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Mama's Little Sucker (The happy version)

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2005 - Anonymous - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; shrink; giantess; bond; boxed; teased; sucked; swallow; tour; messy; soft; nc; X

For as long as mankind can remember, eating has evolved from a simple means of survival to an art-form. But evolution has a funny way of changing it's course. For there is coming a time when eating will be more than a Platable pleasure, but a pleasureable punishment. Huh---? you say...

Well allow me to explain,

A few years back there was a family... the Carters. They were no different than any other family of the 90's. There was Betty Carter (48), a single working mom of two children, Jimmy (16) and Sarah (20). Ms. Carter was a spritefull woman for her age and fairly attractive. She had shoulder-length dusty-blonde hair, was slim and fit, with a sharp mousy nose. She was a hard-worker and would often times come home 3-4 hours late. 

Her eldest daughter Sarah was just as spritely as her mother and just as beauftifull as was her mother at her age. She inhereted the sharp features of her mother's nose, but age had not yet turned it into a mouse. She youthfull and active, playing all sorts of sports while at the same time maintaining her studies at college.Under the advice of her mother, she still lived at home and so sibling feuds were not uncommon affairs between her and her younger brother, Jimmy. 

Now Jimmy on the other hand was quite a different story. Being the only male in an all-female houseold, Jimmy was the rebel. He would agitate his siter and mother just to get a rise out of them. He was actually not like his mother or sister in any way and in fact he thought that he was adopted. Of course, his mother would not tell him either way if this was true or not. This relationship continued between Jimmy, his sister and mother until one day Jimmy went too far with his annoying behaviour and turned the whole household upside down in turmoil. 'What to do, What to do?' thought Jimmy's mother. 'Lord knows I try!'

The following few days there was silence in the house until on the 5th day since the argument Betty brought home one of her friends and introduced her to Jimmy and Sarah.

"This is Jeannette, Jeannette these are my children" Betty said as she introduced each child in turn.

"Well I am so glad to meet you guys, your mother has told me so much about you" Jeannette fluttered

Jeannette was a tall brunette with dark eyes. She was in her 30's, fairly slim, and attractive. 

"Yes, these are my two darlings, though with this one over here (pointing to Jimmy) it is like having ten."

With that everybody laughed... while Jimmy blushed.

After the cordial greetings were done with Betty's tone turned a bit more serious as she asked that Jimmy and Sarah sit down in the next room to hear some good news.

After everyone was settled in the living room Betty began to sepak. "Well, I know you kids have been living here with just the three of us for quite some time now, but I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to break the monotony by having one of my friends move in with us for a while. Now it's only temporary, until Jeanette can find a place of her own, but don't worry I think we will all get along just fine." 

Sarah took it well and was actually very excited about having someone move in with them, Jimmy on the other hand had to think twice, but of course the decision wasn't his so the plan went as scheduled. Two months passed without any serious feuding, however, one day a fight did occur between Jimmy and Sarah. In the end Jimmy was the victor as his sister ran away crying!

"Ha ha.." Jimmy laughed, "A 20 year old... and she still cries like a baby!" he gloated. Not wanting to pursue the matter further Jimmy remained in his room where he looked at his pornos and GTS magazines. He then got up and went to the computer and logged onto to Big Gulp where he found a really cool story entitled "Mama's Sucker". While he was reading Jimmy started to play with himself through his jeans. Then suddenly the door creaked open and Jimmy jumped up, banging his hand against the bottom of the desk.

"Wha!" Jimmy cried as he turned around to see who was there.

It was Jeanette. She slowly walked into the room and closed the door behind her...

"What are you doing there Jimmy?" She cooed...

"Nothing... I am just looking up some sites on Amreican history," Jimmy studdered as he frantically clicked to get the Big Gulp page minimized exposing his cop-out page that he kept behind in case anyone should unexpectadly walk in. 

"Hmmm.... I am sure...." Jeanette once more cooed. Like a slithering snake, Jeanette curled herself around Jimmy as if to wrap her prey in a tight constricting hold.

