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Me, Willow & Dawn

by Weird

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© Copyright 2010 - Weird - Used by permission

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Me, Willow & Dawn

Me, Willow and Dawn were nude in my bedroom, having sex fun. I was lying on my back on my bed, with my legs spread wide, and Dawn was watching as Willow, kneeling on the bed between my legs, sucked on my penis and gently rubbed my balls. I moaned with pleasure as I felt Willow’s warm, wet mouth on my fully erect, throbbing penis, which extended about 5 inches from my body.

Having sensed animals inside my house, the giant amoeba flowed under the main door and to my bedroom door. As the three of us were absorbed in sexual fun, me and Willow completely concentrating on each other’s bodies and Dawn watching intently as Willow sucked on my male organ, the deadly predator flowed under the bedroom door and behind my bed. Dawn was captivated by Willow’s ass, staring intently at her cute little anus and pussy. She rested her hands on the edge of the bed and moved her head right up to Willow’s ass, smelling Willow’s pussy. As Willow softly moaned and sucked on my penis, Dawn couldn’t resist anymore. She stuck her tongue out and began licking Willow’s moist, pink pussy. Although Dawn had just turned 18, and Willow was a little older, they both had hairless pussies. Dawn’s tongue gently spread Willow’s pussy lips, moving between and inside the soft, tasty folds of flesh, and gently licked.

Surprised and excited at feeling a tongue licking her pussy, Willow removed her mouth from my penis and turned around. She smiled as she saw Dawn’s head between her legs, moving up and down as she licked. This aroused Willow even more, and she was about to begin sucking on my penis again when I yelled “Hey!” and started kicking my legs. Willow looked up and saw what looked like a colorless mass of jelly flowing from behind the bed and sucking over my head! She yelled “What the hell???” and got off the bed, pushing her ass into Dawn’s face and almost knocking her down. Dawn looked at Willow, startled, then saw the almost transparent mass of goo that seemed to be engulfing my body. She yelped in astonishment.

Note: This was a strange kind of predator. Composed of an unusual type of protoplasm, it was very much like a giant amoeba, except that it had no cell walls. It could flow almost like water, or suck and pull with amazing strength. It had no permanent shape, but could become flat or round or anything in between. Because of this, it was often called a “blob.”

It looked like living jelly. Its protoplasm had only two colors – red or none. The clear ones were harder to spot, because they had no color but looked like water, and were transparent. They could flatten themselves out on the ground or in the grass, and anyone walking by wouldn’t even see them until they stepped into the sticky jelly and were caught. It had no problem catching prey. It was the deadliest and most efficient predator in existence.

It could smell and taste and sense motion nearby, and could even detect the heat produced by the bodies of mammals, but it couldn’t see like animals. It was all mouth and all stomach. Any part of it could flow over animal bodies and suck the bodies into itself, and any part of it could smell and taste the animals as well as being able to digest them. It could shoot out tendrils (pseudopods) to capture prey. The pseudopods were very strong, and even one only half an inch thick could easily pull a large, struggling animal into the blob’s main body.

Any part of it which touched animal flesh would adhere to it like glue. Once it sucked onto an animal, there was essentially no way for the animal to escape. And one of its strangest abilities was that when it engulfed an animal, it could taste and feel every part of the animal body at the same time. No other creature could do this. As it was eating a person, it would taste and feel every part of the body which it had sucked onto. Even when a person’s entire body was inside the blob, it could taste and feel every part – the mouth and tongue, the arms, legs, torso, breasts, ass cheeks, anus, pussy or male organ – all at the same time. It delighted in taking a struggling body into itself - tasting its flesh and feeling the desperate movement of the animal trying to escape.

Unfortunately, it had developed a taste for people, because it preferred flesh to fur. Although it could eat furry animals such as cats, dogs, sheep, etc., it preferred human bodies, which were mostly hairless. It didn’t like clothes, but could easily suck under them and onto the person’s flesh, digesting the creature and leaving a pile of clothes behind. It loved nude people, and became quite excited when it found them.


