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Man Trap

by eatme please

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© Copyright 2014 - eatme please - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; naked; tease; voy; food; plate; sauce; swallow; digest; toilet; waste; mast; climax; soft; cons/reluct; X

Men and Woman different in many ways, some obvious but others more subtle. Have you ever noticed anything unusual about women in general, for instance the way they look at you: studying you? Taking in your form your shape almost as if they are trying you out for size. Many times I've felt that a female mind is at work inside my head probing my brain studying my thoughts. Once finished she looks at you with an evil glint in her eye and you know that if it were possible you would be taken by her to be used for her pleasure.

We are the food for these predatory women luckily they are a minority and of course are unable to carry out their true desires with us. That unfortunately has changed recently? A group of scientists built a machine to try and explain how the big bang happened its taken 2 years to make and test all the components and millions of dollars. They have already started running tests with the machine, crashing protons and neutrons together? Apparently they can check the results this way, it all looks ok unfortunately it's on such a large scale that the real changes were happening outside the facility away from all the scientists inquisitive minds. These subtle changes seemed to have an adverse effect on this small minority of predatory woman.

These experiments also affected a portion of the male population, ironically a lot more than the female of the species. In the males the urge to be allowed to be taken by one of these predatory females became inhanced. So bad was the change that it drove some of these males to despair, this was very good for the female preds it would make snaring their prey quite easy and entertaining for the lucky ladies.

Although these changes had occurred world wide quite a lot of the affected population remained blissfully unaware of these changes in their abilities. Some times the changes would come on suddenly and the male or female would be either excited or mystified and often very confused by their feelings and abilities. Although the females were very quick to adapt to their new roles.

Here is a story about one of those individuals and how he dealt with his new role in this female dominated society.

* * *

Andrew is a normal happy 43 year old man, married for 23 years, he has 2 lovely children Adam and Stacy. Andrew's wife is a smart intelligent lady who gave up her career to look after the children leaving Andrew to work and provide for the family. Amanda always made sure the house was kept clean and tidy and the children well looked after, this let Andrew get on with earning the money.

Andrew worked office hours and was always attending meetings which sometimes involved over night stays. Andrew would often come home very tired but fortunately sleeping was not a problem for him. That is until recently, Andrew started having strange dreams, fuzzy and unclear at first but as the days and weeks passed they started to gain substance. This in itself would have been ok but Andrew had also started to get urges, he felt these feelings and thoughts so intensely that he would often sneak off to the toilet and masturbate to get some relief. Andrew found this very satisfying at first but it soon became a real problem to him he would be constantly having these thoughts affecting his work and concentration levels. He could not tell his wife about it, she would only be hurt and angry Andrew felt lost and desperate.

This continued for months Andrew needed to get some advice? But from whom he could not tell his doctor that he was having thoughts which would end his life and actually be aroused by them. Andrew also was fully aware that what he desired was impossible and therefore he would need to get to grips with his situation.

Andrew was at work struggling to read his newspaper when he noticed an advert offering help.


Andrew's heart started beating wildly in his chest somehow he knew he had found the answer to his problem. He checked his diary to see what he had on for the rest of the week and then dialed the number. He waited impatiently as the phone rang; "Hello", came this extremely sexy voice, "can I help you?" Andrew gave her his name and asked her for some details regarding her treatment, it was strange but she seemed to answer all of his questions. He arranged a date and time and hung up the phone. Andrew felt relaxed and was actually looking forward to meeting this lady.

It was morning Andrew gave his 2 children a big hug and kissed his wife wishing them all a good day, he then left for work. Today he was meeting up with Emily, the lady in the advert and his appointment was for 9.15 am. She had given him instructions on how to find her office, it was a long way out of town but her directions were clear.

Andrew arrived at this very narrow lane just as described by Emily, he drove down the secluded lane until he arrived at a very large detached house. He parked his car next to a black BMW and got out. He knocked on the door Emily appeared before him, she had dark hair hanging down over her shoulders, piecing blue eyes as she turned to invite Andrew in he glanced her shapely bum. She closed the door behind him Andrew felt a cold shiver run down his spine, "Go through to my office", she instructed.

