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The Long Afternoon

by Freyr

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© Copyright 2009 - Freyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; grow; swallow; oral; cons/nc; X

It was a warm spring day. Very warm, the kind that reminded one of the heat of July and August, not late April which is was.

The huge studio apartment had no A/C, so Sean and Freyr just stripped down to keep comfortable, not that either minded. They'd know each other over the 'Net for many years and after much planning had finally met. That was the whole purpose of this afternoon; two old friends from the Internet had finally been able to meet and be with each other in-person.

Sean thought it was wonderful that Freyr had rented this studio apartment for the weekend. It was 1000 square feet of mostly open space. There was a sparse kitchen and a tiny bathroom in one corner, the rest of the apartment being one huge open room. The walls were painted an antique white and had old-fashioned gas fixtures. It was so quaint!

The air circulated wih the help of ceiling fans, but that didn't abate the gleam of sweat on the bodies of the two men. Sean was the younger, by almost decade. His body was young and lean, smooth in it's lines with a dusting of furr on his well-muscled chest. At the moment, his dark head was bobbing in Freyr's lap. On the upstroke, one could see a full yet trim beard on his jawline.

Freyr was bigger and hairier. He was a bear, though not a big one. This body was thicker and rounder. His fur was all over him, the chest, arms, shoulders, back and ass. This drove Sean to fits of lust for him.

Freyr was sprawled on the couch of the big room, his head back, eyes closed and mouth open, breathing deeply and slowly. His arms askew, letting Sean work his magic mouth over his cock.

Sean was slowly working on Freyr's cock, working on it in the way he loved, the way he always wanted to, just let a man lie back and let him worship his saluting manhood. Sean felt he was in heaven; the perfect place at the perfect time with the perfect man.

This have been going on for most of the afternoon. The sun was now low in the western sky, sending golden rays thru the western windows, illuminating the two bodies, making them appear to be golden statues.

Freyr's breathing deepened, his face screwed up with a twist of pleasure and the overwhelming sensation of orgasmic release as he allowed his body to release it's pent up sexual energy at the magic of Sean's mouth. With a buck of his hips, Freyr's body spasmed, his hands clenched, his toes cracked as his body was ridden by the orgasm so neatly delivered by Sean.

And with a final, great shout, Freyr's body collapsed on the couch. He lay panting, his mind awhirl and overloaded by the long denied orgam. They had been at this all afternoon and Sean had finally consented to allow the release. Sometimes the line between the rider and the one ridden was a very blurry one.

Freyr lay panting for several minutes. Sean laid his head in the joint of Freyr's hip, gently blowing a cooling stream of air across Freyr's turgid yet shrinking cock.

"Whew!" Freyr said, finally. He was able to get his mind to stop whirling in his head. "That was fantastic!" Sean only grinned and snuggled closer to Freyr. It gave him such pleasure to satify other men. To worship their cock was the ultimate way for him to express that need.

Freyr's breathing slowed and returned to normal. The world took on its normal qualities and both men realized the afternoon had been spent doing nothing but satisfying each other. The magic of the afternoon was quickly waning, like the sunlight coming thru the western windows.

Freyr lay on the couch, still looking exhausted from his final release of the day. "Say, I'm hungry!" he finally muttered. "What have we to eat here?"

"Not a lot," Sean said "unless you'd like to order in pizza or take out chinese food?"

"Naw, that wouldn't satisfy me" Freyr said. He glanced around as if certain that whatever he wanted was in easy reach.

"Ah," Freyr finally said, "there's what I'm looking for!" and reached out past Sean, apparently.

Or so it looked to Sean. But instead, Freyr's hand grasped the smaller man and suddenly Sean found himself hoisted up into the air.

"Wha..! Huh? How??" sputtered Sean as he looked down at Freyr. It seemed to Sean that Freyr had taken on huge proportions, much larger than the 5'10" frame that Freyr normally displayed to the world. He was suddenly giantic and with the strength to match.

