thirty, his face was vain and arrogant under a mop of unruly dirty brown hair and his wiry body was giving way to fat under his expensive ill fitting black suit. All in all he gave the impression of a homely man drowned in the false elegance of wealth.

"I've been wanting to meet you for some time my dear, Evelyn isn't it? I'm Edward Black but do call me Eddie, everyone does." His voice was lazy deep but lacking in strength, the voice of someone used to getting his own way.

"It’s Eve sir, may I ask why I was called here today?" Eve's voice was clipped and strong but she felt her determination faltering in the face of the unexpected.

"Direct and to the point how refreshing” he replied with a grin “Mr Hart tells me you are unreliable, unethical and sloppy, his performance reviews indicate you are the least productive member of your department what do you say to that?”

“I would say that he’s a misogynistic old bastard who wouldn’t know real talent if it bit him on the arse!” Eve snapped back losing her temper, apparently Adam had been far more effective at damaging her career than she had thought.

“I’d say that sums him up excellently Miss Smith” Eddie replied smiling broadly “Which is why I’d like to offer to take you out of this back end research position and put you to work somewhere where your talent won’t be stifled.”

“Your not firing me?” Eve stammered in confusion.

“No I’m promoting you” he replied “You are at the cutting edge of your field and you haven't even begun to explore the limits of your ability yet. I first became aware of you when I asked a private investigator I retain to seek out the best men and woman in the fields I require for my vision. You are, a natural at your work. You see the things less proficient people miss, your thesis on RNA viruses is I'm told visionary and you are not averse to stepping outside the confines of law to get things done.”

“Oh don’t get me wrong," Eddy was quick to add as Eve bristled, "I know that working within the inflexible laws of our government’s genetics policy is often a very fine line. I do however employ people who are good at untangling those laws and in some cases making them go away. You have on three occasions stepped on the wrong side of that line, not by enough to be noticed by the authorities but enough to prove you can work outside the box so to speak."

"What exactly is it you want me to do?" Eve was under no illusions if she didn’t do exactly as he said her indiscretions with the delicate and complex laws on genetics research would almost certainly end up at the attention of the proper authorities. Her estimation of Eddy Black went up a notch he might be all fine words and promises but he had quietly and subtly trapped her.

"I have an island in the tropics, its small, remote and the owning nation’s laws on genetics are virtually nonexistent” he explained “Under it I have the built most advanced laboratory in the world and I would like you to head research into my project. I will pay you an obscenely large salary and see to it you are set for life when you are done and In return you will sever all ties here and sign a confidentiality agreement, you will not contact anyone while working on the project without my direct permission and when the work is complete you will deny any knowledge of the project or anything about the island, myself and anything you do for me there.”

“I don’t think you are really leaving me much choice Eddie” Eve replied resignedly.

“Oh don’t take it so hard Evelyn dear” he replied smiling triumphantly “Think of it as an opportunity to truly see what you can do unfettered by the idiot morality of people like Adam Hart.”

Eddie picked up the mobile and hit a single button, immediately the blonde secretary from the lobby hurried into the room carrying an expensive looking black leather slim line case which she deposited on the desk before hurriedly leaving the room without once glancing at either Eddie or Eve.

“The case is for you” Eddie said gesturing for her to take it “inside you will find a laptop containing all the information and project notes we have so far, along with a selection of reading material you may find enlightening. Take the rest of the week off to put your affairs in order, a car will arrive at your apartment 8am Friday to take you to the airport, oh and Eve welcome to project Lillith.”

Eve sat in the comfortable seat of Eddie's private soundproof helicopter rereading the contents of the sleek silver laptop. In the past week her entire world had been turned upside down by the contents of the innocuous looking computer.

Eddie Black was a snake fanatic interested in the extremes of sexual deviancy. He coupled his love of reptiles with beautiful women in a fetish called Vore. The laptop contained three main sections, the first an in-depth design brief for a bio-engineered snake of huge size and intelligence. Eddie wanted to create the world’s most expensive pet, a huge intelligent beast that was safe to interact with but would be capable of consuming human sized prey albeit probably bound and helpless. The brief was a mere sketch an outline for a creature Eddie expected her to fill out the blanks, in order to understand the things he demanded the computer contained a second section. This area contained a vast library of Vore stories and pictures ranging from classical myth of snake women and giant serpents to stories written by contemporary writers. Lastly the laptop contained a huge library of genetics research much of it obviously stolen from the many other secretive companies around the planet that specialized in the fine line between legal and forbidden research.

She had been whisked away from her home by a sleek black BMW and taken to a nearby private airport, two planes and one particularly rough helicopter ride later she was about to land on Eddy's secret hideaway.

Looking out the window as the helicopter descended towards the island eve saw a massive building of white stone and black mirrored glass. The expected tennis courts and swimming pools were there but covered by huge geo domes that rose from the back of the building like a cluster of glass mushrooms. The helicopter settled onto a helipad in front of the imposing building and a dark skinned native looking man in an impeccable black suit hurried out to open the door. All Eve gathered from her first hurried moments on the island was intense heat and humidity before the helicopter lifted off again and she was hurriedly ushered into air conditioned coolness.