I was desperately trying to escape from the carnivorous amoeba, struggling and kicking my legs and trying to pull my body away, moving my body toward the front edge of the bed. The sticky jelly allowed me to move my ass to within a foot from the edge of the bed, right next to Willow and Dawn, who were watching in horror as it took my struggling body. The protoplasmic mass flowed thick tendrils around the sides of the bed, adhering to the mattress and bed frame, immobilizing my body. I couldn’t move my body, and I couldn’t breathe! The sticky jelly flowed under my back, adhering to my flesh and the mattress, spreading out and covering the top of the bed, and began flowing up the sides of my body.

I tried to push it off me with my hands, but the mass sucked onto them. My hands were covered in the amazingly sticky, consuming jelly, and it was flowing onto my arms. The mass shot tendrils from my sides to my arms, and pulled my arms to the sides of my body, holding them there. The only part of my body I could move were my legs, which kicked violently and helplessly. From the area by my shoulders, which it had engulfed, the predatory mass shot out 2 thick pseudopods, which stuck onto my knees. It then contracted the tendrils, pulling my legs backward and spreading them, spreading my ass cheeks and fully exposing my anal region, anus, and male organ.

Dawn’s gaze immediately fixated on my scrotum, hanging an inch above my anus, watching it bounce up and down as I struggled to escape. Dawn wanted to help me, but was afraid to get too close to the predatory goo, which appeared to be very strong – easily able to hold my struggling body on the bed while consuming me.

Dawn looked at my mouth, and saw that it was covered in the sticky slime, which seemed to be flowing into my mouth, and that I was struggling to breathe. She yelled “He can’t breathe! It’s killing him!” and moved closer to my body to try to help me. As soon as she moved, the slime flowed a thick mass of goo along the bed toward Dawn. It reached the edge of the bed, about a foot from Dawn, and started to protrude a tendril in her direction. Dawn saw it and froze.

Willow said “Dawn – don’t move! That thing is ready to grab you!”

Terrified, Dawn didn’t move at all, she was afraid to even talk. The tendril stopped extending to Dawn, and after a few seconds contracted back, but the bulge of protoplasm remained there at the edge of the bed, ready to take Dawn if she moved again.

The front of my body was completely covered in the deadly goo, from my head to my belly button, and it was now in the process of taking my ass. I couldn’t move my body at all – it had immobilized my head, arms, and legs. I was suffocating and terrified, the blob then immediately began flowing into my anus, and Dawn yelped in surprise as she saw what it was doing. She said, “Willow – it’s going inside his anus!”

By this time, the bulge of protoplasm near Dawn had flowed back to my body, and was helping absorb me. The vore’s attention was now completely focused on my warm, living body, especially my body openings. It ignored Willow and Dawn.

Willow said, “I know, but there’s nothing we can do. If we touch it, it’ll start eating us. It’ll pull our bodies into itself, enter our mouths, suck onto our breasts…” - Willow was getting turned on just saying this – “suck over our moist pussy flesh, suck on out clits and taste our inner pussy flesh, finally finding our female openings, sucking onto our vaginal lips and entering our vaginas.”

Dawn was sexually excited and began breathing heavily as she listened intently to Willow.

Willow continued, “Then it’ll take our anuses – sucking over our holes and covering our anal lips, spreading them and entering our private areas. We’ll be helpless as it enters our body openings.”

Letting temptation have its way, Willow reached her right hand down to Dawn’s ass, and started gently rubbing her smooth, warm ass cheeks. Dawn looked at her in surprise and excitement. Remembering what was happening to my body, she looked back at me, and noticed that the predator was flowing upward from my anus and onto my scrotum.

Dawn said “Willow – look!”

