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One Goes In, One Comes Out

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2010 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; house; basement; plant/f; tentacles; entrap; engulf; insert; climax; cons/reluct; X

A Halloween Special 2010 Tale

“Look, it’s just what they say, OK ?”

“One goes in so another can come out”

“That’s right. They say it’s so the house always has someone to play with”

“Play with. Right” I was not impressed “My sister has gone off for a wander, and you are wasting my time telling me urban myths. I don’t have time for this !” The last sentence was a shout.

“All I’m saying is that your sister was last seen heading towards the old house on the corner of Pierrepont Street, and they say it’s haunted. Once you go inside the last person can leave and you have to stay there until someone else comes in”

“Oh for heaven’s sake” I snapped “If you had just told me that’s where Sarah was last seen heading it would have been quicker and I would not be fighting the urge to hit you”

“Look Louise, just be careful, OK ?. They say there is no time in that house and you can be trapped for years but only a few days passes outside. Imagine that, years of torment and no-one even knows you are missing. Scary eh ?”

“I think I had better go and take a look in the house in case Sarah has hurt herself, and you had better hope she hasn’t or we will be having words”

I shook my head as I turned away and swept off down the street. Pierrepont Street. Third on the left and on down into the boondocks. Why did my stupid sister have to go down there today. It’s a nice hot sunny day and I would rather be sunbathing. Or drinking. Yes, drinking sounded like an even better idea.

I heard a wolf-whistle and my mind filtered back to reality. A handful of builders on the scaffolding were admiring my legs, and they were worth the effort. Long and tanned, and these spray-on denim hotpants showed every inch of them. I blew them a playful kiss and gave my cute little arse a wiggle as I walked past and turned the corner out of their view. Some days I wished I had Sarah’s big pillowy chest, and others I just loved having my long and sexy legs. Mind you, some days I wanted both, but that was just me being greedy.

The ‘haunted house’ on Pierrepont Street came into view, and I paused as I looked over what had once been a grand old house. Now it was just a tattered old house. Loose screens squeaked in the gentle wind, but of my sister there was no sign. If I had been sent on a wild goose chase things were going to go badly for young Max. Very badly. Still, until I checked I would never know so I squared my shoulders and pushed open the steel gate. It squeaked loudly, and the un-raked gravel crunched under my shoes as I walked up the path and up onto the porch.

The door creaked gently open and I was inside. Dust had settled everywhere. And in that dust I could see a trail of footprints leading to a doorway. A cellar doorway.

This door opened silently and I followed the footprints down the stairs into a long-abandoned basement. Unlike the upstairs, down here the flagstone floor appeared to be clean, and the slanted sunlight from the windows illuminated a green column that grew from a well in the centre of the floor.

Something drew me to that green column, and I approached slowly, one hand extended to touch it. I shivered as I felt it warm under my palm, and I jumped back as it started to ripple and pulse before my eyes. Then, with a ghastly slurping noise it started to split apart and expand into mass of tentacles that waved gently as if searching the air for anything new. It was both fascinating and frightening to behold, and I watched struck still until I heard an all-too human cry. I peered closer, and deep within that mass of writhing tentacles I could make out a human head with a blonde bob haircut. I moved around, desperate to get a clearer look at the head, and a quick glimpse of bright blue eyes told me all I needed to know. My beloved sister Sarah was deep in the grasp of those terrible tentacles.

All I could see of her was her head seemingly adrift I that sea of green. Her head twisted and she caught sight of me standing there. She cried out to me, tears running down her cheeks. She thrust out her arms towards me and I took a quick step towards her to pull her clear. But no sooner had her arms reached full stretch then tentacles rolled out from behind her shoulders and coiled their way along her arms until they could drag them back into that boiling green mass.

Sarah was crying out, seemingly desperate to be rescued from her ordeal. One in, one out I dimply recalled and cursed myself for not listening to everything Max had to say. At least if I recued Sarah she would know to come back with help. Loads of help.

“Hang on sis” I called “I’ll get you out”

Sarah shook her head, and pleaded with me to get out and away, then her cries grew inarticulate as her head vanished from sight beneath a wave of those writhing tentacles.