Andrew walked in, the room was large and furnished with large plush arm chairs, Emily came in behind. Andrew sat down he was aware that he had become aroused by her presence, Emily turned to him and smiled, "Having one of those erotic thoughts again Andrew?"

Her eyes taking in Andrews form sizing him up for the next part of his visit. She turned and bent forward reaching for a pen and pad, her skirt rolled up revealing a glimpse of her pink cotton panties. Andrews heart raced inside his chest she turned to him, "Like my panties do you Andrew!"

Andrew looked shocked how could she know his thoughts. Emily turned to him and sat down onto her chair her legs slightly apart revealing a glimpse of her underwear. "I'll let you see some more if you are a good boy for me!"

Emily asked Andrew to describe what he was feeling right that minute; this took Andrew by surprise he was usually in control but not any more. Andrew proceeded to tell Emily how he wanted her to tease and taunt him before finally taking him into her wet mouth and teasing him with her tongue before swallowing him alive for her to digest his body. Emily smiled at him, "Are you absolutely sure you want me to do that to you, because if you want that to come true you must really believe in me to make that possible. Shall I help you?"

Andrew nodded his reply, with that Emily parted her legs and pulled her skirt up to reveal her pink knickers, Andrew could see a damp patch near her crotch. "Are you turned on by this Emily?" Andrew asked.

Emily replied, "Yes I am getting rather wet between my legs Andrew, as you may have noticed. Tell me more. do you like looking at my wet panties?"

Andrew replied, "Yes I want to be inside them, I know that I could be a stream of yellow urine squirting forth from between your hairy vagina".

Andrew was unaware that his clothes were now too small for him Emily stood up and turned lifting her skirt up over her thighs, her pink panties stretched over her bum. Emily pulled the cotton across her bum revealing the hairy wet lips of her pussy and the dark ring of sphincter muscles around her anus, a thick creamy discharge visible between her labia.

Andrew came, sperm shot forth from his erect penis. Emily smiled as Andrew shrank before her.

Emily licked her lips, "Soon you will be something totally different just as I have promised, and you are going to be one of my stools".

Emily fished Andrew out from his clothes and placed him onto a glass dish, he was disorientated but he soon realized what had happened.

Emily smiled, "Here you are Andrew have look at my wet pussy and dirty knickers, tomorow you'll be staining my gusset you lucky man. I only need one appointment with a client because the client never leaves looking the same!"

Andrew looks up her at her wet crotch inches from his face, Andrew could smell the pungent aroma from Emily's stained panties, he could clearly see the thick creamy blob pressed against the cotton and the urine stains from her toilet visits. This only turned him on even more though he now realized that this was a man trap and he had fallen into it.

Emily had a satisfied look on her face she knew that time was on her side now and that soon she would be enjoying another full night of unimaginable sexual pleasure from her helpless little snack. Andrew watched as Emily rearranged her knickers and pulled her skirt back down.

"There", she said as she turned to Andrew,"are you ready to fulfill your fantasy Andrew, you obviously wanted this to happen otherwise you would still be your usual height, hope you said good by to your family this morning because I'm afraid your wife and children will not be seeing you ever again. Unless of course you would like me to send them my pooh and urine for a keep sake. I usually have large hard stools from my guests; it must be something to do with your meaty bodies' know I sometimes struggle to push out what's left. I'm sure your wife and daughter would appreciate my gift I'm not sure what your son would think".

Andrew spoke his voice still audible to Emily, she looked at him, "Is their anything you want know Andrew?"

Andrew replied, "Will there be much left of me when you go to the toilet Emily?"

Emily laughed, "Of course Andrew I mean your skin will be undigested and your hair, some of the bigger bones will be sticking out of my pooh, but apart from those things my pooh will look like it always does, brown, large and rather smelly. I do pass a lot wind after eating one of you guys and it can smell pretty bad, and you do stain my knickers a lot. The crotch is always very smelly after dining on your scrumptious little bodies' I am very aware that my underwear smells of pee. I like it because I've turned your body into my waste. In a nutshell Andy you will be tomorrows visit to the toilet, I'm looking forward to wiping you off my bum with toilet paper I always have look at the mess left on the tissue. Ironic really here I am having a conversation with my pooh". she laughed at this.