"Welcome Miss Smith, my name is Anjou I am Mr Blacks butler, he returned the island to our people under the strict condition we obey his wishes. I am to inform you our people have worshipped snakes longer than your Christianity has existed."

"Thank you, Anjou?" Eve stumbled over the name "I believe Mr Black is expecting me."

"Indeed miss if you will follow me." Anjou replied  leading Eve through the massive mansion the place seemed the perfect setting for a man of Eddy's ego, thick white carpet and black walls adorned by the occasional tasteful painting or sculpture on a simple pedestal. Eve idly noticed that the theme of most of the pieces was snakes and various bizarre god representations.

They found Eddie lounging beside a pool in one of the domes, on another leather recliner this one half covered in furs with a large python coiling around his midsection.

"Ah my dear how wonderful to see you, I must admit I didn’t require much reason to abandon my usual work schedule and return to my holiday retreat to oversee your first few days work. I trust you read the contents of the laptop or I fear you might be in for a shock."

"I read your files Eddie, I must say I didn’t believe there was anything this extreme in the sick fantasies of the ultra rich." Eve's tone was calm but inwardly she was seething with resentment at having her free will taken away from her.

"Ouch my dear you wound me, trust me my… fetish is rather more common than an exclusive preserve of the super rich and while I admit many people would find exploring this particular area of our primal nature distasteful there is a part of all of us that understands it. I would however keep your views to yourself in future."

Eddie all but spat like a scalded cat his calm outer façade momentarily broken, he regained his composure almost immediately but the python writhed irritably as if sensing his hidden mood.

"I'm sure you are eager to put all that passion to work” he continued “Anjou will show you to your quarters I trust you will do your best for me my dear, goodnight."

And so began months of work, as time went on Eve reigned in her anger at her employer's manipulation to the point where she could even turn down his infrequent advances with some degree of tact.

The Labs were vast equipped with state of the art and often illegal equipment all cutting edge and all purchased at immense cost. To go with all this hardware Eddie had headhunted the most brilliant, the most ambitious and in some cases the most unprincipled people he could find from around the world. Between them they spoke a dozen languages and indeed some of them couldn’t converse with each other at all in a common tongue. They ranged from a main core of geneticists to biologists and even five native snake handler's who cared for the thousands of guinea pig reptiles Eddie had put at their disposal. The men and women in their underground realm were a mixed bunch in ethics as well as nationality some were just as trapped into the project by their employer as she was, others were uncaring of its illegal, unethical and definitely immoral ramifications. A couple were even Vore fans themselves albeit of a vastly lesser extent than their employer who was only too pleased to show these fascinated fans his vast collection of stories and pictures on the subject.

It was there in this strange atmosphere that Eve fell hopelessly in love with a young biochemist. Lisa was everything Eve was not, short, plump and ebony skinned, her dark features were delicate and her short hair braided into spiky knots. To the rest of their peers the two of them were just good friends, only in private did Lisa show her love for her. Their relationship started out as friendly camaraderie as both of them had graduated from the same university they spent many nights talking about old tutors and people they both knew. When Lisa broke her silence and admitted she was a lesbian and that she was in love with Eve their friendship deepened and love blossomed.

Six months of painstaking progress had followed Eve's team making meteoric bounds without having to worry about crossing the boundaries of the illegal they usually had to tiptoe around. Her original idea of simply genetically altering an anaconda with the required extras soon proved hopelessly flawed. Size was easy to manipulate and making it harmless was solved by removing the snakes crushing grip by genetically weakening the muscles dedicated to crushing their prey, leaving those responsible for movement intact. However, the reptilian brain remained a primitive and unresponsive beast refusing to accept any intelligence enhancement.

Eve looked up from another of the endless screens of projected data and rubbed her tired eyes.

"Making yourself exhausted isn't going to do anyone any good baby." Lisa's arms draped themselves over her shoulders the familiar pressure of her breasts against the back of Eve's head felt wonderfully soothing.

"I thought you went to bed with everyone else hours ago" Eve murmured sleepily.

"I did” her lover replied “I got fed up of waiting for you to come visit so I thought I’d come drag you away from this."

"How did your test of the new natural system go" Eve asked enjoying the stolen moment of closeness.

Lisa was one of the most talented biochemists in her department she headed up a team working on the idea that by manipulating the biochemistry of the mother snake they could spawn an offspring with the desired qualities. This 'natural way' idea had great success in altering the normal snakes reproductive system but the intelligence of the offspring were still ordinary. Eve was currently heading a team working on recombining snake DNA to make it grow into the desired form but they were meeting with the same problem. There were several other research teams heading up other areas including a promising pheromone stimulant that might well fix the problem of making a tame animal consume an unwilling victim.

"Another dud, of course” Lisa laughed, “for a snake he was a regular Einstein but by our standards he would make a village idiot feel smart."

She started kissing the back of Eve's neck, gently caressing her body with her fingers.

"Mmmmm stop it” Eve moaned softly, “I'll never be able to finish if you get me horny, I only have a little more to read through then I'm done promise."

"I think your done now baby” Lisa replied firmly, “if you don’t stop working so hard you will turn into a snake yourself."

