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The Neighbours Lure

by Mark Bryan

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© Copyright 2007 - Mark Bryan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; tease; swallow; disolve; digest; absorbed; soft; nc; XX

Mark on his daily walks usually walked by Tina and Dan's house. Mark and Dan were friends. Dan and Mark shared their likes and dislikes about women on many occasions.

Tina wasn't as outgoing as Dan but she seemed friendly in a distant sort of way. She is a tall shapely woman in her thirties. Her long thick perfectly manicured blond hair fell exactly to her waist. Her blue eyes sparkled with vibrant energy. Her skin was not perfect however make up easily covered any of the flaws. Her arms were evenly covered in thick light colored hair. Her legs were perfectly shaped. This girl obviously was very familiar with the concept of exercise.

Today's walk yielded a surprise for Mark. Tina was waiting for him. She wore a short skirt, short-sleeved top; knee high socks and a pair of strapped pumps. He waved as he passed.

“Mark! Got a minute?”

“Sure. What's up?”

“Dan left town and wanted to know if you'd mind helping me out while he's gone.”

“Sure, no problem. What do you need?”


“Um, you know I'm married.”

“Oh, no not in that way. You got the wrong idea.”

Mark was obviously embarrassed with his mistake, “Sorry, I mean ... I didn’t...”

“.. It's okay”, she replied to his embarrassment, “tell you what why don't you come inside for a drink, you look like you need it.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

Mark followed Tina into the house. He couldn't take his eyes off of her legs. Her thighs, to his total surprise were covered in the same color hair that covered her arms. He wondered how far the hair went down her legs. She turned and caught him looking but said nothing.

“Have a seat. Rum and Pepsi with cherries, right?”

“Uh yes. How did you know?”

“Dan told me before he left along with a lot of other things that you two spoke about. Like your liking unshaved legs, hairy arms and knee high socks.”

“Wow, now I really do feel uncomfortable. That stuff was supposed to be between he and I.”

“Well believe me I left him no choice. Everything he knows I now know.”


“Don't worry Mark your secrets are safe with me. I promise my knowing them won't make a bit of difference to you soon”; she said matter of factually with a big smile. “Now have a seat while I make you your drink.”

Mark sat in one of the chairs in the living room. Tina went into the kitchen and made Mark's drink.

“So where did Dan go?” Mark asked loud enough for Tina to hear him in the kitchen, which was adjacent to the living room.

“Down south somewhere. Where he is right now I couldn't tell you.”

She returned to the living room with his drink, handed it to him and continued, “it is odd though, and although he is gone I feel like he is a part of me.”

“I understand. It happens when two people are real close.”

“I guess you're right. He feels closer to me than ever before”, Tina noticed Mark was not drinking, “going to drink that?”

“Um ... yes, sorry.”

He took a big swig. Grimaced a little.

“Wow, that's pretty strong.”

“Oops, but is it sweet enough?”

“Yes, but strong.”

“Want me to make you another?”

“No, it's okay. Just getting a little buzz.”

“Don't worry, you're not far from home.” She reminded him as she crossed her legs calf over knee. “I have something to show you.” She stated as she slowly kicked off her shoes and rolled down her socks revealing her unshaved leg.

“You know, I think I better go.”

“It's okay.”

“No I really need to go home now.”

“But Mark you are home,” she said looking him straight in the eye as she rubbed her belly, “or at least you soon will be.”

“Um... what are you trying to tell me?”

“God, sometimes men are so dense! When I told Dan what I was going to do to him for cheating on me he had the same confused unbelieving expression that you now have.”

“What did you do to him? I haven't seen him for a few days.”

“Oh yes you did, you just didn't recognize him.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I'm leaving!”

Mark stood up and immediately fell to the floor dazed. He couldn't move his legs. He looked up and was inches away from her socked feet. The smell of her feet was somehow intoxicating. He looked up and saw her legs glistening with light colored dense hair.

“Oh you're not going anywhere ... well not under your own power that is.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well actually I guess I’m talking about me.”

“I thought we were talking about Dan and where he went to.”

“Giggle. Well then we are talking about me… at least by now we are.”

“You’re not making any sense.”

“Oh I’m making more sense than you realize. Don’t worry though, I’ll clear it up for you very soon… as soon as…”

“…What the hell is happening to me? The room and you are getting bigger.”

“I’m not changing, silly… you are.”

“What did you do to me!”?

“Oh nothing like what I have planned. You asked about Dan, well he and I had a big argument and I won.”

“What did you do? Kill him?”