"You have not been very nice to your sister I hear" she said. "I think that you need to learn a lesson or two little boy.."

Unerved by her tone Jimmy gulped and spoke out softly, "Wha..what do you mean?" he swallowed....

"That's for me to know......... and you...... to find out" Jeanette cooed. Jimmy sat there in his seat looking up at Jeanette as she licked her fingers sensuously spreading a thick gooey film of saliva over them.

"Wha..Wha...What are doing?" Jimmy shaking, inquired.

"I am getting ready for dinner..... .thats all..." Jeanettte cooed.

"..but dinner's not until later this evening... it's only 3:00pm now."

"Nope......dinner begins right now...."cooed Jeanette as she reached out her slimy fingers and wiped them under Jimmy's nose spreading foul-smelling saliva across his face.

Jimmy jumped back in disgust as he caught a pungent whiff of Jeannie's spit. "Grosss.....what are you doi............" *silence*

For Jimmy everything went blank, the room grew dark, silence engulfed him and nothing could be seen or heard.

When his sense of feeling came to Jimmy felt something heavy weighing upon him. As Jimmy pushed against it he felt as though there was a heavy tarp on top of him. Suddenly, the weight was lifted off of him and light flooded Jimmy's eyes. Looking around him Jimmy grew cold and turned white. For right there in front of him were two giant scuff marks at the tips of two giant brown shoes.... Jeannette's shoes. Jimmy then scanned upwards, up the vast expanse of legs and stared far off in the distance above him. He saw Jeanette looking down on him smiling. 

"Well, well, well, looky what I caught.... I told you dinner would come sooner than you'd expect!" Jeannettes thundered from above...

"What's the meaning of this Jimmy shouted, What is happening!!!" Of course Jimmy could not be heard by Jeanette.

Without saying another word Jeanette reached over to grab Jimmy. For fear of his life Jimmy ran, but he was so small that he could not run fast enough over the high carpet. Before he could run an inch away from the spot where he stood Jeanette's fingers grasped him about the waist and lifted him into the air with such a rush that Jimmy's little head was spinning. Jeanette quickly brought Jimmy to her face and opened her mouth. Jimmy was now starring down the huge red gullet of Jeanettes' mouth and was screaming for help. Jeanette, closing her mouth spoke as waft after waft of foul hot fetid air rushed over Jimmy.

It was a nauseating experience.

Then softly she said, "Your mom and I are really hungry.... you will do us a big favor by being our dinner. The only question is... which one of us will eat you?"

Holding Jimmy's naked body in front of her she cooed, "hmmm....I am not sure if I like hairy Italian, maybe I should taste you before I determine whether or not I want to share you with your mother and sister. "

With that her giant mouth opened once more causing wafts of humid, hot, and foul-smelling air to engulf him. She then jutted forth her tongue and with a rough lick to his genitals ran a thick sliver of slime across his torso. She licked a second time and then again and again eventualy causing Jimmy to grow a woody. Then pulling him back she cooed, "It looks like some little boy wants to be eaten eh?" 

"Noo No...please stop!" Jimmy cried.

"Oh nooo, your going to be eaten..... and there is nothing you can do or say to escape. Besides, you like it don't you.... just look at yourself"

Looking down at his out-thrust member Jimmy grew embarrassed and frightened. "Hehehe, Look at you, you bad little boy. You like it when I lick you... well, what if I give you to your mother for a good suck huh? How would you like your mother doing to you what I have just done?" Jeanetted threatened.

Jimmy became disgusted at the thought and crindged...."No please don't Jeannie please..." cried Jimmy.

"You know Jimmy, I think your mom would like to have a taste of you.... what do you say.?" Jeannette asked.

Certain that his mother wouldn't eat her own naked son, Jimmy grew bold and shouted out to Jeanette. "You're in for it when my mother finds out you did this! She would never do something like that to me!" 

"Oh so cock sure are we!" Jeanette cooed annunciating "cock" in her sentence. "Your mother can suck the crome off a jack, just imagine what she could suck off of you... and oh..... what if she swallows.... hehehe... what then!!!" Jeanette tormentingly uttered.

