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Lillith's Tails Part 7: Lillith's Passion

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; naga+/ff; transform; rebirth; capture; drug; tease; enwrap; swallow; vore; eaten; mast; climax; voy; reluct; X

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Lillith's Tails Part 7: Lillith's Passion

Sleepy awareness dawns, the darkness slowly gives way to a dim red radiance that illuminates nothing. Floating suspended in fluid warmth, a thought drifted idly across the newly awakened mind.

"Who am I?"

Memories flicker just out of reach, fractured images and half formed sounds dance at the edge of hearing.

"Where am I?"

Unseen hands grope in the gloom tracing across soft shapes the thick syrup matching body heat so well that everything seems to blur into one mass.

Time passes…

She is more aware now, more awake. Her memories more coherent she is conscious that time has passed now and that she has been drifting in and out for some time.

"Who am I?"

Images form a young woman with long dark curls and deep brown eyes a name drifts tantalizingly out of reach. The memory splinters and something else forms, a giant black shadow blocks out the light and emerald eyes blaze from the darkness the dreamer tastes fear as awareness fades.

The sleeper wakes.


The name unlocks a flood of memories the jumbled thoughts blurring and overlapping.

"My name is Laurie."

As if remembering her name unlocked some new level of awareness she became aware of a burning in her chest. Her lungs filled with the thick fluid still sustained her but now she felt out of breath as if she had been running hard.

Shifting in the darkness was harder now there seemed less space than there had been before the soft shapes now fully formed. Now the darkness once comforting has become confining each breath coming harder than the last.

Stretching with purpose for the first time Laurie pushed against the hard expanse of her confining prison and scratched long grooves in the yielding material with her fingernails until it split with a soft wet sound like tearing leather.

Closing her eyes tightly against the sudden glare Laurie pushed her hands into the gap feeling cool air drying the slimy coating on her fingers. Taking a firm hold she forces the gap wider feeling the resilient matter stretch and then tear as she fell forward into the light.

Expelling a great gout of fluid she takes her first gasping breath of real air, coughing and gasping Laurie expelled the last liquid from her lungs, her eyes still tightly closed against the blinding light and exhausted she drifted slowly back into the welcoming embrace of dreams.

It wasn't a fragment of memory that woke her but rather a growing awareness of the world around her. The ground was warm and dry under her yet hard when she lay still and a gentle breeze seemed to caress her body.

From outside, for her ears assured her she was still within some enclosed space came the sound of water running and the soft movement of leaves. And the smells that assaulted her nose seemed infinite in foreign complexity filling her mouth with strange tastes. Laurie lay in silence quite awake but unwilling for the moment to open her eyes. Her memories were still broken and fragmented and she could recall no reason why but in those first few moments of wakefulness she feared to see the world around her.

A sudden hissing sound snapped her eyes open and blinking against the sudden brightness she came face to face with a snake which quickly slithered away from her in surprise across the sandy floor.

Laurie watched transfixed as the snake slithered away every scale shone with bronze and gold and the slightest deepening of the faint reddish tint that seemed to overlay everything in her vision. Every colour shone in impossible richness the fine white sand she was half buried in a riot of rainbow colour as countless grains of sand reflected the light from the low tunnel into the cave. Moving her hand to steady herself Laurie caught sight of her own skin and gasped.

Once tanned and dark her skin was an impossible white and imbued with some inner radiance that made her glow from within that just outlined the faint darkness of the bones within.

Running her hands across her body she began to examine herself feeling the silky softness of her white skin, tracing her hand down her porcelain body across her chest her large nipples the faintest shade of darker pink even her long hair hung ghost white in the darkness. Shifting in the sand Laurie gasped in shock, below her waist her long tanned legs were gone replaced by glowing white coils like a gigantic snake.

A memory hammered against her subconscious demanding attention fragments of a dream about a great black snake…

She had been working in the mansion clearing it up, the other staff had gone missing one by one until only her and the enigmatic Anjou remained. Then her nightmares became real her employers ex girlfriends transformed into gigantic half snake creatures, the sting of teeth at her throat and the giant black snake looking down on her…

Laurie's piercing scream of denial hurt her ears as it shredded the air at a pitch no human ear could ever have heard, in pain she clutched her hands to her ears and screamed until she was hoarse her long scaled body writhing in maddened denial throwing great waves of sand into the air.

Laurie only quietened when the light coming from the rough cave mouth was blocked by something moving outside.

"Laurrrrrrie" a mocking voice called softly the faintest hint of an Italian accent opened the floodgates on a fresh wave of memory.

…Angelique being slowly swallowed by the flame haired Dawn as Maria held the poor moaning girl upright, the giant snake opening its mouth and taking her in…

"Go away! Leave me alone what have you done to me!" she shouted back suddenly terrified that the snake woman might come inside.

"Don't you like it?" the teasing voice replied.

"I'm a freak!" Laurie sobbed wrapping herself in her pale coils without noticing in her grief.

"You get used to it in time, we did and there are some compensation's the voice sounded sympathetic and for a moment her terror warred with the desperate desire to seek comfort but then she remembered again the image of her friend being consumed.

"Oh god you killed Angelique, stay away from me you monster."

"No I ate that prudish old cook it was Dawn who ate your friend although if it's any comfort she certainly didn't suffer" Maria replied in an amused tone "She really rather enjoyed it actually."