I glanced about and saw the remains of Sarah’s clothes lying on the flags. Not a development I welcomed, but I was set on my plan. Three buttons and a shrug of my shoulders and my shirt lay on the floor. One stud and a wriggle of my hips and my hotpants joined them. I threw back my head and faced my fate as naked as the day I was born. When nothing seemed to be happening I stepped right up to the tentacles and waited.

Slowly the movement of the mass slowed and a number of the tentacles turned slowly towards me. They approached slowly as if unsure what was happening, waving slowly back and forth as if sniffing the air. Sensing where I was standing.

“Come on, come on” I snapped “One comes in and one goes free. I’ve been told how it goes”

One of the tentacles brushed my neck. It was warm and smooth, yet despite that I shivered. It brushed back and forth for a moment, then it was suddenly wound about my neck. I jerked back as a reflex, and it gave me just enough slack to catch me off-balance before reeling me in. I reached out to fend another off, and another tentacle coiled swiftly about my wrist. I heard myself give a cry as a thick tentacle wound itself about my narrow waist, lifted me off the ground and carried me away towards that writhing mass. With a shiver I realised I no longer had any control of what happened next and I was suddenly both scared and terribly turned on.

Somewhere out of the corner of my eye I saw other tentacles gently laying my dear sister’s naked body on the flags before swirling back towards their latest toy. Me. To my horror I saw her lying still, making no attempt to run for help.

“Get up Sarah” I shouted “Get out, get mmmppphhhh” The tentacle rolled smoothly round the lower portion of my face and pulled itself between my lips like a a warm organic cleave-gag.

The strong tentacle lifted me up over the writhing mass and as I looked down the tentacles beyond number were boiling up towards me. Moments later I was amongst them. My mouth was released and every inch of my flesh was being caressed by the warm tip of a tentacle, as if a hundred gentle tongues were pleasuring me. From the roots of my hair to the very souls of my feet they stroked me like an army of attentive lovers and I felt my mind wandering. I could hear myself making inarticulate sounds of pleasure, soft mewling sounds as I wallowed in the sort of sensations I just wished my lovers could provide.

I half-felt stronger tentacles wrapping about my wrists and ankles, lifting and spreading me to truly allow those caressing tips access every inch of my tanned flesh. I sensed something come to rest atop my head, and a tentacle wound it’s way down round my face and it’s tip slipped between my parted lips. It tasted sweet, and to my inner disgust I started to suck at it gently and I was soon rewarded with a gentle pulsing and a sweet fluid slipped down my throat.

I saw a broad-tipped tentacle rise into my eye-line, and my fast-glazing eyes followed it as it drifted lazily downwards. Part of me was screaming at me, telling me to get a grip, to be revolted by what was happening to me in that dark cellar. But another part, a far more demanding part, was howling in sheer pleasure and drowning out all the other voices in my head.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sarah stirring, and I let out a muffled scream as that tentacle launched itself up between my legs as at the same moment more tentacles dived into me from behind and I was impaled, every orifice filled with a pulsing green invader.

My mind turned to mush and I felt myself orgasm as they stretched me in every direction. And from beyond the waves or orgasm I could hear Sarah’s voice.

“You bitch, you had to go and spoil it for me. Let me back in, let me back in there !”

I opened my mouth to speak, to tell her to run, but with that wonderful pulsing tentacle filling my mouth no sound came out. Every time I tried to open my mouth wider to speak it swelled, filling the space between my lips and pinning my tongue to the floor of my mouth.

As I felt those four big tentacles folding me inwards while the invaders kept thrusting into me I watched in horror as I saw Sarah standing on the edge of the stone well and the tentacles were reaching out for her again. I tried to scream, to warn her, to tell her to run and save us both, but she had other plans. As another wave of orgasm crashed over me I watched a beatific smile spread across her face as the tentacles gathered her up and began to caress her. I watched one slip between her lips and her eyes glaze over just like mine. Then they were lifting her up and lowering her towards me. As mighty tentacles moved us we were suddenly embracing.

I felt warm female flesh under my palms as her breasts pressed against mine. Our eyes met, then they melted as tentacles roughly invaded every orifice while firmer tentacles began to whip our buttocks. We were both crying, tears running down our faces as we shared an experience both terrible and exciting.

Did time ever really pass in the old haunted house ?. And if not, we could be trapped in the embrace of these tentacles for years and never age. Years and years of solid orgasm and abuse. Part of me was horrified at the thought, while another part screamed delight to the stars.



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