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Storycodes: Other/fm; swallowed; eaten; vore; cons; X

Dave took a step back, and watched Maggie unbutton her blouse. He could see she was breathing heavily. Was it from fear or excitement, he wondered. She dropped the blouse to the wet beach and quickly unsnapped her bra. It fell atop the shirt. Dave knew then, seeing her erect nipples and goose-pimple flesh that her arousal was intense. Five paces before her, the creature coiled its glistening tentacles. It waited patiently, as if knowing the prey would come to it. Maggie slowly unzipped her jeans. She slid them down her legs, then sat in a shallow puddle to get them past her feet. She sat in the soft wet sand, naked but for the panties. She pulled this last item down her thighs. Dave felt an erection building in his loose shorts. He could sense his woman was nearing orgasm before even making contact with the beast. She lay back, nude on the beach. Her eyes closed. Unconsciously her right leg extended, leaving a shallow trench in the sand.

As if to accept the invitation, a lone wet tentacle reached from the octopus' mass of limbs and gently encircled her ankle. Maggie gasped a simple, "Please." She was slowly dragged along the beach as the other arms slowly moved along her legs.

The creature's size at first shocked the two visitors to this lonely stretch of beach. From all they had heard, to see an octopus towering over them at twice Dave's height still sent waves of goose flesh across their backs. As they approached and the thing sensed their arrival, their apprehension was quickly replaced with almost unnatural erotic fascination. Maggie had all but ignored her husband at that moment, moving closer even as Dave stopped. That had been their plan from the beginning. She would approach first and he would observe the events.

Dave knew now, watching her naked body slide along the sand, that she would have given herself to it no matter what. The sexual pull the monster seemed to emanate was dizzying in its intensity.

The creature became more animated with every inch of Maggie's arrival. The remaining seven limbs greeted her, wrapping around her shins and thighs. This was going to happen, Dave thought, fighting for breath. Maggie was being pulled toward into this thing, into some unseen mouth, swallowed forever. Would it be slowly, he wondered. Would the beast try and devour her quickly before she could be snatched away?

A faint sucking sound drifted across the beach from the coupling bodies of the woman and beast. Dave gazed longingly at Maggie's thighs. The skin curved at the press of the large arms. Her skin was caressed, and where the appendage moved away Dave noticed red circles. The suction cups on its arms suckled her skin, tasting her all over. Maggie ran fingers through her red hair, eyes closed. Her lips moved in soundless conversation. Her hair landed in the small rivulets of water the ocean tossed beneath her.

The octopus pulled her closer. Maggie's toes touched the soft, pliant skin. Tentacles reached further up, along the hair between her legs. They slid across her belly which moved quickly up and down in silent pleasure. Her legs parted. A lone tentacle wrapped around her waist and over her crotch. It stopped, pulsating, suckling at her clitoris as if to draw the moisture from her; slowly, languidly. Maggie moaned, reaching down and stroking the arm which worked at her like a lover. Breasts swelled between her biceps.

The creature's stance changed. It's bottom raised to reveal a hidden anatomy, where the mass of flesh met the wet sand. Dave could see where the eight tentacles converged, growing thicker and less flexible in a web of flesh. A thick tube emerged like an erection. At its tip a mouth opened, thin lines of wet spittle stretched then parted as the mouth opened to its full diameter. One of the tentacles slid between Maggie's buttocks, pressing them down and parting the fleshy mounds. Her midsection arched. She offered a deep cry of pleasure. It was a scene Dave recognized from the hundreds of photos and first hand experiences as an oceanographer. Maggie was being slowly gathered up. The creature prepared her, gently, carefully, for swallowing.

The octopus was larger than any Dave had ever seen in his ten years of aquatic research. This thing was a freak of nature. But it was more than this which drew him and his wife to this remote shoreline of Cape Cod. The reports, from those lucky enough to have escaped, drew the couple with more strength than any professional interest. The reports were of almost-unbearable ecstasy. Of being not so much attacked, as raped. The creature played with those it caught, in such a way as to make one think more of love-making than eating. The two women and one man who gave their reports all stated if they hadn't been pulled away by someone else, they would have let the monster swallow them whole. Dave and Maggie became obsessed with this notion. To be so consumed with lust you would let yourself be eaten alive.

It was too much to ignore. The survivors were scoffed at, labelled lunatics, but one couple listening to their stories became more obsessed every day. Dave and Maggie's burning need for this unlimited pleasure drove them here, during a gray dawn on a lonely beach. Their search was now complete, with Maggie's writhing pleasure on the beach, tangled in the wet sucking grip of a creature bent on swallowing her alive.

