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Mummified and Eaten: Orca Snack

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2006 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mf; wrap; latex; eaten; cons; X

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The follow up Orca snack (which should be read before this one).

Thanks to Tiedash for proofreading the story, and thanks to Gromet for suggesting the latex bags.

The water was dark, concealing the orca who moved silently within.

Its senses were on high alert. There was food out here somewhere. With her highly developed senses, the orca would find its meal.

There. Tilting and looking upwards, the killer whale spotted its prey. It was above the water, about ten feet above the liquid surface.

This would be tricky. Though it had a good lock on the prey, the orca would need to time this just right.

A single mess-up and the creature would be hungry for another day.

With a powerful stroke from its tail, the orca went down in the water.

Turning, it spun until it was facing its prey.

It was one of those humans. It was dangling face down towards the water, held upside down by a piece of rope tied around the ankles.

What was very odd was that over its dark and slick second skin, it was wrapped head to toe in silver material.

No matter. All that mattered was getting to it.

With powerful strokes, the orca began to move through the water.

Slowly at first. Then faster. And faster.

Soon the orca was going so fast that the water around it shimmered with energy.

With a final push, the orca shot out of the water.

Its mouth opened impossibly wide, exposing a dark maw filled with teeth.

The human dangling above the water never had a chance.

The orca was going so fast that she didn’t even slow down as her mouth engulfed the human, her momentum shooting her up and up, her mouth taking in the delicious meal.

Finally, the orca reached the peak of its flight upwards. The human’s ankles were inside her mouth.

With a quick bite, the rope snapped.

With the prey now held inside its mouth, the orca fell back into the water with an enormous splash.

Satisfied, the creature swallowed this morsel whole and alive, taking it deep inside her belly, feeling it slide through her throat.

She swam down and paused, feeling its still living meal enter the stomach.

At that moment, a sound came to her ears.

It was the sound of clapping.

“There you go ladies and gentlemen!” The announcer said. “Another performance of the woman eating orca! This marks the three hundredth time Nia has been swallowed. Let’s give her, and Jude, a big round of applause!”

Upon hearing the thunderous sound of applause, Jude quickly went into her well-practiced routine. She shot up from the bottom of her tank and easily slid onto the stage, her mouth open and her tail curled to the sky.

The humans were going wild. Apparently, they loved what she did, which was fine with her.

These humans were so easy to please. When they were happy, they were very nice to her.

And to top it off, she got free food, and plenty of companionship. So it was a mutual relationship all around, though Jude suspected that she got the better end of the deal.

Oh wait, there was the little hand movement. They wanted her to cough up her human friend.

Moving her stomach and neck muscles, the giant orca felt around and took hold of her human friend. Getting a secure grip on her, Jude pulled her back out of the stomach and up towards the mouth.

Breathing slowly, but steadily, Jude pushed her human friend out of her mouth, pushing her out and out and out until she plopped onto the water covered stage.

She lay still, still breathing, but very tired. Maybe a gentle nudge would get her to move.

Jude slid forward and gently bumped her human friend. She rolled slightly, moaned a little.

Then the other humans were there, tearing away the silver stuff that was wrapped around her body. When she was freed, the human Nia slowly got to her feet. That was good. A sign that she was okay.

There was more thunderous applause from the audience. Nia turned and waved weakly, her fatigue clearly showing.

This concerned Jude. Her human friend was weak and needed rest. And she still had one more swallowing to go through today. Maybe rubbing her would make her feel better.

Jude began to squeak, catching Nia’s attention. She smiled and slowly walked over to her large friend.

Placing her hand on Jude’s huge mouth, she slowly stroked the rubbery skin. Jude’s eyes closed slightly as the pleasure of touch began to come over her.

For being such weak and frail creatures, humans were good and showing affection through touch and care.

Jude’s relaxed body gave a deep sigh as she sank another inch or so onto the stage, luxuriating in her caretakers rubbing.

The rubbing continued as the audience slowly filed out. To both orca and human, it was a special, tender moment, as it always was.

You haven’t known satisfaction.” Nia mused. “Until you’ve heard an orca purr.”

Kneeling down, Nia wrapped her arms around Jude’s mouth and squeezed tightly, giving the orca the biggest and tightest hug she could manage.

Jude appreciated the effort. It always touched the orca when her caretaker did this. And it would be a pleasure giving her a fully body hug when she was swallowed later.

This trust and affection was crucial to the two. Without it, neither would have even considered doing this show.

When the hug was over, Nia sat down next to her orca. “You know.” She said, stroking the area near Jude’s eye. “You were quite good this time. Your timing on the jump and the bite was perfect.”

And you were very good at keeping still.” Jude replied. “It takes a lot of courage to do that.”

Nia laughed. At times, she was certain that she could tell what Jude was thinking, just by looking at her eyes.

They were so expressive, those eyes. So full of intelligence and compassion.

“Well, I’m sure we’ll get another chance to see how good both of us are at this evening’s show.”