"What are you doing with me?" sputtered Sean. He flailed his arms and legs uselessly in the air. Freyr's hand held him suspended, unable to grasp anything near by.

"Isn't it obvious, Sean" grinned the gigantic Freyr. "I'm going to eat you!"

"What!" cried the still uncomprehending Sean. "What do you mean "eat me?" You can't eat me!"

"Why of course I can eat you!" explained Freyr in a calm voice. "That's why I showed up after all!"

"But... but... but" again Sean was sputtering, not understanding what Freyr was getting at. "That's just a fantasy!" said Sean, finally able to form coherent sentences. This turn of events had left him totally befuddled.

"It may be fantasy to you, Sean" explained the patient Freyr. "But to me, it's quite real.

"You don't know how much patience it took to slowly make our friendship and keep track of where you traveled after meeting you on the 'Net!

"That's why I was constantly talking to you, to track down this meal you so nicely offered for me!"

Sean's eyes got wide as Freyr slowly explained the situation. It was real.. he was about to be devoured, swallowed alive by this sudden giant.

"That's why I took the time to rent this place, to make sure you came over here with no trace of your transporation" again explained Freyr. "I've waited a long time to devour you, Sean! A very long time!"

"You're going to make a tasty morsel going down! Just think, your ultimate dream will come true." It'll just be a shame you'll never be able to tell anyone else about it!"

"But... you can't!" cried Sean. "It's impossible to do!"

"Not so impossible!" Freyr patiently explained again. "Not the way you've visualized on your website, certainly. But it is possible and you're about to find out first-hand."

As Sean watched, Freyr's mouth opened wide, impossibly wide and filled Sean's field of vision. Sean was slowly lowered head first into Freyr's waiting mouth.

Sean's hands flailed and spun in the air, fighting with all his strength to stop his entry into the huge maw, but it was to no avail. He tried but the giant was simply too strong for him.

First his head and shoulders entered, the huge lips wrapped around him, creating a suction to slowly draw the rest of his squirming body into Freyr's mouth.

Quickly his torso and hips were sucked in and then his lower legs. Just his barefeet stuck out of the giant's mouth. With a quick slurp, they disappeared, too!

And that was the last any living being ever saw of Sean.

Panting inside the giant's mouth, Sean lay on the huge tongue. He waited for what seemed an eterinity when suddenly, the tongue raised up and with a quick flip sent Sean sliding down the giant's esophagus.

It was a bumpy ride, but not too bad and was quickly over. Sean slide into the giant's stomach. It was pitch black there. He felt around, feeling the smooth walls and looked for some sort of exit. But there was none. He was in Freyr's stomach for good. He couldn't escape.

Back on the couch, Freyr laid back, his stomach distended by a huge bulge of what was Sean. He settled back and allowed his body to slowly digest the young man. He scratched a few itchy, sweaty spots, thinking of the young men he'd devoured. He'd had so many, he'd forgotten all their names.

Inside Freyr's stomach, the noises of Freyr's body were the only sensations that Sean had. It was black and smooth in the stomach. It was warm, too, so he felt no discomfort. He only heard the slow sigh of Freyr's breathing and the "thump-thump-thump" of his heart.

If he listened closely, he heard the whoosh of blood coursing thru the veins and arteries of the giant's body. In fact, the sounds were so soothing, it allowed Sean to relax and settle in.

He tried to wonder what would happen next, but he never found out. The soothing sounds of Freyr's body lulled Sean to sleep so that he never felt the digestive process take over and slowly incorporate his body into that of the giant's.

Soon there was nothing left of Sean. He was fully digested now. His atoms mingled with those of the giant's and the many other men the giant had digested. How many, even Freyr had lost count. He remember the good ones, like Sean, but with so many, it was hard to keep track.

But that never stopped him. He cleaned himself up and disposed carefully of any evidence of Sean's presence in the big apartment. Freyr was very careful to hide his tracks so that no one would ever know of his existence and what he did to survive.




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