Willow watched as if sucked onto the soft flesh of my bulging sack, then up the stiff shaft of my fully erect penis, which was still covered in Willow’s saliva. As it took my male organ, which was still stimulated from Willow’s sucking, I climaxed. As it covered my penis head – fully engulfing my penis – I began ejaculating. Willow and Dawn both moved closer to the bed so they could get a good view of my penis, and their mouths hung open as I pumped my penis upward and it spurted inside the clear layer of goo which encased it. The ejaculation was a yellowish color, so they could see it inside the jelly, which absorbed it almost as quickly as I ejaculated. I moved my penis downward, then up again and ejaculated. Up and down, up and down, my stiff, hot, throbbing 5 inch long penis kept spurting into the consuming amoeba, which held my organ firmly in its mouth and gently squeezed my balls as I pumped my organ up and down. It began entering my penis hole, while allowing me to ejaculate.

Dawn immediately noticed and almost yelled: “It’s going inside his penis!”

It flowed down the stiff shaft, savoring the taste of my warm organ and the ejaculation which was flowing upward through my penis. It would wait until my penis spurted, then as I moved my organ downward, it would flow deeper in. It quickly reached the base of my penis, and continued flowing downward into my helpless body. I could feel it entering my penis – moving around inside me - and the feeling was incredible! Although I couldn’t stop it from violating my private body openings and entering my body, in a way I didn’t want to. Even though I couldn’t breathe, my complete helplessness - the feeling of being taken and violated by this powerful creature – feeling it moving inside my mouth, anus, and now my penis – was bizarrely and intensely sexually stimulating. As it was killing me I was having the most intense sexual pleasure of my life!

As I was pumping my organ, the amoeba continued flowing up my legs, covering my thighs, then my calves, and finally engulfing my feet. I was completely engulfed! The amoeba sucked on my soft, warm, living flesh, savoring the feel of my large animal body struggling helplessly inside itself. It gently sucked on and tasted my eyes, mouth, tongue, throat, ass cheeks, anus, rectum, penis and scrotum. It held me firmly as I weakly struggled inside its powerful, digestive mass.

I reached air desperation! I needed to breathe immediately or I would suffocate! My mouth was opening and closing with my tongue fully extended inside the goo, trying to make an air hole in the mass. My eyes bulged as I tried desperately to breathe! Sensing my body desperation, the blob became even more excited and held my body more tightly.

Willow and Dawn watched my mouth moving as I struggled desperately to breathe, but there was nothing they could do. It had me – my living body was helpless inside it. They watched as it continued to flow into my mouth and down my throat, into my helpless anus and deep inside my rectum, and deeper into my penis. It savored the taste and feel of my body openings as it flowed into my body.

Finally, with one final gasp for air, I suffocated. My tongue stopped moving and my male organ stopped pumping up and down.

 Willow and Dawn both noticed that I was no longer struggling to escape, and Dawn quietly said, “I think he’s dead. It suffocated him.”

Willow nodded in agreement, and they both watched as it moved over my flesh, sucking on my body. It continued flowing into my warm, moist, body openings; into my mouth, anus, and penis. They could clearly see my body through its transparent surface. They saw my eyes wide open in terror; my open mouth and tongue as it flowed down my throat; they saw my anus, expanded about an inch wide by the blob as it hungrily entered my digestive opening; saw my expanded penis hole as it flowed downward through my shaft. They had seen what few people had ever seen – the taking of a nude human animal by a blob. They saw how it catches, ingests, and enters the body holes of living animals. After about a minute more of tasting and entering my body, the amoeba turned an opaque pink. Only the shape of my body was now visible, completely covered by a layer of pink jelly. The shape of my bulging scrotum and extended penis was still visible, and their eyes focused on my organ.

Willow said, in almost a whisper, “I think it’s digesting his body!”

As they watched, my penis and sack seemed to melt into the mass. The bulge where my feet had been started flowing downward, then my calves, then my thighs, merging with the mass of blob on the bed. The bulge of my head flowed into the oval mass resting on the bed. My body shape was gone! All that remained was a giant, oval shaped, pink mass of blob on the bed.

