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Out Of This World Dessert

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f+; vore; soft; eaten; giant; swallow; coated; sci-fi; nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

My name is Caroline and I'm the captain of this star ship, that's on a three year mission to look for new worlds to colonize. My all female crew is five, including myself. We are all married to men and our ages range from 30 to 55. We all miss our husbands, especially me...I miss my Troy. His dark skin, his powerful brown eyes and his beautiful heart. I miss those tender moments in bed with him.

During our long space mission I had to deal with Emma and Olivia's occasional cat fights. Other than that our mission has been normal and uneventful until we located the planet T6T9.

We discovered that the planet met all the needs to colonize. We landed on the planet's surface and began our exploration of the planet. Only a mile away we discovered evidence of life...intelligent life. We discovered a structure...a very large building.

This building has doors that appear to be 50 feet high, these beings must be huge based on the door size. We see the huge beings and they look disgusting and very unfriendly. We try to get closer to observe from afar and at all costs avoid contact.

As we sneak up closer and closer we fall prey to their simple traps. Individual nets capture us and we are unable to get free. We await for the disgusting giants to set us free...they don't.

We are easily collected by one of the giants and placed inside its sack. The five of us struggle inside the sack but are unable to get out and return to our spaceship.

The giant takes us to his huge kitchen, where we are taken out one by one from the sack. His huge fingers are able to strip us of our space uniforms. We are each pricked with something that causes our bodies to become paralyzed for a short period.

We are each placed on a large kitchen table...all of us naked and unable to move. The Asian beauty Mia, 30 years old is next to me. "Mia! Can you move?"

"Captain Caroline...I can't move an inch. Are we in a kitchen? Do they plan to eat us? I'm scared, Captain."

"I don't know Mia...but those small fire pits look like they're intended to cook small animals."

Kate, a 38 year old blonde, screams, "We are the small animals...they are going to cook us and eat us!"

I try to calm down my crew and instill hope in them, but the giant returns. His massive hand easily picks up Emma the oldest at 55 years old. She is screaming as he wraps her naked body to a large stick. The stick with her body wrapped to it is placed over an open pit. The fire in the pit is lit and the fire is only a low fire that does not seem to burn us...yet Emma screams for help.

The giant applies a special sweet glaze all over her naked body. The brush sensually coats her body, her breasts and pussy. Her pleas for help turn to moans of pleasures. The sweet glaze has a strange effect on our bodies and our minds.

"Mmmmm...this glaze is making my pussy feels amazing on my nipples...mmmm...I'm having mini orgasms. My pussy has never been so happy...I'm so aroused."

As the giant slowly rotates her naked body over the open pit he applies a thin layer of chocolate onto Emma's body. She moans as another thick layer of chocolate is applied to her body. The low heat cooks the chocolate onto her body. We each suffer the same fate as Emma. Five naked women being coated with chocolate over an open pit as we slowly get baked and more aroused.

After we have been baked, our chocolate covered bodies are placed on a large serving tray. We are each moaning not totally realizing that we have become chocolate covered desserts. The five of us lay close to each other on the serving tray...we can barely move anything except our heads.

I'm the last to join the tray, all of our pussies are tingling. I see that the once fighting crewmates Olivia and Emma are now locking lips. They are passionately kissing each other as they moan from the pleasures coming from their pussies. I see once proud intelligent women now nothing but naked treats. My pussy tingles more as I watch Olivia and Emma french kissing.

We are all moaning despite knowing the fact that we are dessert for these ugly giants. The giant returns and picks up the large serving tray that holds us.

We are moaning as we offered to other giant guests at the party. Our chocolate covered bodies are a sight to see. Five beautiful women coated in chocolate wiggling on the serving tray. The effects from the sweet glaze are beginning to fade away and we realize our peril.

"Captain Caroline! Do something! Oh my! They are actually licking their lips as they look at we are dessert!"

I try to reassure Kate and I know it's false hope. "Perhaps they won't like our taste and let us go."

My mind races, thinking, this is our first encounter with an alien race and we have become dessert for them. I'm the captain of this expedition and I find myself covered in chocolate except for my head and hair!

My arousal is gone, and my mind works on trying to get free. I try biting into the chocolate that covers Mia's body. The only part that is available to me is her breast. I'm biting and licking the many layers of chocolate that covers her breast.

The chocolate tastes so wonderful and sweet. I reach her bare breast and I don't realize that I'm sucking on her tit. She is moaning from the pleasures of my tongue and lips.

I was able to reach her breast but she is still tightly baked in the chocolate and still can't get free.

The five of us continue to wiggle on the dessert tray, we all have fearful eyes as we are presented to all the giant guests. Giant fingers touch us and roll us around on the tray. I have never felt so helpless as I'm thought of as dessert and nothing else.

Suddenly one of the giants picks up the screaming Olivia and puts her into his mouth. Only her head is visible as he sucks off the chocolate layers from her body. She goes from screaming to moaning as his tongue is pleasuring her pussy. The four of us can only watch and do nothing as Olivia is about to be devoured by a giant.

Then suddenly the giant removes Olivia from its mouth and passes her to another giant guest. The giant comments on the sweet chocolate taste combined with her pussy juice. The other giant places the now scared Olivia into its mouth and tastes the rare pussy juice flavor.

Olivia is screaming for help as the giant finger pushes the rest of her body into his mouth. Then she is gone...swallowed whole.

The four of us are screaming as we are passed around the guests on the serving tray. We roll around on the serving tray helplessly into each other. I can only watch as my three crew members are tasted, licked and swallowed is my turn.

The giant gently picks me up by my head, stares at his sweet dessert before putting me in his mouth. I wiggle inside its mouth to no avail. I can feel his huge disgusting tongue all over my body. His mouth and tongue are removing the layers of chocolate. Soon my bare pussy is feeling his wet tongue...I fight the pleasure as darkness surrounds me!


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