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Moment of Truth

by Don D Hatch

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© Copyright 2013 - Don D Hatch - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; shrink; insert; tease; denial; swallow; digest; climax; soft; cons/reluct; X

"Damn, sometimes wanting to be swallowed alive really sucks!!" Jerry thought to himself as he scanned through his massive collection of throat pictures and videos for about the millionth time.

It wasn't that the fantasy itself sucked. It was actually a lot of fun. What sucked was that IT COULD NEVER COME TRUE!!! No matter how many great pictures he looked at, no matter how many gulp stories he read or wrote, no matter how vivid his imagination was, he knew he'd never be able to actually experience the exhilaration of sliding down a woman's throat to her stomach.

As one juicy throat picture after another popped up on his computer screen, the intensity of Jerry's desire to be swallowed increased exponentially at the sight of each glistening uvula. His brain was working feverishly in it's frenzied attempt to imagine what it would be like to be eaten and then slowly digested by a hungry woman.

About a block away, a solitary figure abruptly stopped in her tracks and gasped.

"Wow, somebody around here really want's to be eaten!!" she thought to herself as she looked around and tried to localize the source of the thoughts she was feeling. Then, she slowly began walking again until she stopped in front of Jerry's house.

"This is definitely the place," she whispered as she gazed at Jerry's silhouette in the window. She took a quick look at the name on the mailbox. "This is your lucky day Jerry!!" she said to herself with a hungry smile on her face.

At first, Jerry didn't hear the soft knocking at his door. Then the doorbell rang, abruptly yanking him from his vivid fantasies.

"Dammit, this better not be any more freaking Jehovah's Witnesses," he mumbled as he walked over to the door and opened it. He was stunned to see the radiant face of one of the most gorgeous women he'd ever seen. As her huge brown eyes met his, she smiled at him seductively.

"Hi, my name's Wendy. Excuse me for getting right to the point, but would you like me to eat you?"

Jerry's knees buckled and he almost fell over.

"Uh, excuse me, What did you just say?"

"I said, would you like me to eat you?. Somebody in this house wants to be eaten, I can feel it. Is there anybody else here but you?"

"No, I'm here by myself" Jerry said, pinching himself to see if he was dreaming or something.

"Well then, you must be who I'm looking for. Mind if I come inside?" she said sweetly, walking into Jerry's house without waiting for him to answer.

"Uh sure, just come right on in!!" Jerry said as he closed the door and followed her into the living room?

"Would you please mind telling me what's going on here? What the heck makes you think I want you to eat me?"

"Oh come on, there's no need to pretend with me. In all my life I've never sensed such an intense desire to be eaten by a woman. Your thoughts nearly knocked me down a block from your house."

"You can read my thoughts?" Jerry said with a worried tone in his voice.

"I can only sense the desires of guys who really want to be eaten, and only when I'm in the mood to swallow somebody. This is your lucky day Jerry. I only eat three or four guys a year, and right now I'm hungry enough to eat YOU on the spot. I want to feel you wiggling around in my stomach so bad. Are you ready to be eaten by me?"

"Whoa lady, let's slow down for a second. OK, lets just say for the sake of conversation that I would like to be eaten by you. We both know that that's not possible, so, why don't you tell me what's really going on here?"

"Nothing's going on Jerry. I really can make your fondest desire come true if you'll let me. If you want, you can be in my stomach in a matter of minutes. But, you have to make up your mind right now. Once my special hunger passes, your chance to be eaten will be gone forever. What'll it be Jerry, yes or no?"

Wendy then raised the bottom of her tight fitting tee shirt up, revealing her sexy tummy, which she began to rub sensuously with one of her hands. At the same time, she began licking her lips enticingly and moving closer to him. Her heavy breathing and predatory gaze was driving Jerry crazy with the desire to be eaten by her.

"Yes, absolutely!!" he whimpered. "What do I have to do?"

"Nothing, Jerry. Just let me do all the work," she said as she walked over to him and put her warm hands on both sides of his face.

"Just look into my eyes and think about nothing except how nice it would feel to be inside my body. Concentrate Jerry, free your mind of all other thoughts and think only of being inside me."

