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Lunch Break

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2007 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/fm; furry; magic; swallow; vore; reluct; X

As silly as it was, it felt like he right choice to go to the local mall for my dinner. It had been a number of days since I had anything at all to eat, so I was starting to get a little peckish. Even the thought of food made my stomach start to rumble in anticipation. I placed a hand over it and smiled. "Soon enough," I said in a whisper as I walked towards the food court.

You wouldn't think of it to look at me, being only a five foot tall mouse with a trim body, but I was the most dangerous person in the whole mall, and I was going to have a lot of fun before I was done. I took up a place at the edge of the food court and scouted out my prey, I spotted a few that would be perfect for my needs and a few others that could be a lot more fun.

I crossed my arms and cast a small compulsion over the area, no one would enter or leave, and no one would notice anything out of the ordinary. They were all mine.

Ever so slowly I walked across the court towards a plump looking otter who had just finished his meal. He looked a bit confused as he tried to get up but didn't seem to be able to get out of his chair. I pulled out a chair at his table and sat down, smiling at the young man. "Hello," I said.

He looked up in surprise as to him I had appeared out of nowhere. "Hello," he said, pulling back a bit, eyeing me up and down.

I looked him over, licking my lips as I pushed out my chest. There wasn't any reason why he couldn't get a nice view before I was finished with him. His eyes went right to my breasts, my bra-less nipples poking at my shirt as I casually undid my belt and popped free the button on my pants. I was going to need the extra room.

"Can you do me a favor?" I asked in a sweet voice.

He looked up at me, a touch of confusion on his face. "Maybe? It depends on what it is I guess," he stammered.

I leaned forward a bit, relaxing my arms on the table top. "I could use something to eat. You see it's been a few days and I'm REALLY hungry," I said, smiling at him and showing off a little too much teeth, at the same time pulling at my shirt with a finger, letting him get a better view of my chest. For the hell of it I gave him an erection, just to see what he would do.

The otter shifted a bit, one hand going under the table as the other touched his empty plates. He had to work hard to take his eyes off of my chest and tried to stammer something out. Before he could talk I gave him a compulsion to undo his pants and start jacking his cock.

His eyes went wide as his other hand slipped under the table and I heard the familiar sound of a zipper being undone. I smirked at him as he blushed through his brown fur. I just giggled a bit as he tried to hide what he was doing and failed in every way. "I'm sorry," he whimpered, finally pulling his eyes away from my chest.

"For what? Being a man? That's fine, it's what you are. Don't hide it from me, show it off!" I said making sure my words had the same force as an order from his god, which for the moment I was.

He gulped and pushed his chair back, stretching out so I could see his cock rising from his pants. It was a nice one, thin and long with a fat head. He was stroking it with one hand while the other was busy rolling around his fat balls in his sack.

I reached over and stroked my fingers over the side of his face, increasing his arousal and causing precum to jet from his shaft. I was tempted to play with him, but there were more important things for me to do first, and it would add to the flavor.

He picked up speed, gasping softly and looking around the room like he expected to be caught, but no one seemed to care. I was tempted to let a few people see him, just to increase his humiliation but decided against it. I had more important things to do.

The otter looked back at me, he was starting to realize that whatever was going on, I was in control of it. "Please stop?" he asked, both hands now working his cock.

"No," I said then made him cum. He cried out as the orgasm rushed over his body, his cock grew stiffer as cum gushed from his shaft and high into the air. It splattered down over his chest in thick globs, soaking into his fur and his clothing. He looked horrified by, his cheeks burning in shame. I enjoyed the feeling of it, drawing strength from his emotions.

"Thanks for the show, but now it's time for the real fun," I said, gently taking him by the hand and making him stand up. His pants fell around his legs as he did so, but I didn't care, they just got in the way. With a quick tweak to his mind I made him take off the rest of his clothing, then gather it all up and take it to the trash bin. He wasn't going to need them anymore.

I finally gave into my urges; the moment that he was within reach I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to me. Before he could utter a single word I shoved his head into my muzzle and swallowed. His head slipped down into my throat as his shoulders pressed past my lips.

He started to struggle, they all did on their way down, but I held him firm. He wasn't the first to go into my belly, hell, he wasn't even the hundredth. I grabbed his sides, allowing him enough room to struggle a little but not enough to be effective, then I swallowed again.

His shoulders slid into my throat, his head pressing down past my neck, making a huge bulge in my body. I rubbed at it with one hand while the other held him in place, at least a little bit. It wasn't like he was going away any time soon.

