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by Colorninja

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; date; transform; snake; swallow; digested; regenerate; teleport; F/m; giantess; strip; tease; torment; swallow; eaten; soft; cons/reluct; X

Authors note; This has a fantastical few things in it I made up myself, including the ability to transform, to wish and get what you wished for, to die and have your body regenerate, and the power to teleport, to name a few. Enjoy.


I was walking in the hallways on that fateful Monday, when she caught my eye.

She was striking, wearing such outlandish clothing as she always did, showing way too much of her body off to be dress-code compliant. The teachers, tired of calling her out every day as they were, ignored her as usual. I don’t know what attracted my attention, I saw her in the hallways and cafeteria at school every day and never gave her a second glance, but it was like a switch had been flipped, and I was starstruck. I couldn’t get enough of seeing her, staring at her in some classes we shared, even neglecting to talk to my friends or focus on my assignments to get a longer view of her.

I was ecstatic by the time I left school for home. Everyone knew she was an easy person, and had had many boyfriends, all of which became homeschooled for some reason and weren’t seen again at school, about one per month or so, but I couldn’t help myself. Each day that week, I stared at her, and on the last day of school that week, I noticed that she had noticed. She started glancing back, sometimes even giving me generous smiles (which I returned), when I saw her, to my ecstasy.

That weekend was torture. I couldn’t concentrate on the late homework that began to pile up, I could only think of her. My family was avoided, I stayed laying on my bed in my room, thinking of her. I only left to eat meals and use the restroom. When I fell asleep, her image haunted my dreams. I lept up in joy on Monday morning when I realized that I’d be able to see her again. I mean, who cares about grades when you get to see the most beautiful girl in the world?

As I went about my school day, taking detours and skipping classes to see her, she stared back. Hard. Before lunch, she walked up to me. She walked up to me! She asked, “Would you like to sit at my table?” I stared at her dumbfoundedly. After a minute of awkward silence, she said elegantly, “I’ll take that as a yes,” before walking away towards the lunch line.

I was in shock after that amazing moment in time. I replayed the moments over in my head, savoring the sound that her words made when they were spoken to me.

“OOF!” I exclaimed when someone, busy with talking to their friends and not looking where they were walking, ran into me.

“Sorry!” they said as they hurried past to eat lunch. I followed them, ready to get my meal.

It was a very quiet lunch that day, with only she and I sitting at the lunch table. Typically, she sits alone, except when she has a boyfriend. I tried to keep my eyes off her, but I found it near impossible.  She brought her eyes up to meet mine occasionally, knowing how much I enjoyed those looks and how torturous it was when she was purposely not looking at me.

As the days passed, the lunch table became a meeting place for she and I to talk. I could barely stand the weekends as not being able to see her bothered me.

After 3 weeks had passed, we were sitting at the lunch table, having typical conversation when she popped the question: “Would you be my boyfriend?”

At that, I quickly recovered from my paralysis of joy to answer, “Sure!”

The next week was a blast. She invited me to the local park, McDonald's for a date, and we took many a romantic walk under the night streetlights. To my utter dismay, however much I coaxed, she wouldn’t kiss me, however. Her cryptic explanation was that “If I do, I won’t be able to control myself…” and I accepted it without question.

On Monday, after four weeks had passed since she had first entranced me, she posed this question: “Would you like to hang out at my house all of tomorrow? Just skip school and we can hang out together even closer than we ever have the whole day long.”

I, of course, was going to say yes anyway, but what really intrigued me was the phrase “even closer than we ever have”. I immediately accepted, and all through the day, I pondered what she could have meant by that. I considered the possibilities, and I liked what I thought would most likely occur. I tormented myself with fantasies of her and I cuddling each other and fondling her wherever she liked it.

I was very impatient as I waited for sleep to claim me that night. I lay awake for a very long time, and I couldn’t wait to see her in the morning.