"How can you say that" Laurie asked "they were human beings not…"

"And we are not" Maria interrupted suddenly "We are something new, something wonderful and different and powerful and unfortunately for your friends we are also very hungry."

The light dimmed further and the shadow of a feminine torso was cast on the sandy floor as Maria slid into the sloping tunnel.

"No please stay out, stay away" Laurie was pleading now rather than screaming but Maria took no notice as the shadow loomed closer until its owner slid into view.

Maria still had the dark Mediterranean skin and black curly hair of her Italian heritage but to Laurie's new eyes she glowed as if illuminated from within, her eyes were shining emeralds and the olive skin of her slender waist gave way to the mottled scales of a giant snake shining green flecked with golden highlights.

Maria's expression went from condescending superiority to genuine concern as she looked at Laurie who was trying without success to cover as much of herself as possible with her hands.

"I think you hatched a little early little sister, you look a trifle underdone perhaps our mother had you too soon after her last meal."

"What do you mean?" Laurie replied with a frightened squeak.

"You're an albino" Maria replied in a shocked tone "the only colour to you is your eyes and they are red as blood, although it does kind of suit you in a strange way."

Laurie stared back at her for a few moments in shock before the reality of her situation returned to her again.

"What, what do you want from me?" she asked fearfully only to see the raven haired snake woman burst into unexpected laughter.

"Nothing that you don't want to freely give" she replied with a smile "right now you're in shock but soon enough you will come to terms with things and realise you can't fight what you are  then we shall see if we can be friends."

"Never" Laurie replied flatly "you killed my friend you monster I will never be like you."

"We shall see" the other girl replied in a slightly hurt tone "There's no cure for this no way to return to what you were, that person is gone and you just have her memories. Just wait till you get hungry then we will see how long your precious morality lasts, I was going to help you get used to things because no one was there to help us but if you are going to be like that you can figure it out the hard way."

Maria turned and slithered out of the cave with surprising speed and once she was gone Laurie could hear the faint sounds of sobbing that quickly faded away.

Laurie lay in the sand thinking for some time, she came to her senses only when she realised she has unconsciously coiled the massive bulk of her long body around herself. The shock sent a great cloud of blinding sand into the air her coils thrashed throwing her into the wall.

For a few moments Laurie thrashed in panic before realising she had been fighting herself, lying still a moment she let out a short laugh at her own foolishness.

"Well i'll never learn anything lying here." the sound of her own voice seemed to calm her down a little of her old self possession returned.

Moving she found was only difficult when she thought about it, she could glide around the small warm cavern with ease until she realised what she was doing and almost fell over her own coils. Her scaled body was surprisingly sensitive giving just as much feeling as her more normal looking upper body. Each movement brought a new wave of sensation as she felt herself move over rock and shifting sand. Every movement seemed almost effortless, considering her size she hardly expected to be able to move at all but she could shift her immense length with more ease than she had ever possessed in her original form.

Lowering herself she slid into the tunnel, faint memories of sliding helpless into the sandy chute tugged at the corners of her mind but now her scaled body could grip both sides of the tunnel at once making it surprisingly easy to slide out.

Outside the cave was a lush forested garden although in truth it was an image that only lasted until you looked up to see the rough hewn ceiling of bedrock strung with lights that gave the illusion of natural daylight.

Laurie had come down here looking for a place of safety when she had been attacked, her employer Eddie Black a billionaire playboy had this place hidden away under his country mansion in what had once been an old fallout shelter. Thinking of her slimy employer made her wonder where he was now, he had vanished leaving the mansion in a wreck and the staff had still been putting things back together when one by one people had started going missing. First her boss the cook and then Angelique her best friend had disappeared until only herself and Anjou had been left in the house alone and hunted by Eddie's secret creations.

Presumably Eddie was now snake food along with Anjou and the others although Laurie briefly imagined finding him hiding somewhere and beating the vindictive bastard half to death until he turned her back into her old self.

A flash of light and colour sped past breaking her reverie and she reacted without thinking snatching the speeding object out of the air. Opening her hand revealed a slightly stunned songbird its brilliant plumage somewhat dishevelled by being so roughly grabbed. After a few moments the bird shook itself off and took to the air again leaving Laurie looking after it with a mixture of surprise and wonder.

"Okay this is going to take a little getting used to" Laurie said quietly to herself feeling a hysterical urge to laugh and forcing herself to calm and explore her surroundings. Almost immediately she noticed that parts of the forest were in ruins whole trees pulled out by the roots and holes where massive rocks had been ripped from the earth and tossed around like toys, on a whim she reached for a fallen branch the width of her arm and marvelled as she snapped it like a twig.

"So super fast and super strong sign me up for a cape I'm a bloody superhero" she laughed to herself feeling the hysteria rising again "what's next X ray vision?"

As if on cue her stomach rumbled alarmingly and she was suddenly aware that she was hungry.

I guess I"d better go find the kitchen then she thought to herself massaging her rumbling stomach, there's got to be something to eat around here. Laurie made her way to the main entrance but found it blocked by several huge boulders that had been stacked against the door. Exploring the rest of the huge cavern she quickly discovered that a nearby wall had literally been smashed open revealing a low dimly lit passageway which she followed. After a few flights of stairs and several side passages she came across a door with a monitor showing a view of a dark cluttered storeroom. Opening the door she slithered out into the room noticing at once that the ceiling was just as low as the passageway.