She spun Eve's chair around hitting the lever that lowered it as far as it would go, in a second her legs were wrapped firmly around Eve’s waist and crossed behind the chair as she straddled her lover. Lisa's lab coat rode up revealing a naked pair of thighs as she began unbuttoning it from the top.

"I think it’s time you stopped paying so much attention to that screen and pay more attention to your lover" she said smiling.

"Only wearing your lab coat again? One day you will get us caught baby." Eve murmured pushing forward to kiss her partner her own fingers nimbly massaging Lisa’s back and ass as her lover undid the last buttons and let the coat fall from her shoulders.

“I think we are old enough to cope with a little gossip, and it might stop them calling you the Ice queen!” Lisa replied moaning softly as Eve teased her by taking a chocolate coloured nipple into her mouth and beginning to suckle gently. Lisa's breasts were small compared to Eve's C cups being only a moderate B but her nipples were twice the size of hers and very sensitive.

"So do you still want to watch that screen or can I convince you to take a little break?" Lisa teased as Eve gently tugged on her nipple, her lovers suckling mouth making her sensitive teat harden between her lips. Shifting gently she slowly stood up her legs still astride her lover's seat and slowly pulled her with her off the chair and down onto the floor atop her.

"That feels great baby don’t stop!" she moaned her breathing had deepened her voice was heavy and thick with pleasure as her hands made light work of Eve's clothing slowly stripping her lover until they lay naked together on a pile of clothing.

"I love you Eve" Lisa whispered.

Eve moaned a reply as she kissed her way down her lover's belly trailing her tongue across burning skin. Lisa shifted her body under her lover's touch arching her back up off the floor to push Eve's mouth more firmly upon her belly. She drew back and gave her lover a playful spank on her dark skinned bottom before returning her lips to Lisa's navel and working her tongue further down towards her hairless slit.

Lisa drew in a sharp breath as Eve's tongue flicked playfully around the edges of her lips before nuzzling deep between her thighs and slipping her rough tongue inside. Her left hand slipped up to tug gently at a nipple as her right slid through her lovers hair her nails gently caressed Eve's scalp, Eve's hand squeezed the shorter woman’s bottom in reply grinding her face harder against her lover.

Lisa felt her passion rising as Eve's tongue teased her clit her pussy soaking with her juices which Eve lovingly lapped up, she began to moan softly at first but soon louder as her cries gained more urgency. Eve's tongue tasted the sweetness of her lover's, arousal her head was filled with the strong smell of lust that swam through her senses and her breathing was hard, with each breath forced out in the fleeting seconds her mouth and nose was not buried against her Lisa.

Her right hand sawing at her own slit she squeezed harder with her left forcing Lisa's hot body even tighter against her mouth, through her own rising orgasm she could hear Lisa's deep moaning. When Lisa's orgasm hit it was like a lightning bolt, her whole body shuddered and her thighs clamped tightly around Eve's head holding her to her pussy as she writhed in ecstasy. As Lisa's moaning turned to high pitched squeals Eve's head had been pinned to her pussy trapped between thighs tight as an iron vice, her tongue burned, aching with protest as she fought the rising need to breathe with the desire to taste more of her lover. Eventually Lisa's spasms subsided, her high pitched squeals became intermittent and faded out into shallow broken breaths and the vice hold was broken and Eve's lungs flooded with sweet air as she gasped for breath.

Lisa's lay for a moment her mind numbed by a warm peaceful lethargy her whole body felt hot in the cool air of the lab, her breathing seemed muffled compared to the booming of her heart. The sound of Eve's deep urgent moaning brought her out of her momentary lassitude, dragging her body down across the slick floor and rumpled clothing she pulled her lover to her.

Eve was adrift in her own private ecstasy, her body burned in the cold of the laboratory air, her thrusting fingers grinding against her clit bringing wave after wave of pleasure. And then Lisa was there her body burning against hers, her scent filling nose then mind with tender loving warmth. Arms wrapped around her waist and legs intertwined with her own, Lisa's nipples grazed hers and in a second their lips met and the world seemed vanish in a blaze of fire.

Afterward they lay together in quiet contentment warmed by each other's presence, not yet aware enough of the world around them to feel the cold or the danger of being discovered. Simply content to lie in each other's arms and let their minds drift.

"Wait a minute that’s it!" Eve shouted sitting bolt upright knocking her lovers arms away, her sleepy comfortable doze interrupted by a sudden bolt of inspiration.

"Lisa you genius you bloody genius that’s it! You can't breed intelligence you have to start with it." Eve practically shouted in her excitement.

"Baby what are you talking about, what did I say?" Lisa asked looking puzzled.

Eve leaped to her feet pulling her lover with her before hugging her fiercely and kissing her with burning passion.

"You said ‘If I don’t stop working so hard I'll turn into a snake’ Don’t you get it we have been going at it the wrong way.” Eve explained excitedly, “We have been going at this from the wrong direction If we stop trying to graft intelligence into a snake and try grafting the snake part into something intelligent it might just work!"

Eve was so happy dancing around the room she didn’t see her lovers face.

"You're talking about adding snake DNA to a human embryo Eve that’s dangerous territory” Lisa replied quietly watching her lovers face with concern.

“We have been trying to insert human DNA into the snakes for months already and you haven’t complained about the ethics of that” Eve replied shaking her head, “All I am talking about is trying it the other way round.

