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The Main Meal

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2014 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FM+/m; club; bfold; strip; tease; bond; cuffs; eat; chew; gore; devour; oral; anal; sex; climax; death; hard; cons/nc; XXX

Dan was definitely feeling down, Mitzi had walked out on him again, she just did not trust him, he could not think why, as he only ever smiled back at the many pretty girls who admired him. Dan was in his early twenties, good looking by any standards, with an athletic body, firm stomach and curly dark hair. There was one particular attractive girl who had dropped her phone number in his pocket the other night, perhaps he should give her a call, as he did not fancy a lonely weekend.

The phone only rang twice before it was answered by a very sexy and erotic voice, "Hello Dan I am glad you rang, as I was just thinking of you."

"Hi Lauren, are you doing anything tonight, as I am very much in the party mood".

"Dan you are in luck as a few of my friends are holding a very intimate personal, private party and I have been asked to bring a special guest, you would be perfect".

"That’s great Lauren, what time would you like me to pick you up?"

"Don’t worry Dan, I will collect you, as I know the venue well, and is not easy to find. I will call for you at 7.30 is that Ok?"

"Yes Lauren that would be fine".

What luck Dan thought, as he put the phone down, just as I was going to have a boring night in. Dan remembered Lauren as a strikingly pretty girl, with long dark hair a slim figure and a very mysterious smile.

Dan took a lot of trouble to prepare himself for this special night out, a long soak in the bath, followed by a very careful shave and a liberal use of deodorant and aftershave. Sharp on 7.30 the doorbell rang, Dan opened the door to Lauren a vision of loveliness, dressed in a figure hugging short dress that highlighted her long legs and trim waist.

"You look great Dan", said Lauren, "I can’t wait to show you off to my friends".

"Would you like to come in for a drink Lauren?"

"Not this time", she replied, "as I am parked just outside and we have quite a long drive".

Jumping in beside Lauren, Dan was pleased to notice her short dress had ridden up, showing off her very shapely thighs.

"Tell me Lauren what sort of party are we going to tonight?"

"No questions", said Lauren, "just wait until we get there, you will not be disappointed".

After about an hour of driving through quiet country roads, Lauren turned off onto a private drive which led through a wooded area which led in turn to the front of an old rambling house.

"Here we are!" said Lauren, "follow me. Now before we go in and meet my friends, I will have to blindfold you, as this is one hell of a surprise party that you will remember for the rest of your life". With that Lauren placed a mask over Dan’s, head making sure that it covered his eyes but still left most of his face free.

Leading him by the hand Lauren guided Dan up the steps and through the front door that had been opened to greet them.

"Hi everybody this is Dan. Lets make sure we give him a wonderful time tonight".

Although Dan could not see, his hands were gripped and shaken, by at least three people.

"This way Dan", said Lauren as she guided him up the stairs. "We are just going to get you ready, let us help you take off your clothes as we want you to feel completely free".

Dan then felt willing hands begin to undress him. His tie, shirt and trousers were soon followed by his pants shoes and socks. The room was very warm and he started to feel aroused as the other guests also seemed to be naked as they ran their hands over his nude body.

"Hmm you are nice!" he heard one girl say as she started to kiss his chest.

Just then Lauren pressed her nude body against him and gave him a deep passionate kiss forcing her tongue deep into his mouth. Dan was getting really aroused at all this attention his naked body was attracting. Someone had started to massage his now very large cock, Dan moaned as waves of pleasure swept through him, there must have been at least 4 pairs of hands working over his body.

"Come", said Lauren, "lay on this bed with me". He found himself gently forced back onto some cushions, "I want you to fuck me!" With that Lauren straddled his stomach and guided his very large erection into her moist pussy.