It's not the place that's got smaller I've just got bigger she realised estimating from the height of the doorframe that her head was now about seven foot off the ground.

Recognising where she was she set off for the kitchen gliding silently on the thick carpet and enjoying the feeling on her scales marvelling at the scents and smells that bombarded her senses as she drifted through the house like a ghost.

The secret garden might have been in perennial daylight but upstairs darkness reigned and the house was silent as the grave, passing through the house she noticed that the damage had all been cleaned away and the building repaired.

The kitchen was a huge affair capable of feeding a small army of spoiled guests with enough staff, when Eddie and his butler Anjou wasn't around it had just been the three of them looking after the place but Eddie kept literally dozens of extra staff on retainer in the nearby town ready to descend the moment he returned home.

 Opening a cupboard she helped herself to a bag of potato chips as she looked for something more substantial and was completely unprepared for the foul taste.

"Ugh yuck" she spat out the chips in disgust and checked the use by date, the chips tasted revolting and synthetic like trying to swallow a mouthful of chemicals.

She started going through the kitchen cupboards and fridges trying a little of everything growing increasingly desperate but again and again the food tasted awful as if tainted with chemicals, the fruit and vegetables tasted as she remembered although they too had a much lesser chemical aftertaste but they didn't satisfy her growling belly and after eating just a few she felt sick and promptly regurgitated the lot into the sink.

With a sinking feeling she realised that the only things she had tried that didn't turn her stomach was a little meat and some cheese and even that had tasted funny. Okay so I guess I won't be turning vegetarian then she thought to herself and opened the door to the walk in freezer to get something more substantial out to cook.

The freezer was a plain steel walled room filled with frozen food and hanging meat Laurie had been inside a thousand times but now it looked transformed. Everything was shaded in a strange bluish grey tint and the very air seemed like a solid wall of darkness which she could still somehow see though to the otherwise normal freezer.

"O my god I have heat vision" Laurie exclaimed realising with a little shock that she was seeing the bitter cold much the same as she had seen the heat of her own body earlier only now she recognised what she was seeing like an extra dimension of vision overlapping her normal sense.

Dragging out a small roast and marvelling at the way the cold interacted with the heat of her fingers she slammed the door and started preparing her meal.

A half hour later the smell of roasting meat was just starting to flavour the air when she heard the sound of footsteps coming down the nearby stairs from the staff quarters. In a panic she bashed the counters and sent a load of pans clattering to the floor with her tail as she attempted to hide in one of the storage rooms catching the tip of her own tail in the door and biting down on her lip to keep from screaming.

The light in the kitchen flicked on and Laurie just had time to jerk the last of her tail inside before a short young girl with spiky blond hair came into the room wearing a nightdress and obviously trying to wake herself up by rubbing her eyes.

The girl did a double take at the sight of the messy kitchen taking in the discarded packets of food and the emptied cupboards and looking around in obvious confusion.

"Sarah are you there?” the girl called out in a worried voice “Sarah if this is another late night snack of yours I'm seriously going to kill you."

Watching the girl start to tidy up the mess Laurie watched her entranced, the girl practically glowed with colour much more vibrant than her own and when she blinked she realised that she could still see a spectral image of the girl illuminated in vibrant reds and yellows only now the dress was only clearly visible where it touched the skin and otherwise it was almost invisible shadings of green against the much clearer outline of her slightly chubby nude body.

But most startling was the girl's scent a slightly musky spice almost hidden under layers of deodorant and perfume that almost made her giddy, with a start she realised that she was salivating and her stomach was rumbling.

"Oh no that's not going to happen she whispered fiercely to her growling gut "you can have pork and like it" in horror she realised that her canines had slid down to form fangs while she watched the girl clean.

"Sarah? The girl had stopped cleaning and stood in the half cleaned kitchen listening intently "This isn't damn funny you know I'm fed up of cleaning up your mess quit hiding and get your arse in here and help or I'm telling Mei Lin" with a muttered curse she threw the empty packet she was holding across the room, stormed over to the door Laurie was hiding behind and threw it open…

There was a moment of mutual terror before the nameless girl screamed and ran for it leaving Laurie cowering in the doorway eyes firmly shut and hands pressed firmly to her ears against the pain of the girls scream. Distantly she heard her thunder up the stairs and pound along the floorboards.

Laurie was still standing there wondering what to do next when the kitchen door to the garden opened and a laughing red headed snake woman pushed her way into the room.

"Well as first hunts go that was… that was just hysterical" she giggled hysterically "now are you done raiding the kitchen or do you want to wait for her to raise the others and come find you?"

The newcomer was Dawn another of Eddies former girlfriends that Laurie assumed he had just got tired off some time ago, now she was all shimmering copper gold scales and tanned skin with hair the colour of flame and gleaming orange eyes.

"Right now she's probably woken the other two and they will no doubt be down to investigate in a moment, if you want to stick around for a midnight snack I'm fine with it but you had best be willing to explain to Maria why you didn't invite her to share your replacements." She lounged against the open doorframe and laughed flashing a sabre toothed grin.

"I wasn't going to eat anyone I was cooking dinner I didn't even know they were here" Laurie hissed back hearing the sound of people talking on the floor above.

"Well then we better get you out of sight before they get down here then" she replied moving out of the way and gesturing out the open door.