Jerry willingly did as she asked. He felt himself start to tremble and beads of sweat began forming on his forehead as he looked deeply into her eyes and felt her mind probing his.

"Now, look at my mouth and imagine what it would be like to be laying on my tongue, waiting to be swallowed. Go ahead Jerry, look, RIGHT NOW!!"

Wendy opened her mouth wide, and the instant Jerry looked at her luscious pink throat he felt an intense shudder throughout his body that was like nothing he'd ever experienced before. All he could think about in that instant was diving down her throat. A wave of dizziness suddenly hit him and his entire body felt like it was turning to gelatin. When the dizziness had passed, he realized that he was being held in Wendy's hand and that her mouth was now huge and fully capable of devouring him in a single gulp. When he saw his reflection in her mammoth uvula it was more than he could bear, and he fell to his knees in awe.

"Very good Jerry!!", Wendy said in a breathless sort of voice that exuded sensuality. "I don't think I've ever seen anybody shrink quite that fast before. You must really want me to swallow you. I want you in my stomach NOW!! Are you ready to be eaten?"

"YES, YES!!" Jerry screamed. He couldn't believe this was actually happening.

"OK, I'm going to put you in my mouth now. As soon as you're ready, just tell me to swallow you. I won't swallow you until I hear you ask me to. Once you ask me, there's no turning back. Five seconds later you'll be in my stomach. Do you understand? "

"Yes, OK!!" Jerry whimpered, his breath coming in short gasps.

Wendy opened her mouth wide once again and placed Jerry inside it head first. Then she used her fingers and tongue to gently maneuver his head between her tonsils so that he was looking straight down her throat. His heart pounded at the thought of what it was going to be like to plunge into the slippery darkness of her esophagus.

He was just about to say the words that would send him to gastric oblivion when a thought suddenly flashed into his mind. "If I let her swallow me, I'll be digested!!"

At that point, Jerry's thoughts became hopelessly conflicted. When he looked into the darkness of Wendy's juicy throat, he was drawn to it like a moth is drawn to a flame. But, when he thought about the ultimate consequence of being swallowed, he recoiled in fear. He wanted to be swallowed more than anything in the world, but he also wanted to keep living. This just wasn't fair!! Why did being eaten and continuing to live have to be mutually exclusive?

He could tell that Wendy was becoming impatient. She tipped her head back slightly so that he began sliding into her esophagus. Then she squeezed her throat muscles so that his body was squished between her tonsils and forced back up to it's former position at the very back of her mouth. She repeated this several times, driving poor Jerry crazy with the desire to be swallowed. This was the sort of thing he dreamed about nearly every night. However, now that he actually had the chance to experience his ultimate fantasy, he just couldn't go through with it.

Eventually, Wendy got tired of waiting for Jerry to ask to be swallowed and spit him out into her hand.

"What is WRONG with you Jerry? I expected you to be in my stomach by now!!"

"I'm sorry, I just can't go through with it. Couldn't you just swallow me and then barf me back up?"

"That's not the way it works!! What do you think this is, some silly gulp story? This is real life Jerry, and in real life when I eat somebody they stay eaten. That's the deal. I give you the thrill of a lifetime, and in return I get to have a wonderful orgasm while I slowly digest you. If you want me to swallow you, you've got to make up your mind RIGHT NOW before I'm out of the mood. What's it going to be Jerry? Should I put you back in my mouth? I want to eat you REALLY bad!!"

Jerry thought about it for a few seconds, but realized he'd never be able to go through with it.

"I'm sorry Wendy, I just can't do it!! I don't want to die."

"Jerry, if you don't let me swallow you, the thought of what it would have been like will haunt you for the rest of your life. I've seen it happen to other guys who backed out. They just basically fall to pieces. It'll happen to you too Jerry. I've never met anybody who had a more intense desire to be swallowed than you. I can't believe you're hesitant at all. This is your last chance. If I walk out that door without you in my stomach, you'll never have another opportunity to be eaten. Not ever!! Now be a good boy and get back into my mouth where you belong. It's what you really want. Don't think about it, just DO IT!!"

Wendy opened her mouth wide and waited for Jerry to crawl inside. He looked into the glistening pink cavern but couldn't bring himself to enter out of fear that he might succumb to his intense desire to be swallowed. He continued to just stare at Wendy's juicy throat until she finally gave up and closed her mouth.