Yes, I’m sure we will.”

Nia chuckled. “Here, why don’t I get you some food that you can actually eat. Does tuna sound good?”

Oh yes, please! I love that stuff!

Laughing, Nia went over and grabbed the bucket of tuna at the edge of the stage.

Unknown to both orca and human, they were being watched very closely.

The binoculars peeked through the bushes, enabling the user to focus his eyes on trainer Nia.

“Ah ha…” Professor Jarlson said. “Yes, very good.” He adjusted the focus lens, and homed in on his target.

That trainer had such a cute bottom. Covered in that skin tight, soaking wet, wetsuit. So round, so curved, so…


“Yes dear?”

Oz spun and looked at his research assistant (and fiancée) Mary.

“Tell me again, why are we coming here?”

Oz smiled. “Honey, I’m convinced that trainer Nia has somehow managed to communicate with her orca! Could you imagine what that means if it’s true? That we could be on a breakthrough in human and animal communication!”

Mary nodded, but went on. “Well, why couldn’t you do your studies back home in Wales ?”

“Because they don’t have enough resources, and I…Oh, look!”

Oz Jarlson eagerly peered through his binoculars. “There, you see! The trainer is talking to the orca near one of the eyes! I knew it!”

Mary shook her head. “Oz,” She joked. “Sometimes I worry about you.”

Oz returned the smile. “We’re going in.” He said. “Tonight! We’re going to talk to the orca!”

The smile left Mary’s face.

“We’re doing what now?”


As Jude swallowed her food, Nia went back into the small prep room off stage. A quick shower came, removing the gunk and stomach juices.

Nia allowed herself a moment to just sit down and relax, letting the warm water drip and roll off her wetsuit. Relaxing in its warm embrace, she closed her eyes.

Oh, this felt sooo gggoooddd….

She slowly lay down on the shower floor, peppered with small droplets of water that came from the show above her.

Fatigue, weariness and the warmth of her slick and wet suit all dragged Nia into a gentle sleep.


“Nia! Nia, wake up sillyhead!”

Nia’s eyes opened. “Wh…what?”

“Come on, you’ll miss the last show of the day!”

Nia closed her eyes and groaned. “There’s one last show to do?”

“I’m afraid so. But after that you can sleep. How’s that sound?”

Sighing, Nia slowly stood up. “That sounds wonderful Liz.”

Jude was already going through her tricks and stunts as Nia walked out on stage.

“And here she comes ladies and gentlemen!” The announcer said, well practiced at using the phrase. “Our very own Nia!”

Nia looked and waved. She chuckled as she recognized several people in the audience. Less then two months after this whole stunt had started, and she already had her own fan club.

As the tape began to wind it’s way up and around her wetsuited body, Nia realized that she never got tired of being wrapped up for her stunts.

This latest one was very interesting. Standard full body wrap in duct tape over the suit, but being dangled upside down over the water was an interesting touch.

After the wrapping was completed, Nia was carried off the stage, up a ladder and onto a platform.

There, she was laid down on the platform while Liz and the other assistant tied the rope around her wrapped ankles.

Nia shuddered as she felt the rope gently dig into her ankles nice and tight. There was something about having your ankles tied together and being dangled…

…which was where she was a minute later, dangling upside down fifteen feet above the water, waiting for Jude to come shooting out of the water and embrace her in her warm and sticky mouth.

Ahh, there she was, at the bottom of the tank, getting ready to accelerate to maximum speed.

She could rest for a few moments before the jump. She went completely limp, letting her bound and wrapped arms relax behind her back. Going completely limp, dangling like an ornament…so very relaxing.


Nia opened her eyes to see a huge maw coming straight at her, the dark throat welcoming her inside.

She managed a smile.

Here we go.”



The lights at the park were always dim at night. Though there was security present, the lights were kept dim enough so that the animals could sleep in the darkness.

The darkness was the perfect cover for Oz and his fiancée as they snuck their way into the park, dressed like thieves in the night.

Their outfits were a little out of the ordinary. Like some silly spy movie, both were dressed in skin-tight black wetsuits.

“Tell me again…” Mary asked as she snuck through the bushes. “…Why are we wearing wetsuits?”

“It’s because they offer camouflage in the dark. And we might be in cold water.”

“Oh really? Then why did you select my suit to be the one that has these two blue stripes on it?”

Oz looked back at her, his eyes growing and a smile coming onto his face.

“Maybe it’s because you look so damn hot and sexy in it.”

Mary rolled her eyes. “You know,” Mary said, smiling. “Sometimes I wonder if you’re still sane.”

Oz only grinned as he continued onwards.

There. The orca Jude’s pen was dead ahead. And there were no guards in sight. This would be easy.

It was a simple manner to sneak into the pens. Jude however, wasn’t in the pens. A quick glance at the gigantic tank also showed that Jude wasn’t in her tank.

A startled Oz tried to figure out where a forty foot long, multi-ton whale could hide. Then he realized what was going on, and he groaned at his own stupidity.