Emily looked at her watch, "Hmm it's only ten forty a bit early for my lunch", she turned to Andrew, "tell you what I'm not ready to eat yet I want wait until I've been to the toilet. Make some room in there for you, besides I'm feeling really sexy because of you, so you'll have to help me calm down".

With that Emily picked Andrew up she then pulled her skirt up and pulled at the crotch of her knickers, she stuffed Andrew inside. Emily then adjusted Andrews's position making sure that he was stuffed between her gooey wet labia. Emily glanced down at her bulging panties and then proceeded to readjust her underwear and skirt. Emily's phone rang on her desk she walked over to answer it, Andrews face was pressed against Emily's clitoris, his mouth was full of Emily's discharge, he swallowed the thick sweet juice it tasted good.

He could hear Emily talking on the phone luring yet another unfortunate victim into her web. Emily spent the rest of the morning taking calls and arranging appointments for her future clients, every so often she would stop and push yet more liquid from her hairy minge. Andrew swallowed as much as he was able but her gusset was now saturated with her thick creamy juices, although Andrew was nearly five inches long his body was now covered in Emily's creamy discharge.

Emily had been busy she'd managed to fill every day with at least one potential meal sometimes two; she was very pleased with herself. She squeezed her legs together unable to hold herself she dribbled some warm urine into her sodden knickers, unfortunately for Andrew he was the one now covered in it, the acrid taste filled his senses as Emily made her way to the toilet. Emily rolled up her skirt and carefully pulled her knickers down, Andrew fell into her gusset exhausted Emily smiled down at him. "Hello Andrew".

She sat down on the toilet a jet of warm urine sprayed against the front of the toilet and without any effort she started to push out yesterdays victim. Emily pulled some loo paper off and wiped the remains of her pooh from around her anus. She pulled it out and had a look at the brown mess covering the white paper, she reached down and picked up Andrews sticky body. "Look Andrew this will be you tomorrow!"

Andrew looked horrified. "What was his name?"

Emily shrugged her shoulders, "Its in my diary, anyway its time for me to get cleaned up ready for you".

Emily stepped out of her rolled up panties pulled her skirt and top off, she walked over to the shower and stepped in holding tightly onto Andrews sticky body. She spent a good 25 minutes washing Andrew and herself, she placed Andrew into a clean glass jar for safe keeping whilst she chose a clean pair of knickers and another blouse and a short skirt. She turned to Andrew and smiled, "I'm looking forward to lunch I've prepared a nice salad to go with you".

Emily picked up the jar containing the meat for her salad and walked down stairs, Andrew was no longer a person to Emily he was now her food ,she also knew how much pleasure he was about to give her as she teased and taunted him, not unlike a cat playing with a mouse. Emily knew that Andrew would remain alive inside her for a minimum of three and a half hours, but she sometimes felt them struggling inside her at her bedtime which gave Emily so many more orgasms before sleep took over. She was hoping Andrew would provide her with this extra period of unimaginable terror for her to get the maximum amount of pleasure from his predicament.

Emily walked into her kitchen and placed the jar onto a low table, the chair next to it was slightly higher. Andrew looked out through the jar watching Emily as she prepared for her meal; she bent forward to retrieve the plate of freshly prepared salad from the fridge. Her short skirt rode up her thighs revealing her clean white cotton panties. Andrews's penis became erect once again the urge to be taken by this beautiful creature was so strong that it he was having trouble controlling himself. He needed this even more than Emily did, he couldn't wait for her to tease and taunt him.

Emily came over to the table and placed her plate next to Andrew, she reached in and lifted him clear of the glass jar; she smiled at him and placed his 5 inch body next to her tomatoes and egg. She turned and walked over to her wine rack and chose a bottle of red wine, she uncorked it, picked up a clean wine glass and came over to the table. Andrew although able to escape made no attempt to do so, Emily poured a full glass of the red and sat at her table she took a large sip from her glass.