I hadn’t set my alarm, so I accidentally slept in until 10:57, as my parents had given up on trying to get my butt off to school when I wanted to play hookie. I raced around, grabbing a light jacket and jeans. I was positively BURSTING with energy! I didn’t care that I couldn’t drive; I didn’t care that I’d have to run across the entire town to reach her house; I didn’t care that it was almost freezing outside as I ran the 26 blocks to her house. I just wanted to see HER.

I knocked on her door. She opened it, and smiled delectably seductively at me. I entered, and she showed me to her rather spacious and spotless bathroom. It was odd, having a bathroom larger than the living room, taking up half the house. I asked where her parents were; she told me how she was an orphan and she’d bought and remodeled the house herself. She gestured to the bathtub, and we both stripped off our clothing. I lay down in the tub, and she lay on top of me, me on my back and her on her belly. She kissed me, a powerful experience, and I closed my eyes and was lost in my joy, feeling her on top of me, when--

--she started getting heavier! I flashed open my eyes in time to see her transforming larger, and larger… Scales coated her body as she ended the transformation--into a snake!

To say the least, I was shocked. Her foot-wide head was still pinning down my legs, while the rest of her body sprawled out in the remaining area of the bathroom, barely fitting in the confined space. She had to be at least two or three feet in diameter at her largest point!

She shifted her head closer to my face, and touched it lightly with her tongue. She didn’t move her lips when she said this, so I deduced that she talked through telepathy when she said, “You taste delicious. I can’t wait to feel you gliding down my gullet.” She turned her head back to my feet, and pushed her lips over my feet… my calves… my knees… my thighs…

“You won’t get away with this!” I cried as she started slurping up my waist area.

“Oh, no? Haven’t I already? I love to feed this form monthly. Why do you think I attracted your attention if not to eat you? This is something I do every month, each with a different boy, and no one has ever seen me like this and lived to spread the tale!”

“When they see I’m missing, they’ll come searching!” I said defiantly.

“Oh, again, no, you will be sorely disappointed to know that you’ve become such a solitary person nowadays that no one comes looking for you. They’ll all think you ran away, just like all those other boys.”

At that I lay in silence, pondering my predicament. She was at my chest now, and her throat was beginning to tug at my feet.

I started to squirm, as I made my last attempt to escape. She moved her tail over and curled it lightly around my neck. “Easy way or hard way?” I relaxed, and stopped my wriggling, and she moved her tail off me. “Good choice.”

A question started to plague me, but it wasn’t about my looming, undoubtable death, as I had resigned myself to being this serpent’s meal, and I was starting to realize that I quite liked it. “Where are your teeth? I didn’t feel any when I tried to get out.”

She gave a mental grunt of astonishment, surprised that my impending death didn’t cause me more discomfort. “It’s to make it much more enjoyable for me. Hearing those screams enough times is enough for anyone to want them to stop. This makes their last moments before they drown in my saliva much more enjoyable for both them and I.”

I sighed happily, surprising myself at how much being swallowed gave me pleasure. She was at my neck now, and her throat muscles were tugging at my knees. Soon, my head was encircled by darkness, and as she had said, her saliva surrounded me. I began to panic, until I realized with a start--I can breathe! I was quite surprised at this revelation, and I tried to get comfortable as her pulsing throat enveloped me.

A few hours later, I came to a stop inside a slightly larger bag of digestive slime than the form-fitting esophagus had been. After a few minutes, I began to feel a tingle, and soon it was a roar of fury running all over my body, until the pain of being digested caused me to black out…

I woke up, and sat as I uncomprehendingly stared at a wall of scales. Then, FLASH! Memories flooded back to me about the monsters I’d killed, the escapades I’d made, the powers I had, and the people I’d saved… and Sarah! all came rushing back as the “switch” of being digested rebooted my mind and overthrew the false replacements that had been planted by whichever monster had placed me in this town. It hadn’t been whomever the monster who’d turned into a snake; she hadn’t recognized me, and she’d acted like she’d be permanently ending my life. It must have been someone else.  I also realized that my attraction to her was only from her wishing, and thus ended that spell.

