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The Main Event

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; naked; sty; piggy; condition; cage; prepare; gag; bond; rope; insert; veg; encoat; oven; cook; soft; cons; X

It was a cool summers evening, a light breeze wafting the smell of barbequed meats and the sound of music through the air. I sipped my beer from the plastic cup as I wandered through a huddle of people. It was busy. At least thirty people had turned up for tonight’s barbeque. Several smaller barbeques were well underway, cooking burgers and hot dogs. But in the centre of the field, a large clay oven was slowly being put together, being prepared for tonight’s main event. I gazed at it for a while, watching the guys put it together and smirked to myself. I wandered back towards the other guests. I knew just a few of the people here and greeted and shook hands with as many as I recognised. Then I saw her. Just a quick glimpse, so I casually made my way through the crowd to get closer. It was definitely her. I drew closer, eager to speak to her.

“Hey Steffanie babe, good to see you again, it’s been awhile” I called out as I approached her. Her face lit up as she saw me. We hugged each other and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled as she looked up into my face.

“Yeah, um, yeah it’s great to see you too” She beamed.

“I’m glad you could come” I smiled warmly.

“I wouldn’t miss it… but where’s Miriam? I was hoping I would’ve seen her by now” Steffanie asked as she glanced around the crowd.

“Oh, she’s just not here yet, but soon, I’ll come and get you when she arrives if you like” I said.

“Sure that’ll be great” She smiled and disappeared back into the crowd. I drained the last of the beer from my cup and tossed it in a nearby bin. Steffanie had been one of the few people I’d been able to invite to tonight’s barbeque. Being such a unique and select event, those actually allowed to attend were restricted and governed very carefully by the organisers. I had to apply and vouch for Steffanie to be allowed her invitation. I was glad she’d been able to come. I wandered cheerfully through the crowd a little longer, knowing the time was drawing near.

“Doctor Vader!” A man called out and I turned to see who it was. The chairman. He was the head of the organisation that ran the event. He was so important, his name was actually chairman.

“Chairman” I greeted him and shook his hand. He smiled at me.

“We’re so grateful for your contribution to the organisation and if you’re ready… it’s time” He said cheerfully. I nodded. I’d been waiting for this. Looking forward to this. I strode quickly, almost hurried. I knew where to go and was eager to get there. In just a few minutes I arrived at the sty. I went straight up to the low fence and looked over all the pigs inside. There were quite a few in there, all covered in thick mud. Many of them jostling for position at the trough, feeding. That’s where she was, the piggy I was looking for. She was caked in mud. It was all over her and in her hair and she was being bumped and knocked roughly by the other pigs as she tried to eat from the trough. Her face plunged into the slop.

“Here little piggy” I called out and Miriam looked up immediately. Her eyes twinkled and I smiled at her. On all fours she backed away from the trough, squeezing herself out from between the other pigs, before heading toward the small gate. She waited as I unlatched the gate and swung it open.

“Come here piggy” I called as I clapped my hands against my thighs and like an obedient pet she trotted over to me. I closed and latched the gate behind her. I bent down and looked at Miriam. She was filthy, pig slop smeared over her face and her entire body caked in mostly dried mud. She remained on all fours and said nothing. Miriam knew, that she wasn’t a person anymore. She was just a little piggy and little piggy’s don’t stand up or talk. I was so pleased with her. But now, she needed to be cleaned up. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and gave her a yank. She began to trot along as best she could beside me. I strode a little faster just to make it harder for her to keep up and I was dragging her by her hair as she struggled to keep pace.

It was quite a distance from the sty to the small brick shed, where I needed to get her cleaned. She gasped and grimaced a few times as I yanked her along by her hair, but we soon arrived. I quickly led her inside. It was a small and simple brick building, just a shell really. Four walls, one with a short hose attached, a drain in the centre of the room and a cage set in one corner. I led her to the back wall and shoved her against it. Then taking the hose from the other wall began to blast her with cold water, it pummelled against her and the mud slowly began to shift. She grimaced against the force of the water, but did little to protect herself. Eventually the mud was gone and she was relatively clean. I gave her a wry grin. I had to get her into the cage. She watched me as I opened the cage door.

