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Storycodes: Other/f; swallow; vore; reluct/cons; X

Note from the author: Introduction: This story is not a work of fiction. It is a recollection of an actual story told to me by a girlfriend many years ago.

Lori lounged atop her king-sized bed, stretching luxuriously after our lovemaking. She was in an odd mood. A scary kind of mood. By that I mean to say that she was very turned on my fear and the loss of control. We role-played quite a bit in those days and had just wrapped up a "rape-fantasy" she had been interested in trying. I had just untied her wrists and she had rolled over for a cigarrette. As she drew on the Benson & Hedges (making a big show out of smoking afer sex. Lori was nothing if not dramatic) she began to talk to me about fear and excitement. About a correlation between terror and arousal. 

"Were you ever afraid of monsters under your bed?" she asked, her words punctuating her exhale of smoke. 

"What kid wasn't. I had a light in my closet so I knew everything was safe in there. But it was awful dark under that bed." 

Lori took another drag and continued. "I've always had this fear about being grabbed by something under the bed. A thin, boney hand, white as chalk. With long large knucked fingers. Every one in a while that fear just reaches out and grabs me. Just like the thing under my bed." 

"What happens next?" I asked rolling onto my side. "Does it pull you under the bed?" 

"No," she said, with a contemplative look. "No, it comes out from under the bed. Its cold glittering eyes peer up over the edge of the bed. Right over the tops of my toes and into my eyes." 

"What's it look like," I said, urging her on to richer details. Lori loved to tell stories (sexual or otherwise) and could be very envocative in her use of language, tone, and body-language. So I urged her on. 

"Pale," she said, breathlessly. "It's so pale. No light has ever touched its skin. It must have lived in total darkness for centuries. It's skin is nearly transparent. What makes it appear white are the pale bones showing through its skin. It's got a grip like cold steel on my ankle as it slowly rises to expose its head and shoulders above the edge of the bed. It grabs my other foot and prevents me from kicking at it. I can see its black hunger for me buring it its dark sockets and then I know, I know right in my frozen heart, that its going to eat me." Lori stubbed out her cigarette and then swept her body with her finger tips, from the tops of her thighs up over her hardening nipples. "Its going to swallow me whole, like a python with a mouse. From my toes to the tips of my fingers, I'm going to be inched into its mouth and down its gullet. Its bottom jaw drops open like a gate and its mouth lunges down at my feet. My feet plunge into the tight, slimy warmth of its mouth in one swift motion." 

"What do you do?" 

"Nothing," she whispers. "I'm too terrified to move. And excited. I can feel my pussy gushing hot and wet as it reaches up and grabs ahold of my thighs. The warm wet tightness around my feet feels gloriously sensual. I gasp involuntarily as my toes pass through its mouth and into its even tighter throat. It pulls itself forward on its belly and my calves slip past its lips. It inches itself forward. It grips my hips and struggles to crawl up over my body. My knees are pressed together and vanish into its mouth. Its like sinking into hot mud. 

"I can see its body expanding to accomodate me, like a python, except it's transparent. Now its hands are wrapped around my hips and its pulling itself up to my pussy," she purrs as her fingertips stroked her downy mons. "My pussy enters its mouth and I feel this incredible warmth. I feel it all the way up to my nipples," she breathed, involuntarily brushing them. "It works its head back and forth, wedging me into its mouth. My hips pop through and now its my belly button that disappears with its next surge forward. I'm going faster now. I can't feel anything below my knees, just this indeterminant warmth. I'm slipping into oblivion and it feels so good. I'm humiliated and embarassed" 

"Embarassed? Why not scared?" 

"I'm so embarassed that I'm such a hedonist that I'd rather experience this sexy sensation of being devoured alive than do anything to stop it. I don't want to vanish into this thing's stomach. I don't want to die. But it just feels so sexy I can't bring myself to fight. I'd rather this long sexy swallow be the last thing I feel than never feel it at all. 

"Now its mouth is up to my ribs, my hips are squeezing down its throat, below there nothing exists by slick warmth. Now its got me by my shoulders. It leverages itself up to just under my breasts. Its sliding up," she whipered huskily, her fingertips tracing the path of the monster's mouth over her body, "pushing my breasts up to my neck. One by one they slip into its mouth. Its up to my underarms now, pushing my arms up as it creeps further and further. I tilt my head back as its mouth pushes my arms up over my head. Its just my arms and neck above the surface now. All that's left of me. Its closing in faster and faster, its long throat kneading and stoking every inch of me at once. I just know I''m going to cum. I feel like such a whore for lying here and letting it eat me like this but I'm too exited to resist. It's too late now anyway. My head is engulfed and my elbows slip past its lips. I can still see my hands outside its mouth. Then I climax, sharp and hard. I arch my back and cry out as I quickly slide into oblivion, my hands slurping into its mouth and down its throat with a last pull of its throat muscles. I feel so slutty, so driven by the urges of my body that I would allow this thing to eat me just for the pleasure of it. The last thing I'm aware of is my mind disolving into my orgasm as my body disolves into its stomach." 

At that point she rolled onto her side to face me. Her eyes dropped to my groin and a wry smile crossed her lips. She eyed me devilishly. "You look hungry. Care to eat me?" And of course, I did. 


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