Together they moved outside and Dawn locked the back door again with a key dangling from a bracelet and they watched through the window as three young girls entered kitchen a few moment later.

The first girl into the room was the same spiky haired blonde that had seen Laurie, she gestured at the now closed storeroom door and waited for the other two to enter the room. Laurie distantly remembered the elder of the other two girls a diminutive oriental girl who was one of the staff who worked at the mansion when Eddie was home, the other a spunky looking girl with bright blue dreadlocked hair and numerous piercings looked obviously drunk.

"It was in there I swear" the first girl said pointing at the far door.

"Bad enough Sarah is drunk yet again" the oriental woman snapped "if you have started too I swear I'm going to report the pair of you to Anjou the moment he and Mr Black get back."

"Hey what I do in my own free time is no bloody business of theirs I'm off duty till the morning so I can have a drink if I like" the other girl protested "Now let's see Emma's ghost I could do with a laugh."

Dawn smothered a laugh and collapsed backwards onto the grass her shoulders shaking with repressed laughter, Laurie shushed her but if anything it just made her worse. She might not have been able to smell the three girls from outside but just the hypnotic swirling light of their heat signature was enough to entrance her.

Meanwhile the diminutive Asian girl had advanced across the kitchen and opened the door and was now berating the pair for waking her up in the middle of the night.

"But I swear I saw it" Emma protested "it was white and ghostly and just standing there watching me I mean who else made all this mess?"

"I don't know what daft game the two of you are playing but I've had just about enough, poltergeists don't nip down to the kitchen at three in the morning to cook a roast dinner nor do they stuff themselves with half the contents of the kitchen. Now I'm going back to bed and I don't care which one of you is responsible clean this mess up by morning or pack your bags understood." With that Mei Lin stormed out of the kitchen leaving the two maids to argue quietly as they reluctantly started to clean up.

"If you are quite finished drooling over the help Casper we should get downstairs before one of them takes a look out the window" Dawn interrupted making Laurie jerk away from the glass suddenly aware that she had drifted up against the window without noticing.

"You get used to the way they look after awhile but they never stop being fascinating" Dawn said with a wistful smile "the smell of them makes you ravenous and you can't be in the same room without wanting to swallow them up, face it they are food now and sooner or later you will accept it."

"There has to be another way." Laurie protested weakly.

"You tried eating what they eat you know you can't stomach it" Dawn replied "You can't digest vegetables and your sense of taste is so strong now it can taste all those innocuous little chemicals and e numbers they pump into everything making it all taste foul. That leaves meat and dairy provided its natural and you will quickly find that is nothing more than a snack between your real meals.

"I can't describe what it feels like there are no words that do it justice but we are meant to eat them, it was literally designed in if you listen to Anjou and you are rewarded for acting as your nature dictates believe me once you do you will understand and then you won't fight it anymore."

Laurie listened to Dawn with dread. She was so matter of fact about it that the reality of her situation crashed down around her and suddenly she found herself in tears throwing herself at Dawn who embraced her in a crushing hug.

Pulling her up Dawn cradled her and half led, half carried the weeping Naga with her through the garden and into another hidden entrance to the secret passages that honeycombed the building.

Laurie woke up wrapped in soft silk sheets and entwined around Dawn both lost from the waist down under a sea of reds and blacks the fleeting illusion of normality ruined by the heat outlines of their entangled coils dimly visible through the fabric. Looking around in confusion she saw that the entire room was hung with silks and satins, velvets and furs all in shades of red and black covering every inch of the floor and hanging from the walls and ceiling in gauzy curtains that made the true dimensions of the room impossible to determine.

The room was comfortably warm and wrapped in the gigantic mound of fabric she felt languid and strangely comfortable despite the faint gnawing hunger pangs that reminded her quietly that she never did eat anything substantial. Dawn reacted to her movement by wrapping her arms around her and snuggling against her with a sleepy moan.

Laurie was almost asleep again when the memory of her friend Angelique's last moments cut across her thoughts the girls last delirious moans as she slipped into the maw of the woman she was curled up with.

Awake and feeling guilty for forgetting her friend Laurie pulled free of Dawns embrace and slowly extricated herself from her coils not noticing that already her movements came naturally without the clumsiness of the previous night.

Dawn opened her eyes sleepily and rolled her eyes at Laurie's guilty expression "Run and play Casper you will find Maria at the end of the hall." With that she curled up under the blankets and went back to sleep.

The doorway lead back into the rabbit warren of tunnels the original owner had burrowed into the hillside in his cold war hysteria, a few doors lined the short hallway and the end door was marked "observation room".

With nothing better to do Laurie took Dawns suggestion and opened the far door finding a simple room filled with emergency supplies and the remains of a steel ladder torn out of the ceiling and thrown into a tangled pile in one corner of the room.

Above an open trapdoor led to another room which echoed with the faint sounds of what sounded like a TV, reaching up on her tail Laurie easily managed to reach the trapdoor without the need of the ladder and slipped into the room above.

Inside an entire wall had been plastered with reddish tinted monitors flashing up different views of the house and a single screen which showed a rather trashy sitcom with the tinny speakers turned up to their full volume.

Maria's emerald bulk was coiled on a purloined mattress and she lazed on her own coils like a comfortable sofa giggling occasionally at the TV show.

