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Lo Mein

by Morsel

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© Copyright 2014 - Morsel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m+; shrunk; food; meal; seasoning; swallow; chew; digestion; soft; cons/nc; X

Jenna brought in the Chinese food. She was 22 years old and six foot one with long blond-brown hair, blue eyes, full glossy lips, full breasts, and clean, unpainted fingernails that stuck out about 1inch past her fingertips. She was wearing blue jeans and a belly shirt, her bellybutton visible. She was relatively thin, but not too thin. And she was hungry.

She started taking out the Chinese food from the bag. Pork fried rice, wanton soup, spare ribs, beef lo mein, duck sauce, and three containers of twentieth of an inch tall men. She looked at the men, knew they were screaming bloody murder, but she couldn’t hear it. They were just too tiny. Her appetite was whetting just thinking about it.

She reached in the bag for the fortune cookies… they weren’t there! She was pissed. Why did everything happen to her?

Pouting, she grabbed a soda from the fridge, and poured herself some soup. She opened one of the containers of men and poured a generous portion of them into the bowl. Still upset about the cookies, she grabbed a spoon and lightly dipped it in the broth to test its temperature, and she saw about three hundred men get trapped on the spoon, swimming for their lives as she lifted the spoon up to her lips and daintily sipped them off…

Paul was in the soup.

He watched in horror as the spoon with his comrades in it was put to the giantess’s lips and she sipped. Gone. Three hundred innocent lives gone as if they were nothing but seasoning. And then he realized that to her, someone his size was nothing but seasoning. His life had no more value to her than a grain of salt.

The spoon came down. Paul swam as fast as he could, but it was futile. He was completely helpless as he and hundreds of other tiny male souls were scooped up with the broth.

He tried to avoid going under. The broth on the spoon was less than an inch deep, but to Paul it was like an ocean. He soon saw the goddess’s upper lip rise over the horizon. He felt a strong gust of wind… a wave! He avoided going under just barely. Some weren’t so lucky.

She had just gently blown on the broth.

He realized in horror that she was going to sip. Her upper lip touched the broth’s surface. He heard a loud sipping sound and felt himself being pulled toward it. He realized it was beautiful! A semicircle, it seemed to him to be nearly two hundred fifty feet high, and well over a thousand feet long. The lip was skin-colored, but it was enhanced by clear lip-gloss, which made it glow with a light of its own. Paul was so small that he was able to see the cracks in the lip that were formed by it being shaped into the sipping position.

He desperately tried to escape even now. But he felt himself getting closer. He looked back and saw the lip right behind him, about twenty men stuck on it. The current brought him under the lip.

He was in her mouth. The soup was like water in a cave. He desperately tried to hide under her tongue, but the current was just too strong. 

He was now on her tongue, being pulled by the current of the soup toward a giant uvula. The tongue he was on began to rise, trapping the soup and its miniscule passengers right in front of the entrance to her throat, the uvula moving back and forth like a whale.

She swallowed.

Paul found himself sliding down her throat, along with the soup’s current and hundreds of other men. He saw all around him a wet pink wall, pulsing with peristalsis, the muscular movement of the esophagus meant to push food into the stomach. He looked beneath him as a sphincter opened and he flowed with the soup and other men into the waiting gastric juices below.

He swam frantically, futilely, as he began to feel the itching and burning of the stomach acids. He felt himself drenched as a big waterfall of black liquid came pouring down from her esophagus. There were men in this liquid too, probably over a thousand.

Jenna had taken a gulp of soda.

Jenna belched daintily, and then put her hand over her lips. “Ooh!” she exclaimed. There were no guests to criticize her, but bad table manners were never excusable in her mind.

She ran her tongue across her lips, licking off about thirty screaming men who were stuck to them, and swallowed.

She finished her soup and then took out the spare ribs.

She put one onto her plate and spooned duck sauce onto it. She then dipped the rib into one of the containers of men and pulled it out, completely covered in squirming men stuck to the duck sauce. Her mouth watered as she lifted the appetizer up to her lips.

Steve was on the bottom of the rib, but he would not fall off, no matter how much he struggled. The duck sauce was just too sticky.

His mouth agape, he watched as Jenna’s beautiful lower lip enclosed around a spot that seemed like it was miles away from him. It was in another spot on the rib. He heard the piercing sound as her teeth tore the piece of rib off, and the slight greasy sucking sound as her lips touched the surface of the rib. He saw her lower lip slide off the rib’s surface, taking sticky duck sauce and a good deal of its denizens with it. He heard a chorus of male screams all around him, and he joined in himself when he realized that he had virtually no chance of survival.

But their tiny screams were rendered inaudible by the sound of Jenna chewing. Paul couldn’t see her lips as they were far up above him, but he could hear the chewing. Jenna was making short “Mm!” sounds every few seconds or so, and despite their loud volume her noises sounded extremely feminine.

Steve heard the amplified swallowing sound. The rib he was stuck to was on level with Jenna’s neck, so he was able to see the lump moving down her throat.

He heard an amplified SMACK! sound and realized she was licking her lips.