The orca’s pen was right next to the ocean, and there was a very large gate between the two. At the moment it was open, which meant that the killer whale was out swimming in the ocean.

This feature had been installed in response to animal-rights activists who claimed that the killer whale was being kept against her will. Now she could come and go whenever she wanted to.

Silently indicating to his fiancée to stay and look out for guards, Oz slowly walked forward onto the stage.

He shivered with excitement. This was where it happened. This was where the trainer spoke with the orca.

A chuckle emerged from the man. “So, the professors back at the university think I’m mad do they? I’ll show them!” He grinned devilishly. “I’ll show them all!

His neoprene booties splashing, he walked over to the edge of the stage and splashed his hand in the water.

For several minutes, nothing happened. Then a shape appeared under the water, emerging from the gate that lead to the ocean.

Like a very well oiled and used machine, the orca Jude abruptly appeared and shot out of the water, landing on the stage.

Oz was taken back by the whale’s size. She was…big. Very big. Easily the biggest orca he’d ever seen, in terms of length, weight and overall size.

Jude looked at the human in front of her. Hmm…she couldn’t recall seeing this one before. Maybe he was a new friend to play with. She turned her head slightly and looked him over. He didn’t look or feel threatening, mostly curious.

Oz slowly walked forward, unsure how to try out his idea of if this whale could understand a human language.

Best to start off with the basics. He looked at the orca directly in the eye.

“Do you understand me?” No, no, too generic. He needed something more focused. “If you can understand me, raise your tail.”

Amazingly, the orca did just that.

Okay.” Jude’s expression told Oz. “What do you want me to do next?

Oz responded by falling on his butt, his suit rapidly getting soaked with water. She had done what he had asked! He couldn’t believe it!

He had to try more commands. “Uhm…lie on your side.”

Jude tilted onto her side and stuck her right flipper up and waved it.

Oz was almost ecstatic with joy. It was true! This orca could understand him!

Now for the classic word that had been used in all the shows.

“Open your mouth.”

Jude opened her mouth to as wide as it went, exposing the dark, deep and damp cavern inside it.

In awe, Oz went forward and carefully peered inside Jude’s mouth. He could see the folds of skin that covered the opening of the throat, but the throat itself was very large. Wide enough to accommodate a human, as had been demonstrated in the show.

Oz couldn’t resist. He stuck his arms in, and began to gently scratch Jude’s tongue. Jude’s eyes closed slightly, indicating pleasure.

“Mary!” Oz said quietly. “Come here! You’ve got to see this!”

No reply.

“Mary? Come on, you’ll love this!”

No reply.

“Mary, what’s wrong?”

Before Oz could turn, his hands were grabbed.

Giving a little shriek, Oz looked inside Jude’s mouth. Two hands were holding his, with a grip stronger then he imagined.

“What the…”

With a small grunt, Nia pulled herself forward out of Jude’s throat, just enough so that her arms and head were sticking out.

She yawned. “Well, hello there. What do you think you’re doing here in the park after hours?”

“Don’t worry Nia.” A female voice said behind Oz. “We’ll take care of it. You there, hands in the air!”

Nia released Oz’s arms. Oz briefly considered running for it, but he heard the sound of a gun chamber being slid into place.

Groaning, Oz raised his arms above his head.

“Good. Now don’t make any sudden movements. You’re under arrest for trespassing.”

A hand brought down Oz’s right arm and put it behind his back. Oz felt the click and snap as a handcuff was locked around his wrist. The process was repeated as his left arm was bought behind his back, and locked in the handcuff too.

His unseen captor forced him to kneel on the stage, where his ankles were locked in a pair of cuffs as well.


Ten minutes later, Oz and his fiancée (who was also locked in cuffs) were kneeling on the stage in front of their captors.

Nia had pulled herself out of Jude’s throat and now sat next to the orca, stroking her affectionately.

“Pardon me for asking.” Oz said. “But what on earth were you doing inside that orca?”

Nia smiled. “Sometimes I like to take naps inside of Jude. She doesn’t mind carrying me around while I sleep. It’s almost womb like.”

“But the problem now,” Liz said. “Is what to do with these two. What were you doing here after hours?”

Oz gulped. “Well, I…I was curious to see if that orca is as intelligent as she appears to be. I’m fascinated by killer whale intelligence, and your orca seemed to be a prime candidate.”

Liz nodded slightly. “And?”

Oz continued. “And it appears that she is intelligent. While my own commands were normal commands that are taught by you, I was unable to go into more specific details.”

Liz nodded. “Well, too bad you won’t get a chance to try out any more experiments for a while. If I recall correctly, trespassing in this state is punishable by at minimum, a year in prison. So I’m sure both of you will have plenty of time to contemplate orca intelligence while sitting in your cells.”

Mary cried quietly, her arms moving to wipe away the tears, but stopped by the unforgiving grip of the handcuffs.

“Look,” Oz said. “I’m sure we can work something out here. We were just curious!”