Andrew was well placed on Emily's plate, he was able to look straight across at Emily and because her chair was higher than the table he could see straight between her open legs. Emily was fully aware of this and made sure that he had a good view. Andrew stared at the cotton gusset of her panties he could see her dark hairs poking through the cotton and creeping out around the edges of the stitching. Emily put her hand between her legs and gently rubbed herself, she groaned and thrust herself upwards, and a large wet patch formed in her underwear. She put her wet hand to her nose and took in the smell of her sex.

She glanced down at her meal and smiled to herself. Emily picked up her fork and started to pick through the salad on her plate, Andrew watched intently as she pushed the pieces of food in between her red lips and gently chewed it into paste. He watched in awe as she swallowed each mouthful. Emily put her fork down and reached across the table for a silver container, she positioned the container above Andrews's naked body and gently poured a clear liquid over him. The liquid was cold and had an unusual smell; she placed the container next to the plate and smiled.

Emily then pushed her fork under Andrews naked torso, Andrew made no attempt to move he kept his arms and legs together to make sure he remained on Emily's fork. Emily gently lifted her fork towards her gaping mouth, her lips a deep red greeted Andrew has he was gently pushed inside. Emily's breathing had increased he could sense her excitement, he lifted his head and looked up at her blue eyes he could see the triumphant look on her face as she pushed his body inside, her wet tongue waiting to greet him.

Andrew watched as her mouth closed behind him, he felt her turning his body ready for the descent into her throat, Emily liked to swallow her meals head first she wanted them to feel the terror as they felt themselves slide helplessly down the tight tube to her waiting stomach. Emily jerked violently as the waves of pleasure started to sweep through her being, she tilted her head backwards and pushed Andrews hard meaty body towards the back of her throat. Andrew slid easily towards her tonsils, the oyster sauce covering his body making it easy for her. Andrew slid into the back of Emily's throat, at which point she swallows him.

Emily was writhing on her chair, wave after wave washed over her as she felt Andrews futile struggle for life, she could feel the hard lump ever so slowly sliding down into the lower part of her torso. To Emily this was like having a wire attached to her clitoris tugging and teasing her, Emily stood up unable to control herself, she walked up stairs to her bedroom, she could feel Andrew s body in her throat wriggling as he made his way down, this only made Emily even more sensitive, with every movement he made Emily's orgasms became more intense. She lay on her bed a huge grin on her face, her fingers rubbing her wet crotch ,"Mmmm you are a worth while meal, you will give me pleasure way up to my bed time little man".

The lump in Emily's throat was still now Andrew had arrived at his final destination, Emily lay on her bed and waited... "Ahh there you are my little snack".

She could feel Andrew moving about inside her bulging belly, she patted her stomach, "Are you ok in there little guy? You've really made a mess of my knickers, I'm bloody soaking! I'll need to change into a clean pair before bedtime otherwise I'll be sore, make sure you stay alive for me otherwise I'll post your remains to your family with a little note on how you met your end".

Andrew could hear her every word and shouted abuse back at her, Emily laughed, "I will enjoy wiping you of my bum tomorrow little man".

Emily tried to go about her business but found it difficult whilst Andrew was alive inside her, she continued having multiple orgasms all day especially when Andrew screamed out in terror and pain, this really got her juices pumping. Andrew managed to entertain Emily right up to her bedtime until she finally drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Andrews wife was used to him staying away from home so thought nothing of fact that he never came home that evening, it wasn't until the next day that Amanda became concerned about her husband, she phoned his office to check where he was going the day before but they had no record of a trip away. Amanda waited and waited, but of course Andrew never returned home but then Andrew wasn't able to anymore. Emily was wiping him off her bum, she glanced down the large amount of faeces in her toilet, it contained the usual bits of skin bone and hair but apart from that Andrew looked like any other food waste. Emily smiles and pulls up her stained knickers as promised, she turns and pulls the toilet flush and proceeds down stairs to answer the door to her next client.

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