"NEVER! My mother would never eat me."........considering the fact the he could be swallowed finally sunk into Jimmy and his haughty tone slowed down and he grew silent.

Starring at him for a while Jeanette realized Jimmy's thoughts and softly spoke. "Now now, don't be afraid.... no one's going to hurt you. Now you still need to learn your lesson and yes you may be swallowed, but there is nothing to fear... you will not come out the other end looking like a fully processed turd... you will stay alive and well all the way through... you will just be covered in fully processed turds.. hehehe" 

And with that Jeanette broke into a sadistic laugh and stuffed poor little Jimmy's wet, smelly body into the palm of her hand and enclosed him in a prison of fingers as she clenched her fist gently around him. Walking into the living room she was met by Sarah who was watching T.V. and Betty who was just finished cooking dinner and setting the table. 

"Mmm.. smells good Betty.. what are you cooking?" asked Jeanette while she held Jimmy in her fist.

"Just a casserole" Betty replied.

"Sounds wonderfull... I have some special candies imported from Switzerland I want you guys to try for desert what do you say?" Jeannette inquired 

"Really!!" Betty jumped "Dont tell me you got me my favorites - hard candies?" 

"Yup" Jeanette replied..."just for you.....well I am going to wash up, I'll be back in a sec."

Jeannette left the ktichen and went into the bathroom were she opened her hand and dropped Jimmy onto the counter. Jimmy disoriented fell down as he tried to stand up and then on his hands and knees looked up to Jeanette who was searching in her pocket for something.... a string.

"Aha... got it" jeanette shouted.

Then looking down on Jimmy began to gently tie the string around his naked body as a spider wraps her prey in a web.

"I have to make sure you don't try and escape from my pocket or move in your mother's mouth, we wouldn't want her to get scarred and bite you in two." Then with a sweep of the hand Jeannette scooped Jimmy up from the counter and delivered his helpless body into her pocket. Once inside, Jimmy could only see the red-lined prison in which he was trapped. No where to go and no way to move, he was stuck.... a prisoner and potentially his mother's next meal!

Inside Jeanette's pocket, bound, naked, rank with saliva, and cold from the draft, Jimmy grew a bit nauseous. Images of the inside of Jeanntte's mouth, the darkness, the dampness, and most of all the smell, overwhelmed little Jimmy as he began to picture his own mother's mouth just as dark, damp and foul. A cold chill swept over his body and Jimmy grew deeply afraid. 

Suddenly the dim light inside of Jeanette's pocket brightened and looking up Jimmy saw her giant fingers decending toward him. Struggling against his ropes Jimmy attempted to avoid being captured, but his efforts were futile, he was helplessly bound and soon felt the embrace of two humongous fingers grasping him about the waist in a vice-like grip. A rush of air fluttered over Jimmy as Jeanette removed him from her pocket and held him flat in the palm of her hand. Laying on his back in her hand and looking up into the air Jimmy was confronted with Jeanette's haughty smirk far up in the distance. With another rush of cold air Jeanette raised her hand up to her mouth and with a sigh, she breathed out a gentle whaft of warm, foul-smelling air. As the air blew over him, Jimmy tried his hardest to breath through his mouth, but could not escape the fetid odour of Jeanette's breath. Finally, with a gentle boom Jeanette spoke, "Now... you are going to be a sweet little boy... in fact you have no choice because you are nothing more than a piece of candy." 

Then with a dizzying decent, Jeanette lowered Jimmy into a small wrapper cup next to a bunch of other candies, some chocolate, some hard. Jimmy yelled out in fright, begging Jeanette to let him go, promising that he would be good from now on. But Jeanette simply closed the lid over the box as if Jimmy was not even there and Jimmy's world grew dark. Suddenly, things began to shake as Jeannette lifted the box of candies... one of which was Jimmy.... and proceeded into the kitchen. Although, Jimmy could see nothing he could still make out voices, though mufled. 

"Is dinner ready yet" Jeannette asked

"Yes, in fact we have been waiting on you." Betty replied.