"That's it Jerry, you've lost your chance to be eaten. I'm out of the mood to swallow you now."

A strange sensation suddenly overcame him, and he felt like he was going to black out. The next thing he knew he was lying on the floor, having been returned to his former size.

"Well Jerry, I'm outta here!! You've been a big disappointment to me. You have no idea what you've just missed out on. Do you realize how many thousands of guys would give their left nut for the opportunity you just passed up? I just hope that the thoughts of what it was like being inside my mouth, just seconds from my stomach, don't drive you crazy. You'll never have this chance again. Good bye Jerry. Have a nice life."

Then she walked out the door and disappeared into the night.

Jerry laid on the floor for a few seconds in stunned silence. Then the full impact of what had just happened hit him, and he leapt to his feet.

"Oh shit, what have I done? Wendy, come back, come back!!" he yelled as he hurled the door open and ran outside. He looked all around, but Wendy was nowhere in sight. Then he went back inside, crumpled to his knees, and began to blubber.

Things went rapidly downhill for Jerry after that. As Wendy had predicted, the thoughts of what he had experienced and what he had missed out on began to interfere with his life. He sometimes went for nights on end without being able to sleep and he had trouble eating. At work, he was totally useless. He spent most of his time just staring aimlessly into space, dreaming about being swallowed by Wendy. His boss eventually summoned him to his office and told him to shape up or he was going to be looking for a new job. His girlfriend got tired of him wanting to stare at her throat all the time and told him to take a hike. Just about everything that could suck in his life DID suck.

One night, after having gone nearly a week without sleep, he managed to doze off on the couch. In the midst of a particularly realistic dream, he suddenly sat up and began yelling "Swallow me, Swallow me!!"

"Shut da fuck up ya moron!!" bellowed one of his neighbors. "Next time you start yelling like that I'm calling da cops!!"

Unable to get back to sleep, Jerry decided to put on his clothes and go out for a walk. A couple of blocks from his house, he spotted a woman walking on the other side of street. As she passed beneath a street light, Jerry's eyes opened wide.

"Wendy, Wendy!! It's Jerry, remember me?" he said as he ran across the street to talk with her. "You were so right about what would happen if I didn't let you eat me. Please shrink me and eat me right now. Pleeeeese!!!!"

The girl looked at him incredulously.

"What the hell are you talking about? I don't know who you think I am but I'm not her, and I have no idea who you are. Now leave me alone or I'm going to start screaming!! Creep!!!"

The woman began walking quickly away from the now despondent Jerry. He had been so sure that it was Wendy and was crestfallen at her response. He thought about following her and asking again, but decided not to. Instead, he began blubbering again as he turned around and dejectedly returned to his house.

A half block away, the woman cast a quick glace over her shoulder at Jerry and began to feel pangs of pity.

"Gee, maybe I was a little hard on the poor guy. Perhaps I should bend my rules just this one time. I really would like to eat him, and I'm definitely in the mood for a good orgasm. I'll let him suffer for just a little while longer."

Jerry had barely been back at his place for five minutes when he heard a soft knock at his door. When he opened it, his face lit up.


"That's right Jerry, it was me you met a little while ago. Guess what? I've decided to give you another chance to let me eat you. You're not going to wimp out on me again are you?"

"No way!! I'm ready any time you are. Let the shrinking begin!!"

About a half-hour later, Wendy emerged from Jerry's house and walked off into the cool, clear evening. She was rubbing her belly and had the contented look on her face of a woman who had just experienced a particularly monstrous orgasm.

Inside her dark steamy belly, Jerry was going about the business of being digested. As he laid there awaiting the inevitable, he played back over and over again what it had felt like to slide head first down Wendy's slick, yummy throat. There had been no hesitation on his part this time, though he did feel a brief moment of panic when he fell into her stomach. The panic soon subsided as resignation to his fate began to set in. It was certainly better than what he had been going through prior to being swallowed. Anyway, the sound of Wendy's rhythmic heartbeat and the gentle sloshing of her digestive juices was soothing, so soothing. At long last he was finally going to get a good night's sleep.


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