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The Mistress Vore

by Bromopar

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© Copyright 2012 - Bromopar - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; Snake/f; bond; naked; capture; swallow; digested; reluct/cons; soft; X

“Now just lay there and relax, you're going to love this next one.” Carla told her bound submissive Janice. Janice was tied up so that her legs and ankles were pinned together and her hands were resting on her belly. Aside from the rope that was holding Janice in place on the table Janice wore nothing at all. Carla was also mostly nude but wore leather thigh-high boots and elbow length gloves. Carla's snake Voldemort was winding it's way into the bedroom and Carla wanted to place him on top of Janice's waiting body. Janice loved snakes and Carla wanted to tease her slave by allowing Voldemort to slither back and forth across her body. She knew her slave would go wild with lust at the feeling of a ten foot python moving along her soft skin.

“Anything to please you Mistress.” Janice winked. Janice shivered with anticipation as Carla watched the snake slowly make its way into the bedroom its tongue darting in and out of it's mouth. Once Voldemort got close enough on his own Carla would pick him up and place him on Janice's body. Voldemort, however, had other ideas. Before Carla could bend over and pick him up the python quickly wrapped it's neck around Carla's ankles and tripped her. Carla crashed to the floor on her back with a loud bang and briefly saw stars. Stunned, Carla failed to notice that Voldemort had opened his mouth as wide as he could and swallowed Carla's feet and ankles.

“Mistress! Are you okay? What happened?” Janice called from the bondage bench. Fearing that Carla was hurt Janice reached for the emergency release for her bonds and started to untie herself. Carla sat up once her head had cleared and looked down the floor to see that her pet snake had swallowed her feet and was working his way up her calves. She jerked her legs back to try and break free but the snake's mouth was too strong. She didn't move any direction except down the snake's throat.

“Fuck! Stupid god damn snake I already fed you!” Carla screamed at Voldemort. His throat and mouth had her legs pinned together so tightly they hurt a little bit from the pressure. Even through the leather boots she could feel the slick wetness of the snake's throat and her legs slid easily inside him. His mouth clamped down on her calves just below her knees and his power was almost unbearable.

“I hope I give you indigestion you worthless fucking reptile!” Carla screamed and slammed her hands on the floor. Realizing that there was no possibility of escape Carla accepted her fate. Although she was scared that she was soon going to die in the snake's belly the feeling of being trapped was starting to turn her on. Carla also felt excited that her slave would get to watch her final moments as she was devoured alive.

“Mistress what happened?” Janice shouted still removing the ropes that were holding her. There were a lot of ropes and it was taking a couple of minutes.

“I'm doomed Janice. Voldemort decided to eat me for dinner.” Carla sighed and lay flat on her back swearing one last. She knew it wasn't going to do any good Voldemort was just past her knees and showed no interest in letting her go.

“What?! Hang on Mistress I'll set you free just give me a minute to get out of these ropes.” a panicked Janice struggled with the ropes and suddenly realized she wasn't getting anywhere with them. Calming down as much as she could Janice paused for a few seconds to examine how they had gotten tangled. Carla only laughed on the floor.

“Don't waste your time I've watched him eat too many times to know there is no escape from Voldemort's mouth. There's nothing you can do my pretty slave I'm done for.” Carla propped herself up on her elbows and watched as Voldemort slowly swallowed her thighs. Only the very tops of Carla's $600 boots were visible outside of the snake's mouth. Two more swallows and they were gone forever.

“Mistress no.” Janice whimpered. Her upper body was free from the ropes and she started to free her legs. Fortunately that took a lot less time than her upper body and she hopped off the table once she was free. The sight before her horrified Janice to her core. Lying on the floor her Mistress was slowly being consumed by Voldemort. Janice could already see the outline of Carla's boots in the neck of the large snake as it slowly worked its way up Carla's muscular thighs. Carla looked up at Janice once she was off the bondage table.

“Just get me a cigarette will you? I may as well enjoy this.” Carla wasn't even struggling despite knowing that she was going to die if Voldemort got to finish swallowing her.

“Yes Mistress.” Janice obeyed and fished in Carla's purse for her cigarettes. She pulled out two smokes along with Carla's lighter. Her Mistress was brave to accept her death like this. Janice lit both cigarettes and gave one to her Mistress while she smoked the other one.

“I'm sorry I can't save you Mistress.” Janice whined in her best worthless slave voice.

Carla slowly blew out a long cloud of gray smoke from her mouth. Her ruby red lips framed the smoke beautifully and the sight made Janice shudder with horny desire. Voldemort opened his mouth in weird ways before he swallowed Carla's thighs but before Janice knew it his mouth was just touching the soft blonde mound of pubic hair between Carla's legs.

“Enjoy this to the fullest my lovely slave for these are our last moments together.” Carla told Janice and winked before opening her mouth and holding her breath. The smoke Carla had inhaled rose from between her painted lips on it's own and painted wavy swaths of gray color in the air above her face. Janice was fixated on the smoke with ever increasing horny desire. After the smoke dissipated she noticed that Carla slid slightly across the floor. Voldemort had started to engulf Carla's hips and had taken enough of her body into his throat that now he was actually pulling her down his mouth instead of climbing up around her. The snake's head stretched to it's limits as he worked his jaw so that Carla's wide hips could slide into his mouth. Janice was amazed at how big Voldemort's mouth could get in order to swallow Carla whole.