Eve's stopped her excited pacing and her expression hardened with excited determination.

"I must go wake the others, there's no sense sleeping when there's important work to be done!"

Lisa watched Eve run out of the room with a bemused smile of her face.

"Just hope you remember to put some clothes on first." She called after her lover…

Work began again at a frenetic pace, now the work centred upon a human and not a reptilian base. Unlocking the forbidden secrets of cloning and manipulation many members of the research team became increasingly uneasy at the possible ramifications if they were ever found out.

Lisa stubbornly refused to work on human eggs, instead her small research group continued to work on altering the reproductive system to create a designer snake. This work was slowly progressing although still unable to increase intelligence by any great degree but the incredible discoveries made in the process of the experiments were of enough interest to keep the team working.

One day about ten months into their research Lisa called Eve to her labs with an important discovery.

When Eve got to Lisa's office she found it deserted, sitting down she busied herself examining one of the tribal pieces made by the islanders that Eddie liked to make gifts of to his staff. The work was in soft native wood and appeared to be a gigantic snake woman deity crushing a man in her coils while the upper human body looked bizarrely excited.

Lisa bustled into the room in a hurry. She looked a mess, her hair was untidy, her lab coat was stained with coffee and her eyes were red with lack of sleep.

"I'm glad you could come sweetheart” she said smiling at her lover as she entered the room “I think I've found a possible solution to our problem."

"You look terrible honey” Eve replied looking at Lisa with concern, “I know you didn’t get any sleep last night, how long is it since you took a break?"

"This from the workaholic," Lisa smiled, "I'll sleep when I've finished telling you about this okay."

"Okay Lisa what's the big breakthrough?" Eve asked.

Eve sat down opposite her lover, despite their disagreement on using human DNA the two of them were very much in love and Eve could tell Lisa was very excited under her tired expression.

"I've found a way to reintroduce a foetal state in an adult animal allowing them to be redesigned after birth using the womb as our laboratory" Lisa blurted out.

Eve was shocked, if this was true they had just broken one of the cardinal rules of genetics. A foetus was easy to manipulate because the tissues were only just forming, in their work they had spent months with tiny foetal anacondas working and reworking their DNA in an attempt to increase intelligence. Adult animals were incredibly hard to change because they lacked the flexibility of this unborn state.

"How is this possible" she asked excitedly.

Lisa tired smile widened at the amazed look her lover gave her.

"It was a complete accident one of our subjects mutated and we found it would connect to any living matter just as it would a fertilised egg, any matter even from another species!"

"You can get it to accept other reptiles" Eve asked.

"I can get it to accept a dammed horse of we wanted it to” Lisa replied, “the mutation is fast acting and highly aggressive."

Eve was amazed all over again the ramifications of such a discovery were immense.

“Do you think you can replicate it” she asked.

“I already have a half dozen times, we just needed the original mutation to show us the way” Lisa replied looking both proud and worried, “But there is something I haven’t told you yet.”

Lisa reached across her cluttered desk and hugged her stunned lover.

"I borrowed some of your new anaconda RNA compounds and added them to the mutated snakes reproductive system, then I introduced an unaltered juvenile corn snake."

Eve looked surprised to hear Lisa had been using her viruses, the amount of times they had fierce arguments about her viral manipulation of human eggs Eve thought Lisa would never touch her work.

"The mutated womb rebuilt the snake into a perfect juvenile anaconda, perfect in every way!" Lisa explained, “But the surrogate mother wasn’t an anaconda it was a Royal python.”

Lisa's eyes burned with excited enthusiasm as she revealed her discovery in more detail, the mutated womb would latch onto and keep alive the introduced animal, while the RNA virus it carried could transform the animal into whatever design was programmed into the virus. The suspended state of the changing animal even allowed incredibly drastic changes that their current genetic alterations could hardly compare to. Eve was still sitting at Lisa's desk five hours later discussing the combining of their projects, however now it was a case of introducing this idea to their rich employer.

Eddie lounged by the pool idly drinking a cocktail as a dark skinned native turned masseuse kneaded his back, he watched idly as Eve and Lisa walked out towards him and thought back on the months of pleasant relaxation he had allowed himself while they worked to design his ultimate pet.

In truth Eddy was the archetypal rich kid gone bad. His father had been a pathetic weak man who considered his workers happiness more important than personal wealth, thankfully his mother who shaped his life taught him early that wealth truly is everything. The first time she bribed his school to make him an A grade student he understood that nothing was without a price and everything could be bought if you knew how.

He grew up disillusioned and uncontrollable, women were often a frequent diversion, although several early mistakes had led him to have a few silenced when their cries for child support went typically unheeded. These days Eddy lived a life of extravagant luxury having anyone and anything he wanted eventually. Now fast running out of his 30s Eddie had become the kind of depraved individual his mother would have been proud of. Eddie's sexual depravities had often led him off on some wild adventure or the other, he was well known in the less law abiding corners of the world tasting paedophilia in Russia, sampling snuff in Africa, Bestiality in the USA. Always his attraction to Vore brought him back to his primary fantasies.