"If you want to call me a monster again you can go back down to Dawn she might enjoy that but dirty talk doesn't turn me on" Maria said glancing at her.

"Look I'm sorry okay this is new to me" Laurie said a little defensively "I just want to know what's going on so I can understand what's happened to me."

Maria's face softened and she gave Laurie a shy smile "I'm sorry this must be really hard for you especially with what happened to your friend, if you remember what our bite felt like you know that she didn't suffer."

Laurie did indeed remember the heady sting of the Naga's venom it caused euphoria and incredible pleasure dulling everything else to just background noise.

Over the next hour Maria explained about Lillith the giant black snake that was genetically engineered by a team of scientists working with highly illegal cutting edge techniques to transform an unwilling test subject into a giant snake to fulfil Eddie Blacks fetish for Vore.

Some of the story she had already heard from Eddie's butler Anjou the enigmatic island native Eddie had kept as his right hand and unwilling confidante.

Maria described her own encounter with the giant reptile and the way she woke with Dawn and came to terms with her new identity.

"You are probably feeling hungry already I know I did but once you do feed you can go months before you start to feel hungry again even more if you snack on the occasional non human snack."

"Can't we just eat animals?" Laurie asked

"We both tried" Maria replied shaking her head "but no matter how many pigs or goats you eat you don't get rid of that hunger it just builds slower that's all Anjou says that its probably built in."

"Where is Anjou?"

"He's holed up with Lillith in Eddie's old playroom" Maria replied with a smile "Anjou keeps an eye on Lillith and her egg and occasionally feeds Eddie when the thought occurs to him."

"I thought you must have killed him" Laurie said surprised.

"Oh believe me if I could I would but every time I even think about killing him in his presence I feel ill, Dawn does too. Anjou and Eddie are the only humans completely safe from getting swallowed I feel sick just imagining it" Maria said wincing in disgust.

"Anjou says Eve probably implanted a subconscious block or something so we don't go eating him before her and her girlfriend hatch so she can have her revenge. To be honest I don't think he has the slightest idea either and I'm not sure he cares I think he went a little crazy when he saw us, snakes are like a serious religious thing for him and he literally worships Lillith as a goddess."

Maria reached out and tapped a few numbers into a keyboard and one of the screens changed to show the huge bulk of Lillith coiled around a leathery egg in what looked like a dungeon, off to one side of the picture her former employer sat against the wall his arms suspended from a pair of heavy shackles in the ruined remains of one of his suits.

"Eddie enjoyed playing tie up games so we figured he should try it from the other perspective for once" Maria laughed "I can't stand being anywhere near him all he does is plead to be let go and make crazy promises of what he can give you if you just let him loose it's pathetic really."

Another screen changed to show one of the mansions bedrooms where Sarah was sweeping around a Hoover and bouncing along to music on her headphones.

"I didn't expect you to get new staff in." Laurie said gesturing at the screen "that girl scared me half to death I thought the house was empty."

"I saw Casper" Maria laughed "from here I have a view into every room in the mansion especially the bathrooms. Seems Eddie was a peeping tom as well as an unprincipled slimeball".

"We had him put on a suit and make a few video calls and arrange things so we can control the mansion and put his managers in charge of the business while he's on another "extended holiday" so we had the place fixed up and brought in some staff to keep it running for us."

"Aren't they a temptation?" Laurie asked surprised that they would choose to keep humans so close.

"Well to be honest, we chose them because none of them have family" Maria said with a guilty look "Sarah has a criminal record a mile long and Mei Lin is the biggest bitch on the local payroll we haven't eaten yet."

"My god they're living in a glorified larder, you going to eat them aren't you!" Laurie exclaimed horrified

"Would you rather we went roaming the countryside and got ourselves caught or accidentally eat someone with kids or a family? Enough girls regularly disappeared around Eddie that a few more a year won't matter and any friends they have in the company will just assume they got moved elsewhere."

"But you can't I mean it's just inhuman" Laurie stammered

"Honey you're a thirty foot long reptile who feeds on people we are inhuman so if you come up with a better solution you let me know till then this is the way that works." Maria gestured angrily at the screen "This is the only way you will ever see them without the risk of you losing control and pouncing on them like a cat on a mouse and the sooner you get used to it the better."

Laurie slid back out the open trapdoor leaving Maria to her tears, a few minutes later Dawn came up and hugged her quietly.

"I think our little sister needs knocking off her high horse a bit, I think perhaps we need to arrange for some more temptation." Dawn said quietly.

Maria only nodded.

Sarah had finished cleaning the bedrooms and was taking a little unscheduled break before starting on the upstairs hallways. As usual Mei Lin was being a stuck up bitch lording her authority over her so she enjoyed making each job last as long as possible just to annoy her.

Normally she would have jacked the job in weeks ago rather than put up with the little oriental cow but it paid three times what she usually made and came with free room and board to boot.

Normally she would have shared the work with Emma but after her friend's stupid prank the night before Mei Lin had split them up which meant she had to slack off a little less but at least she could enjoy her music.

Too short to be a model despite her aspirations and too chunky besides Sarah spent most of her teens an Emo chick attempting to starve herself thin enough to be popular, eventually too many diet pills and not enough food landed her in hospital. After that scare she started eating again and now she was a shade off pudgy with large breasts and a collection of piercings and tattoos that didn't quite manage to hide the worst of her scars.