“Well, in a matter of speaking… you could say I did. But truthfully it was my stomach that actually did the killing. As for where he is now well he’s here,” Tina stated as she rubbed her breasts,” As you know he was a breast man now he’s my breasts… well at least part of them.”

“You’re mad! That’s just not possible!”

“Believe me Mark, before the nights over I’ll make a believer out of you. Besides, look at yourself you are only 3 feet tall now and still shrinking. The funny thing is that’s what Dan said.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Why Mark I thought you’d never ask, giggle. I’m going to swallow you and digest you alive right in here,” she said with a toothy smile as she pointed to her stomach area.

“You’re joking with me, right? That’s murder!”

“No it’s the law of the hunt. I outsmarted you, captured you and soon I will be swallowing you. Now I know you want last requests. I even know what they are.”

“Dan told you?”

“Well he didn’t have to. After I digested and absorbed him I knew everything he did. Guess it comes from absorbing his mind and soul along with his body… which is what I am going to do to you in just a little while.”

“You’re a monster!”

“Perhaps…. but a pretty one. So do you want to take your last requests or do you want me just to swallow you?” She put her legs in his face.

The hair glistened like golden stalks of soft grain. Mark could not resist her. . . he felt them. He immediately fell under her control. He could refuse her nothing. His excitement hastened the shrinking process and was soon as tall as her legs were wide. Tina grabbed Mark and dropped him into her sock. He slid down to the toe of her sock. The odor turned him on even more. As he was about to come, the odor of her feet finally overwhelmed him. As he passed out he wondered if he would ever wake up again.

When Mark regained consciousness in a few minutes he was greeted with the vision of an opened field of golden grain. His body was cold from Tina’s sweat evaporating from it jarred him back to reality. A reality that defied acceptance. Mark was now on Tina’s hairy arm. Soon the surface began to tilt and he began to slide. He felt warm moist air flowing over his body. He looked to the direction which he was sliding … it was towards her gaping wide opened mouth. He could see down her throat and knew at that moment that Tina was tilting her arm to cause him to slide down it. He grabbed hold of one of her arm hairs, which stopped his descent to oblivion.

Tina noticed what Mark was doing.

“Mark do you really think that is going to stop me from my snack? Well it’s not! You are going to be digested and become part of me. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you I have this talent for controlling my metabolism in the way that I can control what parts of my body get the food I eat. I used it with Dan, that’s why I know he is part of my breasts and I am going to use it with you… Mr. Arm, Leg and Hair man. Giggle.” With that she gently closed her lips over Mark’s legs and began sucking him into her mouth like a struggling worm fighting for life… and he was.

Even though Mark had a tight grasp on the strand of her arm hair it was no match to the force of Tina’s sucking. Within seconds he was slurped into the dark, warm cavern that was Tina’s mouth. She rolled him around her mouth drenching him with her hot wet saliva. After ten minutes of this Tina could no longer taste Mark. She put her leg to her mouth followed by her arm apparently to give him one last look of the outside of the parts he soon would be absorbed by.

“Be sure to say hello to Dan… or what’s left of him for me, giggle.”

Then it happened. Tina’s tongue rose as she tilted her head back. Mark was thrown to the back of her throat and in what seemed like one motion she swallowed him alive.

Mark was squeezed from all directions as her throat muscles grabbed him and rippled him to her stomach. It was dark in Tina’s stomach but somehow his eyes where able to adjust to the almost non-existing light. He explored his surroundings looking for a way of escape. As Mark explored half seeing and half feeling his way around he bumped into something that cut his hand. Curiosity took control of him and he wished it hadn’t. He carefully felt the object and when he figured out what it was his blood ran cold, it was Dan. Well at least all that remained of his in his human form. It was Dan’s skeleton and a look into his own future in less than an hour from now. Mark began to panic. Unfortunately for Mark this stimulated Tina’s stomach to produce Hydrochloric acid. The acid came from everywhere. It was like a torrential down pour and in a few seconds Mark was soaked in the stuff. At first his skin began to tingle then itch. When he scratched the itch he realized that his skin was pealing off. The areas he scratched began to burn as the acid did its work on him. As he fell face first into the pool consisting of Tina’s stomach acid and what it had already dissolved of him, he knew it was over and he soon would begin his new existence as part of Tina’s arms, legs, feet and hair.

Tina sat on the couch apparently waiting for something. After a few minutes her body quivered and a smile filled her face. She had just absorbed Mark’s mind and soul and she felt it happen just like with Dan. She rubbed her hands over her arms and legs knowing that Mark was beginning to take on his new form. Well at least Mark and Dan are together…. well sort of anyway.



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