Maggie's toes were guided along the soft wet skin of the creature, along the rippled side of the protruding throat, into the orifice that was the mouth. She began sobbing and whispering , "Yes, please," so quietly Dave had to strain to hear. Her body lay lost in the rapture of the creatures' massaging of her legs, ass, crotch. Now her breasts received the gentle squeezing of its embrace. The tentacles quivered, coated her skin with a viscous liquid, allowing it to rub under her mounds of flesh, across and over her throat, coating her in a coat of transparent slime. Her body sported hundreds of small circles where the cups sucked on the flesh. Dave felt something happening to his own body. His cock strained forward, ready to burst. He fumbled for the belt and fly of his shorts. They fell away, onto the sand around his bare feet. He wore no underwear. His full erection aimed toward the creature and the woman it consumed. He threw off his shirt, needing to feel the cool breeze across his body.

At the top of octopus' mouth, a triangular lip extended, rubbing at her toes and ankles. As it did, it built suction within the tube. Slowly, easily, she slid into the mouth up to her knees. Her back arched again as two more tentacles slid back and forth along her ass. Dave whispered, "Maggie? Are you..." but the words died in his throat. He was too turned on, too lost in this hormonal madness to say anything more.

He and Maggie had made a pact with each other. He would pull her away before things went too far, before she was lost to the monster. But now, watching as the creature's mouth close around her thighs, the wet heavy lip suckling at her legs and pubic hair, writhing tentacles wrapping around her breasts and neck, one curling along her cheek and entering her mouth, Dave knew the truth. He would not stop this. Maggie would be completely swallowed alive into the pulsating throat. Part of him screamed 'stop this' in his head. 'Stop this, get her out now. She'll die', but it was a distant voice in the wind, a thought without weight. He wanted her in this thing. Wanted her to slide up the throat, out of sight, squirm in its waiting belly.

At this thought, seeing Maggie's eyes roll in her head as she sucked the tentacle in her mouth, Dave's excitement exploded. The pumping rhythms of his cock shot a stream of semen into the cool air. The steaming come landed across the sand and down his leg. It felt wonderful, like ejaculating from a wet dream. He moaned, fell to his knees, kneaded the softening cock in his hands to squeeze every bit of juice from it. He never took his eyes from Maggie as she slid further into the throat.

The excited, quivering lip of the octopus pulled away from its constant stroking of her crotch. The mouth stretched wide to allow her hips to slid in, then the end of the extended organ closed around her waist.

Maggie's legs were twisting shapes through the stretched throat muscles. The organ was translucent, allowing Dave to see her legs sliding over themselves in its narrow confines. The image of his own swollen cock stretching into a condom came to mind. The dark triangle of hair between her thighs was a mere blur, moving upward along the pulsating tunnel. Her feet were gone, lost in the darkness under the hulking mass of limbs. Maggie released the stiffening tentacle as it moved in and out of her throat, and caressed the wet skin of her own breasts, pinching the nipples. She glided trembling fingers along her belly. As she was sucked into the monster further, her hands became trapped in the wet maw. She tried to pull them free. Then obviously realizing her struggles were useless she slid her arms further in until they pressed against her legs. The tentacle in her mouth withdrew slowly. Maggie took in a large gulp of air.

Her breasts pressed upward as the sucking mouth moved against them. The single protruding lip pressed on their flesh, allowing the creature's mouth to move slowly over them, stoping for a moment as her nipples slid under the wet, suckling skin, then slowly close in around her throat.

Dave' cock stretched once more into the cool morning air. He realized that he would soon lose sight of her forever. 'Are you mad?' the voice in his head demanded once more. 'Pheromones, you idiot. This thing exudes pheromones like there's no tomorrow. It's got you crazy with desire, but it's just a chemical. Fight it!'. He listened to the words in his mind, and it made sense. He saw the obscured shape of Maggie's breasts in the tube, pressed against her chest but sliding with tremendous ease into the darker recesses underneath the creature. Her body writhed with excruciatingly intimacy in the throat.

With one final gasp she turned her head. Her face and hair slid completely inside, gone to Dave forever. The sight of her figure being pushed along by the rippling throat muscles filled every pore of his body with a painful desire. He stroked his fingers lightly across his member, not surprised to feel it rock hard once more. He watched Maggie's body disappear inside the monster.

'She's heading for the stomach,' he thought, taking an unconscious step forward. 'In the sac, where the internal organs are. She's going slide into it and be digested.'