“Come on little piggy, in you get” I cooed. She paced gently over to it, peered cautiously in side. It was a tiny cage. She would only just be able to wriggle herself in. And there was a rather large dildo attached to the back of the small cage. She looked up at me. I nodded to her. Miriam bit her lip and then turned to back herself in. Slowly she backed up, wriggling herself into the small cage. Her backside slowly approaching the dildo and then the tip just touching her anus. She winced as she carefully backed the rest of the way in, now spearing herself on the dildo, driving it deep into her arse. I closed and locked the cage. Sealing my little piggy, helpless inside. I went outside. I was supposed to wait outside for the two other guys, who were going to help me carry Miriam back up to the main area. They were already there.

The crowd gathered around us, cheered and clapped as we carried Miriam, in her cage towards the large oven. I glanced at her as we set her down on the table close to the oven. She looked apprehensive. The oven had been lit, while I’d gone to fetch my little piggy and I could feel the heat from it growing already. I knew she could feel it too, her gaze fixed on it’s open mouth. I smiled to myself as I watched her, as she gazed at the oven, curious as to how she felt. Suddenly my attention was drawn away as the chairman approached, handing me a fresh plastic cup of beer.

“Ladies and gentlemen” The chairman called out to the crowd and all fell silent. He paused as he rested his hand on my shoulder.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Doctor Vader for his donation of such a pretty little piggy for us tonight” He announced his voice booming. I glanced at Miriam. Her gaze still fixed on the warm open mouth of the oven.

“To Doctor Vader” He called and raised his own cup to the air. I raised my own and everybody cheered in unison. I sat close by and watched as many of the crowd came and inspected Miriam. Poking and prodding at her through the cage, testing the meat on her thighs, backside and ribs. There was little she could do to resist.

“Wow” Steffanie exclaimed as she took a seat next to me. I smiled as I watched her sit down.

“I can’t believe she’s actually here” She smirked as she looked over at Miriam.

“Yeah, here she is, nearly ready to go” I laughed and Steffanie laughed with me. I stood up.

“Time to get her final preparations underway” I winked and strode back over to Miriam.

The crowd of people stepped back, making room around the table as I drew close. I unlocked her cage and swung open the small door. Gently she crawled out of the cage. The cage was quickly drawn away by a couple of people close by. I patted the table and Miriam obediently lay herself down on her stomach. I was handed some rope by the guys who’d helped transport my little piggy in her cage. I quickly pulled her arms behind her back and tied her wrists tight with the rough rope, then I moved on cinching her elbows tight together. The rough rope biting, tight against her skin. She groaned a little, perhaps in discomfort, maybe in pleasure. It didn’t matter. I carried on, binding her ankles tight. Finally I pulled her ankles, hard all the way to her wrists and finished her off, binding her into a firm, tight hogtie. The two guys and I lifted her from the table and another slid a wide plank of well worn, smooth wood under her and we set her gently back down on it. All sorts of fruits, vegetables and jars of various liquids we being brought to the table. I picked up an apple. Took her by the chin.

“Open” I grinned at her. She gazed into my eyes for just a moment. Then reluctantly, slowly opened her mouth. I pushed the large apple hard, ramming it into her mouth. I forced it hard, so there’d be no way for her to spit it out. Her mouth now jammed open, wide and filled with the apple.

A few women near the table had begun to surround her with an assortment of the vegetables, laying them on the large plank, laying them next to Miriam’s bound and vulnerable body. I chose a large and very fat carrot. Harshly I pushed it deep into her arse and she moaned into the apple. Next I had to choose something to stuff her pussy with and I quickly found what I was looking for, an even larger and fatter parsnip. Within moments I’d forced it, hard into her pussy, leaving just the end visible. I admired her for a moment. Taking in every inch of her for a minute or so. The apple in her mouth, carrot in her arse and the large parsnip filling her pussy.

She was nearly ready. I took my time, examining the many jars. I knew what I was looking for. Soon I’d found it. The large jar of sticky, sweet honey glaze. I took out the large sticky brush as gently, meticulously began to stroke every inch of Miriam’s bare skin with the gooey substance. I took my time. Savoured her every curve as I moved the heavily loaded brush over her. She closed her eyes as I brushed her inch by inch. Slowly she was covered entirely with the sticky glaze. My little piggy was ready. The oven was ready. It’s warm open mouth ready to accept her.

The crowd roared as she was raised from the table on her plank. Slowly we conveyed Miriam toward the oven. I could feel the heat as we drew close. Inch by inch my little piggy was slowly pushed inside. She looked at me from inside as she was finally in place, settled, deep inside the oven. The steady heat inside ready to cook. I winked at her and headed away to fetch a fresh beer. I’d see her again, ‘for’ dinner.



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