Sitting down at the table to eat Jeannette placed the box of candies on the table and with a slight thump, Jimmy's world grew still.

"Have you seen Jimmy Jeannie?" asked Betty

"No I sure have'nt." replied Jeannette

"That's just like him to skip family time!" Sarah retorted

"Oh I am sure Jimmy will show up for dinner.... he couldnt miss this one if he tried!" Said Jeannette sarcasticaly as she tapped on the box of candies. Thinking that Jeanette's comments to be a compliment to her cooking Betty replied, "Thank you Jeannie, but Jimmy never appreciate's my cooking."

"Well, I dont think he'll appreciate your eating either." Jeannette again sarcastically stated.

Not having the slightest clue as to Jimmy's were-abouts Betty replied, "Hmph...Well he'll just have to like it because were eating now with or without him whether he likes it or not."

Jimmy, having heard his mother's voice cried out for her as loud as he could.. "MOTHER!!!!! MOTHER I AM IN THE BOX!!!!1 HELP!!!!!!" response.....silver ware continues to clank as it banged against plates and faint sounds of masticated food became a constant drone. About 15 minutes later everyone was relatively full. Ready for desert Sarah eyed the box of candies and asked Jeanette if those were the candies from Switzerland.

"Of course, is everybody ready for desert?"

"You betcha!" Betty retorted with an enthusiastic roar.

Jeannette then cleared the center of the table and moved the box so that it was in reach of everybody. Then, grapsing the ends, Jeanette opened the lid from the box and light flooded Jimmy's prison.When his eyes could properly adjust to the change in light he looked up and found himself starring at the glarring light above the table. Suddenly a giant hand came over him and began a quick decent towards him. Sarah reached into the box and grasped a chocolate right next to where Jimmy lay. With a crumpling of paper and a quick gulp, the chocolate next to Jimmy dissapeared in his sister's mouth. Realizing his predicament Jimmy cried out, certain that not only could he be heard but that he could be seen as a human form. Jimmy's mother's head then peered over Jimmy covering up the light from the lamp. Jimmy yelled,

"Mom!!! Over here!!!! Look! Mom!!!! Help....HELP!!!!! MOM!!!! MOTHER!!!! CAN'T YOU SEE ME!!!!???"

It seemed as though his mother was looking directly at him, but instead of dropping her jaw in shock she began licking her lips and her mouth was whett.

"Mmmmm... they all look so tasty!" Betty cooed.

Then with a slow and uncertain hand, Betty reached for a piece of candy. Jimmy looked up in fear as his mother's hungry hand fell towards his naked, bound body dimming the light around him.

Jimmy screamed in terror.."MOM!!!! NOOOO!!! DONT!!!!!"

But as soon as he yelled Betty's hand grasped a chocolate that lay next to her son.

Once more Jimmy escaped being eaten narrowly.

Now it was Jeanette's turn. Looking over the box she eyed Jimmy and said...."You know, this one here looks's one of those hard chocolates you have to suck on for a while."

With a messy chocolatey mouth Betty replied, "Yeah that one looked really good I almost ate it first."

"Oh well in that case Betty you take it... I'll just take this piece here.." Jeannette answered as she grabbed for a piece of candy that lay on the other end of the box.

Looking up Jimmy saw his sister Sarah's huge-eyed face glare down at him from above. 

"Which one is the hard chocolate?" she asked

Betty then pointed her finger towards Jimmy and lowered it onto his torso....

"This one here Sarah," Betty directed.

"Ewww....that one looks gross.....I dont think I would like that," Sarah replied forgetting for a moment his predicament Jimmy took offense to his sister's disgust and thought to himself.  "Well, if you don't like me... then don't eat me!" But directly after he thought this his mother's head once more hovered over the box and, still chewing her last piece of candy, eyed Jimmy greedlily.

Then with a swallow, her hand moved towards Jimmy, "I think I'll eat this one!" Betty childishly proclaimed.

Jimmy looked up in horror as his mother, licking her lips, lowered her hand down onto Jimmy.