“You could have come and asked about meeting Jude on a one on one basis.”

“In retrospect, yes. But my curiosity and impatience got the better of me.”

Nia smiled. “Well, at least you’re honest.”

Liz put away the gun. “Well, I suppose we’d better call the police.”

Mary cried more and more, and even Oz began to cry quietly.

It was a pitiful sight.

You know.” Jude said as she looked at Nia. “They didn’t do any harm. They were just curious.”

Nia thought. Just as Liz was about to dial the police on the phone, she stopped her.

“Wait.” She said. “I think I have an idea on how we can settle this.”

Oz and Mary looked at her with a very faint glimmer of hope.

“If they really want to make up for this, I know how they can. We’ve got a new idea to make it easier for Jude to swallow humans, and these two can be the first testers.”

Oz and Mary frantically nodded their heads. “Yes!” Mary said. “Please, we’ll do anything you want. Anything! Just don’t call the police on us!”

Nia nodded. “All right.” She got up and walked over to a locker on the far edge of the stage, opened it, and pulled out some supplies.

The standard issue duct tape was there, but there were two new items.

They were latex body bags. Form fitting, constructed completely of skin tight, black shiny latex.

“The idea is that I’m wrapped up in tape as normal.” Nia said. “And then I get zipped up into this body bag. Very smooth, and it makes it easier for Jude to swallow me.”

Oz and Mary stared.

“You can’t be serious!” Oz gasped.

“Well, it’s either this, or the police.” Nia said.

Realizing that they had no real choice, Mary and Oz nodded their heads.

“All right then.” Nia said. “Let’s get you out of those cuffs and get you wrapped up. But first…”

Liz quickly took out a camera and snapped a picture of the cuffed couple.

“A little insurance police to make sure you don’t run away.”

Liz took out the keys to the cuffs and undid them. Oz and Mary immediately rubbed their hands together, grateful to be free of those horrible cuffs, which still looked threatening even when open.

“Now then,” Nia said, holding up the tape. “Who’s first?”

Mary and Oz looked at each other.


“How about we wrap them both at the same time?” Liz suggested.

“Na.” Nia said. “Let’s wrap the guy first. He should look rather cute in the bag.” What she didn’t say is that she would enjoy watching the fear on the woman’s face, when she realized that what would happen to the guy was going to happen to her.

“Okay.” Liz said. “But just to be on the safe side…” She turned to Mary and held up one of the handcuffs.

Mary shook her head and backed away. “Oh no.” She said. “No, not those. I won’t run away, I promise!”

Liz smiled. “I know. But this is just to be on the safe side. Besides, you look rather sexy all dressed up and handcuffed.”

Mary whimpered, but otherwise did not resist as she was taken to a flagpole, and had her hands cuffed behind her back, around the pole.

“There we go.” Liz said as she tightened the cuffs with a loud CLICK. “That’ll keep you secured until we’re ready for you.” Liz struggled with her steel bindings, but found that they were locked very securely.

Liz walked away, leaving Mary cuffed to the pole. Quietly disappearing, she slid down and sat in the water, feeling her suit getting wet with water. “What a lousy day this has been.” She thought.

Oz was standing still on the stage as the three female trainers slowly wound the thick duct tape around his body. So far only his ankles and knees were wrapped, but at the rate the trainers were going, he’d be tussled up in less then ten minutes.

“This is so strange.” Nia said as she wound some tape above Oz’s knees.

“What is?” Liz asked.

“That I’m not the person being wrapped up in tape.”

The trainers laughed. Oz gave a little chuckle.

“So, do you like this?” Nia asked curiously.

Oz gave a shrug. “I never imagined when I woke up this morning that I’d be in a wetsuit, getting wrapped up in duct tape in preparation of being swallowed by a creature I’ve been studying for years.”

“Yea.” Liz said. “I bet you were only expecting to watch the orcas.”

“Yes. That was the point…Ow! Do you have to wind it so tight?”

“Yep.” Nia said as she reached his groin. “You have to be very compressed and snug so Jude can swallow you easily.”

Oz gave a small groan. “How very reassuring.”

“Oh don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt. Jude is very gentle when she swallows people.”

“How many people has she swallowed?”

“Only me, about a few hundred times.”

Another gulp.

At that point, the trainers reached his sides. “All right buster.” Liz said. “You need to put your arms at your sides.”

“And if I don’t?”

Liz gave a sly grin. “Then Jude’s teeth may do a little scraping.”

Frowning and muttering, Oz complied, placing his arms at his sides.

He didn’t struggle as the tape was wound around his torso and his arms, pinning both in place.

From her place at the pole, Mary looked on with both dread and fascination at what was happening to her fiancée. But her attention was torn between the sight of her fiancée being wrapped up, and the tightness of the handcuffs around her wrists. Even when locked around the neoprene, they were still very tight.

“Excuse me.” Mary said. “But could one of you come loosen my cuffs a little? They hurt.”

“No.” Liz said. “Besides, you’ll be in them for only a few more minutes.”