Eddie had spent his whole life seldom being denied by anyone, as a consequence the repeated rejections of both Eve and Lisa grated on him. As they covered the last few yards to meet him he lazily wondered not for the first time how they would look being swallowed by their creation, an end he had long since decided they would meet when their work was finished.

"Ah ladies prompt as always I'm afraid my massage has run a little long this evening." Sitting up he slapped the thigh of his masseuse as she departed "I've been reading your report, impressive, very impressive you truly seem to be performing miracles for me I shall have to think about a bonus to your already impressive rewards for this work."

"The new process is having great success we are very close to solving the last few problems".

Eve watched Eddy nervously, he had become more and more of a problem with his frequent comments and his obvious attraction to her, the fact he lavished the same attentions on Lisa as well as all the attractive female staff made it easier to ignore however.

"Ah yes, quite strange isn't it the process only works on females still?"

"The retro engineering process works perfectly on female subjects but the result on males is still wildly unpredictable." Lisa explained.

"Just as well I want a female snake then isn't it, so forget that little problem when will you be ready for an adult human subject" he asked.

The two scientists looked at him as if he had grown a second head.

"We never considered attempting such a thing" Eve explained, “All our work has been aimed at modifying a foetus.”

Eddy sighed, “According to your research using donor eggs or even a foetus will produce the snake I want, but we will have to wait over a decade before it reaches maturity even with the rapid growth hormones you invented. What’s more there is no guarantee a mind that has never had a normal human life to prepare it will develop the intelligence I require.” He smirked up at Eve, “I’ve been advised by some of your collegues that the process will be much more likely to succeed if we use an adult human subject, and the added body mass will mean the snake reaches adulthood in months not years.”

"Mr Black… such a thing… its unethical and totally immoral we can't transform a human being, the very idea is insane" Lisa shouted furiously at her employer."Using an embryo will make the results take longer to evaluate but using an adult subject just to get results faster would be worse than murder.”

Lisa's anger made her forget herself with her employer and Eve watched her lover worriedly knowing Eddy's infamous temper.

"We are trying to get intelligence but I've not met many intelligent new-borns have you?" Eddie snarled back, “the sacrifice of one human life to have my dreams come to fruition is perfectly acceptable to me.

"I'm sorry but I'm not happy to work on a project that will take the life of a human being!” Lisa replied proudly, “if that has consequences for me I accept them but I refuse to be any part of it."

"I can see your commitment,” Eddy replied stopping to think a moment before continuing. “Okay I’ll give you a chance, come up with an alternative that doesn’t require the sacrifice of a human subject and I‘ll consider changing my plans is that acceptable?”

Eddie paused until Lisa nodded her acceptance.

“As I understand it you inject the test animal with your RNA to begin the process and then connect it to the modified womb” Eddie continued apparently deciding to change the subject to something a little more controversial, “what may I ask would happen to an animal you didn’t swiftly introduce to the womb?"

"The virus is aggressive and highly dangerous,” Eve explained bewildered by Eddy's sudden change of topic, “it would kill the animal within a few days as its cells tried to change without the help of the foetal state.”

"Fascinating” their employer commented, “well my dears I suggest you get back to work, Miss Smith could I ask you to dinner this evening?"

"I really should be concentrating on my work sir,” Eve replied, “perhaps another time."

"Indeed, well I guess I can’t keep my head of research from her duties,” he said apparently attempting to be magnanimous, “Lisa I'm sure you will step in and fill the breach in my social calendar, in fact I insist upon it."

"Yes sir" Lisa said politely albeit through gritted teeth.

"Oh please don’t be so formal” he protested, “I know we have different views but this dinner will be a chance to put them to rest."

Standing up Eddie dove into the pool bringing their meeting to a close.

"I'm back honey," Lisa called as she walked into her lovers bedroom that evening looking tired and drawn.

While Eve had gone back to preparing the new 'womb' if such a name could be given to a living body part now divested entirely of its parent animal and grown to enormous size, Lisa had gone upstairs to dine with Eddy.

"I feel awful,” she complained, “the whole thing was one long boring chat up line from beginning to end and to make things worse I think the dammed food disagreed with me."

Eve walked over to her lover and felt her brow.

"You do feel feverish baby, no fun for you tonight straight to bed with you." Eve hugged Lisa tightly.

"You know he did the strangest thing I swear he gets odder with every passing night" Lisa commented.

"Oh what's the old pervert been doing this time" Eve asked distractedly.

"It was the strangest thing he spent the whole night trying to seduce me then he seemed to just give up” Lisa explained, “he insisted we drink a toast to the birth of Lillith with some of his foul tasting red wine and then he excused himself." Lisa frowned and held her hands to her stomach. "That meal defiantly disagreed with me let's get to bed I feel ready to drop."

The next morning Eve was worried to discover Lisa was worse she was running a high fever and when she finally came around she complained of her whole body aching. Lisa staggered off to her own bed despite Eve's protests while Eve put in a worried appearance in the Lab almost bumping into a young biochemist who was hurrying the other direction.

"Ah Eve there you are i'd thought you would be here early, what with the final phase beginning today" he said cheerily.