Still thinking that perhaps his mother would be able to see him Jimmy shouted for help


With a frim grip Betty wrapped her forefinger and thumb around Jimmy's waist and lifted him from his cupped wrapper and boxed prison.

Thinking that his mother was rescuing him Jimmy did not struggle against the strings that bound him tightly. 

"Oh....finally...MOM! Jeanette shrunk me..... dont know how but she did and she threatened to e.........."

As Jimmy spoke his mother... not hearing a word he was saying thrust Jimmy between her wet lips and thrust forth her tongue pushing it against the front of his naked body then quickly removed Jimmy and held him in front of her mouth.

"Mmmmm... this one tastes soo good" Betty cooed.

Jimmy was now in shock and covered with the foulest smelling saliva he had yet experienced. His mother's breathe was overwhelmingly raunchy and Jimmy could not escape the odour for it now covered his body in a thick, slimey, coat of spit. 

Jimmy then began to struggle against the ropes that bound him but could not move. He then started to shout out to his mother. "MOM......DONT EAT ME!!!! MOTHER NO!!!!! PLEASE DONT!!!! 

But alas, Jimmy's mother did not head his cries and Jimmy watched in horror as his mother's mouth opened wide and her slithering tongue, slopped in her saliva then extended forth.. wet and warm. Hot gusts of putrid air rushed forth over Jimmy as his mother slowly began to shove him into her mouth. The heat intensified quickly as well as the smell and before Jimmy knew it he felt his feet rub up against a soft, hot, and wet tongue below him. Finally, the vice grip around Jimmy's waist loosened and Jimmy fell face first onto his mother's awaiting palate. 

Jimmy looked back into the outside world and saw the light that once surrounded him fade out as his mother's lips closed and her teeth clenched together imprisoning her son in her foul mouth and dooming him to consumption. The hot humid air, mixed with the dripping saliva inside Betty's mouth quickly covered Jimmy in a thick layer of slippery mucous and saliva. The smell was unbarable and Jimmy grew nauseous and dizzy. Then his mother's tongue on which Jimmy lay moved upwards holding Jimmy between it and the roof of her mouth. Jimmy now lay face first on his mother's tongue with his back pinned against the roof of her mouth. 

Jimmy tried to cry out in hopes that his mother could still hear him "" But the heat and smell has sapped Jimmy's strength. But if this were not bad enough, the unspeakable began to occur as Betty's tongue began to move back and forth against Jimmy's naked body creating a soft wet friction between her hot wet tongue and the front of Jimmy's body. This, of course was Betty sucking on her son....but to her he was just a piece of candy. Suddenly, against his will, Jimmy grew erect and the incessant rubbing, amidst the foul smell, and hot slippery surfaces was like a supercharged "mouth-play". The sucking continued, increasing in intensity. Jimmy crindged as his resolve was slowly licked away and he felt a charge loading up within him. Not wanting to have such a thing happen to him by his own step-mother Jimmy struggled to keep it in, but his mother's sucking increased intensity and speed and suddenly Jimmy's body grew stiff and shuddered as he splurged all over the inside of Betty's mouth. 

"Hmm...I think I got to the juicy center" Betty stated as she held her weakened son in between her toungue and teeth to rest.

"If that's the case Betty," Jeanette replied, "they say you should swallow before you can suck it all up... it's a Swiss tradition... good luck you know!" 

With the greatest of ease, Jimmy's mother pushed her tongue back under him, lifting him atop it and then with a rush of saliva, she swallowed her son. Jimmy's weakened body slid easily down the back of Betty's tongue and then down her throat, where he quickly slid down the slippery tube only to be slowed down occasionally by the natural tightening of the esophagus. As he slid down to his mother's pit, the air grew fouler and fouler. The smell was a combination of his mother's raunchy breath, and the masticated casserole she had eaten. 

Finally, Jimmy's decent stopped as his feet hit the opening of the stomach. Jimmy, using the last of his strength tried to hold onto the side, but immediatly the hole opened into the stomach and Jimmy dropped what to him was about 10 ft. into the awfull depths of his mother's gut. His fall was broken , however, by a pile of rancid mush that lay at the bottom. It was the source of the evil-smelling odour.... his mother's masticated dinner. 