“But they’re tight!”

“If you think those are tight, imagine being wrapped up, locked up, and sealed up inside an orca’s stomach.”

Mary was quiet. Suddenly her cuffs didn’t seem so tight anymore.

To Oz, his bindings were very tight. His captors were reaching his shoulders, meaning that they were going to be finished soon.

If he had wanted to escape, then that chance was long past. His legs were bound together, his arms were bound to his side, and the tape wrapped around him was so tight that breathing was becoming difficult.

“There we go.” Nia said as she pressed the last bit of tape down. “All wrapped up and snug. How do you feel?”

Oz tried to move, could only manage a hop. His arms were completely unmovable.

“Perfect!” Nia said. “Now, on to the new gear. Your nice, cozy bag!”

“Great.” Oz said, his voice flat.

As Nia picked up the bag, she looked over at Jude, who was still lying on the stage. She had been watching everything with great interest.

“So Jude,” Nia said. “You ready to swallow someone new?”

Yes, though not in the way that you are accustomed to.”

Nia was a bit confused. What did that mean? Oh well, she’d find out in a few minutes.

“All right ladies.” Nia said. “Lie him down on the stage.”

Oz didn’t, couldn’t resist as his captors gently lay him down on the ground, so that he was staring up at the night sky.

“All right.” Nia said as she took hold of Oz’s neoprene covered feet. “Let’s get you tucked in.”

Taking the latex bag, she guided Oz’s feet into the bag. To her delight, it was a perfect fit around his feet.

Ohh, this is going to be good.” She thought. “So tight and nice within this shiny, shiny bag.”

Oh, this isn’t going to be good.” Oz thought. “This is going to be too tight and too hot. Wait a minute. I’m wrapped up and being zipped into a body bag. Hmm…this might not be so bad after all.”

More and more of the bag was placed up and around Oz’s bound body. The latex kissed him as it was zipped up, inch by inch.

Oz managed to lift his head to watch as his legs, his waist, his arms, and his chest were slowly contained by the latex bag.

Finally, the bag was completely around him. With a final VVVRRRIPPP, the zipper was finished. The bag’s collar was tightened around Oz’s neck, and several built in belts were strapped together to compress and squeeze the bag’s occupant.

“Well.” Nia said as she stood up. “That should do it. How do you feel?”

Oz squirmed a little within his bag, completely unable to move. “It’s very tight.” He said matter-of-factly. “I can’t move at all, it’s quite warm, and quite snug around my body.”

“Perfect!” Nia said. “Then let's feed you to Jude!”

“Uhm…” Oz said. “Do we really have to do this?”

Liz picked up the telephone threateningly.

Realizing that he was stuck, Oz sighed. “Very well.”

Liz and Nia reached down and took hold of the belts wound around the bag. Picking up the bag and it’s occupant, they slowly walked towards Jude, who was watching this morsel with great interest.

“Here we go Jude.” Nia said. “Your latest meal, very slick and shiny! Just remember that you can’t digest him.”

I don’t intend to.”

Nia looked down at the bound captive. “Do you want to go headfirst, or feetfirst?”

“If you must insist, I will go feet first.”

“Okay.” The two trainers held Oz’s body level, pointing it right towards Jude’s mouth.

"Wait a minute!" Oz said. "How are we going to breathe inside that orca?"

"Oh, don't worry about it." Nia said. "Jude can carry enough air for you to survive. And she'll keep breathing, and keep passing air on to you."

"How very reassuring." Oz muttered.

“Okay Jude.” Nia said. “Open up!”

Jude looked at them, then did something that nobody had ever seen her do.

She somehow managed to turn her entire, forty foot length body so that her human friends were looking at her side. Then, with great effort, she rolled onto her right side, so that her tummy was pointing up.

“Jude?” Nia asked. “What is it?”

Jude squeaked. Nia heard a loud plop, and looked towards Jude’s tail.

Jude’s vaginal opening was wide open, and clear juices were pouring out of her.

Temporarily forgetting about Oz, Nia and Liz put him down and walked over to Jude’s opening.

It was quite large, and judging by the muscles and loose skin, the opening could expand several times larger.

Curious, Nia placed her arm inside Jude’s opening, feeling the wet and moist muscles within. Jude gave a squeak, and the muscles closed in on Nia’s arm.

“Whoa, there Jude.” Nia said. “What are you doing?”

The muscles around Nia’s arms were pulsating, grabbing at her, and strangely, trying to pull her in.

Only then did Nia realize what Jude wanted.

Nia chuckled. Then she started to laugh.

“What?” Oz asked in his bag. “What is it?”

With some effort, Nia managed to pull her arm out of Jude’s vagina. Jude squeaked sadly.

“I think Jude wants some company.”

Oz nodded his head. “Yes, I think we all know that.”

“Inside of her.”

“Well, isn’t that what she wants from you?”

“But not in her stomach.”

This statement puzzled Oz. He had to think about it for several minutes. Then with a grasp of horror, he realized what Nia was talking about.

