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by Vorartfan

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Storycodes: MM/ff; aliens; strip; swallow; eaten; first; soft; cons/nc; X

Part 1

Luke and Mike were best friends. Both of them were studying economics at college, where they met one year before. Besides they were both 19. They called themselves "brothers" because they were always together, share the same opinions and both loved sports; and yet they didn't resemble each other: Luke was pretty tall, about 6.3 feet, blond-haired and strongly built, whereas Mike was shorter (about 5.9 feet), dark-haired and thinner than Luke, although he was pretty well-built.

They both were straight and they often talked about girls together. One day, Mike went to Luke's to spend time and have fun with him. Then he knocked at Luke's door. The blond guy opened and invited Mike in. Mike noticed that Luke was watching TV. So they sat on the sofa, and talked about the basketball game they attended 2 days beforehand. Their team unfortunately lost, but it wasn't the main topic of their discussion: they were actually talking about girls, and in particular one girl they both noticed in the arena.

Mike said: "I wish I could have had sex with her, she was so prettyyy. I miss girls like her !"

Luke, surprisingly, had another opinion about her: "I wish I could have gone further than sex with her."

Mike, astonished, asked: "What do you mean Buddy ?"

"Well, I have to confess you somethin'. Yesterday my uncle, the scientist I talked to you about, called me and said that the robot Curiosity sent on Mars had discovered a kind of life on this planet."

"What ?? It's such an excellent piece of news isn't it ? But it has no link with girls..."

"Actually there is one.. The beings they found are kinda humans, but they aren't completely like us. I mean, they are only between 5 and 14 inches tall."

"Err, are you serious Man ??"

"I am more than serious Mikey. And they have managed to bring some of them on Earth to... well, for science !"

"What kind of experiment do they want to make on these poor little guys ? I mean, they were living quietly and we have come to bother them and to bring them to a world they don't know and filled with giants !"

"I understand your point of view, but you know, my uncle said that they are trying to clone them to make a new kind of..."

"A new kind of what ? Of pets ? That's insane !"


Mike just understood. Luke continued: "They want to know if swallowing food alive and full could be a nice substitute to proteins, because sooner or later there won't be any meat on Earth."

"Did you say alive? "

"Yes I did say "alive". Follow me."

"Wait ! I want you to know that for the first time of our friendship, I disagree with you, I would never hurt anybody, and even less innocents !"

"You will change your mind Dude, now come with me."

Mike knew that Luke would never force him to do things against his will, so he followed Luke in his bedroom. The taller guy grasped a bag and put it on the bed.

"My uncle, after calling me, went here and gave me this. Please I don't want you to scream, but he wants me to swallow both girls inside this bag."

Mike didn't know what to say, he just stared at Luke. By the way, Luke opened the bag and grasped one girl, put her on the bed, then he grasped the second one. Mike still couldn't believe what he was seeing. On the one hand he was angry to Luke because what he had said before was disgusting (and clearly impossible, they were too big to be swallowed !) but on the other hand he was curious, then he approached the bed. The girls were both peacefully sleeping, and they wore strange clothes, "probably clothes from Mars" he thought. Luke took the bigger of them, and said to his friend:

"I'm starving Man. Do you wanna eat with me ?"

"I don't know Bro', I'm also hungry, but... that would be a murder"

"C'mon ! Even if they keep living on Earth, their life would be insane, they would be used for Science and would be tortured. Trust me, they'd rather be eaten right now to put an end to their pain."

Mike looked at the poor girl on the bed. It was true that she looked tasty. Besides, with a hungry rumbling belly, it was really tempting.

Luke took his shirt off.

"What are you doing Luke ?"

"I wanna see whether my belly will bulge with her inside."

Then he watched the girl, took off her own clothes, and.. "Oh no" thought Mike, she was starting to move. "She is gonna realize her fate Man, you should hurry"

Then Luke opened his mouth and put her in. "Wow, she's really big" he thought.

Indeed, she was 7 inches tall. So he put his finger on her sweaty ass, and pushed her. Mike could hear her screamings inside Luke's mouth, and she was struggling by moving her legs sharply. Then Luke took his remaining hand to catch them. He sat on the bed and swallowed. Mike could see a small bulge appearing in his friend's throat, whereas her body was pushed deeper by Luke's finger. He tried to say something, but there were only sounds.

Nevertheless, Mike could discern the words, "It's so cool Man !" Now only her feet were visible, and, with one last gulp, they were gone. The bulge in the throat was also moving and disappearing. Luke stood up and looked at his belly, so did Mike. They could see a little bulge. "She has come to destination" Luke said, and Mike smiled.

Now, deep inside of him, he knew that it was his turn, that he had to please his gurgling gut. But he still was wondering how Luke had been able to do it, she was very big. Besides it should have hurt Luke. On the contrary, Luke was euphoric: for the first time in his life he had been able to eat a living being, and what was the most interesting was that it was a human being.

"Are you ready to do this man ?" he asked Mike

"I... don't know. I mean, what if she remains stuck in my throat and prevents me from breathing ? What if her bones hurt my stomach and that I must go to hospital and explain all of this ?"

"Hey hey don't panic Mike. You can clearly see that I did it with a girl bigger than yours, so you can do it. You told me that younger you used to have fantasies about swallowing some lizards."

"Yeah I did, but lizards, not humans. Furthermore I was young and unconscious of danger. I don't wanna die for swallowing a living girl."

Luke didn't know what to answer. On the one hand he understood his friend because it was quite dangerous and crual. But on the other hand, he wanted Mike to do like he did, because they shared everything, so why not sharing a nice meal ?

Mike sat on the bed, looking at the girl still asleep despite all the swallowing noises there had been before. After 5 minutes, he was ready to do this.

So he took his shirt off, approached his hand from the 5-inch-sleeping girl, and grabbed it. He looked at Luke, also watching him, and took the girl to his mouth. He was so stressed that he almost forgot to take off her own clothes. After doing this, he put her in his mouth, closed his eyes and pushed. That was actually a nice feeling, so it wasn't unpleasant. He pushed her again, till she reached his throat's back. Then he swallowed hard and she slipped in. He could feel his throat distend to let her body pass and go down to Hell. When he opened his eyes, he could only see  her legs out of his mouth.

Unlike Luke, she wasn't struggling, so it made the task easier. He swallowed again and this time he clearly saw her legs disappearing and sliding into his mouth. He was amazed and excited. He did it a last third time, and she was all gone. He could fell her going down his throat, his chest, and entered his stomach. His gut didn't bulge, she wasn't big enough for that.

He stood up and yelled ! He did it ! Besides he had eaten without paying any bucks !

Luke came to him and they shook their hands. They both could feel the girls inside of them.

"I must call my uncle" said Luke, and ran to the living-room. 

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