"What on earth are you talking about Peter?" Eve asked distractedly. She was too worried about Lisa to pay attention to another of Peter's excited outbursts this morning. Peter an excellent Biochemist was a rather rash young man with a reputation for making dangerous jumps in his research to achieve results, if he hadn't proved time and again that these jumps were always in the end proved right he would likely have been dismissed months ago. Now the rash little Italian just stood there in front of her grinning like a demented Cheshire cat.

"The subject chosen to become Lillith has been chosen,” he explained, “Mr Black was in this morning clapping everyone on the back and telling us all to prepare for the finish of the project." Peter paused and looked at Eve's paling face, "are you all right Eve did no one tell you he selected the test subject himself?"

Eve was already running for the lift before Peter finished his sentence.

The lift today seemed to take an age to start moving and when it did finally shudder gently into action it seemed to move at a crawl. Eve paced about the floor becoming more and more worried as the lift slowly ascended. As the lift doors opened on the mansion level she burst from the confining space and collided with the impeccably dressed Anjou.

"Apologies Miss, might I ask why you appear to be so disturbed?” the soft spoken butler enquired.

"Anjou just tell me where the bastard is I need to talk to him" she demanded.

Anjou nodded his face showing no emotion as always. "Mr Black can be found in the temple Miss” he informed her, “he said you would be requesting an audience sometime this morning."

"Temple? What god-dammed temple Anjou?" Eve demanded her face was white with worry and her glasses were askew as she grabbed the butler by his immaculate lapels.

"Miss please there is no need to excite yourself” he explained, “the temple is in the north wing, the master set it aside for his staff to fulfil their religious practices while in his employ." Anjou actually smiled politely at the mention of the temple a rare show of emotion for the native butler.

"If you would just follow me I will take you there immediately." Anjou turned and started down the corridor towards the north wing, soon his twists and turns took them down progressively plainer and less grand hallways into the servant’s quarters and eventually to a simple unadorned wooden door. Opening it revealed a less than impressive storage cupboard complete with clothes hooks mop and bucket. Anjou reached inside and pulled one of the hooks and the whole cupboard slid silently to one side revealing a dark stone spiral stairway.

"The master does so enjoy such little eccentricities, do forgive his sense of humour" he commented.

"I'm worried about more important things than his James bloody bond envy Anjou." She snapped starting down into the shadows with Anjou following closely behind.

The smooth stone walls slowly gave way to more and more intricate carvings of gigantic serpent coils. The whole place gave Eve the impression of descending into some giant living monster. The darkness brightened around the spiral stairway the soft glow of firelight making the walls seem to move as she descended deeper into the bedrock of the island. She passed blackened metal sconces holding burning torches and the coiling walls became more and more chaotic with the carvings crossing over and under each other the firelight making them seem to writhe and twist in the shadows. Eve came to the end of the stair a huge door of heavy oak and thick bronze that was covered by the image of a thousand intertwined snakes swallowing each other's tails.

"This is one of the many entrances to the temple Miss” Anjou explained, “the whole island is honeycombed with caves and tunnels which interconnect. We used to worship in them before our home was taken away to let rich men design weapons of war, Mr Black has given us the resources to build all you see on the condition we serve him without question."

"Was it worth it Anjou?” she asked, “when you sell your soul to the likes of him is it really worth what he gives in return.”

If the corridor had been dedicated to snakes the cavernous room beyond the door made it pale into insignificance. Every inch of rock seemed to have been carved into the shape of enormous coils. The stalactites descending from the darkness of the hidden roof were similarly carved, even the floor covered in soft white sand was often broken by the scaled bulk of a stone snake erupting from the sand before sinking back into the floor. All in all it looked like some giant living creature but the carvings were nothing compared to the huge figure that dominated the rooms centre. Behind two burning braziers an immense statue towered over the room, from the waist up her body appeared to be an incredibly beautiful woman with her arms outstretched towards Eve but her naked human hips gave way to serpent scales and her thighs melded together into a massive serpents body that disappeared into the sand covered floor.

"Ah Evelyn I was wondering when you would come looking for me,” Eddie crooned stepping out from behind the statue, “I hope you like the look of our temple its truly an amazing piece of work."

"The final phase Eddie” Eve demanded quietly, “do I even need to ask why Lisa is sick this morning."

"Always the smart one my dear, a woman can turn down my offer only so many times I'm afraid dear Lisa's mouth got the better of her!" Eddie replied sneering at Eve with a self satisfied little grin as he calmly destroyed her life.
“Had you accepted my offer of dinner it might well have been you feeling a little under the weather this morning” he explained, “You can either get to work or watch your friend die for nothing.”

 "Why Eddie? Why did you do it to her, why take a woman's life just because she turned you down" Eve demanded her voice echoing around the chamber.

"Because I can my dear, what you seem to forget is I'm rich I can do what I want, to who I want and you had best remember it if you want to continue to work for me,” he spat back angrily, “now you have just lost a talented Biochemist but you have just gained an excellent test subject, so I suggest you start working on keeping her alive and less on irritating your employer."

"You can't get away with doing things like this Eddie,” Eve said quietly.

"I can get away with anything I want my dear,” he replied, “if you irritate me further I will prove the point, its been a long time since Anjou's people have had a human sacrifice, after all their hard work they could well do with a bonus."