“You…seriously…must be joking!” Oz stammered. “You can’t…really mean that?!”

Nia smiled and nodded. “Oh yes, I do mean it. I think Jude wants you inside of her.”

Liz went over to drag the helpless researcher over to the giant orca, while Nia walked over to Jude’s head.

“So.” She said, looking into her giant friend’s eyes. “Do you really want him to go in through there?”

Oh yes. The last time someone went in there, it was incredible. I’ve hungered for that feeling for a long time.”

“Well, now you’ll get it my rubbery friend.”

Oh good! I look forward to it. He should enjoy it.”

Walking over to Liz, Nia grabbed one of the belts on the body bag, and the two dragged Oz over towards Jude’s vagina.

“Look, I’m sure we can work something out!” Oz stammered, wiggling in his bag. “I mean, I’m fine with her swallowing me, but this? This is a bit much!”

“Oh come on.” Nia said. “Jude said you’d enjoy it.”

“You…you talked to the killer whale?” Oz stammered.

“Oh yes. She’s very intelligent.”

“I can’t believe this is happening…” Oz muttered.

They reached Jude’s tail. Jude’s vaginal opening increased in width, ready to admit an occupant.

Not wanting to keep their multi-ton friend waiting, Liz and Nia lifted Oz up and stuck him in, feet first.

Almost instantly, muscles gripped Oz’s legs and with surprising strength, began to pull him in. The researcher was speechless as he watched his bag being sucked into the body of a killer whale, through its vagina no less.

More and more of the bag vanished into Jude’s body. Within moments, Liz and Nia were able to let go of Oz, and let Jude handle the work of sucking him in.

Judging by the sounds the giant orca was making, Jude was enjoying the process immensely. Her entire body was shaking and quivering with excitement as she pulled Oz into her body, squeaks emerging from her mouth.

Within a minute, Oz had been sucked up to his shoulders, the red muscle lined opening expanding further and further to accommodate him. Jude paused, resting and gathering strength. Oz was left sticking out of her, looking absolutely bewildered.

Nia walked over to Oz. “So, how’s it feel to be sucked up into your new mommy?”

Oz was flabbergasted. He stuttered, trying to find the right words. There was a suck, and he was pulled in five more inches.


Another suck. Up to the neck.


There was a loud schlurp and another suck, and then Oz’s head was the only part of him sticking out of Jude’s body.

Oz’s eyes suddenly went wide. And he found the right words to describe the situation.

“It’s damn horny.”

With a final, powerful suck, Oz’s head was pulled into Jude’s vagina, and the top of his head rapidly vanished into the darkness of Jude’s tube.

The hole quickly contracted and closed itself, sealing up the hole where Oz had been only a moment earlier.

Jude’s midsection pulsated as she took Oz into her body. Some juice dripped out and gathered near Nia’s feet.

With a loud, content sigh, Jude slowly rolled back onto her belly, and relaxed.

Nia walked over to Jude’s head and sat down next to her large friend. She reached over and wrapped her arms around Jude’s snout, and squeezed tightly.

“Wow.” She whispered. “That was quite a sight. How’s he doing?”

Still going in.”

Nia smiled. “Well, while you’re working on him, we’ll go get his friend all set to go.”

Very well. I’ll be ready for her.”

Jude watched as her human friend got up and walked over to the new female, who was tied to a tall thin post of some kind.

The events of this evening had been rather odd. She had never seen humans acting towards each other that way before, locking limbs behind backs, threatening each other with small shiny things, and something called the police.

Oops. Jude closed her eyes and focused, pushing the man through her tube towards her womb. He was stuck, and needed a little extra force to get going. Ahh, there he goes.

This was one little talent of hers that only one other human had found out, years earlier when she was in the mid Atlantic . He was a nice man, so friendly and responsive to her desires for him.

However, he hadn’t tasted too good. He had been the first, and the last human she’d eaten and digested. No more humans in her diet. Ever.

Besides, she couldn’t imagine digesting any of these humans who were so nice to her. All she had to do was do some tricks, and she got free food and all the companionship she wanted.

And this human, the one they called Nia…she was special. She was kind, loving, and affectionate. Everything Jude could ask for in a human.

Ah. With a final push, the male human in the shiny skin was deposited inside her womb. Now for the tube…

As she moved her tube into position, Jude watched as her three trainers were wrapping the new female up in the shiny material.

But unlike before, this new human was not smiling or relaxed. Jude was distressed to see this one with a frightened expression on her face as her body was wrapped up very tightly in the shiny material. She looked very frightened.

If there was one thing Jude regretted, it was not having the ability to make the sounds the humans made. The elegant and complex sounds that made up their communication. If she could make those sounds, then maybe she could reassure this new human that it wouldn’t hurt, that she would be safe.

They were putting the shiny black skin over the new human. She obviously wasn’t enjoying it at all. She was dripping water from her eyes. Why were they doing this to her? Sometimes Jude just couldn’t understand humans, why they did some of the things they did.