Boy, am I glad that I made that memory trigger, I thought to myself. Now, to dispatch this monster before she eats anyone else…


I crept quietly, attempting to reach her head before she realized that I, too, had the wishing power. My footsteps made no sound, and when I reached her head, about to cut it off with the size XXX extreme-overkill sword I’d wished up, I suddenly saw the particular double-vision that comes when teleporting, and the usual blue, shimmery light emitted from my body as I was transported against my will, to a… different place. NO! I screamed in my head. So close! The teleportation took me to an oddly vast dark unlit cavern. I knew from experience that this could only mean a few things. The fact that I was transported to either a giant’s home, whom may be with or without powers, or being shrunk in a normal person’s home to the size I was now, could mean that whomever was watching me was toying with me, trying to get me killed permanently, or both. Now that I had remembered my powers as well, they’d made sure to restrict my use of my powers. No transformation, no teleportation, no wishing, only my invincibility power… which would still cause me to feel all the pain of death before regenerating. I found this all out in the routine check I’d made for myself to check whether I could use them or not.

It was likely that whoever had put me here wouldn’t put me on to the next kind of playing until I was eaten, until I killed whomever would try to eat me, or until I escaped. A light overhead flickered on, and my hopes for the second and third options were dashed.

The giantess hummed as she walked, and didn’t seem to see me on the floor until after almost stepping on me. “What are you? Are you a race of smaller humans?” she asked, making it obvious that she was a human and that I had been shrunk. She picked me up delicately, and peered at my tiny form. I wasn’t any taller than her nose was long. She seemed to be not any older that I looked, a teenager. She added, “What is your name? I mean, er-- Do you speak English?”

“My name’s Graham, and… um…” I wasn’t sure whether or not to explain my predicament. On one hand, she could be endangered by me telling her about them. On the other, I did need an explanation for my size and how I’d gotten there. Then again, it was possible that she could be working for monsters. “I don’t know why I’m here, or why I’m so small.”

She smiled widely and said, “My name’s Nicole. I’ve never seen a small person before. So you don’t have a reason to be here?”

The answer was “No.”

“I can give you one. A reason, I mean. If you want something to do.”

“Depends on what it is.” I didn’t want anything that might end with me accidentally killed.

“It’s a surprise.”

“A gift? For me?” I blushed at the thought, and she did in response.

“I can’t tell you, but I can show you.” At this, without any further ado, she brought me closer to her face. “To be honest, you really don’t have much choice in the matter. I’ve had this want, a temptation, to swallow someone whole.” I started trying to twist my way out of her grip, but to no avail.

Nicole continued to talk, oblivious to my efforts. “I wanted to do it soooo bad, but everyone was too big or too strong to swallow whole. Now, you’re here, and it’s like my wish come true.”

She gave a mixture of a groan and a sigh of pure desire, the combination of years of aching with unfulfilled need. It was odd, me meeting someone who wanted the opposite of what I did, to eat rather than to be eaten. I guessed that it was for that reason that whomever was playing with me had put me here. I relaxed, as I couldn’t do anything for my predicament, and I hoped that Nicole would make it quick and that I wouldn’t have to go through too much pain. Oh, what a bother. Pain. Been there, done that. Never goes away. Never dies down. You can only hope that it will end quickly, and not cause you undue torture. THAT is why I seek to destroy sadists.

I was pulled from my thoughts by the feeling of hot breath blowing over me as she pushed me into her mouth. The dark cavern closed, and she pushed me up against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. I found resistance to be futile as she coated me with saliva. She culed me all around in her mouth, making exaggerated “Mmmm” sounds to ensure I knew she was enjoying this. She squeezed me between her teeth, and gave me bruises and gashes that bled my body fluids onto her taste buds. I was barely conscious from the abuse when she tired of her game and swallowed. Her tongue tipped back, and her throat muscles had no delay in squeezing my limp body into the stomach.