He screamed in horror as he saw her lips descend toward the spot on the rib he was on. He struggled, futilely, as the enormous lower lip got closer. Her mouth was open, so Steve could see her bottom teeth, glistening white. He could also see that she was salivating in anticipation of the sweet taste of the duck sauce. The cavernous mouth got closer, closer…

The teeth bit into the rib in front of Steve. He sighed with relief that he was getting a few more minutes of life, but soon realized that it wasn’t to be. As Jenna closed her lips around the side of the rib, Steve realized that he was in just the right position to be captured by them.

Her lower lip touched the bottom of the rib, and Steve got swept up. He heard a slurping sound and was pulled away from the rib. He saw there were thousands of men stuck to her lower lip, and probably thousands more on her upper one, and he prepared to be slurped up by her tongue…

But then she started chewing. Steve realized he had a chance! Jenna had decided to chew without licking her lips! He began to frantically crawl down her lip, as most of the other men had already begun to do. He heard the loud “MM!” noises, amplified exponentially, but still he climbed. If he could only get down onto her chin, maybe he could escape…

She swallowed. And licked her lips. Steve, and thousands of others, didn’t even have a chance.

Jenna, indifferent to the drama that had just went on on her lower lip, continued to eat. She finished her rib and then opened the fried rice container.

Surprised, she saw tiny men moving around in the rice. They had included them for free! She shouldn’t have spent money on that third container then. Oh well, she thought. It was just an extra 99 cents.

She dipped her spoon into the rice and the tiny men scattered in fear. Indifferent to their barely audible pleas and screams, she spooned them onto her plate, along with many grains of rice and large chunks of pork. She soon had a nice plate of fried rice. She picked up her fork and began to eat it.

Joe was trapped in a forest of rice. Each grain of rice, about half an inch long in reality, was like a spaceship to him. Lying down, it would take ten of him to equal its length, and five of him to equal its height. It looked large enough to crush him, but weight distribution was different at this scale, and so men could be packed all throughout the rice container without getting crushed.

Joe was unable to see above the rice forest; he was climbing around in the middle, jumping from grain to grain, frantically looking for an exit, for he knew what awaited him if he didn’t escape.

Suddenly, light flooded in from the canopy above, and Joe saw a giant metal object lifting up the rice grains. It was a fork.

The fork lifted up out sight and he saw there were many men on it, and he knew they were doomed.

As was he.

Frantically, he began climbing down, trying to escape the next scoop, but he felt an earthquake beneath him. He felt himself falling and he landed on metal. He was on the fork.

The fork was lifted above the rice canopy, and Joe saw that he was on the left prong of the four-pronged fork. He was right near the tip, but there was still plenty of room for him to stand.

He screamed, and heard other men scream from various locations on the fork. He was being lifted toward and enormous, open, and wet female mouth. The mouth was salivating in anticipation of this next mouthful of rice.

Joe tried to jump off the fork onto the table, but it was too late. Before he could jump, he was past the lips and over the gums. He instinctively jumped anyway and landed on the tongue. He felt himself slippery in the saliva and watched as grains of rice and other men fell all around him, while the fork was pulled out of the mouth.

The goddess began to chew.

Joe felt himself being flicked around by the tongue. He saw as enormous grains of rice were effortlessly crushed under her molars. He found himself lodged between one of her upper canine teeth and an incisor. He saw as a huge white object began to scratch right at him! It was the tip of her nail! She was trying to get him out from between her teeth!

The nail kept scratching, and eventually it went away. She had been unable to get at him. Unfortunately, he was still stuck between her teeth. He struggled, but to no avail.

Jenna felt the little man struggling between her teeth. The little prick! Didn’t he realize that when he wiggled like that it was annoying?

She took another gulp of soda, feeling the tiny men in it go down her throat screaming. It made her feel better.

Next, she eyed the lo mein.

She opened the container and spied the tiny men, crawling around in a forest of brown, spaghetti-like noodles. She spooned a big chunk of the lo mein onto her plate. She began to twirl her fork around in the noodles, the helpless men looking in vein for a way out.

Rob looked up as the giant fork lifted up his buddies. “No!” he pleaded, but Jenna neither heard nor cared. After all, who would care what a piece of seasoning thought?

Rob tried to crawl out of the lo mein forest. Each strand of lo mein was five times his height and of unimaginable length. He was almost out of the forest when he felt his piece of lo mein being pulled.

He looked back and screamed bloody murder. Thousands and thousands of men were on this single strand. And the strand was being sucked into Jenna’s puckered lips.

Rob heard the amplified slurping sound, as he was pulled closer and closer toward the slurping lips. He felt a pang of rage. This woman was devouring human beings as if they were nothing! And she thought nothing of it.

He tried to jump off the end of the noodle, but he didn’t make it. The entire strand, and all its denizens, was slurped up effortlessly.

Jenna was done. Looking at her fingers, she saw that they were greasy and there were lots of stray men on them. When the men saw her look, they began to run, but she simply licked each finger one by one, until they were all gone. She thought nothing of it.

It was then that she spotted the fortune cookies. She had taken them out in the beginning, and hadn’t noticed. She opened one and read the fortune.

“You are a kind-hearted and caring person.”

And she agreed. After all, she would never harm another woman in any way.



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