He approached the octopus. The tentacles brushed against him, warm and wet against his naked belly and buttocks, but did not bar his way. Dave saw the bulging sac that served as the creature's head falling back behind the massive body. Was that Maggie's shape, he wondered, travelling along the side of the thing's body? The one lone eye of his companion watched with seeming disinterest. Now and then, a warm wet arm would slide up Dave's back, sending shivers throughout his body. He stared at an area just below the eye. The breathing hole opened and closed with rhythmic breaths. It took in air through this opening, passing it to the internal gill system that provided oxygen to the organs. The organs which were slowly digesting his wife, he realized with too much pleasure.

The breather hole continued to pulse. Dave found himself fascinated with the beat and rhythm of its movements. His cock seemed to strain forward of its own accord, driven by an unheard invitation. He stepped forward, feet sinking slightly on the wet sand.

Slowly, carefully, he placed his member into the opening, and rested it on the fleshy mass swelling from the inside. Would the creature let him do this? It did not pull away, or try to stop him. Dave's senses reeled, and he fell forward against the soft body. His cock slid the its full length into the orifice. It was so warm inside. The creature continued its steady breathing, and with the movement slid the fleshy wad back and forth underneath the man's swell. It was now Dave's turn to moan. He let his full weight rest against the body. Tentacles ran tenderly across his legs and buttocks, suckling his skin.

He could hold back no longer. Pumping with a rhythm to match the sea creature's, his cock shot semen into the invisible reaches inside the breather. At once the tentacles held him firmly against the wet softness of itself and the breathing hole closed tightly against his still-shooting cock. Suction like none other pulled the ejaculate out of him. Inhuman arms gripped his back and legs, holding him firmly against the excited and pliant flesh. He screamed in pleasure. Over an eternity the breather drank him of all he had. His legs went weak, but did not fall to his knees as he expected. The arms embraced him, held his naked body aloft. This new feeling of the creature's strength and his now loss of any control only served to spur on his arousal. He would stay hard this morning, he believed that completely.

The orifice suckled him like a baby to a bottle. All around the man, the world faded. The only sensation was from his new lover. Slowly, he felt his legs being manipulated, pressed together and guided down. Something slid against his feet, suckled at his toes. Dave felt his cock grow with the sudden realization that the octopus was eating him. The suction on his organ eased and the slippery tentacles laid Dave's shaking body onto the wet sand.

He opened his eyes. He hadn't realized they were closed until now. He stared at the sky, growing brighter and bluer than he remembered. His ass slid along the beach while at the same time something unyielding and wet slid up his calves. He raised his head and saw his feet disappear into the creature's throat. His brain spun with excitement and he lowered his head once more to the cold surface of the beach. He reached for his cock and slowly kneaded his between his sweaty palms. The only thing in his mind was the desire for this to continue, for his body to become the next orgasmic meal for the suckling body into which he slid with excruciatingly slowness.

A slippery tentacle wormed its way between his thighs, pressing lightly against his balls. It curled slowly around his erection. Dave caressed the warm wet appendage and fought the urge to ejaculate again. He wanted to keep this fevered arousal forever. More tentacles encircled his body, covering his with a warm excretion. He felt large arms sliding easily across his torso and chest. His moans were almost lost in the constant sucking of the arms and throat, into which he slid past his knees. The probing triangular lip lapped at his thighs.

The tentacle between his thighs pulled away, moved into the ever-tightening area between his ass. Small suction cups began working feverishly at his anus. He cried out in pleasure, feeling the suction through his guts. Another arm slid across his open mouth and he sucked at it. The greasy coating tasted bitter. The tentacle curled around his face and hair. At once he felt the lip rubbing his midsection. His thighs were compressed as they moved into the throat. His ass curved and pressed into the tight, throbbing tunnel. As the pulsating throat closed over his hips and he felt it moving rhythmically across his swollen genitalia, he could hold back no longer. He came again, almost painfully, coating the inside of the tight enclosure even as his stomach and chest slid in. He pumped repeatedly from his midsection, feeling tears fall down his face. How could anything be so incredible, he wondered?

His legs twisted as the passage narrowed. His face was coated in slippery juices as the tongue worked up over his chin and mouth, nose, eyes. He felt closure over his head. Dave was in, compressed but not uncomfortable, sliding upwards. With eyes closed, he felt the inner skin of the throat throb and pulsate across every inch of his body.

His feet entered a wider area, and suddenly his travels increased in speed. With one last gulp his body moved to a new area, deep within the creature's stomach. The walls closed around him like a warm wet blanket. Dave's thoughts became disjointed. The air was thinner, warmer. His skin was heating up, most likely from acidic excretions of the stomach. Something long and soft was to his left. His final fading thought was joy to be alongside the still figure of Maggie, her digestion continuing within their wondrous new world. He wanted to reach for her dissolving body, but could not move his limbs. Slowly, languidly, he let his consciousness fade to nothing.


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