Hours later, I was being torn by the agony, the digestive enzymes gnawing at my flesh as Nicole’s stomach pulsed and squeezed around me. I eventually became desperate enough that I put my hands around my neck and squeezed until I saw only black, stopping the pain that would have probably continued for some time before I would have succumbed to my death.

I woke up to find myself in a different room, because while the first I’d been in had white walls, this one seemed to have pink, and it seemed like I was on some sort of cushion. No, I realized, it was a bed, because I saw Nicole’s curled-up form slumbering only a few feet (probably actually only a centimeter or two) away from where I stood. Now was my chance! I could try to find a way out of this house, as it seemed that I wouldn’t be teleported out of here anytime soon. I eased myself along the sheets, and crawled over the messy ups and downs of her comforter as I trekked around her feet. I heard a sudden shift in her breathing patterns as I prepared to leap off the bed, and I froze; she didn’t wake, however, and I dropped down to the carpet. The impact hurt; it would leave a bruise or two along my side, and would have been worse, but the carpet was thick, and the fibers came up to my waist. I trudged through the waves of fabric. Nicole seemed to keep her room clean, for which I was thankful. Being covered in filth from dirty carpet was not high up on my to-do list.

I reached the door and squeezed under the crack. The next room had a much slicker floor, made of linoleum. It was slippery, so I took a few seconds to play at sliding across the floor before I actually started to. The room seemed to be the same one that I’d been teleported into first, and I saw two very large machines to one side, a washer and dryer. After Nicole had found and eaten me, she must’ve retired to her bed while I digested.

I felt a light breeze when I slipped under the door to a short hallway. The breeze seemed to be coming from the left, so I headed off in that direction. I followed the wall to the end of the hallway, then I walked into a more open room that seemed to be a kitchen. I lifted a hand in the air to feel for the current, and walked into another room to see that a door had been left ajar leading to the outdoors. Freedom! If getting out the door wouldn’t cause me to be teleported to wherever I would go next, then I’d at least be outside and able to walk home, no matter how far it would be.

Tump tump tump TUMP TUMP TUMP! Footsteps grew louder quickly behind me, and I dashed for the door. A giant hand lunged at me, and I dodged and continued running. I was almost there, almost to the crack of freedom when SLAM! the door shut in front of me and my hope was lost, for now. A great weight pushed me down on the ground. Fingers curled around me as Nicole lifted me and turned my face towards hers. She smiled delightedly at her catch, and at my shortness of breath. “So, Graham, where’ve you been?” She asked in a casual tone. Not waiting for a response, she said, “I had the oddest dream while you were in my stomach. In my dream, a voice told me all about you, about how you come back to life each time you die. Before I woke up, it told me that you were about to escape, that if I didn’t catch you, you’d be gone forever and I’d never see you again. Now, we can be together as long as I live!”

I sighed in tired frustration. It’s what they all think, that I’ll be with them forever, or as long as they live. I guess the fact that I’m easily caught goes to their heads, which blinds them to the fact that even when powerless, I am difficult to contain.

I squirmed in her grip, as she began squeezing me only tight enough that breathing became difficult. “You won’t be escaping as easily anymore. I’ll take precautions. Now,” she said as she lifted up her shirt slightly and pushed me up against the thin line of visible skin on her belly, “are you ready to go down there again? You’ll be making many trips down there, and I’ll enjoy each and every one of them. You might as well get used to it.” She rubbed me against her tummy as I shifted in disgust. She was getting too much pleasure out of this.

“Just swallow me whole then this time,” I muttered.

“What was that?” Nicole lifted me up to her ear.

“I said, SWALLOW ME WHOLE! If ‘the voice’ told you everything, you’d know that I like being swallowed, but unharmed!”

“Soooooo sorry, but I like to play with my food first. I’ve played with my food my whole life, all food that entered my stomach thoroughly brought me joy beforehand. Why in the world would I want to stop that habit now? Anyway, yes, I’ll ALLOW you to have your fun as prey, but not until after a few games!”