As the amoeba started becoming clear again, Willow grabbed Dawn’s arm and began pulling her toward the door, before the amoeba sensed their bodies and started eating them as well. Dawn understood, and as they reached the door the protoplasmic mass had become completely clear, like a mass of water in the shape of a giant slug. My body had been totally absorbed – nothing was left.

Willow slowly closed the door, carefully watching the predator and looking for any pseudopods that might try to grab her. Instead, the blob very quickly flowed off the bed and toward the door – almost leaping – and Dawn screamed as Willow slammed the door shut just in time.

They both screamed as they saw it flowing under the door toward them, and they ran out of the house and into a grassy field. Half way across the field, they looked back toward the house and saw the large mass of protoplasm emerge from the front door. It hesitated for a few seconds, then began flowing quickly toward them. Terrified, they screamed again and continued running across the field as fast as they could.

They crossed a road, then went into the woods. Panting, they continued running; too afraid to look back. They came upon a barn, and quickly ran inside, closing the barn door behind them.

Out of breath, they looked around. Soft hay was stacked all around the barn, some of it thrown around the floor and sides of the barn. They walked to a large pile of hay and both sat down in it. Both of their bodies were sweating, and they were breathing heavily. Their arms touched, and Willow started becoming aroused. The excitement – the deadly danger from this predator which was chasing them – their nude, sweaty bodies touching eachother…it was all too much to resist.

Willow put her hand on Dawn’s leg, inches from Dawn’s private area, and gently rubbed it. Dawn looked at Willow and smiled. Then she gently took Willow’s hand, and slowly moved it down to her hairless pussy. Although she had just turned 18, Dawn had no pussy hair. Willow’s mouth opened as she felt Dawn’s warm, wet, pussy flesh, and she began gently rubbing it. Dawn opened her mouth and moaned with pleasure. Unable to resist Dawn’s delicious, open mouth, Willow gently grabbed Dawn’s neck and pulled her head toward her, then put her own mouth over Dawn’s and stuck her tongue deeply into Dawn’s mouth. Dawn’s eyes went wide as she felt Willow’s tongue in her mouth, and Dawn gently sucked on Willows tongue.

The fear of the amoeba left them as they concentrated on eachother’s bodies, their tongues touching as they tasted eachother. Willow hungrily tasted the warm, wet flesh of Dawn’s mouth, moving her tongue over Dawn’s lips, tongue, and mouth flesh. Willow tasted back – this was the first time she had ever tasted a girl’s mouth. She had French-kissed boys, and they had played with her breasts and even touched her pussy a little, but Dawn sensed that this was going to go much, much further.

As they kissed, Willow’s hand found Dawn’s vagina. She gently stuck her middle finger into Dawn’s sensitive, female opening, and Dawn gasped as she felt willow entering her very-sensitive body opening. Dawn’s moist vaginal lips parted as Willow's finger went deep inside her, feeling the slimy warmth of her vagina. Dawn pulled Willow tightly to her body and they rolled over into the hay, Dawn frantically moving her tongue around in Willow’s wet mouth, enjoying the feel of Willow’s warm mouth and tongue. Dawn was on top of Willow, legs spread and both hands holding Willow's head as Willow moved her finger around inside Dawn’s warm, slimy vagina. Dawn pumped her legs back and forth as this incredible feeling of being so intimately touched continued.

After a minute or so, Dawn gently removed her tongue from Willow’s mouth, shifted her body and began licking Willow’s left breast. She took the entire soft, warm breast into her mouth and began sucking on the squeezable flesh. Willow moaned as Dawn’s wet mouth sucked on her breast – Willow had very sensitive breasts - especially the nipples. Willow’s free hand gently rubbed Dawn’s cute ass cheeks as her finger probed Dawn’s private, female opening.


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