Despite his predicimant Jimmy was actually quite lucky. For just as Jeannette had promised him, the gastric juices in which he now bathed were not burning his skin, they were however tingling as though he were bathing in club soda. As his bonds were begining to come loose, Jimmy tried to stand up but found that the floor was not exactly stable nor constant as it would move and rumble at times forcing Jimmy to lay in the fetid mush that would soon become fecal matter. 

After about an hour of stifling, smelling, and rotting inactivity, Jimmy heard a noise from above him. Suddenly more mush was dropped on top of him from up above. It was green and leafy and smelled like vinegar. Betty has decided to eat a salad and now Jimmy was being covered by a pile of slimey masticated, vinegar laced food. Jimmy began to cry as he was slowly covered completely and could only smell the foul stench of his mother's torturous gastric system. Shortly after the salad was added on top of Jimmy, another rumbling occured and Jimmy felt a suction increasing below him. Then with a great force Jimmy's head was sucked under the mush below him and (food and all) Jimmy slid down into the small intestines. 

Once in, Jimmy found himself in a tight fit. Again, this time the result of natural action, Jimmy's naked body was being manipulated between the slimey inside of his mother's intestines as they pushed him and the other matter along the long course of her intestines. This caused Jimmy to stand erect once more. The smell was still as awfull as ever, but Jimmy's nose was begining to grow numb. Two hours later Jimmy's member was swollen from over-manipulation and ready to burst again. And, just as Jimmy reached the end of his course he splurged with uncontrollable force inside his mother's small intstine and a few minutes later was delivered into the large intestine where Jimmy fell into a new pile of matter and was soon packed tightly by the other matter that followed him. 

The matter built up in the course of an hour and just when he felt that he could no longer stand being mashed inside the tightly packed matter, there was a movement. A bowel movement to be exact, and Jimmy could feel himself being pushed and thrust downward. Then, with a long sliding movement Jimmy felt as though he were falling and his arm (being the only member extending out from a turd that his mother just excreted) felt a cold rush of wind and then a splash of cold water. Jimmy sensing the looseness of his packing struggled to free himself from the turd, but found it difficult on account of the binding he had been tied with. Luckily, however, the bindings were loose enough so that Jimmy could break free. With a little pushing Jimmy was now able to free himself from the hot turd in which he was trapped. He now found himself immersed in water and unable to breath. As he swam to the top of the water Jimmy was greeted by another brown turd that plopped next to him and sunk down into the water below. Jimmy...though weak....still kept his head above the water and looking up saw a huge rump spread with an opening at the end. Jimmy freaked and in a panic tried to swim for the side of the bowl. After a while, betty stood up and began to wipe, when she had finished she was going to flush but Jeannette came into the room and told her not too...

"Wait, Betty, don't flush... there something wrong with the toilet I need to fix it." Jeanette replied.

"Do you know how?" Betty asked 

"Of course, just go ahead and do what you need to do and I'll fix it" Jeanette answered.

"In that case I'm through...." Betty said.

With that, Jimmy's toilet bowl prison was lit up as Betty stood up and walked away. Jeannette immediately ran to the toilet and fished Jimmy out. Lifting him up she washed him off inside the sink and looked down on him haughtily saying.

"Now..wasn't that fun! I bet that will teach you to make your sister cry! You had better watch yourself from now on. With that she delivered Jimmy's weak body to normal size and left the bathroom. Jimmy, without delay took a shower and reminisced about what had happened. After he had taken the shower... he still smelled bad, but was too tired to clean himself more and so he took his withered, shaking body back to his bed where he lay down and slept. 

That night his sister came into his room and sat next to him in his bed and leaning into his face whispered..."You look so tasty.... if you ever give me any beef I will eat you!" and with that licked Jimmy on the nose and walked out of the room. From that day on Jimmy was nice to his big sister and never disrespected his step-mother. As for Jeanette, he avoided her when he could.

The end......maybe 


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