She was sprawled on the bed eyes closed enjoying her favourite band when unseen and unnoticed a bookcase on the far wall swung aside to reveal a hidden doorway…

Laurie had spent the rest of the day by herself exploring the tunnels that honeycombed the mansion and the bedrock beneath it, occasionally she would catch sight or sound of movement in the rooms beyond on the monitors as the three maids went about their duties but each time she retreated rather than risk temptation. Her hunger was getting worse it was a constant nagging ache now that refused to go away and it felt like she hadn't eaten in months, eventually she decided to go back and apologise and ask the others if they could provide a pig or something to eat.

She made her way back to Dawns bedroom and paused before the door, from inside she could hear Maria giggling softly and the sound of a girl moaning in pleasure. Not wanting to interrupt them she was about to leave when Dawn opened the door lounging back on her coils and smiling.

"We were beginning to wonder where you had got to little sister" she purred "what's the point of holding a birthday party if the guest of honour doesn't show up."

"Sorry I needed to think" Laurie began but then she heard another low moan from the bedroom followed by a gentle giggle from Maria. Pushing her way past the smirking Dawn she entered the bedroom and stood frozen to the spot by the sight in front of her.

Maria was coiled up on the pile of bedding with the blue haired maid snuggled in her lap, the girl lay languidly among her coils the dark mark of a pair of fangs in her neck and a drowsy look on her face. Maria gently pulled on a fat piercing through the girl's nipple pulling it free of her large breast gently and making her moan in pleasure.

"I'm just finishing unwrapping your birthday present for you" Maria purred "she's plump and ripe and just waiting for you to play with her."

The girl's eyes struggled to focus as she turned to look at Laurie and smiled drunkenly "Mmm yes play with mee" she murmured contentedly writhing gently against Maria's emerald bulk gently rubbing her own pussy as the green Naga teased her nipples.

The smell of the girl was almost overpowering Laurie where she stood the flood of her desire filling the air with burning pheromones and the raging heat of her body standing out against Maria's cooler skin like a being of fire trapped within a human form.

"There you see an invitation what more do you need" Dawn said coming up behind her and pushing her gently forward her long nails teasing circles on the soft skin of her lower back.

"She doesn't know what she's saying" Laurie stammered half heartedly as she desperately tried to resist the urge to just pounce on the innocent morsel she was struggling to remember was a human being. Her stomach growled urgently and it felt like her guts were twisting themselves into knots inside her belly and her fangs had descended filling her mouth with the honey sweet taste of her own poison.

"Aww come on how can you turn her down look how ready she is for you" Maria crooned pulling the girls hands away so she could see and smell the thick syrup of her juices that soaked her shaven pussy "don't you want to be eaten little one tell Laurie here she needs to eat you up."

"Ooooh yes eat me up pleeease" the girl moaned wriggling helplessly against Maria's scales as she thrust her pussy forward in desperate need of release.

Maria quietened the girl by pulling her mouth to her swollen nipple and murmured with pleasure as the girl suckled at her breast like a baby seeking milk she slipped a hand between the girls legs and brought her swiftly to orgasm before lifting up a hand drenched in sticky juices towards the reluctant Naga.

"Just taste her and tell me you don't want her" she purred softly beckoning Laurie forward with lust soaked fingers.

Laurie had been creeping forward as her body overruled her resisting thoughts and suddenly she realised that only a few inches separated her mouth from those dripping fingers the smell of the girl all but overpowering. The image of Angelique flashed in front of her eyes and she watched all over again her last blissful moments before she disappeared forever into Dawn's waiting stomach.

"Nooooo!" slapping the hand away Laurie whirled and literally threw Dawn aside in her headlong rush for the door she was so desperate to leave she ripped the whole thing off its hinges as she smashed through and out into the corridor leaving Dawn writhing like a stepped on cat in her wake.

"Dammit that almost worked" Maria snapped petulantly "I told you we should have brought all three of them down she would never have resisted the scent of three bitten girls at once."

"Yes but neither would we which kind of ruins the point of her eating them" Dawn retorted yanking the rest of the ruined door out of the way "I"ll go find her and calm her down and we will just have to wait till starvation gets the better of her." Picking her way through the splintered doorway Dawn vanished into the hallways after the distraught Laurie.

"Well little one I guess that leaves just you and me" Maria said cradling the moaning girl to her chest "I'm sure we can think of something to do while they are off playing hide and seek."

Sarah was too far gone to pay any attention the burning sting to her throat that had interrupted her break had turned into gentle flowing warmth that raised the sensitivity of her body to almost unbelievable levels and left her in a constant orgasmic stupor.

She felt the nipple pulled firmly from her mouth as her body was lifted and gasped in pleasure as the stinging teeth sank again into the other side of her neck making her almost pass out from the overdose of pleasure.

She felt strong hands bring her arms slowly together and felt them pressed into a warm wet tunnel that squeezed and massaged her as they were pulled deeper, those same impossibly strong hands pushed her head down between her arms so she could slide deeper into that warm inviting wetness.

Long nails teased their way along her body and slipped inside her gaping sex making her gasp and wriggle choking softly on the warm moist air as she was pushed ever deeper into the darkness like a diver plunging into a pool she thought to herself sleepily, diving deeper and deeper…

Laurie fled from her desires as if running from all the demons of hell, her long serpentine body racing along at speeds that would have put a human sprinter to shame.