The next gulp was a big one, he slid down to his elbows. He was still kicking, but my jaw was firm enough that his arms weren't going anywhere. I grabbed him by the hips and lifted him up over my head, allowing gravity to help me get him further down.

The next swallow sent him down almost to his hips and left his cock against my tongue. I wasn't going to let a chance like that to pass me by, so I teased him a little bit, tasting the remains of his cum and his arousal. This seemed to make his struggle all the more, but the strength was getting less. I could feel the bulged he made inside of me, his head was nearing my belly.

With one more gulp he actually slipped inside. Only his tail and below his knees now stuck out of my muzzle and it was getting easier to take him down. I grabbed his feet and stroked them a bit, teasing him one last time before the final gulp came. As I swallowed him I pushed down on his feet, forcing him down inside of him. I kept up the swallowing until they vanished down my throat.

I let out a gasp and fell to the floor, rubbing my belly as he curled up inside of my stomach. He was still struggling as best he could, but all he was doing was using up his air. I just sat there waiting for him to accept his fate as my dinner, and in a few hours some very nice fat that wouldn't last.

Letting out a belch I struggled back to my feet. He had been a nice meal, but I wasn't full just yet. I cast my eyes around the room, and they fell onto a pair of foxes, male and female, who were just sitting in the corner. I don't think they had even tried to leave.

I waddled over to him, starting to have my fun as I got near. The pair of them lunged at each other, kissing firmly, their tails flicking happily behind them as they teased and stroked each other. Without truly realizing where they were they started to strip their clothing from each other, throwing the clothing in every which way.

My first thought was to eat them one at a time, teasing them by making them decide who went first, maybe making the male fuck me as the vixen watched, but I came up with a better idea as I saw them together. By the time I reached them she was on her back on the table, her legs kicked up as he plowed her pussy like he was a teenage virgin.

I snickered a bit at this and increased their arousal but blocked their orgasm. They weren't going to get off until I let them. "I think you should fuck on the floor," I ordered.

Without a word from the foxes, which wasn't surprising as they were still busy kissing, he picked her up from the table and walked her to a clear spot on the floor. He set her down and continued his pounding, now in a more classic position.

I laid myself on the floor behind them, looking up at their feet as they enjoyed each other like never before. Wiggling forward on my full belly I was soon pressing my nose up against their toes. They didn't seem to notice, I made sure of that. Grabbing their legs I opened my muzzle again and shoved all four feet inside, gulping them down.

It wasn't easy to swallow the two of them at once, but I managed it by pulling them closer as I gulped and wiggling just a bit forward. The two lovers didn't seem to care that they were doomed to be a part of my belly. Their world was all about the fucking.

With another swallow I reached their knees. I was close enough now to reach up and rub the ass of the male, teasing him with my hands and my mind. He responded by increasing the speed of his fucking which brought a soft cry from the vixen.

I adjusted my hands to tease her hips, stroking around her as her body shook from the male's pounding. After a moment I gulped twice in succession, pulling them in further until their humping hips were inside my maw. I licked at her ass and tail, teasing around the curve of it as their feet pressed into my full belly.

The pair pressed closer to each other, the fox's paws reaching down to tease the vixen's breasts. I thought it was nice of him, and increased the sensitivity of her breasts tenfold. She cried out under him, the only thing preventing her orgasm was my will.

Once again I swallowed the pair and they slid down until her breasts were almost past my lips. I teased her back with my tongue as my hands stroked their shoulders. My belly was growing tighter as they were pressed inside, but I knew I could fit them. I had once taking a whole pride of lions so a couple foxes were nothing.

I took a moment to prepare myself then gulped again. The foxes slide down until their heads were inside my muzzle. Gasping and crying as they still fucked they made my body shake and jiggle around them. I decide the time was right and let them both orgasm at once, then allowed them to know where they were.

The vixen was a screamer, and the fox cried out as well. I could feel them bucking inside of me, most of them now in my belly. They twisted and groaned as their bodies shook before finally quieting. A moment later the vixen let out a cry and started to struggle inside of me, the fox joining in with her a second later.

Satisfied by their reaction I gulped one last time, forcing them down my throat and into my belly. They tightness of my stomach kept them pressed together as they struggled to get free. A new cry came from the vixen as she found that they weren't alone inside of me.

I rolled onto my back, watching them twitch in my belly until they finally ran out of air. I rubbed my belly, felling the digestion already beginning. In a few hours all three of them would be nice mouse fat.

Struggling to my feet I let out a huge belch and smiled to myself. I waddled out of the food court, finally allowing the other people to do what they want, after they ate three meals each. They could all use a little weight to them.

It was like I told my friends, before I ate them of course; the mall was a great place to grab a quick bite to eat.


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