Dan was now fully aroused as he felt his throbbing manhood push up into Lauren's tight and moist vagina, he felt for her breasts and started to squeezed and fondled them while Lauren raised herself up and down on his hard cock. At the same time someone was sucking the nipples on his breast and then working their way up his neck before giving him a passionate kiss. Dan was enjoying this erotic experience too much to care that it was a man’s tongue deep in his mouth.

Lauren cried out as she orgasmed, this was too much for Dan as he exploded deep inside her body. After a while Lauren rolled off Dan, as he laid back and continued tongue kissing the hot stranger. Dan could now feel his cock thicken and harden again as it was now being licked and sucked by the other girl, at he same time he was rolled on his side and a cool gel was being worked around his bum cheeks he moaned as he felt a hard dick being pushed into his anus.

It was painful at first, but as he began to get used to the hard cock pummelling deep inside him, Dan became very aroused again and as waves of pleasure swept through him he released streams of hot spunk into the girls mouth as she sucked him off, he then felt warm liquid gush inside him as his assailant climaxed and filled up his arse.

The naked bodies rolled off of Dan, as he lay exhausted. The mask was taken off his eyes. He could now see his four companions in sex. Apart from Lauren, there was a blonde girl with a full figure, but not too fat and two men, one was stocky build with close cropped hair while the other was younger, of athlete build with fair hair. The other thing Dan noticed was that they all had firm and very shiny white teeth.

"Are you ok Dan?" John the younger man asked.

"Yes fine, that was awesome!" Dan replied.

Lauren came up to him and put her arms around his waist, "That was only starters..." she said, "lets all get cleaned up before the main meal, everyone to the shower", she called out.

With that Lauren led Dan and the others into spacious shower room, where they crowded together soaping each other down, Dan found this very stimulating with the four naked bodies pressing up against his own nude body.

After while Lauren handed round some towels and they laughed and joked while they rubbed each other down. Returning to the bedroom John produced a bottle and 5 glasses, "Let’s have a drink before we go to the Dining room for our main meal".

"Cheers everyone", said John, Dan raised his glass and took a long drink, the wine tasted very sweet, and made Dan feel very light headed and very weak.

Lauren came up to him and helped Dan onto the bed. "Here", she said, "you need to put your mask back on again, as we want to surprise you with our main meal".

With that she slipped the mask back over his eyes, while the others came over and lifted him up, Dan was unable prevent them carrying him through the door and into the dinning room. Dan felt himself lowered onto a table covered with some sort of cloth, his arms were spread out and cuffs attached by chains were secured to each of his wrists.

"What’s going on?" asked Dan, "what are you doing, why I am handcuffed like this?" At the same time they secured his legs with short chains.

"Welcome to our dining club Dan, you are going to be our main meal", Lauren whispered in his ear.

"No don’t be stupid let me off this table you have had your little joke".

"No", he heard John say, "we can’t wait to get started on your tasty meat".

Don started to panic as he felt them moving round his helpless naked body, "I fancy a bit of upper thigh", Lauren laughed, with that she bit down on Don's leg, Don screamed out in agony as he felt her sharp teeth bite into his thigh.

"No, no please stop!" he cried out, but it was too late, he screamed and screamed again as he felt their teeth tearing off bits of flesh from his arms and legs, as they began to eat him alive.

For the next fifteen minutes, Don could only writhe in extreme pain as they continued to feast on his flesh. They were biting into his chest, belly and buttocks.

Locked in a sea of pain, and trapped in darkness, Don was now losing conscious. Lauren came up to his head, "You have suffered enough, we have enjoyed our feast now is the time to end it!" With that she bit into his neck to suck the last of his blood.

Don gave out a final groan and then lay still, his mind now in permanent darkness. As Don stopped moving, the others looked up from their feeding.

"That was really delicious I enjoyed Don very much", said Lauren, "we will clear up here and dispose of the body".

"John it is your turn to provide us with a meal at our next get together, have you got any guest to bring?"

"Yes", said John, "a young lady I met recently. Her name is Mitzi. I am sure she will make a delightful treat for us all!"

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