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Nicole's Fantasy Comes True

by Justine

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© Copyright 2007 - Justine - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; snake; swallow; vore; death; cons; XX

My name is Nicole; I’m 30 years old, 5’ 5”, and 120 lbs. I am proud of my nicely shaped well toned slim body.

One of my high school classes was biology; one of the studies was reptiles. A local pet store owner brought in several lizards and snakes. We carefully handled them; many girls didn’t touch the snakes. At first I was reluctant, but soon I was handling the large 5’ long   beautifully colored snake. I could feel the strong muscles in its body as I draped it around my neck and body. I held its head close to my face, his unblinking beady eyes looked straight into my eyes and he flicked his long forked tongue to smell me. I was captivated by this beautiful creature. The teacher showed us pictures of many different snakes, some very dangerous, some harmless, and many different colors and patterns. I was intrigued and fascinated with a picture of a very large 35’ anaconda with a large long bump in its stomach, it was a girl taken from a local village. This image was permanently fixed in my mind.

About one year ago I was diagnosed with an incurable rare cancer; I would die in a year. I was devastated, in denial, this can’t happen to me. I saw several doctors, they all confirmed the same diagnoses.

I began to close out my life, I sold everything, gave all my money, clothes, personal belongings to my sister. I began trying to find a way to end my life without suffering the   severe pain that would come, and how I wanted to have my body disposed of. Suddenly, the image of the large anaconda with the girls’ body in its stomach came to my mind, I immediately knew this was the way I wanted to die and have my body disposed of at the same time. I was very excited.

I remember hearing of a fellow living in Florida raising a very large anaconda. I was able to get his name from a local pet store owner. I called him to discuss his snake. He was very proud of his snake, he called him Big Willy. I explained to him my medical condition and how I wanted to die. He said no way and that I was crazy. I was able to finally convince him, but under his conditions, I agreed to do what ever he wanted.

I said goodbye to my grieving sister and flew to Florida. He picked me up at the airport. Doug was a nice enough looking muscular man who was polite and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable with him and looked forward to see the snake and make preparations for my death.

His conditions were that I was to become his sex slave, to do what ever he wanted, no matter what it was. My sex experiences have always been rather normal, nothing different or unusual.  It really didn’t matter what he wanted to do to me, he could do anything, just as long as he didn’t kill me, I wanted to die in the snakes body. I looked forward to a new experience.

Doug had a big long 10” penis, he had 2 snakes. I became the object of his many bizarre   fantasies. He fucked me in every orifice in every way possible way. I quickly learned to deep throat his long penis. He fisted me as far as he could in my ass and cunt, he used many large dildos and plugs. I was tied up and suspended in every position possible. I was mummified, encased, tortured, and pissed on, everything he could imagine. He removed all my body hair, including my head, I loved the way I looked. Even though I was sore, ached, bruised, my ass and cunt were completely stretched out, I enjoyed every minute and looked forward to each of his pleasures.

I was there for about a month when the pain of the cancer became uncomfortable.  I told Doug it was time to make the preparations for my encounter with Big Willy. Doug feeds his snake a dead rabbit or chicken every day filled with a mush made with animal parts and health supplements. He really loved his snake, but for the last 2 weeks he wasn’t fed. Doug wanted to make sure the snake would be hungry and would quickly eat me.

Big Willy was kept in a very large outdoor steel cage enclosure with a steel top and bottom. It had a large tree trunk with big limbs, a large pool of water, and a wooden structure where the snake could sleep. There was a locked gate for access.

Doug and I planned for my preparation to be with the snake. I wanted to live as long as possible in the snake’s stomach.  I would have tubes inserted into my nostrils with 30’of the tubes remaining outside the snakes so I could breathe. The tubes would be tightly taped to the sides of my head so my vision would not be blocked. My nose, mouth, ass, vagina, and urethra would be sealed to prevent the digestive juices from entering my body, I wanted to be digested from the outside to live as long as possible and to experience the digestive process. My left arm would be behind my back with my hand in between my legs, and my right arm would be in front with my hands tied together. My right hand would be right against my clitoris. My ankles and thighs would be tied tightly together and a rope tied around my waist and arms to keep my body as tight as possible, to make me easier to swallow. The food mush would be smeared all over my body, except my face, the smell would attract the snake and provide a slippery surface to ease my entrance and movement down into the stomach. It all sounded great, I was ready.

