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Michelle and the Python

by Siobhann

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© Copyright 2012 - Siobhann - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; snake/m; bond; swallow; naked; oral; mast; tease; asphyx; vore; cons; X

(an excerpt from a longer story)

….as the giant python made its way down the meal, the mouth slowly grasping in more and more of the slave, whose cock rocked and bobbed in the air, hard as concrete, Michelle could not keep her eyes off the cock or her fingers off her clit. With each new slave-swallowing contraction, she breathed a little harder, sweated a little wetter.

Flat on his back, he went in head first, his arms tied together above his head, his legs tied together, with a bit of rope around his balls, the usual way Pandora fed her snakes.

Michelle loved the thrill of it, and never missed a meal. She felt that it was the most sensual of all the ways Pandora snuffed those she was done with.

Those fatal lips were now pulling on the belly of the slave, his cock poking the sky, purple and throbbing, waving gently with each of the pythons contractions. That gently waving cock and the sweat, the heat of the snake, the thrill of it all mesmerized Michelle past the point of thought. She became pure emotion, her body just an extension of her clitoris, her mind now purely a sexual organ.

Michelle's tight latex dress suddenly found itself slipping toward the floor, pushing off the shoes as it went. The sudden cold of the air on her sweaty back tensed her muscles, tightened her ass, almost as if it had pushed her toward the cock, the slave. The snake.

She walked over to him, approached the slaves feet, and knelt down on the floor there. Michelle leaned in, her small hands, his muscular thighs, her knees straddled his legs, her mouth moved toward him. In one smooth liquid motion she swallowed the slave's cock, head, shaft and all, pushing it down her throat, easing off, pushing down, rhythmic. She slides her crotch down his legs, slithering up next to the man, smoothing herself down on him.

Her crotch rode his legs muscles, while his cock rode her throat muscles, Michelle finds herself groaning and throbbing in rhythm with her meal, as he throbbed in rhythm with the snake eating him, she hugs him tight to make herself smooth. Not thinking, just feeling Michelle has become purely a sweating breathing gasping sex object, an amazing sight to all those who behold her.

She feels nothing but the pleasure of a complete sexual surrender as she pushes her hands up along the slaves torso, into the pythons grasping, permanent mouth. The grip is tight, tighter then she imagined, yet somehow fulfilling for her. The snake swallows more in, easily gulping in both man and woman, united as a single morsel.

Swallow, gulp, and swallow some more.

And now her head is in his throat, and his cock is in her throat. The strong grip presses her face to the mans belly, his member in its entirety fills her mouth, she cannot get any fuller, she cannot breath, or gasp, or even moan.

Adrenaline floods her system as the asphyxiating confinement pulls her tighter, deeper to her fate, but it is not panic that shakes her body, but the climax of a sexual passion, the realization of a longing for her own strange sexual fulfillment. Michelle's last sensible thought was of her ass, her cute little ass, squirming and contracting, trying to squeeze her clit harder down on the slaves legs, she hoped those who were watching liked the show.

She always did, she always came when the moment of inevitability was breached.

As the beasts great mouth squeezes down hard on her lungs, expelling what air she had left, she fades exploding into unconscious, completely consumed. Knowing that the snake is pure sexual pleasure, and knowing that her body is pleasuring the beast, she fulfills the beast within and the beast without.



Siobhann  Copyright 2012

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