I was brought up to her lips, and she rubbed me back and forth across them, nearly severing my head from my neck. “Ouch!” I shouted. Nicole didn’t acknowledge that I’d said anything, but she decreased the amount of pressure she used to push me against her slimy mouth. My face and upper body were thoroughly coated by the time she lifted me back and licked her lips, probably enjoying my taste. She considered for a moment at what next to do with me, and I saw her face light up deviously when she thought of something suitably dastardly to do with me.

Nicole giggled as she changed which her grip, holding me by my shoulders between her thumb and forefinger as she bounced to her bedroom. My joints jolted when she hopped down on her bed. She then lifted me up to her eye level with her arm outstretched, so that I would face her wicked smile. “You are so delicious, but your clothes muffle your flavor. Let’s take them off.”

At that, she delicately reached up with her other hand and pinched the end of my pants, and pulled. After a quick snap! the button flew off and my legs were exposed. She dropped my pants and held my calves between two fingers, then let go with her other hand and dangled me upside-down. My shirt hung down over my face, only holding on by my collar, so when she tugged lightly on it, it came off easily.

You know what I don’t get? I sweat so much running away from monsters that my clothes are permeated with my sweat, and yet they still “muffle my flavor.” What’s up with that?

Nicole set me on her lap, but didn’t release me until after saying, “Stay here and take your socks and underwear off, or I’ll squish you up painfully every time I eat you.”

I took my socks off then stood there and yelled, “I’m not taking my underwear off. Even this small, I’m entitled to some dignity too! You’ll just have to deal with the ‘muffling’ of me.”

“Fine, you do get some dignity. But as your predator, I basically own you anyway, so I’ll just take one little peek…” Nicole had put one hand behind me and advanced one in front, and carefully pulled the front of my underwear down. I shut my eyes, disgusted at the embarrassment.

After a few minutes, I felt my underwear returned to its original position, and I could bear to look again. “Ugh,” I said. “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Seeing as you have no power to stop me, I could do it again if I wanted to, but I’m satisfied. I promise I won’t do it again.” Nicole said it sincerely, and I believed it. “I’m done playing now. Time for the part I know I enjoy, and that you ‘secretly’ love as well.” She lifted me to her mouth, dangling me over the open cavern. She slowly lowered me closer and closer, then stuck her tongue out and licked me. I knew she was just stalling, making me anticipate it all the more, but I couldn’t help squirming a little as she covered me in slime. She curled her tongue around me, then I was dropped and all was dark. I was compressed as I felt her throat methodically squeeze and release, massaging me quickly into the chamber of my death. The ride was short, and soon I was waiting in the bag of flesh.

Now to put the most obvious plan of action to work. I waited a few minutes to feel her shift around into a laying position on her bed. At one point, I felt her squeeze me from the outside. Eventually, I felt her breathing began to deepen and her heartbeat slow. She would be sleeping, happily digesting me. I wouldn’t let myself go so long with the pain this time. A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. I squeezed my neck until black appeared on my vision, and focused on locking my muscles so I would choke myself after I fainted.

I reformed on her bed again, and now I knew where to go. She’d be upset that I’d left, but she’d continue living, which was a lot more than most monsters that crossed me got. I worked silently, finding dust bunnies in her kitchen to use. I stranded hairs together, and soon I had a rope that had to be long enough to lasso the door handle. Jeez, Nicole has a tidy bedroom, but she REALLY needs to vacuum the rest of her house.

I walked up to the closed door that I’d almost escaped from earlier. I swung the rope around my head once, twice, three times, and then released in the direction of the door handle. My aim held true, and the loop on the end--a hangman’s noose, a knot I learned in Boy Scouts before becoming a monster--pulled taut around the handle. I pulled with my weight, and the latch only just barely opened. A tug of war then ensued, and the door lost. I looked out to freedom, took one last look towards Nicole’s room, and was astonished to see Nicole running down the hallway towards me. I leapt to action against my shock and darted through the doorway. The last thing I saw before I was teleported away was her sad face at losing the object that had fulfilled her desire.

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