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by Anon

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Storycodes: M/f; swallow; absorbed; cons; X

"You're fired!" Lynn said.

You had always admired her perky blonde hair, and her nice shape mostly hidden by a striped blue business suit. Many times you had admired her legs as she walked past, and you'd always loved women with wide hips. But she was always acting superior and smug, and always shoving it in your face that she was your boss

Today, after everyone had left for the day, she called you into her office, and dressed you down about your failure to file a report, and as you watched her pouty mouth work and her sexy crossed legs, a very odd image ran across your brain. You always hated the way she looked down on you and in that instant as she fired you, you decided to try. It was the perfect revenge, but could it really work? A smile crossed your lips at the idea.

"What are you grinning at?"

You looked her in the eyes, and she shyed away a bit, not liking the look in them. You stood up, and grabbed her hand leading her to her feet. She seemed hypnotised by your stare, and had no idea what was going to happen to her. Visions of rape ran through her mind, and her heart fell when she realized you were alone in the building with her.

You reach forward and caress her cheek, and bring it close to you. As you do, you slip a hand around her waist and draw her close. Her lips meet yours, and her arms wrap around your neck. In disbelief of her actions, she draws back, but not for long. It won't be long now before you would start your revenge, and you tremble with anticipation. You realise with a start that your penis is huge and hard. It is at least 4 inches longer than ever before.

What was happening?

Lynn responds by leaning in to you. At once afraid of the size, and overcome with the need to try to take it.

After a few moments of heavy breath and passionate embrace, you ask her a question. "Lynn, would it be ok if I swallowed you?"


"It won't hurt, and it will be the most sensual feeling you've ever had. We will be together as no two people ever before"

"Wow" she breathed "I-Is that possible? " She was so horny and so intoxicated, that she hesitantly agreed. "I don't know why this is turning me on, but I can't wait. What do I have to do?"

You wonder yourself, and finally you say, "bend your head down til my mouth touches your forehead."

You kiss your way to her forehead, and you begin to stretch your lips across it. Your heart is pounding, and the thought of what you were about to do takes you over. Pushing on the back of her head, you begin to work your upper lip toward the top of her head. You feel her silky hair with your tongue as you work toward swallowing the top of her head. Lynn feels the moist warmth spreading across her head, and moans.

Sucking and making small swallows, you get the whole top of her head in your mouth. You can't believe what your doing, but you aren't going to stop. You move your hands to Lynn's back, and rub her as a lover would, comforting her as you eat her.

Several small swallows later, and you engulf her cheekbones and nose, and your throat begins to stretch around the top of her head. As you pass her lips, she licks your tongue, and make a soft cooing noise. You pull her toward you, and your mouth closes on her neck. Your throat bulges around her head in an ovoid shape, and her hair tickles your esophagus.

You grab her shoulders, and pull them toward you. Her head slides deeper into you, and you begin to work her slender shoulders into your mouth. First one then the other, twisting and working your head and mouth, and finally with a soft pop, they are inside you. You pause above her small round breasts, and grab her right hand. You force her arm in alongside her head, and then you do the same with her left arm. To get a better purchase, you push her against her desk, and you begin to swallow more. Your tongue rubs across her breasts throught he cloth of her white shirt, and as you work each one into your mouth, you can feel Lynn's soft breath against your esophagus, and hear her muffled 'oh's inside you. You see her hips approaching, and can't wait to have them. Using the desk and your hands on her waist, you soon swallow her to the edge of her skirt, which stretches tight over those wide hips and uterine bulge.

You kneel on the floor then, and take her ass cheeks in your hands, gripping them firmly through the material. You begin to push, and engulf her uterine bulge slowly. You lips feel like they're going to split from the strain of working her hips into your mouth. Slowly you slurp in her hips, til all that's left is bum and sexy legs. You pause to rub your hands on her legs, and her toes curl in response. You reach under her skirt and discover she wore no panties. You begin to caress her vagina, and find it moist and responsive.

Then you move your hand to her bum again, and begin working the flesh into you, and til her legs stick straight out of your mouth. She bends her knees so you can feel her better, and you also feel your stomach, and can touch her face. You take in her knees, and tilt back to let gravity slide her in to her ankles. Her feet wriggle around, and you slowly push them into you, slurping in the painted toenails. With one grand swallow, you feel her slide completely into your stomach, and you lean back and admire what you have done.

You pull up your shirt, and can see details of her body inside you, curled up and you wish you could do it all again. Your stomach begins to contract, and slowly her features lose definition, to finally become a mass of soft tissue, which you begin to absorb into your body. You know you will never have another bowel movement, because what ever had happened to you, you were using Lynn completely. Your new body wasted nothing.

After an hour, you stomach shrinks back to normal, and you rip up the papers on her desk and start for the door. Just before you reach it, the new consultant Cindy walks thru. " I though Lynn was going to fire you!" she says. "Where's did Lynn go? Take me there right now!"

Always being an obliging sort, you make sure she gets where she wants to go.



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