“I love the way you smoke Mistress. It's so lovely.” Janice told Carla smiling in ecstasy.

“Masturbate my lovely slave. Play with my tits while you still can.” Carla ordered Janice before blowing three carefully crafted smoke rings. Janice already felt like she was going to explode from horny desire already.

“Yes Mistress. Anything for you my Mistress.” Janice started to play with her clit and lay on her side so that she could suck on Carla's nipples. Voldemort slowly worked his way up Carla's hips and soon had engulfed her entire ass. His nose was touching Carla's belly button and Carla tried in vain to twist to one side so Janice could get easier access to her tits but Voldemort resisted her motions thinking she was trying to escape. The two women looked into each others eyes for a moment feeling the love they had shared for so long knowing this was the last time they would get to share it.

Using one hand to play with her clit and finger fuck her pussy Janice sat next to Carla who lay calmly on the floor and watched while waiting for her doom. Janice found that watching Voldemort consume the helpless Carla was actually turning her on and she spread her legs wide so that she could show Carla just how wet her pussy really was.

“Bring your delicious pussy closer to me my slave.” Carla ordered fiercely and Janice obeyed. Janice was about to sit next to her mistress when she got an idea and instead crouched over her Mistress face and squatted low enough that her Mistress could eat her out until the end. Janice's pussy felt so wet she thought her creamy pussy juice was dripping onto Carla's face when she sat on it and her Mistress took hold of both of Janice's thighs and held her tightly in place as Carla's tongue went to work on Janice's clit. Voldemort was showing no signs of slowing down and Janice watched as he worked his way over Carla's belly until he was just below her tits. Janice grabbed both of Carla's tits in both of her hands and massaged the soft flesh eagerly enjoying them for one final time. The snake's head was dangerously close to her own hands and she had to pay close attention that she didn't get trapped as well.

Janice came quickly and fell backwards from the force of her powerful orgasm. She regained her composure as quickly as she could and repositioned herself over Carla's eagerly waiting mouth. As soon as Carla's tongue hit her clit again Janice screamed in wild ecstasy all the while staring at the giant snake that was swallowing Carla's large tits. Carla's strong arms held Janice in place on top of her and Carla never slowed down whipping her tongue around Janice's juicy pussy lips and clit. Voldemort was speeding up his swallowing now that most of Carla was inside his throat. It only took him two swallows to squeeze Carla's tits together and then force them halfway into his throat. Each time Janice had to re-position herself so that her pussy was still over Carla's mouth as Voldemort actually pulled Carla across the floor and down his gullet.

Once he reached Carla's tits Janice had to let go lest her own hands be caught in the giant snake's mouth. Janice watched her Mistress being devoured in horny ecstasy as Carla licked her clit and fingered her asshole. Voldemort swallowed again and again completely swallowing Carla's big tits. Carla's nipples pointed straight up hard as cherry pits until they vanished inside the snake's mouth. Janice saw the outline of Carla's body inside Voldemort's and marveled at how tight a fit the snake's body was around Carla's frame. Janice could see the clear outline of Carla's thighs, hips and breasts through Voldemort's scaley body and the sight was without a doubt the most erotic thing she had ever seen. Janice screamed in an incredible orgasm and once again fell to the floor writhing in hot fiery passion as her most powerful orgasm ever rocked her entire body from the tips of her toes to the hair on her head.

Voldemort was not about to stop and wait for Janice to stop coming. His meal was almost done and two more swallows brought Carla into his mouth up to her shoulders. Carla held onto Voldemort's head with her hands and felt her breathing quicken and her heart beat so fast it felt like it was pounding it's way out of her chest. The end for Carla was very near and she could only stare into those empty snake eyes as his mouth opened wide and his throat muscles pulled Carla's helpless body down his throat. Her arms were being pushed over her head and Carla felt panic start to overtake her.

“Slave come to me!” Carla shouted fear gripping her soul. Janice sat up quickly and took hold of Carla's hands.

“I'm here Mistress.” Janice said as Voldemort swallowed one more time bringing Carla's head inside his mouth. Carla craned her neck back and looked out at Janice and the two women locked eyes for the last time. Voldemort closed his mouth and Carla's head disappeared until he opened it to swallow again. Janice could see the fear in Carla's eyes as her head was finally pushed down the snake's throat and out of sight. The snake closed it's mouth around Carla's arms which were still outside of his mouth. Janice held onto Carla's hands until Voldemort took the very last gulp and Carla was completely consumed. Janice continued to watch as Carla's body was pushed farther and farther down Voldemort's throat until she finally came to rest inside his stomach.

Content with his meal Voldemort ignored Janice and slithered back to his pen. Janice followed Voldemort to the pen and climbed inside once he had found a cozy place to stop and digest her former Mistress. Janice rubbed her hands over the outline of Carla through his smooth, scaly body and hoped that she died peacefully. It took just over two weeks for Carla to fully digest and Janice decided that her Mistress fate would also be her own. It took Voldemort almost two hours to swallow Janice and she lived inside his belly for nearly a third hour before she finally died. Janice best friend donated Voldemort to a local animal shelter but never told them the snake had eaten two human women.

That was very unfortunate for the woman who ended up adopting him.


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