"Now I suggest you go treat your patient my dear, I think your research team will have some questions for you on her. I suggest you make it known that she volunteered willingly, there are enough Vore fans in the team to make her sacrifice appear reasonable without too much trouble." Eddies leering smile made Eve feel sick and she fled without another word pushing past the silent Anjou on her way out of the room.

"Still think selling your soul to the devil was a good idea Anjou!" she asked as she passed him not waiting for a reply.

Eve found Lisa in bed in her untidy quarters, her lover's face was pale and her bed was drenched with sweat.

"I thought you would never come visit baby,” her lover said trying to smile, “boy I feel like hell." Lisa's voice was hoarse her usually melodic speech cracked and harsh.

"I'm here love I just had to go deal with something." Replied as she sat on the bed and cradled her lover in her arms hugging her to her tightly as if she never intended on letting go.

"I take it Eddie confirmed he gave me the dammed virus then" Lisa asked quietly.

Eve released Lisa and just stared at her a moment in silence. "You know?"

"It was in the wine I imagine” Lisa replied, “I might be sick but I'm not stupid, fever, cramps, severe headache and nausea the same night that bastard tells us he wants to have a human subject trial, I know the symptoms just as well as you." Lisa had tears in her eyes but she still forced a smile.

"If its any consolation I won’t feel anything,” she said hugging Eve tightly, “in a few hours I’ll slip into coma and unless we go through with it my body will tear itself apart."

"There's got to be a way to reverse the process,” Eve said knowing already that there wasn’t time to look, “there must be something we can do."

Crying she held onto Lisa's hand with a death grip her whole body was shaking and she felt as if her world had been torn apart.

"You know there isn't time to come up with a cure” Lisa replied quietly, “Even if that bastard would allow you to try which he won’t, the process would be complete long before you had a workable treatment and by then there wouldn’t be enough of my original genetics left to work with.”
"I'll kill him!” Eve said her sorrow turning to rage “I swear it he will pay for this."

"Eve listen to me,” Lisa replied sadly, “you can’t do anything to that bastard he's too powerful to hurt within the law and if you really did kill him do you think his people would let you live, let alone leave the island." Lisa pulled Eve into another hug her strength failing she fell back to the bed pulling her lover down with her.

"I will find a way” Eve promised, “I swear Lisa he won't get away with turning you into a monster."

"Eve as much as you will find this hard to believe I always did have a thing for snakes” Lisa whispered with the ghost of a smile, “Okay turning into one was never one of my ambitions but as I won’t remember much about being me I won’t know any different. Listen to me baby what can you hope to do against Eddie Black he's too powerful the only reason he tolerated us was his love of dammed snakes and now I'm becoming his ideal pet that tolerance is at an end." Lisa released Eve from her embrace and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I haven't got much time left baby I can feel myself slipping away I'm going to lose consciousness soon, just promise me you won’t do anything foolish" she said her voice starting to slur a little.

Lisa stared up into her lover's face seeing the pain in her eyes. Eve was everything to her, her reason for living and being brave and strong right now was the only way she could keep Eve safe from Eddie. Even though all she wanted to do was scream and fall apart Lisa forced herself to keep it together.

"Never forget I love you Eve” Lisa said struggling to get the words out, “I always will"

"I promise Lisa, I love you baby" Eve replied.

She watched Lisa smile and slowly close her eyes and a few moments later her body relaxed as she slipped out of consciousness only then did Eve break down and hug Lisa to her sobbing uncontrollably. When Eve gathered herself together she gave Lisa one last loving kiss and smoothed the stains of her tears from her face before she left the room.

Eve sat on the floor of the darkened laboratory lit only by the soft green glow of the computer screens monitoring the life-signs of the inhabitant of the tank that dominated the room. In her hands she held the statue from Lisa's office the heavy wooden carving on her lap seemed to leer at her in the green light.

Fooling the staff had been easy, as Eddie had said enough of them were Vore fans to allow her to pass off Lisa's transformation as willing. Even as she said the words she hated herself for speaking them, making Lisa sound like some snake fanatic like Eddie.

The team had recovered Lisa from her bedroom and prepared her for her new environment, wires were attached to monitor her heart and brainwave activity. The engineered womb tank was flooded with a saline solution filled with the nutrients her change would require and buoyant enough to keep her body suspended. Eve had watched her heart torn as the temporary breathing apparatus was fitted to her lover's mouth and nose and her body slowly lowered into the tank. The womb did its job quickly, for the second time in her life Lisa was connected to an umbilical cord to sustain her, and the breathing tubes were removed.

Now her lover was gone her body might lie suspended in the soup of nutrients and minerals of the tank but everything that made her the woman she loved was changing adapting to her new purpose in life. Even if Eve could return Lisa from her transformation the changes already begun in her mind would have wiped out vast sections of her memory. Lisa was gone all that remained was Lillith.

"I thought you would be here." Anjou stood in the doorway a bottle in one hand, his immaculate suit was untidy his shirt undone to the waist and his hair was a mess. From the looks of it he had been drinking for quite awhile.

"Life working for your employer not as rosy as you thought Anjou?" Eve asked as she watched the native man stagger across the room and collapse down beside her.