We spent last night together making love, not brutal sex, Doug was very tender, sweet, and caring, something I needed. 
Today Doug placed a large rubber sheet on the floor of the cage; he did it without    disturbing the snake. He ties me up, inserts the tubes in my nostrils, seals all my openings and carries me out to the cage. He takes the tape off my mouth and with tears in his eyes gives me a big kiss, then wraps my mouth. He carefully opens the cage and carries me inside. I look down and see a row of large mirrors standing on the rubber mat. He is doing everything possible to help me with my fantasy, I love him. My heart is pounding in anticipation of what will come. He puts me down on the rubber sheet in a sitting position with my feet pointing toward the wooden enclosure. I want him to hurry, he smears my body with the food mush, quickly leaves and locks the gate.

I want the snake to come out, come on Big Willy I’m waiting. I don’t have long to wait, his large head appears in the opening of the shed, its long forked tongue flicks in and out of mouth. He smells the mush and slithers out, it’s taking forever, he is huuuugh, I feel so small. He comes to me, flicks his tongue all around and positions himself at my feet. I watch in amazement as he moves his large jaws back and forth unhinging them, exposing  a pink dark tunnel. I panic, do I really want to die this way, yes, I’m determined to be pulled down his throat and into the his body. I have anticipated this moment for a long time and I’m ready.

I lift my feet and point my toes at his throat. He quickly takes my feet and ankles into his mouth. I feel the strong muscular contractions in his throat pulling my body in.  His body moves up and his head moves forward up to my mid calves. My knees disappear. My heart is pounding, I’m flushed with excitement, I’m shaking all over. My fantasy is really happening, I’m being devoured by this huge beautiful snake. His head moves onto my thighs.  My body is getting bigger and the snake moves forward more slowly. He is up to my mid thigh, then higher. I want him to pull me into his throat faster.

I lay back, Doug is standing inside the cage using his video camera, he smiles and waves to me as he takes a close-up of my face. I try to smile back as I look into the camera. I’m glad Doug is filming me as I disappear into the snake. I hope when he shows this video, he will tell everyone; she wanted to die this way, to be eaten alive, didn’t try to escape, was calm and peaceful, and smiled as her head disappeared. The best part was seeing her as a big long bump in the snake’s stomach and watched as it slowly disappeared.

I turn my head, looking into the mirror to watch my body slowly being pulled into the snake. I see a bump in throat, its me; the bump is getting bigger and longer. I can’t stop  looking into the mirror, I’m mesmerized. His lower jaw bumps my ass cheeks, he pushes forward again. He lifts my body off the sheet tilting me down toward his throat. My ass cheeks plop into his throat, my right hand is in and the muscles begin to push on my hand. I realize I’m not masturbating. I rub my clit as fast and hard as possible and quickly have the biggest, best, longest lasting orgasm I ever had. My waist disappears, his nose bumps my tits. The inside of his mouth has small ridges that rub my very sensitive nipples, I explode into another fantastic orgasm. His nose touches my chin, I look into his large unblinking beady eyes, he is looking into mine. Suddenly my shoulders slip into his throat and his throat closes around my neck. I look back at the mirror, I see my body in his, my head is slowly disappearing. I look back to see the light disappearing as I’m pulled down toward his stomach. I’m completely inside.

I seem to be sliding faster as his muscles are pushing on my shoulders. My body is constantly being squeezed as I’m pushed on, my nipples are stimulated and the muscle contractions on my hand keeps me at orgasm. Finally the contractions stop and I stop moving I’ve done it, I’m in the snakes belly soon to become part of his body. My fantasy is fulfilled.

It is not as tight here and I can wiggle around a little, I like doing this. My skin begins to tingle, then itch, it becomes unbearable, I wiggled around trying to get relief. My body is burning, burning, the pain is getting more severe every second. I wiggle faster, faster, harder. His stomach juices are churning around me speeding the digestive process.

I no longer feel anything, I can’t move, I’m beginning to drift away, the picture of the snake with the girl in its belly comes to my mind, I smile…



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