The new human was finished. Jude’s trainers looked her over for a few seconds, then started carrying her over.

Jude acted without even needing to be told, acting off months of training and practice. Her large, cavern like mouth opened, exposing her thick tongue, teeth, and huge throat.

The woman was lowered until she was level with Jude’s mouth. “Don’t worry.” Nia said. “She won’t hurt you.”

Silly Nia.” Jude thought. “I won’t hurt humans. I couldn’t imagine doing such a thing.”

But still, she kept her mouth opened. As the woman was moved forward, towards the gaping mouth, she began to shake and buckle within her restrictive skin, trying to worm her way out of it.

Jude looked at the female human. “Don’t worry.” She tried to convey through her eyes. “I won’t hurt you. You have nothing to fear.”

The female did notice Jude’s deep, caring eyes. Could she tell what was being told to her? It didn’t look like it.

Nia and the other human trainer didn’t pause. Withought waiting, they pushed the female into Jude’s mouth, head first.

Jude felt the female human begin to struggle frantically as her head went into Jude’s mouth.

Working automatically, Jude began to swallow the female human, working her deep into her mouth, into her throat. It was difficult trying to keep her teeth from scratching the female, with all the struggling. Didn’t she know that if she only kept still, that this would go much easier?

Jude had to do something. Had to give this female some kind of signal…maybe some calm thoughts would help calm her.

Don’t be afraid.” Jude thought, focusing her thoughts on the woman she was swallowing. “I will not hurt you. I will not harm you. You have nothing to fear. I will care for you, I will keep you safe and warm within me.”

And suddenly, the woman stopped struggling. She stopped thrashing. Surprised that it had worked, Jude continued swallowing, gulping down this temporary meal.

The human’s shiny legs were pulled in, inch by inch, until only her feet were left sticking out. They did twitch and squirm a little, but Jude focused on finishing what she had started.

With a powerful suck, the female’s feet were pulled into Jude’s mouth. Closing her jaws, Jude gave a powerful swallow, and felt the female being pulled into her throat, and felt her traveling into her stomach.

She had to be careful now. No digestion while this human was inside her. The female was inside the stomach, but was struggling a little bit. Jude thought for a few moments. Maybe some gentle rocking would help quiet her down, done by a nice swim.

Slowly turning, Jude worked herself off the stage and plopped back into the water of her gigantic tank. With a heavy splash, she took a deep breath and went under the surface, swimming lazily in the cool water.

The female was still struggling slightly, but to Jude’s relief, she was calming down a bit. The human male, on the other hand, had been completely still while inside of her, only turning occasionally. He hadn’t been a problem at all.

So Jude swam slowly and calmly through the water, letting it rock her huge body. Within a few minutes, the female had calmed down completely and was still.

Surfacing for a breath, Jude looked over and saw the humans Nia and Liz coming out to join her. Jude paused and let them swim over to her. The two paddled over to her and tried to climb up onto her back.

Smiling to herself, Jude sank a little into the water, allowing the two to climb onto her back. When they were on, Jude decided that a night swim in the ocean might be the perfect way to finish this evening.

With both her trainers holding on, Jude slowly swam out of the tank, through the gate, and into the open ocean. The moon shone down brightly on the water, making it sparkle and glisten.

Jude swam slowly, with no particular destination in mind. She simply enjoyed being in her natural environment, swimming around with the humans she loved most on her back.

The coast soon disappeared behind them as Jude continued onwards. Time quietly slipped passed them, and before Jude knew it, several hours had gone by.

She checked to see how her passengers were doing. The female was quiet inside her stomach, and it felt like the male was curled up inside her, his form still and relaxed.

Jude felt the two humans on her back, and was amused to sense that they were asleep, still holding on to her.

Ahh, these humans were a delight to be with. Though she felt like swimming further out, she knew that the humans would probably want to be back on land.

Turning around, Jude swam back towards the marine park, careful not to let her friend’s fall off her back. They dozed, Liz holding onto Jude’s dorsal fin, and Nia curled up on top of her head.

At last Jude pulled into the large tank, and headed straight for the stage. At this point Liz and Nia were stirring on her back, slowly waking up.

Jude stopped next to the stage, and let Liz and Nia get off, their body postures showing that they were very sleepy.

When they were sitting on the watery stage, Jude leapt up onto it and opened her mouth. Working with well-practiced precision, she slowly began to regurgitate the female inside her stomach. She was pushed through the throat, and out, out, out, until her head appeared in Jude’s mouth.

With a giant push, the female fell out of Jude’s mouth, her shiny second skin covered with saliva. She looked very tired and worn out, but she didn’t look frightened anymore. Or scared for that mater.

Time to get the male out as well. Making sure that she wasn’t rolling onto one of the humans, Jude rolled onto her side, exposing her tummy to the sky.

Widening her vaginal opening, Jude detached her tube, and then began to push the male out of her, pushing him into her tube. She could feel him wiggling, as if he was protesting. But because he was wrapped in that shiny skin, he wasn’t able to stop his progress.