"I have been a follower of the old way for my entire life” The normally taciturn butler explained drunkenly “when Mr Black he come to our reservation and he offer us our home back we say too good to be true." Anjou's normally impeccable English accent had slipped returning to the thicker native speech of the other members of Eddy's household.

"He was a younger man then, he send me all the way to England to go to school, to learn to be a butler and to learn how best to serve him. I come back and he tells me I'm the only man he let see his whole plan. He wants to bring back the old ways he shows me his collection of snakes and he tells me he too believes serpents are the children of the gods." Anjou's voice was slurred slightly Eve doubted he had ever been this drunk before.

"He tells me we all do as he say he bring back the gods to the island, we do what he tell us and he will give us de wealth to build a temple to the gods like we never dreamed, but never did he say he would do this" Anjou's continued his eyes filling with tears “I see things not many see, always I watch and say nothing. I see your love for each other. Mr Black he is not good at understanding women he think they only interested in money he not see it for most of the women he want give in to get at his money or his power." Anjou turned to look at Eve and she could see he was distraught.

"My people in the old days sometimes they would make sacrifice to the gods in times of trouble but always, always it was willing. Your lady she was not willing and she was tricked into this, I fear the gods will abandon us for this. I did not know what he had done until I heard him in the temple I did not know."

"It’s all right Anjou” Eve said quietly her anger cooling towards the sad little man, “You couldn’t have stopped him I know that now there is nothing we can do now." Eve's voice was quiet and despondent

"Can you not turn her back?" he asked.

"Even if Eddie would let me try to change her back I cannot return her to the person she was, her memories will be all but gone, a second change might well leave her a vegetable" she explained sadly.

"So she cannot be a Woman but could you make her something else?" Anjou asked his question making Eve frown.

"I can alter the virus subtly we will have to, to fine tune her transformation but why do you ask?" Anjou took the statue from Eve and turned it to face her.

"This is Serass the Serpent Queen she is the most important goddess to my people, she is human and snake. Mr Black he calls her a Naga it’s his greatest fantasy that’s why he allow us to build her temple I think, he loves snakes but he love this image beyond all others, I know he will not let you change her back but could you not return some of her to human like this and keep her mind intact? Mr Black he would do anything for such a woman I think this he would allow you to try."

Eve just stared at Anjou a moment.

"I don’t think you understand genetics Anjou” she explained “it’s too late to save her or change her that much without risking making her a vegetable but you just gave me an idea." For the first time since she held Lisa in her arms that morning Eve smiled, but her smile was anything but warm.

Six months later…

Eve sat across from Eddy at his desk he sat reading through her report on the final genetic changes to Lisa she had inserted that morning.

"So let me get this straight” he said looking up from the report, “you are telling me that you have redesigned Lillith not to kill her prey but to alter them into Naga?" Eddy looked up from the huge pile of research documents covering his desk.

"Designed to be totally submissive Eddie,” she replied fimly, “ but it will only work on the first two women swallowed after she reaches maturity, Lillith's system isn't capable of taking any more all others will simply get digested in the normal way I trust you are not displeased."

"No quite the opposite it seems all the time you have been spending talking with my butler about his gods has paid off well." Eddie smiled and settled back onto his chair "I'm informed I cannot undo it even if I wanted to Lillith has just entered her final stage of development."

Eve looked coldly across the desk at her employer.

"It will take time for her to reach full maturity but when she does her scales will darken to metallic black indicating that she is ready to create her children."

"For someone who was so opposed to human trials I'm just surprised you would do this” Eddie remarked watching her face carefully.

"What can I say Eddy if you can’t beat them join them” Eve replied, “besides the virus I inserted into Lillith was my creation alone which means you would be extremely unwise to harm me in case it goes wrong." Eve allowed herself the ghost of a smile. "It would be a great shame if you had me disappear and something unexpected were to happen to Lillith. I've given you your dream now all I ask is the money I was promised and my life to lead as I see fit."

Eddy leaned back and clapped slowly.

"Oh my dear I do believe I underestimated you, the money is already being transferred to your accounts in Switzerland and your life is yours to live as you see fit. All I ask is you change your name and disappear from sight on your own. Lillith will be ready to be removed from the tank in a few more days would you care to stay and observe?"

Eve stood up and shook her head.

"I have no wish to see the birth, the rest of the team will be more than capable in looking after her. In a few weeks they will be leaving too and I will be very happy if I live to never see any of you again."

Eddy sighed and stood up behind his desk.

"It was a pleasure to know you my dear,” he said smirking, “Anjou will show you to the helicopter pad. You are generations ahead of your time it will be a sad blow to my profit margin to lose someone of your calibre."

"Have fun with Lillith Eddy,” Eve replied, “I'm sure she will be more than you have dreamed"

With that last cutting remark Eve left the room, Anjou was waiting outside and walked with her to the waiting helicopter he held open the door to let her clamber inside.

"I will miss you Miss Evelyn," the butler said respectfully as he prepared to close the door.

"We will meet again Anjou you can be sure of it”, she replied, “and when we do Eddy will regret what he has done I promise you that."

Anjou shut the door and bowed to Eve as the engines started up, in the brief moment before the noise and wind drove him back he caught sight of her face.

She was smiling…


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