Eventually tired and sore her body battered from slamming into walls in her headlong flight she found a small dark room and collapsed into a sobbing heap in a corner wrapping herself in her coils and hugging herself as she rocked softly.

Emma was tired and fed up, all day she had been working like a slave with Mei Lin standing over her instead of doing her own work and instead of meeting her somewhere in the middle of their chores Sarah had obviously used their supervisor"s lack of attention to bunk off yet again.

Despite what the others thought she had seen something last night, a ghostly figure had scared the life out of her. Despite the disbelief of her co-workers she was certain that she hadn't been seeing things although nothing could have brought her to tell either of them that the ghost had been the most beautiful woman she had ever seen or that her shock had quickly given way to arousal in the dark of her bedroom later that night.

Sarah would just love that Emma thought to herself mooning over a figment of my imagination instead of looking for a real person. At twenty one she was only a few months older than her friend but sometime she felt like an old maid in comparison. Always she was the one holding back too nervous to flirt while Sarah had fun on the town or went off with a guy for another meaningless night to arrive back at the Mansion barely before work started with smeared lipstick and a hangover.

Mei Lin had got tired, bored of making her do every menial chore that she could think of and disappeared back to the kitchen a half hour ago leaving Emma to clean away the pile of cleaning gear she had been using. Now finally free at least until Mei Lin thought of something else to do she was hunting for Sarah through the house expecting to find her curled up asleep somewhere or using one of the computers to chat to some boy she had met in town.

Room after room she had searched with no success and she was about to give up when she found her friends IPod on the floor of one of the guest bedrooms next to a half open door concealed behind a bookcase.

Now both girls had grown up in the local town and they had heard all the stories about the crazy old guy who had originally built the place and filled it with secret passages stuffed full of money and gold bars because he didn't trust the banks. Emma had never believed them but Sarah certainly had and if she discovered a secret passage she had no doubt Sarah was probably off looking for the old mans loot.

Opening the hidden door all the way she stepped into the dimly lit hallway but there was no sign of her friend.

"Sarah" she called "Sarah get your ass out here!" she stared down the corridor in vain but there was no sign of her friend.

"Sarah if you get us fired I'm going to kill you" she yelled as she started down the passage passing other secret doors that led into the rest of the guest rooms each with their own little monitor to spy on the room.

After walking for a good ten minutes she heard the sound of somebody crying up ahead.


Laurie sat bolt upright with a start, the voice had come from directly outside the room and it certainly wasn't Maria or Dawn. To her horror now that she was not caught up in her own emotions she could smell the faintest hint of a young girl standing outside the room the scent her brain recognised as the girl Emma she had frightened the night before.

"Sarah is that you?" Laurie realised with horror that the girl was stood in the doorway peering into the gloom.

"I can see you there" the girl said peering in her direction "are you all right?"

"I'm fine I was just a little upset" Laurie said in near blind panic, in the gloom the girl was all but a shadow but she could see her clearly in her heat vision a blazing woman etched in fire and the smell of her so soon after the other girl was making her frighteningly aware that she could cross the room and have her wrapped in her coils in the time it took the girl to blink.

 "Who are you?" Emma asked. The dim white figure in the gloom looked like she was sat wrapped in a big sheet or something she could barely make her out "give me a second i'll see if I can find the light switch."

"No please don't!" the woman practically shrieked "I… I don't want you to see me please just go…"

With a flickering strobe the light blinked into life illuminating the scene, the two stood frozen one in surprise the other in terror before Laurie broke the moment collapsing into a flood of tears her great tail lashing the air around her.

"Please… don't cry" Emma stammered taking another step forward, she knew she should have been terrified but it was hard to be scared of a creature that was sobbing its heart out "Are you the person I saw in the kitchen last night?"

Laurie nodded still sobbing "Don't look at me just go please"

Emma knelt down and put a hand on the sobbing Naga's shoulder, her skin was dry and cool and she stroked her back gently trying to comfort the sobbing girl.

"What's wrong" she asked softly, the thrill of fear she had felt on seeing the giant snake woman quickly being replaced with concern "is there anything I can do?"

Compassion was the last thing Laurie had expected, her nerves shredded by shock and grief she threw her arms around the girl and hugged her to her chest feeling the girl stroking her back and comforting her.

Emma almost panicked when the giant woman hugged her, up close she was intensely aware of the snake woman"s nudity, the scale of her body was almost twice as large as an ordinary woman leaving the young maid feeling almost like a child being embraced by an adult. Pressed against the strange too smooth skin she felt an unexpected arousal and fought an urge to kiss the porcelain white skin.

Emma might have been biting her lip to prevent herself from giving in to her strange desire but Laurie caught the warm scent of the girl's pheromones her reptilian senses catching the taste of desire on the air and reacting as they had been created to do.

Laurie's teeth lengthened in her mouth and her grip tightened her eyes rolled back in her head as the scent overloaded her shattered defences and her body began to shake as her conscience fought a last desperate battle.

Then Emma kissed her gently on the neck…

With cobra quickness Laurie whipped her head down and struck her fangs burying themselves in the maid's neck before she even had time to squeak, she could feel the strange pulse of the poison sacs emptying the dizzying venom into the girl who had only wanted to comfort her. The hug turned into a grapple hold as she pinned the girl to herself her coils reacting with primordial instinct wrapping themselves around the girl's legs locking her into a vicelike hold.