Pushing and pushing, Jude felt him pop out her, head first.

To Nia, the spectacle was quite a sight. It looked as if Jude was giving birth to a fully grown human. Which, in this case, was correctly.

While Liz worked on releasing Mary from her bindings, Nia walked over to Oz, who was being pushed out of Jude’s Vagina. He slowly slid forward, until he finally fell onto the stage, covered with clear liquid, born a second time.

Oz was moaning slightly as Nia began to undo the straps binding him inside the body bag. He didn’t seem hurt or damaged by his trip inside a killer whale.

When the straps and the zipper was undone, Nia pulled off the bag and set it aside. Taking a large pair of scissors, she cut away the duct tape binding his body and cast the crumpled up mess away.

With his limbs suddenly freed from their imprisonment, Oz stretched very slowly, uncertain of what to do next. He opened his eyes and looked around. Almost immediately, he shut them closed again. Why did everything have to be so dark after being in that wonderful place?

He moaned, trying to work his eyes open again. His limbs were sore, but he had never felt so alive.

Then he remembered his fiancée. “Mary?” He asked, opening his eyes and recognizing her limp form only a few feet away.

He somehow managed to crawl across the water soaked stage until he reached his limp fiancée, who was now free of her bindings. He took her in his arms. “Oh honey.” He whispered. “Are you all right?”

Mary opened her eyes and looked at him. There was a very large smile on her face. “Oh yes dear.” She said in a dreamy voice. “It was wonderful! I wish you could have been there!”

Oz was surprised at this statement. “Uh…what happened?”

“Well, I was terrified at first, being swallowed and all. But when I was halfway in, I suddenly felt calm, as if I knew that everything was going to be all right. It was as if…as if the killer whale had told me so. But it was incredible in there! So moist, soft, and cushy.”

She looked directly into Oz’s eyes, and a twinkle crossed her face. “It was, so very…” She ran a hand over Oz’s groin. “…Hot.”

Any fatigue or weariness Oz had suddenly left him. His eyes lit up as a thought came into his head.

He turned to Nia. “Uhm, I know this is going to sound strange but…do you think we can…uh…go back inside the orca?”

Nia was a bit baffled. “Why?” Then her eyes looked over the couple’s wetsuits, and she noticed something.

The suits had zippers over the crotches.

It was Nia’s turn for her eyes to go wide. She smiled. “Let me go find out.” She walked over to Jude, who was now back on her belly. After conversing with her, Nia came back.

“Jude says sure.”

Giggling like naughty children, the couple quickly got up and walked over to the orca, who had gotten back on her side. Her vagina was wide open, warm, and inviting.

Mary went in first, giving a huge, inviting smile to her fiancée as he pulled herself into Jude’s vagina. Muscles gripped and pulled her in, and within thirty seconds her twitching feet were sucked into the dark hole.

Grinning madly, Oz followed right behind her, happily crawling back into Jude’s dark hole, happily allowing the muscles to take hold and pull him into her wonderful warmth.

When his feet were sucked in, the hole closed tightly, sealing the couple inside Jude.

Rolling, Jude flopped back onto her belly, giving a large sigh as the couple continued on to her womb.

Nia walked up to her large friend, placing her hand on the orca’s head, and began stroking her gently and tenderly. “So.” She said, smiling. “Are they happy?”

Yes.” Jude said. Her large eyes went wide briefly, as there was a sudden rush of movement inside her. “Very happy.”

“That’s good.” Nia said, stroking Jude’s head, rubbing her wonderful skin. She sighed. Nia loved being with this orca so much. She was a wonderful being.

And I like being with you too.”

Nia laughed as she embraced Jude’s head.

Looking to the horizon, Nia saw the sun’s rays beginning to rise on the horizon. She yawned. It had been a very long day, and a very long night.

Jude too, yawned. The orca was tired.

“You sleepy?” Nia asked, as she tried to stop yawning.

Yes. Sleep sounds very good right now.”

Nia chuckled. “Well, good thing it’s the weekend. No shows, no tricks. So if you want to go out to the ocean for a while, I’m sure you can.”

Why not come with me?” Jude asked. “You could get some rest too.”

Nia smiled. “That sounds good…*yawn*...very good.”

As Jude happily opened her mouth, and as Nia cheerfully started to crawl in, a thought came to her. “How’s the couple doing?”

They just finished.” Jude said. “And they are sleeping right now. They’ll sleep for quite a while.”

Smiling, Nia happily crawled into Jude’s mouth, letting the orca swallow her. It was so relaxing, going into this orca. So soft, warm and squishy.

As she was swallowed, and as she went deep into Jude’s stomach, Nia yawned, and let sleep come to her.

With Nia now inside of her, Jude sensed that it was a good time to head out to sea and sleep.

She swam out of the tank, through the gate, and into the open ocean, as the sun rose, spreading its warm rays upon the ocean.



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