The air was forced out of Emma's lungs by the strength of the Naga's grip and her head swam as the burning bite turned to a tingling warmth that spread through her body and settling in her belly and making her moan as Laurie relaxed her crushing embrace and relaxed her bite with almost tender gentleness.

Laurie was lost, her senses overloaded with the scent of the girls desire caught the first taste of the effect of her bite on the air the venom causing the maids body to produce vast quantities of pheromones that to her custom engineered senses were a thousand times more addictive than any drug.

She started kissing and licking her way down her victim's body tearing away the clothes as if they were tissue paper and savouring the taste of soft skin and the gentle moans of pleasure as Emma arched her back in pleasure. Ripping away the last of the maids outfit she revealed her dripping sex and buried her face between the girl's legs lapping up the pheromone laced juices in a frenzy of passion.

Emma gasped as her clothes were shredded and torn the venom turning every sensation into pleasure and orgasmed as the Naga's long tongue slit within her soaked pussy. Running her hands through Laurie's long white hair she moaned squeezing her legs around her lovers head.

Drinking deep of the fount of ecstasy Laurie brought Emma to climax again and again each shuddering contraction flooding more pheromone rich nectar into her mouth. She could have drank from that heavenly source forever but the primitive part of her mind that reigned over her pleasure soaked thoughts hungered for more.

Biting her way down her lover's thigh Laurie was acting on instinct as she brought her legs back together wrapping the maid's upper body in her caressing coils and bringing her mouth to her victims twitching feet.

Opening her mouth wide she pulled them in marvelling at the salty taste of her skin and feeling the click of her flexible jaw unhinging to slide over the girls toes. Swallowing convulsively she felt the girls heels slide over her lips as she began to take her in.

Emma was almost delirious with pleasure as she felt the warm grip of her lovers mouth pulling her ankles inside and gasped as the strong muscles of her throat massaged her vanishing feet. Dimly she knew that this wasn't right as the logical part of her brain hammered in panic at the barrier of her desire but the dizzying warmth made it so hard to think and another swallow brought her to orgasm again washing away the last vestiges of resistance.

She slid further up her lovers body feeling the slick smoothness of the scales around her giving way to the softer curves of the Naga's upper body and when she smelt the rich scent of her lovers desire she wriggled forward and wrapping her arms around her serpentine waist she ran her tongue into the armoured slit that protected her most delicate parts.

Laurie moaned around the meaty curves of Emma's thighs as her meal brought her to orgasm, feeling the girls tongue gently teasing her swollen clit, in return she bit down feeling her fangs extend again to inject more dizzying venom into her lover convulsively swallowing and arching her body to keep her preys mouth pressed against her as her lips slid ever higher.

As she worked her mouth over her lovers hips her long tongue slide back into her molten pussy teasing orgasm after orgasm out of her meal and hearing her sweet moans and wails of pleasure as she swallowed squeezing the mass of her lover's hips past the entrance to her waiting throat.

Feeling Lauries tongue regretfully pulling free of her pussy Emma thrust her hands into her lovers maw pushing them down until with the next swallow she was able to reach her own aching slit. Gasping at her own sensitivity she wailed out another orgasm her thoughts lost entirely in the heady fumes of her own desire.

With the girls hips being pulled swiftly downwards the girl quickly began to vanish out of sight, her belly swiftly eaten up and swallowed down, but the girls shoulders were her widest part and as Laurie's mouth slipped up to rest against her victims breasts she began to slow down.

The rippling pull of the long throat massaged around Emma's body pulling her deeper as instinct made Laurie roll her jaw working over one breast and then the other letting the great internal muscles of her serpentine form do the work of pulling her meal deeper.

As the meal ground to its inevitable conclusion Laurie's thoughts began to clear, a fragment of a memory flashed across her thoughts the memory of her friend Angelique in her last moments of ecstasy. The last vestiges of the woman she had once been fought desperately against the pull of her reptilian instincts and her swallows slowed to a stop leaving the maids head just outside her mouth.

Emma was in heaven the pull of her lover's throat driving her again and again to climax her overdosed bloodstream boiling with endorphins she crested each wave of pleasure only to feel them begin to slow.

"Don't stop" the words were barely a whisper on the edge of hearing but they burned through Laurie's thoughts shredding that last image of innocence and guilt and with a final intentional gulp she pulled the girls head inside and out of sight forever…

Laurie lay curled around herself stroking the shifting bulge of the warm body within as Emma drifted into a blissful sleep. 

"So do you understand now?" Dawn's voice came from the open doorway and looking up Laurie saw both of them stood watching, Marias stomach was swollen and Laurie could just make out the hazy outline of a warmer shape within. Silently she rose up on her coils until she stood facing them her tear stained face an emotionless mask and her hands balled into fists.

"I understand that what we are should never have been created" she said with quiet conviction "we are not to blame for that creation or for acting as our nature dictates but we are responsible for how we choose to live."

Dawn opened her mouth to say something but with a look at Laurie's expression the words died unsaid on her lips.

"I want to live but I don't want to be a monster, and the only way I won't feel like one is if I deal with the monster that created us."

"What are you going to do?" Maria asked.

"I'm going to kill Eddie Black" Laurie replied…



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